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Volume 1, Issue 3 - January 2014

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he older I get, the more I realize how naive I have been at so many points in my life. I believed I knew so much about so many things, but the world had a way of showing me otherwise. I definitely have some regrets from the past. Have you ever wished you said something in the heat of a debate that would have really put the other person on their heels? Have you beaten yourself up for making a decision that went terribly wrong? I know I have more times than I’d like to count, but I’ve also benefited greatly from what author John Maxwell calls “Failing Forward,” or growing from your mistakes. I’ve learned valuable lessons from many of my failures that have ultimately made me and our company stronger as a result. I can’t deny that who I am today is a combination of all my past experiences combined - good and bad. Hindsight helps us evaluate what has already occurred and dissect it with the hope of understanding how we might better address a similar situation in the future. EVPS has had a rich history of success but, with hindsight, I realize that we could have done some of the great things we currently implement years ago to further diversify and grow. In 2013, we grew our staffing/placements by over 100%. We learned that complacency is not acceptable. We continue to add resources to fuel the growth and diversity essential to being a leader in the industry. We will continue to succeed in spite of our setbacks! Here’s to a great deal of success in 2014 for all of us! I leave you with this: “Fail early, fail often, but always fail forward.” ― John Maxwell, Failing Forward

Meet our New Team Members

HELLO Within the past few months, we have welcomed back several employees as well as added many new faces and trades around the country. Please join us in welcoming:

Leo Leonard Superintendent

Robert Groceman Carpenter

Anne Maxfield Quality Manager

Irma Villanueva SAP Expert/PM

Cindy Hinojosa Safety Auditor/Trainer

Miguel Pena Carpenter

Caroline Holden Training Developer

Juan Buenrostro Carpenter

Chris Hollis Dan Schmitz Production Supervisor Construction Manager (Returning)

George Solomon Construction Manager (Returning)

Employee Spotlight - Mitch Moseley Hometown: Mitch has lived in California, Idaho, Hong Kong, Japan and Canada. He now calls the sunny beaches in St. Petersburg, Florida home. Position: Field Superintendent at Fox Service Group Family/Interests: Mitch has a 20 year old son named Andrew and recently married Denise; their wedding was on the beach this past October. Mitch loves sailing, snorkeling, writing and photography in his free time.

Mike Novakoski, President & CEO

How cold is too cold?

When the body is unable to warm itself, coldrelated stress may result. This may include tissue damage and possibly death. The four main factors that contribute to cold stress are: cold air temperatures, high velocity air movement, dampness of the air and contact with cold water or surfaces. A cold environment forces the body to work harder to maintain its temperature. Cold air, water and snow all draw heat from the body. In many of our industries, job sites are dealing with below-freezing weather. Even when the air temperature is 40°F and the wind speed is 35 mph, your exposed skin receives conditions equivalent to the air temperature being 11° F. While it is obvious that below-freezing conditions combined with inadequate clothing can cause cold stress, it is also important to understand that cold stress can be brought on by temperatures in the 50’s coupled with rain and wind. During this time of year we encourage everyone to plan for work in the cold weather by wearing appropriate clothing and keeping an eye on coworkers for any sign of stress. With proper planning and training, we can keep all employees safe during winter work.

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Mike Novakoski



Buddy Simmons

Vice President of Operations


James Sheely

Director of National Sales


Kent Thomsen

Director of Regional Sales


Dave Lamy

Operations Executive


Ali Nedved

Marketing Assistant


Jenna Giha

Accounting Assistant


Please don’t hesitate to contact any one of us with questions. We’re here to help!

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