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2013 A finished phase. Toward a new direction, giving the next step.. OUR 4TH AND LAST OUTREACH: We had our last outreach among the Shan in Fang district. After our practice we had a week to debrief sharing and reflecting on all our DTS (Discipleship Training School) in general, everything we learned in class, everything we learned and applied in our outreaches. We ended the last week of our DTS with our graduation. It was a very moving moment, because not only did we start well, but also we were able to finish well! Glory to God! Then I was blessed to spend almost 2 weeks of rest with my classmate Glory Petrina's lovely family in Hang Dong city. And to conclude, as the last activity of the month, I traveled about 10 hours to cross the border to Myanmar and renew my visa for Thailand for another 3 months. A phase that ended and a new one sarting!

In the Northeastern Region of Tailandia, Fang district among the unreached Shan people group.



We had our last outreach among the Shan. The Shan consist of several different groups of people mainly found in China, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. Its historical roots are in Yunnan, China, where about 270,000 Shan are today. Only about 30,000 Shan live in Thailand. Across the border with Myanmar, there are about 3 million Shan in Shan State. 6/25/13

Fang District, Chiang Mai - Google Maps

Address Fang District Chiang Mai

The first 2 days we helped built a diner roof made of straw for a school, ministry that belongs to the Shan brothers and sisters.

Their struggle and the resulting tensions and economic difficulties have led many Shan to go to Thailand illegally in search of work during different periods of time. The Shan practice Theravada Buddhism mixed with animism. The altars and Buddha images can be found in every home. This group of people is an unreached people group. That is, this means that less than 2% has been evangelized. There are some evangelistic resources available, but no active church planting in the last 2 years.,+Chiang+Mai&aq=0&oq=fang&sll=16.867634,103.051758&sspn=11.9‌


We taught English and the Bible to children at this Shat school, supporting this ministry.

Let's pray together!

LET'S PRAY FOR THE SHAN! * For the native workers, most of them are living by faith. Pray for their health, finances, and their family. * For the God of the harvest to send workers that share Jesus to the Shan. * For God to strengthen, encourage, and protect the little number of Shan Christians. * For the Holy Spirit to soften the hearts of the Shan and be open to the Christians and be receptive to the gospel. * For God to raise strong and healthy churches among the Shan.

We did house-to-house evangelism in various villages, and we supported the Shan house churches ministry by sharing our testimonies and praying for the sick. We saw God's miracles of healing! Glory to God!

We concluded our outreach with a picnic day with the Shan Staff Team and had our first real BBQ(meaaaaattt!!!) in a beautiful place at the mountains! We shared testimonies and we prayed for one another! It was a great blessing!

C R E AT E I N T E R N A T I O N A L D T S 2 0 1 3



- CIDTS 2013 leader, Sarah Beriyth

To be able to come to Thailand to do my DTS was just a distant dream that I had. However, one thing I knew, and it was that I must be there. Praise God for His faithfulness! The DTS was an experience that changed my life completely. During it, many things changed: the perspectives on God, myself, and the world. When I started this journey with God, I left home unsure of God's love for me and about myself, broken, and with many weaknesses. However, DTS was a time of renewal, and to reaffirm God's love for me, a time of healing and being

shaped in order to be prepared for God's work! Glory to God! This journey was not only about God and me, but it was also about those unknown who never heard about Jesus, the unreached. The unreached will remain unreached as long as we do not pray and intercede for them, give so that God's workers may be sent, and we do not obey to Jesus' command to go and preach the gospel to all nations. By God's grace and His divine provision through God's servants and several churches with a generous heart, I can say today that this was not only a distant dream, but it is a dream come true! We have not only started well, but we have also finished well by God's grace! Praise the Lord! I want to thank each one of you who have constantly supported either prayerfully or financially. This would have never been possible without you! This chapter is finished, but this is just the start of many things that God has for me!

" I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus" (Phil3:14)[

TIME OF REST WITH THE Handojo FAMILY! After graduating from my DTS, I spent almost 2 weeks with my friend Glory Handojo's lovely family in Hang Dong city. It was a beautiful time to rest in God's presence and in a family-like environment. There I had the opportunity to cook for the family. So, I cooked Paraguay style spaghetti to taste a little bit of Paraguayan culture and also Korean food! The best part is that my friend is from Indonesia, and at her house I had the opportunity to appreciate the Indonesian Cuisine and culture! It is such a blessing to be exposed to so many cultures here in Thailand!

In this time of rest, in my prayer time, God constantly put in my heart to pray for those who face persecution. Especially God put in my heart to pray for North Korea. Moreover, in several occasions in my quiet time, and even through the sermon of the church, God reminded me of the word that He gave me before coming to Thailand: "...You give them something to eat." (Mark 6:37). God has brought me here to share the gospel with the unreached. Please pray that I will not forget this word given by God and that God may continue to fulfill His will in my life. Me, my friend Glory and Delaine

BORDER RUN: A TRADITIONAL ACTIVITY FOR FOREIGNERS. To cross the border in Myanmar to renew the visa every 3 months is a tradition for thousands of foreigners here in Thailand. This trip consists in 10-11 hours of travel on a bus or van. Thanks to God, unlike my first border run trip, this time the trip was more relaxed, especially because in our way back, I fell into a deep sleep for approximately 3 hours, which saved me a lot of nausea, dizziness due to carsick in long hours of trip. Actually, the Myanmar border is quite similar to the border in Ciudad del Este in Paraguay, a lot of merchandise everywhere(mostly illegal) and the saddest thing about doing the border run in Myanmar, many people who are poor begging for some money to survive. In my next border run trip, I am planning to get some evangelistic tracks and food to bless those people and pray for them, for most of them are sick people. Please pray that every trip to the border will be an opportunity to bless and share with people about the love of Christ!




My plan after my DTS was to do the SFM(School of Frontier Media); however, when I arrived in Thailand, leaders informed me that the school was not running this year. God had other plans for me. This year a new school is pioneering, the school of VISUAL ARTS FOR MISSIONS(VAM). Visual Arts for Missions (VAM) is a training school that focuses on integration of visual art techniques with a cross cultural focus, to pro-

duce & multiply evangelistic resources for unreached peoples. The 6 month training includes lectures and workshops by experienced cross-cultural artists, hands on training, and ministry opportunities among the Asian art community, (all enhancing the learning experience.) Lectures are followed by a cross cultural outreach to an unreached people group learning with local artists, art exhibitions, and finally producing

indigenous art tools for sharing the gospel. I am very excited to start this 2nd. level school where I will be able to develop my artistic skills to later use it as a tool to reach the unreached!

VAM PROJECT!---------------------------------------------------------- In order for me to be able to do this school, I am completely trusting on God's provision through God's servants. God is always faithful and I know that He will provide all of my needs! The needs for this project are the following:

BUDGET FOR THE TRAINING AND BASIC NEEDS( FOR 6 MONTHS) 1. School Fee(3 months of lectures) - 55,000 THB = 1,700 USD 2. Application Fee - 1,000 THB = 33 USD 3. School materials - 6,000 THB = 200 USD 4. Health insurance(for 6 months) - 11,000 THB = 370 USD 5. Basic Expenses(For 6 months) - 17,700 THB = 590 USD • Transportation - 3,000 THB = 100 USD • Food - 6,000 THB = 200 USD • Medicine - 1,000 THB = 33 USD • Personal Hygiene - 3,000 THB = 100 USD • Laundry - 700 THB = 23 USD • Cell phone credit - 1,000 THB = 33 USD • Fun - 3,000 THB = 100 USD

"Missions are done through the knees that kneel to pray, the hands that give to send workers, and the feet that go!"

6. Visa Renewal(Oct & Dic) - 3,500 THB = 117 USD ____________________________________________________

Total: 94,200 THB = 3,140 USD

Would you like to contact me? Mail Address: P.O. Box 46 Samyaek Suan Prung, PO Chiang MAi, 50201, Thailand Julia Paik julypaik87 julypaik I would love to hear from you, share together what God is doing in your lives and share prayer resquests together!

God has already provided 22%(21,000 THB = 700 USD) of the total cost of 3,140 USD. I cannot reach this goal by myself, but I will need your help and support. I invite you to join me and be part of this mission, for:

Your help and support will be a blessing not only to me but also to those who never heard the good news of Jesus Christ! Together we will make Christ known among the unreached!

Would you like to support and be part of this mission? Your support will be a blessing! You can donate by: 1) Depositing in my Bank account in Paraguay:


Sin Ae Paik Account #: 21-00681987 2) Transferring money through:

WESTERN UNION Sin Ae Paik City and Country: Chiang Mai, Thailand

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