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Julie-Allyson Ieron  Bible Teaching  Sisters in Faith  Writing Seminars

Visit us online at Julie's vibrant speaking style makes her a well-received guest speaker, keynoter, and conference breakout presenter. Her energy, excitement, and eagerness to uplift audiences receive high marks at every appearance. Those who've heard her offer this well-chosen advice: Listen Fast! That's because Julie packs volumes of content into every session. Mix and match any of the customizable topics from the following page to create a seminar line-up to engage your unique audience.

On Facebook at author.julieallyson.ieron On Twitter at JoyMediaJulie Or view her speaking demo video

To lock in your first choice date, write to booking agent Joy at: Joy Media PO Box 1099 Park Ridge, IL 60068 Julie's speaking invitations have taken her to more than 20 states; and her TV appearances have gone around the globe. In Chicagoland, she also accepts multiple-week Adult Bible Fellowship invitations. Julie Ieron's Web address says it all—joy and media and services. The content of her spoken messages mirrors her commitment to thoughtfully presenting God's evergreen message in fresh and creative ways. Julie's joy comes through, not only in her writing, but in the way she relates to audiences at her speaking engagements. Not only does she have a unique style that makes her a sought-after speaker, she has much take-away value to offer her audiences!—Pam Pugh, women’s ministry, Chicago

Living for Christ - Always Vibrant - Never Ordinary

Julie-Allyson Ieron’s Speaking Topics Lock in your date today!

Ask God Anything! 45-90 minutes; up to four retreat keynote or ABF sessions. Imagine hearing God respond personally to your gut-level questions. What do You want from me? or Why have You allowed bad things to happen to me? Applying biblical truths to today's hardships, Julie creates a fun forum to ask your questions and explore God's answers from the Word. Return to Your First Love 45-60 minutes or retreat length The biggie, in God's eyes isn't what we do for Him, or what we say about Him--it's all about whether we love Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. This gripping and challenging presentation examines what loving God looks like in real life.

Digging into the Word ... with the coolest 21st-century tools 45-60 minutes or retreat length Let the Bible speak to you in a new, fresh way. Glean principles to enliven your study. This heartfelt presentation will help you share God’s Word with family, community, and beyond. See why the Bible isn't just for preachers ... it's for you! Caring for the Caregiver 45-60 minutes or retreat length Many of those you pass every day--maybe even you--are silently and exhaustingly caring for ailing or aging relatives. Their desperate need is for refreshment and encouragement—for something you can offer. Learn simple, tangible ways to hold up the arms of those caring for ailing loved ones—and if you're the caregiver, learn to ask for and use this respite help. Praying Like Jesus 45-60 minutes, up to 5 retreat keynote sessions or ABF sessions Prayer can be enlivening, exciting, and enriching when we follow Jesus’ example in pouring our hearts out before God. We’ll learn to address God as Jesus did and to listen for His direction before we act in obedience. Staying True in a World of Lies 45-60 minutes or up to 3 retreat keynote sessions Integrity. Too often a forgotten word. But it doesn’t have to be. Looking to examples of everyday people—from our times and Bible fame—we can distinguish ourselves with excellence and integrity in the workplace and the home. SISTERS IN FAITH SERIES: Transformed Women in the Bible 45-60 minutes or retreat length They contributed their finances to His ministry. They followed wherever He went. They served and stood by Him, even at His cross. Mary Magdalene, Martha and her sister Mary, Suzanna, and others walked with Jesus. We’ll walk in their shoes. Courageous Women in the Bible 45-60 minutes; adaptable for mixed groups, teens, or young adults Everyone holds an opinion on the choices we must make. But as followers of Jesus, we answer to a Higher Authority. Follow the example of courageous women who learned through the tough times to take God’s opinion into account in life’s momentous—and daily—decisions. Sisters in the Bible 45-60 minutes or retreat length History may or may not have recorded their names, but these sisters from Bible days left a lasting testimony of excellence, companionship, and joy that applies as much to twenty-first century life as it did two millennia ago. The Families of Christmas Great for all age groups. Appropriate for outreach events November through December The families involved in bringing the first Christmas to pass look like the families we’d like to become—people of courage, conviction, faith. Step into the manger-world and get to know the real people who lived the greatest event of human history.

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Julie-Allyson Ieron, Conference Speaker  

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