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September 3, 2013

Project Update We have made significant progress on-site over the past couple of weeks. On the pre-construction end, we have awarded the plumbing, mechanical and electrical contracts. This is a major milestone, as it allows the progression of the building interior to move forward. We are also bidding out the remaining portions of the project, and the overall cost is coming in under Elzinga & Volkers’ GMP. We have come across a couple of trades that are creating a bit of a challenge though. The glass/glazing and metal studs and drywall bids came in over budget, but we are working with Integrated Architecture to bring these costs down. On the construction side of the project, we achieved two large milestones. First, we installed all of the asphalt base course on the project. Kent and Dykema worked together to get all of the concrete curbs installed and the final grade to the correct elevation. Once these elements were completed, Michigan Paving remobilized on the jobsite to get the asphalt completed on the drive to 3 Mile, north parking lot, east drive and south parking lot. With the hardscapes installed, we will be able to better control the amount of dust and debris in the building. The second milestone achieved this week was the installation of the densglass on the east wall. Bouma was able to install the exterior sheathing on Monday and completed the entire east elevation at the end of the day on Wednesday. This was the largest area of the building that needed to be sheathed so the speed at which Bouma worked was impressive to say the least. With the sheathing on, Bouma installed the Tyveck system, which will allow TL Masonry to return to the jobsite. Dustin Kuzee, Project Manager

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Project Photos

Bouma installing exterior studs on the east wall

Terry from TL Masonry working on the exterior wall mock-up

Michigan Paving installing the base course of asphalt on the north parking lot

Builders Iron has installed the structural steel for the main canopy

Bouma has started installing the densglass on the east wall

Additional densglass being installed on the north wall

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Welcome to the Team Elzinga & Volkers would like to welcome Godwin Plumbing, Van Dyken Mechanical and Allied Electric to the Beltline ICC project. These three contractors will be the MEP trade contractors within the building. E&V has great working relationships with these contractors and is excited to continue these relationships throughout this project. Welcome to the team!

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Project Forecast With the MEP contractors on board, we will split our focus between the exterior skin and the interior MEP systems. On the exterior, Bouma will continue installing the metal studs on the west and south walls. A large portion of the upcoming metal studs will consist of the canopy framing and the bulkhead located on the west wall. Both of these areas are very time consuming due to their location and complexity. While Bouma continues with the metal studs and sheathing, TL Maonsry will start installation of the brick façade. They will start on the east wall elevation and work their way around the building. On the interior, Godwin will start the installation of the roof drawings. This is a critical step in getting the building dried in because it creates the path for water flow from the roof. In addition to the roof drawings, Godwin will install the under slab piping on the garden level and first floor. Allied will also start performing their under slab work. Then, Kent will return to finish the remaining slabs. With the MEP contractors on board, there will be a number of coordination meetings taking place. We need to establish elevations under the floor for piping, conduits and duct work. The access flooring contractor will get involved in these meetings to establish a grid system for their pedestal, which each contractor will use as a benchmark. More exciting times are on the way!


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The Cornerstone - Volume 30

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