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Volume 1, Issue 26

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June 14, 2013

Project Update The construction document phase of the project continues to progress, which will result in the completion of design documents at the end of the month. The design team submitted a set of 50% construction documents to Spectrum Health for review earlier this week. Prior to bidding out this work, Spectrum will assess the final set of construction documents. To expedite this process, the design team will meet with Spectrum’s facility team to address any major concerns. There have been some major developments onsite since our last newsletter. Our biggest accomplishment is structural steel that has been erected. Builders Iron mobilized on the job site on June 3 and has almost 40% of the steel in the air. Builders Iron also has a crew onsite detailing the erected steel so that we can start pouring the elevated slabs. Before Builders Iron could start setting steel, TL Masonry and Kent Companies had to get a significant amount of work completed. TL Masonry completed the installation of the CMU north stairwell, double elevator and single elevator. While TL Masonry was working on the shaft walls, Kent Companies was continuing with the concrete foundations on the southern part of the building. Kent has put in a lot of hours over the past two weeks to stay ahead of the steel erection schedule, which included making large concrete pours on Saturday. The team we have assembled for this project is working very collaboratively. We have a number of large hurdles coming up, but I am certain there is no hurdle we cannot overcome. Dustin Kuzee, Project Manager

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Project Photos

Dykema backfilling around the

Builders Iron setting beams in phase 1

double elevator shaft

Kent prepping the K line foundation wall pour

TL Masonry working on the single elevator shaft

Builders Iron moving into phase 2 of the steel structure

Builders Iron progress through 4 days on the job!

Contractors of the Week Kent Companies, TL Masonry and Builders Iron all deserve the contractor of the week spotlight in this issue of The Cornerstone. Each one of these companies has been working together diligently in an effort to get the project ahead of schedule. Kent Companies has been working overtime, including Saturdays, to stay ahead of the steel erection. They even made a 180-yard wall pour last Saturday. TL Masonry has increased manpower to get all the steel bearing plates in place. TL Masonry has only been onsite a little over three weeks, and they have almost all the CMU shafts erected. Builders Iron has not disappointed in the amount of steel they have erected. They have been onsite for 10 days and 40% of the steel is standing. Their fabrication shop has also been turning masonry embeds around in less than 24 hours from receiving shop drawings. Everyone on this project has been great to work with, and they all have can-do attitudes. Elzinga & Volkers would like to recognize the effort that these companies are putting forth. It is greatly appreciated!

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Track the Project’s Progress as the Forest Grows!


Basis of Design/SD

Design Documents

Construction Documents

Project Forecast The project design will be approaching completion in the next two weeks. After Integrated Architecture finishes the interior build-out drawings, we will perform an internal audit of the documents. We will then submit them to Spectrum Health for an internal review, and we will obtain a building permit upon approval. This process will be completed by the end of the month. Elzinga & Volkers is working on the upcoming bid package scopes of work so we can go out for bid to the remaining trades right after we receive final approval from Spectrum. The design has been in the planning stages for over a year, and we are approaching the finish line. We will finish just as strong as we started! Steel erection will be proceeding onsite from phase 2 (center third of the building) to phase 3 (southern third of the building), and Builders Iron will be close to pulling offsite by our next update. Kent Companies will start to shift crews from the foundations to flatwork in the coming weeks. The crews will begin on the 3rd floor of phase one, moving to the next phase of steel after completion. We are going to start pouring floors as early as next week, and this will continue for the next month. A number of these pours will start as early as 3:00am. Elzinga & Volkers will send out a letter to all of the surrounding neighbors informing them of this temporary inconvenience. Kent Companies will also pour the retaining walls along the south side of the building, which will open up the remaining site grading for Dykema. We have built up good momentum onsite, and we are on track for completion!


Spectrum Health East Beltline Integrated Care Center  

The Cornerstone - Issue 26

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