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Personas Mel i ssa

“I’ve never connected with someone so different from me”

Testing ideas Full dividing wall

Eye-contact attention tube

“Nice for getting into the process but too I want to look somewhere else”


Be than y

“Are you there? Are

Attention directing cones

you listening?”

Partial dividing wall

“They won’t talk openly with me”

C hristian

“I feel too


A cube space

“It’s too weird that I can’t see you. That’s all I’m focusing on”

“I can’t just ignore my phone”

Requesting a story on the spot

Joan n a “It’s kind of cozy, but I feel really boxed

“I just have so many things I want to say!”


Listening to a story through a curtain to elicit memories


One image as a cue to elicit memories


“We never seem to want to talk about the same things”

“I’m having a hard time coming with a story to talk about”

“It was a nice story but I

didn’t relate” “Okay, we’re done talking about this picture.

Are we done?”

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I am an industrial & interaction designer with a holistic, empathic approach to addressing real world problems through user-focused research...