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China: The Facts The full name for China is ‘The People’s Republic of China’. Find the cities on the map

› Nanjing › z Beijing z “ Hong Kong “ ‹Shanghai‹

The population of China is 755.5 times the size of the population of Northern Ireland!

Many Chinese people are very poor. The average yearly wage is about £500, that’s less than £10 each week to live on. You can see some Chinese currency on page 7 of your pack.

China is 676.5 times the size of Northern Ireland! Mongolia


z Korea


›‹ Pakistan

Nepal India

Over 1.3 BILLION people live in China – that’s 1,300,000,000 or 1/5 of the people on our planet! There are less than 80 million Christians.

“ “

China has some of the most modern cities in the world, like Shanghai and Hong Kong. There are also many small and traditional villages.

The panda is a much-loved animal that is found mainly in China. It is sad that it is greatly endangered and there are very few left in the wild.


The Chinese flag looks like this. Colour it red with yellow stars.



Traditional People of China

This is a little girl from a village called ‘Shaoji Wa’ village in South West China. This is about 1,000 miles south of Beijing. She belongs to a tribe called ‘The Maio’ (said like the noise a cat makes).

š How does she look different than you? š Do you see the bells on the ladies’ clothes behind her? š Do you know how many meals she has each day? * š Do you think the Miao people have a complete Bible? * * Turn over for answers

*This little girl has 2 meals each day. Her people do not have very much money.* *The Miao people do not have a full Bible – currently they only have a New Testament.*



The Chinese Language Look at the Chinese and English writing below. They are both from Isaiah chapter 35 verse 2, so they both say the same thing, just in different languages!

Isaiah chapter 35 verse 2

They shall see the glory of the LORD, the majesty of our God.

The Chinese writing above is Mandarin - this is the language that most Chinese people speak and read. ÖYou can see more Mandarin on the page copied from a Chinese newspaper.

There are also 500 groups of people in China who cannot read Mandarin. They speak other languages such as Black Yi and Lisu. The Bible has not been translated into all of these languages yet, so there are many people in China who cannot have a Bible to read for themselves.


Can you find the verse from above on the ‘Hot off the Press’ pages?


Printing the Bible in China


The writing in ‘Hot off the Press’ is portions from the book of Isaiah, from the Old Testament in the Bible. This was printed in the Amity Printing Company in a city called Nanjing in China.

ÛThe Printer

This is how the paper is printed before it is cut into sheets like the one you have, ‘Hot off the Press’. The bale of paper you can see costs £375 and it is enough paper to print 500 Bibles.

The Folding MachineÞ Once cut, the pages are ready to be folded. Here you can see how the pages come out of the folding machine. Then they are trimmed, bound together and covered to make Bibles.

Bible Paper

The Amity Printing Company can’t print Bibles without PAPER! The paper for Bibles is provided by Bible Societies from all over the world. This means that the Bibles made at Amity Printing Company can be sold as cheaply as possible. During 2004, we would like to provide some of this paper!

About 75p is enough money to buy paper to print a full Bible in the Amity Printing Company. Ö Think of some things that cost 75p. Could you give up one of them to cover the cost of printing a Bible for a family in China?



Chinese Currency Chinese currency is called Yuan. 1 Yuan is equivalent to less than 8p. That means that each of the 5 Yuan notes you see below are worth about 38 pence each.

There are two different notes here, both are versions of the 5 Yuan Note. You can see both sides of each version. We have different versions of the same bank notes also. Think of a £5 note – there are different designs from the Northern Bank, Ulster Bank etc.

Both of these notes together would be enough money to buy a Bible in China, with a little bit of change. The Chinese Bibles being printed in Amity Press are so cheap because paper is being donated by Bible Societies. This is important because many Chinese people are very poor and don’t have much money that they can use to buy a Bible.


Chinese Paper Lantern Paper lanterns are a tradition in China - they are used as decorations at special times of celebration such as the Chinese New Year. Perhaps your Chinese paper lantern will remind you of the need for paper for Chinese Bibles. The template on the reverse of this sheet will help you make your own Chinese lanterns. Photocopy the template onto brightly coloured paper or copy it onto white paper and then draw a bright Chinese style design over the top. Remember red is a very popular colour in China, traditionally thought to bring ‘good luck’! Once you have a copy of the template in a bright colour, or with your own design drawn on it, follow these simple instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Cut along the line running the length of the page. Set this strip to one side but do not throw it out, as it will be used later to make a handle for your lantern. Fold the page in half, so that the longer sides are together, make sure that you keep the lines visible. Now open the page out flat again. Roll the page in half the other way so that the shorter sides are joined. Slide one side below the other and staple or glue it in place – top and bottom. It should look like this Æ Take the strip for your handle and staple or glue it to the top of the lantern (remember to keep your design the correct way up). You could add some tassels or ribbon to add to the effect. You could make lots of brightly coloured lanterns and hang them on a string to decorate a room.

Remember that your lantern is made out of paper so don’t try putting a candle or light bulb inside it – it will burn!




Number of Bibles we want to buy paper for ____________ Paper for ________ Bibles

Paper for ________ Bibles

Paper for ________ Bibles

75p will buy paper for 1 Bible

Paper for ________ Bibles

£3.75 = 5 Bibles £7.50 = 10 Bibles £11.25 = 15 Bibles £15.00 = 20 Bibles £22.50 = 30 Bibles

Reach the Panda! The paper for a Bible costs 75p. Decide how many you would like to fund and divide your target into steps as indicated. Climb your way up the bamboo plant by colouring each segment and leaf as you reach your target! Aim for the top. See if you can reach the panda!

Fund-raising Ideas Here are some fun ways to get your group working together while raising awareness and support for the Amity Printing Press in Nanjing. It is worth a bit of effort to make sure that people throughout the world are able to read God’s Word. Make sure you have the necessary permission before you plan anything! Have fun with some of these ideas.

Table Quiz Borrow a hall in your church (or local community centre). Ask someone to be the quizmaster. This us usually someone who is quite ingenious and simply knows too much trivia! Make some invitations asking teams of 4-6 people to enter. Ask all your friends and people from your church and local area, let as many people know as possible! Put an entrance fee on each table and explain where the proceeds are going. Make sure that the quizmaster has a few rounds on China up his/her sleeve! Have a small prize for the winning team (chocolate is usually good!) Tea/coffee & biscuits go down well.

Auction of Promises Have as many of your young people volunteer to willingly carry out a chore for a friend. These can be anything from an evening’s baby-sitting to walking the dog for a week, to washing the car…whatever you come up with! Set an evening aside and invite everyone you know. Set up a stage and bring the volunteers up one at a time, have them stand while an announcer declares their ‘Promise’ eg. ‘Simon promises to mow your lawn this summer. Let the bidding start at £5…’ This is a really great way for your young people to spend some time with more mature members of the congregation, as well as learning about being servants.

Sponsored Read-a-thon Your group could decide to read Scripture aloud for a certain number of hours. Draw up a sponsor sheet with an explanation of the project on it and collect sponsorships for each minute or 5 minutes of reading. 10 of you could read for 30 minutes each, maybe taking turns to read in 10 or 15-minute sections. You could even read some sections in another language!? There are all sorts of things you could be sponsored for – sponsored silence, stay awake, walk, fast, marathon, music making, Scripture writing…etc.

Car Boot Sale/Car Wash Why not use your church car park for a boot sale and car wash. You can hold these together or they can be separate events. Charge £5 per car for the boot sale and encourage folks to donate their ‘earnings’ also. Remember to advertise in local shop windows, in the church and even through your school or by doing a flyer drop. Cars can be washed for maybe £2 each. Make sure you are careful and wash them well, always do the best job you can.

Chinese Theme Night This is a way to combine lots of little ideas that could also be used on their own. You will need a large room, which can be decorated with all things Chinese – lots of red, lanterns, dragons, kimonos, fans etc. Provide some Chinese food, have a ‘Guess the name of the dragon competition’ with guesses £1 per go. You could even include a table quiz or a treasure hunt. It’s up to you! Have lots of fun whatever you do!

Distribute Smartie Tubes Put a ‘Bibles for China’ sticker on the tube and after the Smarties are eaten, the tube can be filled with 20 pence pieces over the following weeks. Did you know that one tube can hold £13.20 of 20 pence coins? – enough to buy paper for almost 20 Bibles!

Organise a Praise Evening Could your church organise an evening of Praise and Scripture readings close to Easter? All you need is a choir, people who can read Scripture passages well, and printed tickets for sale. Apart from the benefit of the surplus going to buy paper to print Bibles in China, people will be inspired by the words and music.

Organise a Christmas Carol Service Lots of Carol Services are organised in schools and churches in the days before Christmas. It’s an opportunity to invite parents and enjoy both the carols and the reading of the Christmas story.

Use your talents Give everyone an agreed sum of money and a period of weeks in which they can increase what they have been given. They could use their ‘stake’ to make cuddly toys or buns, or plant seeds to sell as indoor plants or lots of other things. Give a prize for the best earner. (Refer to the Bible story: Matt. 25.15)

Organise a futuristic fashion show in your youth group What will people be wearing 20 or 30 years from now? Use your imagination and get everyone to create and model his or her own outfit. Give a prize for the best and ask for an entry fee from each entrant and from everyone in the audience.

Organise a sale of videos, CDs etc Get everyone to bring along an item that, perhaps, they have grown tired of. Half the proceeds from the items sold could go to buy paper to print Bibles in China.

School ‘No Uniform’ day Set a day apart for everyone to dress in casual style – for an agreed amount. All the contributions could become a gift for Bible paper.

Fill the container Keep a wide-necked bottle or jar to pop your loose change into. It’s amazing how many coins we have at home and how quickly it adds up! You might decide to put your tuck-shop change into it or to collect coppers or 10ps. It’s up to you!

We would love to know what your group is getting up to. Tell us about your fund-raising events, we’d be interested to know how you get on! Contact Julie at 028 9032 6577 or by email at

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Resource Pack The Bible Society in Northern Ireland, 27 Howard Street, Belfast, BT1 6NB Tel: 9032 6577 The Bible Society in Northern Ireland...

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