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Chinese Elements Fashion Jewelry Taobao Buy Guides

I found Ziyu Jewelry store on Valentine’s Day, that day I went to fashion jewelry recommendation page of to take a look what kind of jewelry pieces people would like to buy for the special day. My eyes are caught attraction at once when I saw the doll sweater necklaces, they are in ancient style and look so cute and impressive that I entered the store. As I expected, the jewelry pieces are of unique design and full of typical Chinese elements – Chinese classical drama characters, Beijing opera masks and Blue-and-white porcelain etc. BTW, the store claims they use the real Swarovski crystals and could supply the code for online certification.

2-piece sweater necklace set, girl doll’s name is Cui Yingying, boy is Zhang Sheng, the characters of Chinese classic novel “Romance of the West Chamber”. The novel tells a story of a secret love affair between Zhang Sheng, a young scholar, and Cui Yingying, the daughter of a chief minister of the Tang court. Zhang Sheng went to the capital city to take the highest imperial examination. When he stayed in a temple, he met Cui Yingying, daughter of the then Prime Minister and fell in love with her. At that time, a group of robbers besieged them. Yingying’s mother declared that she would marry her daughter to whoever could save them. Zhang Sheng managed to do that with his friend’s help. But her mother refused to keep her words because he was poor. However, Yingying and Zhang Sheng loved each other very much. With the help of Hong Niang, Yingying’s maid, they broke the traditional barrier.

Another Chinese Elements Fashion Jewelry that I want to recommend on taobao is the Classical Han Dynasty Hair Ornaments. The first classical hair ornament I saw is my grandma’s silver hairpin. With oxidized silver finishing and simple pattern, it gives me a subtle, elegant feeling. The memory of grandma makes me believe that classical hair ornaments always belong to elder woman, until I found the store called Moxiang-Chunqiu on MoxiangChunqiu is specialized in selling Han dynasty inspirited hair accessories, which fashionable classic designs and diverse patterns make them a favorite ornament with urban modern women. The Han Dynasty hair accessories include hairpins, hair clasps and buyaos (hairpins with pendants). These items are exquisite, dramatic, and look like the jewelry pieces used in Chinese ancient operas. All of them are handmade, every piece is unique, but you have to wait 7-14 days for your customized products.

Hairpins and hair clasps were everyday embellishments in old China. Both Chinese men and women would wear their hair in a coiled bun and use a hairpin to keep it in place. Women’s hairpin styles include hairpins, hair clasps, buyaos and gold flowers etc.

Buyao was another important piece of hair jewel for ancient women. It was a variation of a hairpin or hair clasp. A typical buyao was a hairpin adorned with movable flower branh-shaped pendants. It would constantly shake with the wearer’s steps, hence the name “buyao”, literally meaning “shake as you go”. Most buyaos were made of gold into the shape of a dragon or phoenix and adorned with pearls and jade.

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Chinese Elements Fashion Jewelry Taobao Buy Guides