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Volume 1, Issue 36

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December 6, 2013

Project Update The access floor installation is the biggest visual difference on the interior of the building. G3 Technologies is currently installing the access floor on the second and third floors. The progress on the second floor has jumped ahead and we almost have 1/3 of the second floor access flooring installed. While the access floor is being installed, Godwin Plumbing and Van Dyken Mechanical are both installing the pipe insulation on all of the appropriate lines under the floor. While the insulators stay ahead of G3, all of the MEP trades have completely moved to the garden level and first floor. The primary focus on the lower two floors is to get all the under access flooring rough-ins completed to give G3 a seamless transition to the lower floors. In addition, Ritsema has mobilized to the jobsite to install the lower four feet of drywall along the perimeter of the building. Even with the interior construction moving forward nicely, the exterior of the building still remains on the critical path. Vos Glass has continued to install glass as it arrives to the jobsite. They have also started laying out the west curtain wall system. The west curtain wall aluminum frame has over 1,200 cuts that need to be made. Vos is currently going through this process in the site fabrication shop. This is a time-consuming process, but we will start to see the frames installed in the next couple of weeks. As always, the push continues, but we are finally building momentum on the interior of the building and hope to continue in this direction.

Dustin Kuzee, Project Manager

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Project Photos

Access Flooring being installed on the 2nd floor

TPO roofing completed

Glass on the east elevation being installed

Framing at the skylight

Main canopy being sheeted

MEP systems under the access flooring

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Project Forecast For the most part, of the type of work that will be taking place on-site will remain the same as the past two weeks. Allied, Godwin and Van Dyken will all focus on the rough-ins on the lower two floors, including the below access floor and above the ceiling. On the upper two floors, G3 will take up most of the room with their product. Once they are halfway done, Ritsema will begin installing the metal studs walls for all of the pods on the upper two floors. With the start of the metal studs, we will also select a specific exam room to use as a mock-up for the construction team. By finishing one exam room, we will be able to build templates for the pass-through casework that Ritsema can use to frame. We are implementing this method in an attempt to expedite the schedule. On the exterior of the building, Vos will continue to install glazing as it arrives, but their main focus will be on installing the frames on the west curtain wall. This is a large area to have temporarily enclosed, and the sooner we can get the permanent structure in place, the better. In addition, Summit Landscaping will start to install plantings on-site where the construction is complete. This will give the building a more finished look from the exterior standpoint. There’s lots of work to be completed, but the team continues to push on.

A Special Thanks Elzinga & Volkers would like to extend thanks to Allied Electric, Total Fire Protection, Van Dyken Mechanical and Godwin Plumbing for their efforts in achieving our first milestone for the access flooring. In order to accomplish this goal, a substantial amount of work had to be completed on the slab and the deck above in a short period of time. E&V is grateful for your outstanding efforts stepping up to the plate on this portion of the project. Thank you!


Spectrum Health East Beltline Integrated Care Center  
Spectrum Health East Beltline Integrated Care Center  

The Cornerstone - Issue 36