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INSIDE SCOOP January 2014

Mercy Health Saint Mary’s 7 North Renovation

Team Effort!

Upcoming Milestones »» Complete finishing drywall in west corridor »» Complete topping out & hanging drywall in north corridor »» Finish mechanical shafts in east corridor »» Begin tile work on shower floors & walls »» Start casework installation

Executive Summary Sequential work over the past month has given the project site an interesting pulse. Though often theorized during preconstruction and scheduling, it is a rarity to see such a progression continue to come together so fluidly. Working in a clockwise manner, following through-floor mechanical and electrical tie-ins, has given the jobsite an almost “patient room assembly line” look. Currently room groups on the west side of the floor are already receiving paint and wall tile, while workers on the east end continue to rough-in mechanical and electrical.

the field and taking genuine pride in what they do. We have already seen the effects of what a team centered environment can produce. Looking forward, we hope to maintain the momentum through the remaining two phases. It is a unique and exciting opportunity to work on a project where lessons learned on very specific situations can benefit upcoming projects. This mentality is very apparent, and we’d like to thank the team as a whole for their headfirst energy thus far!

Not all credit to the current success of the project can be attributed to the planning phases of this project however. Joe Novakoski, P.E., LEED A.P. We are very pleased with the team and jobsite culture as Vice President / Senior PM a whole. The great working environment between different trades is at the heart of the project success. Their eagerness to find time saving opportunities has not only increased their production, but has allowed several scopes of work to start well ahead of their scheduled time slots. The team continues to communicate well with each other, solving problems in

Track the Project’s Progress as the Lake Grows!









The Look Ahead

We will soon finish our through-floor electrical and mechanical tie-in work. Once complete, drywall crews will finish hanging board on all of the remaining rooms on the east side. Western rooms are currently receiving prime coats of paint. This has allowed workers to start prepping the walls for tile installation in the western patient bathrooms. This process is exciting because within the next month, these spaces will take on an almost finished look! -Joe Shashaguay, Field Manager

Mechanical units ready for install

Drywall and corner guards

Patient lift rails

East patient rooms

Inside Scoop |November 2013

Floor prep for toilet room floors

Did You Snow ?

From January 28 to February 1, 1977, a massive snowstorm with winds of up to 45 miles per hour struck Buffalo, New York. Previous storms had already left packed snow on the ground; even Lake Erie was frozen. The result was intense cold, zero visibility and strong drifts. Three airplanes on the tarmac at the Greater Buffalo International Airport in Cheektowaga were waiting to take off when the blizzard hit. One idled for five minutes, which resulted in the nose wheel freezing, preventing the plane from turning around. Since the limited visibility blocked the pilots from seeing the airport traffic controllers on the ground, it took several hours with radio communication to bring the three airplanes back to the terminal. The storm cemented the city’s reputation as the blizzard capital of the country. By the time it ended, 199.4 inches (16.6 feet) of snow had been dumped - the record snowfall in one storm for that season.

1977 Buffalo Blizzard


SPOTLIGHT This month’s spotlight goes to the staff of the 6th floor Endoscopy Unit.

Patient room ready for primer

With the complex nature of a job this size and the need to work in the floors above and below during this project, we have had to shut down multiple rooms on the Endoscopy floor. The nursing staff and doctors have been tremendously helpful through these difficult shut downs. Thanks to the Endoscopy Team for their understanding during this disruptive and noisy time in the project! Future family waiting area

Inside Scoop |November 2013

Mercy Health Saint Mary's 7N Renovation  

Inside Scoop, January 2014

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