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Volume 1, Issue 34

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November 11, 2013

Upcoming Milestones 

November 25: Install access flooring

Project Update We are still chugging along on-site, both on the interior and exterior of the building. On the interior, the overall focus is still on the 2nd and 3rd floors. All the MEP trades are working on their layout and rough-in installations above and below the access floor. Allied Electric and Van Dyken Mechanical have a great deal of work completed on these floors and will be in great shape to meet our access flooring installation date. Godwin has started installing the water and drain lines below the access floor and are building momentum towards our install date. Total Fire Protection has moved down to work on the first floor overhead sprinkler system, putting them weeks ahead of schedule. With all the MEP’s activity, Elzinga & Volkers has held multiple coordination meetings with each of the trades to set elevations for each contractor and locations for main runs so they don’t interfere with each other. This prep work really helps our production on-site right now.

While the interior of the building continues to move forward, the exterior trades fight with the weather to keep their momentum moving in the right direction. TL Masonry and Vos Glass have been the two trades most impacted by the rain we have been experiencing. TL Masonry is still moving along, inching close to the finish line and should be 100% in a few days. Vos Glass continues to install aluminum frames along the east elevation. They received and started installing their first shipment of glass this week as well. Mikalan has experienced some weather setbacks on the roof, but if the weather holds off, the roofing will be water tight by next week. All in all, progress continues even with mother nature’s obstacles.

Dustin Kuzee, Project Manager

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Project Photos

TL Masonry continuing to install brick faรงade on the west elevation

Vos Glass installing window frames on the east elevation

Kent Companies finishing the slab on grade area

View of the third floor where Allied and Van Dyken installed below floor rough-ins

Elzinga & Volkers installing the temporary enclosures on the west elevation

View from the northeast corner of the building

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Track the Project’s Progress as the Forest Grows!




Project Forecast We have two areas that need to be completed in the upcoming weeks. The first and foremost is enclosing the building openings. We should be there by next week, as we are currently 75%-80% enclosed. With the enclosures in place, the MEP trades will have warm, dry working conditions which will increase their productivity on all of the floors. In addition, we will be able to start installing the fire stopping and drywall around the perimeter of the building. All this needs to be completed prior to the access flooring installation. This goal is also affected by the exterior work that needs to be completed, and Vos Glass will have the most pressure to continue moving forward. With Vos installing the permanent glass in available window frames, we will have more success in keeping the building heated.

The second item on the team’s radar is completing all the below access floor systems. While all of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing trades are making progress, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done before the access flooring installation can start. If the rough-ins are not complete when the access flooring installation starts, each trade’s remaining work below the floor will be significantly more difficult. Everyone onsite is aware that we will start access flooring installation on November 25, so they are working longer hours and increasing man power to compensate for the amount of time remaining on our schedule. While this is a daunting task for many contractors, we have the right team members on board to continue our success on this project, and everyone will put their best foot forward to achieve these tasks.


Spectrum Health East Beltline Integrated Care Center  

The Cornerstone - Issue 34