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Volume 1, Issue 38

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January 17, 2014

Project Update 2014 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for the ICC Beltline project. Since the start of the new year we have increased the overall manpower on the jobsite to over 80 people on a consistent basis. Ritsema and Associates accelerated the metal stud and drywall hanging on the 2 nd and 3rd floors. By the end of the day on Friday, the 2nd floor framing will be 90% complete, and the 3rd floor will follow just slightly behind. Ritsema also has two crews hanging drywall on the upper two floors and will begin finishing the walls this weekend.

While the upper two floors go vertical, the lower two floors are wrapping up the access flooring. Keeping the building at a usable temperature was a challenge with the extreme temperatures we had last week but, with the warmth, G3 Technologies placed the access flooring and loaded the lower floors with material.

On the exterior of the building, the low temperatures made it difficult and unsafe to work, but our crews were productive when given the opportunity. AMI installed z-furring on the east elevation and is ready to start installing some of the metal panels. Vos Glass started receiving glass for the west curtain wall this week and will have almost 200 pieces installed before the week is over. The site continues to buzz with activity, and we look forward to maintaining the momentum we have established on-site.

Dustin Kuzee, Project Manager

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Project Photos

Vos installing west curtain wall glazing

Drywall being hung on the 2nd floor

View for light well from the 3rd floor lobby

View of the off stage work area in a pod

Metal studs being installed on the second floor

Our full parking lot. Everyone is hard at work!

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Project Forecast In the upcoming weeks a lot of the same current activities will take place on-site, but in other portions of the building. Allied Mechanical and Godwin Plumbing are following Ritsema and Associates framers around the building, getting the in-wall electrical and plumbing completed so the drywall can continue. Drywall hanging will ramp up more in the next two weeks with the main focus on the upper two floors. Drywall finishers from Ritsema will follow closely behind. On the lower two floors, G3 will complete the access flooring and close off the perimeter panels. With the access flooring complete, Ritsema’s framing crew will shift from the upper floors to the 1 st floor and Garden Level. In two weeks, 25% of the 1st floor will have metal studs standing and the electrical and plumbing wall rough-ins started. The exterior of the building will continue to progress as Vos Glass installs the west curtain wall. This is a major milestone for us because, it is the final perimeter wall to be finished. Vos Glass has also stepped up to the challenge and increased their man power to get all the glass installed as quickly as possible. Everyday we are getting closer to the final look of the building, and we have some great momentum with all the trade contractors on-site.


Spectrum Health East Beltline Integrated Care Center  
Spectrum Health East Beltline Integrated Care Center  

The Cornerstone - Issue 38