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Volume 1, Issue 32

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October 14, 2013

Project Update The overall project progress is coming along nicely. The brick façade on the east elevation was completed on Friday. With this task finished, the majority of the brick on the building is in place. The remaining three elevations have more glass and metal panels than the east elevations so TL Masonry will continue to make significant progress. While TL Masonry focused on the east elevation, Bouma was able to install the rest of the metal studs, sheathing and Tyveck on the other three elevations. Vos Glass has also been making great progress. They mobilized on-site last week and have been building their fabrication shop where they will cut each aluminum frame to length on-site as opposed to fabricating in their shop and shipping it out to the jobsite.

As the exterior continues to move along, the interior does the same. Van Dyken, Allied and Godwin are all working on the overhead main runs while the slab is still free of obstructions. Godwin’s main focus has been getting the roof drains tied in. When this is finished, Mikalan can start installing the roof to get one step closer to being in the dry. In addition, Elzinga and Volkers will begin placing temporary enclosures around the west elevation. This temporary wall will create a controlled space within the building, opening up the ability to increase production on the below-floor systems.

There is still a long way to go, but we continue to make progress every day!

Dustin Kuzee, Project Manager

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Project Photos

TL Masonry’s scaffolding on the north half of the east elevation

Bouma installing the Tyveck on the northwest corner

Vos Glass building their fabrication shelter

Southeast elevation with Densglass and Tyveck installed

Northeast corner after TL Masonry’s scaffolding was taken down

View of the east elevation with masonry complete

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Track the Project’s Progress as the Forest Grows!




Project Forecast On the exterior of the building, we will focus on continuing the brick façade progression and installing the punched window openings. TL Masonry will work on the north and west elevations and, in the next two weeks, shift to the south elevation to complete their scope of the work. Vos Glass will follow behind TL with the aluminum frames for the punched openings. Once the frames are installed, Vos can order glass to fit each opening. Bouma finished the main building and will work on the west canopy for the next couple weeks. Due to the canopy’s unique shape, framing is a real challenge that will take proper planning, which we are more than confident Bouma’s team can handle.

The main focus for the interior of the building is getting crews started on under-floor MEP systems for floors two and three. Each one of the trades that have work below the access floor will be pushing to get their systems in so we can start the access flooring by the middle of November. Greeting the access floor is a major upcoming milestone along with getting the building fully enclosed.


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The Cornerstone - Issue 32