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4 Me by Julie Bernardin Fantaisie Deluxe 2010

! About Julie ... Granddaughter of Alain Bernardin, creator of the Crazy Horse, Julie has always been immersed in a universe of creativity. Her very personal universe results in a wide range corresponding to «!coups de Coeur!» for an object or association of elements that, for their diversity and their «!côté hétéroclite!», set the tone. The concept is simple and efficient. Each person will find the jewel that resembles themselves and their unique qualities. Unique style made from vintage, semiprecious, recovery or simpler material, in the hand, by Julie Bernardin, in Paris ...

Glamourouuuuus Welcome into my world, Each one of my creation is a story : hype, girlie, playful, bizarre, funky, stylish, sexy... I realize, by hand, in Paris, limited series, one of kind and even jewels ÂŤ!sur mesure!Âť for special occasion ! Enjoy, Julie

Cute is my Life

Long Necklace PEARLY BABE / Earrings BABE / Pin BABE

Tiara BABE / Cuff BABE

Pendant Large 1er CHOIX Gold Pendant Small BABE Gold / Necklace SO’BABE Gold

Pendant Small BABE Silver / Necklace SO’BABE Silver

Necklace SO’TOINETTE Gold / Pendant Small SILENCE DES AGNEAUX Gold Pendant Large MADAME DE ... Gold

Pendant Small SILENCE DES AGNEAUX Silver / Necklace SO’TOINETTE Silver

Long Necklace PEARLY BAMBI

Necklace SO’BAMBI Silver / Earrings BAMBI / Cuff BAMBI

Pendant Large HAMEAU DE LA REINE Silver / Pin BAMBI / Pendant Small BAMBI Silver

Pendant Large HAMEAU DE LA REINE Gold Pendant Small BAMBI Gold / Necklace SO’BAMBI Gold

Long Necklace PEARLY BUNNY

Cuff BUNNY / Pin BUNNY / Earrings BUNNY

Tiara BUNNY Papillon Black / Necklace SO’BUNNY Papillon Black

Pendant Large PETIT TRIANON Papillon Black / Long Necklace PEARLY BUNNY / Pendant Small TENDER BUNNY Papillon Black

Pendant Large PETIT TRIANON Papillon Silver Pendant Small TENDER BUNNY Papillon Silver / Necklace SO’BUNNY Papillon Silver

Necklace SO’BUNNY Moka Gold / Pendant Large PETIT TRIANON Moka Gold Pendant Small TENDER BUNNY Moka Gold / Bracelet TENDER Gold



Tiara RATFINE / Pendant Small RATFINE Pink / Necklace SO’RIS PEARL Grey Silver

Pendant Small RATFINE Black / Necklace SO’RIS PEARL Pink Silver / Necklace SO’RIS Black

Pendant Small RATFINE Blue

Amour Toujours

Necklace MOT DOUX / Necklace TU M’AIMES Short Necklace MEDAILLE D’AMOUR / Necklace TI AMO

Long Necklace A LA FOLIE / Long Necklace RETURN 2U

Pendant Large TI AMO Silver / Pendant Small JE T’AIME Silver / Necklace SO’LOVELY Silver

Tiara LOVELY Silver / Necklace SO’LOVELY Silver Black

Brooch EH PAULETTE ROSY Pink / Brooch EH PAULETTE BOW Pink / Necklace SO’LOVELY Pink

Necklace SO’LOVELY Black Pink / Pendant Small JE T’AIME Black Pink

Brooch EH PAULETTE BOW Blue / Necklace SO’LOVELY Blue

Brooch EH PAULETTE ROSY Red / Necklace SO’LOVELY Red Gold

Pendant Large TIA AMO Gold / Pendant Small JE T’AIME Gold / Tiara LOVELY Gold

Necklace SO’LOVELY Gold - Black Gold - Gold Black Necklace SO’BIRDIE

Pendant Small CHAMPAGNE TASTE / Pendant Large BUBBLES

Necklace SO’CHAMP

Working Girl

Pendant Small J’AI PERDU LA TETE Blonde / Brunette

Necklace SO’BAT Silver / Black

Pendant Small T BAT / Pendant Large BAT DELUXE

Pendant Large OH MY GOD Pendant Small OH MY / Necklace SO’GOD

Tiara GOD / Necklace SO’GOD

Pendant Small CROISSANT / Pendant Small CROQUEUSE Gold Pendant Small CROQUEUSE Black / Pendant Large CONTINENTAL

Necklace ME MYSELF & I

My Best Friend

Long Necklace PEARLY FEROCE / Earrings FEROCE / Pin FEROCE


Pendant Large DANGEROUS Strass / Pendant Small FEROCE Strass / Necklace SO’FEROCE

Pendant Large DANGEROUS Fushia / Pendant Small FEROCE Fushia

Tiara 101 Black / Necklace SO’101 Black / Pendant Small 102 Black

Pendant Small 102 Gold / Necklace SO’101 Gold

Long Necklace PEARLY BULLETTE / Pendant Large SHOKIN BULL Silver / Earrings BULLETTE

Necklace SO’BULLETTE Silver / Pin BULLETTE / Pendant Small BULLETTE Silver

Cuff BULLETTE / Pendant Small BULLETTE Fushia / Pendant Large SHOKIN BULL Fushia

Pendant Small CESAR Gold / Pendant Large NONOSSE Gold Pendant Large NONOSSE Silver / Pendant Small CESAR Silve

Pendant Small KARL’IN / Pendant Large OTIS

Necklace SO’YORK Gold / Silver Necklace SO’JACK Gold / Silver


Pop ou Rock ?

Brooch EH PAULETTE SKULL / Pendant Small FUMER TUE Silver - Gold

Brooch EH PAULETTE STONE ? / Necklace SO’ROCK Gold / Tiara ROCK Gold

Pendant Small WE WILL ROCK U Gold / Pendant Large I LOVE ROCK’N ROLL Gold

Tiara ROCK Black / Tara ROCK White / Necklace SO’ROCK Black

Pendant Small WE WILL ROCK U Black / Pendant Large I LOVE ROCK’N ROLL Black

So Bling

Pendant Large DJ DELUXE Silver / Black

Tiara PRINCESS Silver / Bracelet PRINCESS Black

Pendant Large KING OR QUEEN ? Silver / Pendant Small PRINCESS Silver / Necklace SO’PRINCESS SIlver

Pendant Large KING OR QUEEN ? Gold / Necklace SO’PRINCESS Gold / Pendant Small PRINCESS Gold


Pendant Large ELVIS Black / Pendant Small SOLITAIRE Silver / Pendant Small SOLITAIRE Black

Pendant Large ELVIS Silver

Hollywood Deluxe


Pendant Small TENDRE PENSEE Gold / Pendant Large PANIER FLEURI Silver Pendant Small TENDRE PENSEE Silver / Pendant LargePANIER FLEURI Gold

Brooch AVA

Paris Forever


Brooch EH PAULETTE BOW Black / Pendant Small PARIS DELUXE Black / Necklace SO’PARIS DELUXE Black

Brooch EH PAULETTE BOW Crystal / Necklace SO’PARIS DELUXE Crystal / Pendant Small PARIS DELUXE Crystal

Pendant Large PARIS DELUXE Gold / Necklace SO’PARIS DELUXE Gold - Gold Black

Necklace SO’PARIS DELUXE Silver - Silver Black / Pendant Large PARIS DELUXE Silver

Pendant Small I LOVE PARIS Gold / Necklace SO’PARIS Silver Pendant Small I LOVE PARIS Silver / Necklace SO’PARIS Gold

Pendant Large PARIS FRANCE / Pendant Small PARIS FRANCE

Celebrate !

Tiara OUI / Pendant Small POUR LA VIE

Pendant Large IT’S A BOY / Pendant Large IT’S A GIRL

Pendant Large SAPIN DELUXE Silver / Pendant Small FLOCON / Pendant Large SNOWMAN DELUXE Silver

Pendant Large SAPIN DELUXE Gold / Pendant Small XMAS TEDDY Pendant Large SNOWMAN

Pendant Large HAPPY NEW YEAR / Pendant Small BONNE ANNEE / Pendant Large SNOWMAN DELUXE Gold

All our Chains and Bracelets in our «!CHAINS & BRACELETS!» look book

PACKAGING ACCESSORIES SET delivered with Pendant Small Size

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