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Our Mission The Bible Society in Northern Ireland joins with our global partners as the United Bible Societies to achieve the most effective translation, publication and distribution of the Bible in all the languages spoken today. We aim to reach everyone, recognising the special formats (audio, video and digital) that are needed to ensure that no-one is excluded from God’s Word. Contact us: The Bible Society in Northern Ireland 27 Howard Street • Belfast, BT1 6NB Tel: 028 9032 6577 E-mail: Follow news of our work at Charity No: XN 46187

Scripture texts from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation © 1996. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Wheaton, Illinois 60189, USA. All rights reserved.

• Many are illiterate or have poor reading skills, because poverty denied them an education.They need simplified texts or, failing that, the Bible in the form of an audio recording.

• Many could use a print Bible but low wages mean that feeding their family is the first priority. The Bible is a luxury they could never afford.

• For speakers of many hundreds of languages, God does not yet speak in their heart language. They are waiting their turn to receive a Bible in a translation that they understand.

You can change things.

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As a Bible-a-month Partner, with £4.00 per month you will enable at least one person to have the copy of God’s Word that they long for. Each month will give you examples of what your gift can achieve. Our Word at Work magazines contain regular Bible-amonth country updates. Our free prayer diary and our prayer/news updates by e-mail help you to be informed about what our 146 sister Bible Societies are accomplishing in God’s service. You can send gifts for each country month by month: • By Direct Debit (a mandate is set out on one of the cards) – a simple way for you to control how often and how much you give to this work. • By Cheque/Postal Order through the post to BSNI, 27 Howard Street, Belfast BT1 6NB. If you always quote your membership number, we will be able to record your gift and report back to you on your giving whenever you ask. Write your membership number here so you have a record of it

januar y 2012


People are desperate to read and to experience the Bible for themselves. please see reverse >>>

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At the start of the year your gift of ÂŁ4 could help change their lives.

Benin Over 67% of the population of Benin is illiterate. The Bible Society of Benin has been asked by its government to help with this problem. This fantastic opportunity has opened many doors to put the Bible before thousands of people. Training teachers and providing Bibles for the pupils to use are just parts of the project. Please pray that the Society will be able to fulfil the needs as they teach people to read and to love God’s Word. Your first gift of the year to the people of Benin could bring hope for tomorrow: £4, £8 or £12 will make a huge difference and really change lives. Photo: Some of the participants in the Gun literacy seminar organised by the Bible Society of Benin in Sèmé-Podji (about 20km east of Cotonou). (Bible Society of Togo / Macaire Gbikpi)

“As you read what I have written, you will understand my insight into this plan regarding Christ.” Ephesians 3: 4

februar y 2012

Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, visually-impaired people are so often excluded from society.You can help change this. >>>

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In February, your gift of ÂŁ4 could help a blind person read the Bible for the first time.

Costa Rica In partnership with the National Foundation for Blind People, the Bible Society of Costa Rica is providing practical and spiritual support to blind people, providing this marginalised group with opportunities to read the Word of God in Braille. Aiming for a deeper engagement with this special audience, they have started including children in this outreach by supplying Braille Scripture portions in a Spanish common language version. Setting a practical example the Bible Society is also creating a call centre staffed by blind people to show the commercial world that such a disability should not exclude them from the workplace. Pray that this effort will encourage further integration. Local income is minimal, so the project depends upon our support: This month your gift of £4, £8 or £12 can be an investment in changing the lives of blind people of all ages, both spiritually and practically. Photo: 14-year-old José Joaquin Méndez has received Braille Scriptures and a Braille typewriter from the Bible Society of Costa Rica. (United Bible Societies / Jim Loring)

“Instead, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, and the blind.Then at the resurrection of the righteous, God will reward you for inviting those who could not repay you.” Luke 14: 13-14

march 2012

Papua New Guinea

The ‘Listen to Read’ Bible Study Literacy Project makes a huge impact in a country where half the women cannot read. >>>

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Feeding the mind and the soul – your gift of £4 could change lives. Have you remembered to send this month’s gift?

Papua New Guinea Working with the extensive network of church-based women’s groups, mainly in rural areas, the Bible Society of Papua New Guinea is working to supply them with Bibles and audio devices containing prayer study materials as well as selected materials on health, leadership and incomegenerating activities. Please pray for those involved with the technology and recordings. Also pray for the women who will learn to read through using the Bible in this project. You can help women’s groups learn to read as they encounter the message of salvation: £4 or £8 could provide Bibles to offer relevant reading practice; £12 could help supply recording machines for literacy learning. Photo: Women from the Lutheran Women’s Fellowship in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, dressed in traditional clothing. (United Bible Societies / Bruce Millar)

“Then the angel spoke to the women. ‘Don’t be afraid!’ he said. ‘I know you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He isn’t here! He is risen from the dead, just as he said would happen. Come, see where his body was lying.” Matthew 28: 5-6

april 2012


Large-print versions are restoring the joy of reading the Bible. >>>

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This Easter, ÂŁ4 could allow someone to read a Bible again after many years of poor vision.

Romania In their younger years today’s elderly Romanians lived under the communist regime when Bibles were banned. Now they are able to freely read, their age means that they often cannot cope with regular print. Imagine the frustration of having the freedom but not the ability. Eugeia Porteras (69) has found it increasingly difficult to read a Bible for many years due to deteriorating eyesight. She was delighted to receive a large-print copy and has now read the New Testament four times. Pray for those receiving the Bibles, that God will speak to them words of comfort, strength and joy. Thank you for giving older people in Romania the joy of reading God’s Word again: Your gift of £4, £8 or £12 could fund further large-print copies of the Bible. Photo: Floarea Manolache with her large-print Bible from the Interconfessional Bible Society in Romania. (Interconfessional Bible Society in Romania)

“Now we see things imperfectly as in a cloudy mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity.” 1 Corinthians 13: 12

may 2012


Encouraging young people to read and engage with God’s Word through the Bible Society of Ghana’s ‘One Million Bibles Project’. >>>

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In May, £4 could supply 3 young people with their own Bible.

Ghana The Bible Society of Ghana receives hundreds of letters each month from children requesting Bibles.The numbers are overwhelming and neither the children nor their parents can afford to buy a Bible.The ‘One Million Bibles Project’ for Junior High School pupils supplies free Bibles together with supplementary helpful materials to give young people the opportunity to engage with God’s Word.

Bernice Ama Baidoo, aged 14, says, “I have come to know Jesus as my Saviour as I read the Bible. My friends are very surprised to see the changes in my life. I thank God for this Bible.” Pray that, as the children read the Bible, their lives will be transformed. Also pray for the staff of the Bible Society of Ghana as they travel the country distributing Scriptures. Your gift will help change the lives of children in Ghana: £4 - could supply 3 Bibles; £8 - could supply 6 Bibles; £12 - could help with the cost of distribution to remote areas.

Photo: Children from a school in south-western Ghana. Over several years, one million are to receive a Bible in their first year of secondary school. (British and Foreign Bible Society / Clare Kendall)

“… ‘Now we believe, not just because of what you told us, but because we have heard him ourselves. Now we know that he is indeed the Saviour of the world.’ ” John 4: 42

june 2012


Children suffering from cancer need support in their fears and pain.The Bible Society of Nicaragua is rising to the challenge. >>>

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This summer, your gift of £4 could help share God’s love with the children and their parents.

Nicaragua Manuel de Jesús Rivera ‘La Mascota’ Children’s Hospital in Managua is the only facility in the country specialising in treating children with cancer. The hospital serves 6,000 children each month with a mortality rate of 20% per year and 200 new cases each year. The Bible Society of Nicaragua supports children and poor families who travel from long distances. This practical action coupled with provision of both children’s and family Bibles is a major part of the holistic treatment required. Pray that the children and their families will find hope and comfort in God’s Word during such a difficult time. This summer the gift of a Bible could play a part in holistic cancer care: £4 - would provide an illustrated children’s Bible; £8 - would provide 2 families with a Bible; £12 - would provide Bibles for the doctors and nurses. Photo: Francella, 13, was diagnosed with stomach cancer 6 years ago. She and her mother find great comfort in reading the Bible. (Bible Society of Nicaragua)

“O LORD, if you heal me, I will be truly healed; if you save me, I will be truly saved. My praises are for you alone!” Jeremiah 17: 14

july 2012


‘Fifteen Minutes for Life’ – a Radio Bible Programme making the Christian faith relevant to people’s daily lives. >>>

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In July, £4 could help keep the valuable Radio Bible ministry going. Have you remembered to send this month’s gift?

Cambodia The Bible Society in Cambodia provides a Scripture-based ministry that helps address everyday social issues and concerns through a fifteen-minute daily radio programme. In a country where there is a high illiteracy rate, this broadcast is a very effective way to present God’s Word. There is no strong culture of reading, but Cambodians love storytelling and this is how much learning takes place. Pray for the staff to have wisdom and guidance as they produce the programme. Also pray for the listeners, that they will hear God’s Word clearly and understand its message. Listen to the need of Cambodian Christians to access God’s Word: Your gift of £4, £8 or £12 can help keep the Radio Bible Programme ‘on the air’. Photo: Residents of Rong Dam Rei, a village north of Phnom Penh where the Bible Society in Cambodia is undertaking literacy work. (Netherlands Bible Society / Joyce van de Veen)

“Come here and listen, O nations of the earth. Let the world and everything in it hear my words.” Isaiah 34: 1

august 2012


In one of Europe’s poorest countries, few people can afford to read the Bible for themselves. >>>

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This This August month youryour gift of gift £4ofcan whatever help us amount introduce could Scotland’s help change children their to lives. the Bible.

Albania In August 2011 Altin Hysi, General Secretary of the Bible Society of Albania, visited Northern Ireland to speak about the impact of their popular New Testaments. Albania is one of the poorest countries in Europe, and there are many people who would like to buy a Bible but cannot afford one. It is the role of the Bible Society of Albania (BSA) to provide God’s Word to churches and individuals within the country, but this requires them to provide a large subsidy on the price of Bibles. Through our Bible-a-month support BSA will be able to distribute New Testaments, Children’s Bibles and other publications free or at a greatly reduced price. Please pray for the fundraising work in Albania, so that working together, we can help them to provide God’s Word to every individual who asks for it. It was through receiving an Albanian New Testament as a refugee in 1991 that Altin himself came to faith. Your gift this month to the people of Albania could change more lives: £8 will help provide 3 New Testaments or 3 Children’s Bibles. Photo: In August 2011 Altin Hysi, General Secretary of the Interconfessional Bible Society of Albania, visited here to speak about the impact of their popular New Testaments. (United Bible Societies / Dag Smemo)

“Then Jesus said: ‘I assure you, unless you turn from your sins and become as little children, you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven.’ ” Matthew 18: 3

september 2012


“Helping children in Togo to grow up with the Word of God.” >>>






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This September, £4 could give children in Togo an introduction to the Gospel.

Togo Most of the churches in Togo have Sunday Schools to support children with the Gospel. But a lack of proper teaching materials has turned these Sunday Schools into nothing more than a place to watch over the children while the parents attend church. This project will provide the means to introduce the Gospel into their lives and ensure their spiritual training. Pray that Bibles for these children will build the foundations of future generations firmly on Scripture. Make a huge impact with your September gift: £4 - would help pay for Scripture teaching colouring books; £8 - would help pay for children’s Bibles; £12 - would help pay for teacher instruction packs. Photo: Two children at the Methodist church in Aklakou,Togo. (Bible Society of Togo / Macaire Gbikpi)

“We will not hide these truths from our children; we will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the LORD, about his power and his mighty wonders.” Psalm 78: 4

october 2012


Children displaced by war, living with their families in a camp – help us reach out to them. >>>

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This month each gift of ÂŁ4 could send a traumatised child a message of hope.

Georgia The Russian-Georgian war in 2008 is still having a massive impact today. Thousands of families were displaced and have ended up in hastily-built collective centres in Georgia. Over 5,000 children are living in these conditions, having left all their possessions behind, and are still traumatised by the turmoil they endured. The Bible Society of Georgia is visiting the centres to support these families and supply the children with a special Bible. Please pray for the children who receive the Scriptures, that they will be able to grasp and understand God’s Word and use it for their daily lives. This autumn help bring support and God’s Word to children in Georgia: £4 - could help provide a children’s Bible; £8 - could help cover the cost of transport and visits to the camps; £12 - could help provide a supply of children’s Bible books. Photo: Avtandil Guruli, Executive Director of the UBS Representation in Georgia, with children at a ‘collective centre’ in Tsnori, Georgia, for families displaced from war-torn parts of the country. (United Bible Societies Representation in Georgia)

“Violence will disappear from your land; the desolation and destruction of war will end. Salvation will surround you like city walls, and praise will be on the lips of all who enter there.” Isaiah 60: 18

november 2012


The ‘Light of the Amazon’ project provides spiritual, medical, dental and social assistance to island communities living beside the river. >>>

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This month £4 could ship the Good News along the Amazon River. Have you remembered to send this month’s gift?

Brazil The Bible Society of Brazil has been running a hospital boat called ‘Luz na Amazônia’ since 1962 (the first made possible with help from Scotland). Now the third of its kind, the boat has medical consulting rooms staffed by healthcare professionals and students as well as volunteers from other sectors. Through free distribution of Scripture publications, the project helps towards spiritual and ethical development with people adopting biblical values to the benefit of their families and communities. Pray for those who receive spiritual and medical support. Also pray for the staff and volunteers who help show God’s love in such a practical way. This month your gift could reach river communities with the Good News: £4 - could provide a free Bible; £8 - could provide a supply of Gospels; £12 - could help with part of the cost of staffing the boat. Photo: ‘Light of the Amazon III’ visiting a community in Acará, Pará State. Local people were able to receive treatment from doctors and dentists, and biblical literature was also distributed. (Bible Society of Brazil / Jaime Souza)

“Jesus saw the huge crowd as he stepped from the boat, and he had compassion on them and healed their sick.” Matthew 14: 14

december 2012


Providing ‘Bibles for China’s millions’ in a country where 150 million people live on less than $1 per day. >>>






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This Christmas time your gift of £4 could meet the cost of paper for 5 Bibles.

China There is a great demand for Bibles in China. The majority of Christians in mainland China live in rural areas and most of them are still not able to afford to purchase a Bible. The United Bible Societies’ China Partnership reaches out with subsidised Bibles. Last year the Amity Printing Press in Nanjing produced some 3 million copies for distribution across China. Pray for each person that receives a copy of the Bible, that as they read the Word of God, they will be nurtured and transformed. Your gift can help provide vital spiritual nourishment at affordable prices: £4 - could provide paper for 5 standard-size Bibles; £8 - could help support the distribution programme; £12 - could provide enough paper to print 16 Bibles. Photo: Elders of a Miao ethnic congregation at a village in mountainous south-west China receive a gift of Bibles. (Scottish Bible Society)

“The Lord says, ‘I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.” Psalm 32: 8

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This is the Calendar for our Bible-a-month supporters. A different project receives support each month.