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Volume 1, Issue 39

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February 14, 2014

Project Update Another couple of weeks has passed along with a great deal of progress at 2750 East Beltline. The momentum that everyone has been working so hard to build has finally broken into full speed, and we are taking full advantage of it. On the exterior of the building, the greatest item that has been completed is all the glass installation on the west curtain wall. With this complete, more heat will stay inside the building, and the project is even closer to finishing. Thanks to Vos Glass for increasing their man power to efficiently complete this portion of the project! Also, AMI is installing metal panels around the perimeter of the building, and Bouma Corporation has completed the west canopy sheathing.

On the interior of the building, Ritsema and Associates continues to push forward on all four levels. On the upper two levels, we have 90% of the drywall hung. On the lower two floors, metal studs are standing in over 80% of each level and drywall installation started on the 1st floor. Our MEP trades have been working hard to keep up with their installations so Ritsema and Associates can start installing drywall. In addition, Allied Electric, Van Dyken Mechanical and Godwin Plumbing have all increased their manpower to keep the job moving forward. Thank you to everyone for adopting a great team mentality so we can all succeed!

Dustin Kuzee, Project Manager

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Project Photos

Shaft walls being installed on the second floor

The monument stairs are being installed

West curtain wall glass completed

Finishing drywall on 2nd floor

Sound board being installed & finished in the EEG rooms

West canopy is sheathed

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Project Forecast Since Vos Glass is almost finished with glass installation, we will focus on installing pressure plates on the curtain wall and stairwells. AMI will continue to have people on-site installing the metal panels as well as the z -strips. The rest of the exterior work that needs to be completed will require a lot of snow to disappear!

The interior progress will be similar to current work. Ritsema and Associates will finish framing & continue installing drywall on the lower two levels. On the upper two levels, Ritsema will focus on finishing the drywall. H&H Painting will start putting color on the walls in the next two weeks on levels 2 and 3. We are also getting close to choosing an RF Shielding contractor, which will allow us to pour the remaining concrete slab on the Garden Level. The East Beltline project continues to see exciting times!

Safety Elzinga & Volkers has been conducting monthly safety training for everyone on -site where we cover topics like ladders, winter conditions and fall protection. This month, we had a MIOSHA senior industrial hygienist talk about working in confined spaces and lead hazards. Ensuring that everyone on our site goes home healthy is one of E&V’s site goals. By having educational events like this ,we are confident that we will achieve this goal!


Spectrum Health East Beltline Integrated Care Center  

The Cornerstone, Issue 39

Spectrum Health East Beltline Integrated Care Center  

The Cornerstone, Issue 39