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It all started growing up the baby of the family in the 60’s when the majority of what I wore was hand-me-downs from my older sisters. Special occasions and summer vacations always seemed to bring a brand new article of clothing, handmade by my grandmother. Being a somewhat extreme athlete all through the 70’s, my hair always had to be back and up. I remember the hair aches and the creases caused by the doo-dads that we had available to keep our hair in place. The day came that I was frustrated with the bando’s that would break or hurt my ears, the rubber bands and pony tail holders that ripped my hair out or stretched out, I decided to take some of my old t-shirts and tie them up to keep my hair back. This started about a quarter century ago. In time, my friends and their friends, their kids and their kids friends, started asking me to make them some. Since I am still a part time gymnastics coach, and at times, half of the children show up with their hair down, I started donning my wrists full of the hand made hair ties so that before class began, all of them had their hair up. Very satisfying, to say the least. No more yelling at coach Julie, “it hurts!” Inspired by people that wear cHAIRiTEE’s, the idea came that perhaps more people in America would like and appreciate, cHAIRiTEE headbands and hair ties. I began buying the fabrics from charitable resale shops to make mass quantities. There truly are…no 2 alike in this unique line of hair wear. Each and every piece is made from 100% recycled material that has been acquired from charitable second hand stores, right here in America! There are many styles designed for all hair types. Fine, thick, thin, curly, whatever your hair type, there is sure to be the perfect fit for you. They come in different stretchiness, thickness, and fabric type. This is why, when you shop cHAIRiTEE, you will be given an opportunity to choose what is best for you and your hair type. Extremely comfortable, does not make creases in your hair, does not slip off. The name cHAIRiTEE represents “hair” accessories made out of “tee” shirts. More importantly, all profits made by the company will be given back to charity, on a quarterly basis. Customers, buyers, and charitable organizations will be given an opportunity to submit an application to be chosen each quarter. The company then carefully chooses four organizations each quarter. The organization with the most votes, wins the profits!

Chairitee story  

Handmade HAIR accessories made from recycled TEE shirts. Profits given back to charity based on customer votes

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