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New Views Spectrum Health - Gerber Memorial

SPOTLIGHT ON SAFETY A term that you might hear on our site, but may not be familiar with is PPE, which stands for personal protective equipment. Examples of PPE include items such as gloves, high visibility clothing, foot and eye protection, protective hearing devices and hard hats. Some of these items, like hard hats and eye protection are required 100% of the time on-site while others, likes gloves, are required only when performing certain tasks. Elzinga & Volkers exceeds MiOSHA standards when it comes to PPE to ensure that all of our workers return home safe every day.

Upcoming Milestones

»» Foundation Walls Complete on ED Addition »» Steel Structure Begins »» Drywall Installation Begins on 2nd Floor

Executive Summary Walls and Windows

It is such a relief to start out this issue of New Views without a complaint regarding the weather. Our crews have enjoyed the mild temperatures and sunshine, which has allowed them to make great progress on both projects. At the ED addition, the building foundation is taking shape in preparation for the structural steel. Cascade Cement Contracting has been making tremendous progress on-site using large gang forms to pour long sections of the foundation wall. These crews will soon move on to the interior column footings in preparation for the next set of contractors to move on-site.

working hard to catch this half of the floor up with the east portion, which is almost ready for drywall. By the time paint goes on the walls, these two areas will be on the same schedule. We also completed the installation of new windows on the second floor. The new windows replace old psychiatric grade windows, which were an eyesore. Great progress with great weather! Thanks again to all the SHGM staff and our great construction crews. - John Parker, Project Manager

On the second floor, we have completed demolition of the west half of the east wing and have started interior framing. We are

Project Progress Photos

QUALITY CONTROL To avoid costly mistakes and confusion later on in the project, Highpoint Electric provides color coded conduit and boxes for each of the systems within the walls. For example, conduits carrying nurse call wiring are colored

Demolition of a Masonry Wall in the West Portion of the East Wing

differently than those carrying communications wiring. In addition, Spectrum Health’s staff has been checking and double-checking the location of these systems to ensure that everything is located in the best possible location for staff and patients.

Removal of Concrete Forms From Newly Poured South Foundation Wall

West Foundation Wall of the ED Addition Being Formed for Concrete

Two Week Look Ahead

Pre & Post Op: Demolition is now complete, which means the construction area should be a little quieter. Framing crews will lay out and frame the new walls of the west portion of the east wing to define the new space. Working alongside the framing crews, the mechanical, electrical and plumbing crews will be roughing in the new systems in preparation for inspections. Once we pass inspections on the entire second floor of the east wing will be ready for wall board. ED Addition: The concrete foundation walls are nearly complete. Early next week you will see the south foundation wall poured, finishing up the perimeter foundations. The concrete crews will then move to the interior footings in preparation for the concrete slab and masonry walls. Masonry crews will erect the stairwell in the northwest corner of the building and structural steel will be delivered for the first floor structure. - Jordan Gougeon, Asst. Project Manager

New Windows Installed on Second Floor of the East Wing


SPOTLIGHT We would like to take this opportunity to again thank the hometown crews of Smith Construction for another great week of work. Following the turnover of the west portion of the second floor, Smith Construction performed all the interior demolition, which became

Project Progress and Major Milestones

more complicated as old exterior walls were exposed and heavy concrete block and brick were uncovered. The crews from Smith Construction remained

Lobby Complete

focused on the task at hand

ED Complete

and completed demolition

Endo Pre/Post Complete

on schedule. Thanks Smith Construction!

ED Enclosed ED Groundbreaking North Parking Lot Complete

Endo Pre-Post Start

Demolition Nears Completion in the West Portion of the East Wing

Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial  

New Views Volume 11

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