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Weddings Foreword by Don Brown “Oh Darling all I want is You...and a Juliati Album!” If a picture is worth a thousand words how can I possibly add or detract from what you are about to see? Skip ahead for all I can offer are words of confirmation of what you are about to see. Passion! The glamour that happens when the best of human emotions are translated by genius into works of art. Truly, please skip this forward. My words are neither the icing nor the cake, but merely the toast after a wonderful meal. Go Now! And by all means please come back, for I would indeed love to share the experience after these images have graced your eyes. As a word smith I’ll contribute a few serious observations. As you know all that we see are reflections of light. To the scientist they are photons of energy travelling in waves. In the past these waves used to be captured with light sensitive chemicals. Camera lenses were crude and only gifted chemists could produce art. Today we have machines that can photograph distant galaxies and the birth of stars. The chemicals are gone and anyone can take a snapshot with their cell phone yet the art of photography endures, is alive and thriving at Juliati Studio. Light still travels in waves but Juliati make those photons dance and sing! They have brought the collective history of Western painting, the lessons of over a hundred years of photographic composition, the Golden Age of Hollywood Glamour and the vitality of today’s top fashion photographers together to produce wedding photographs that are masterpieces. Works of art that are far beyond traditional wedding albums as a Super Nova is to a pen light, or a Gucci purse is to a sack of potatoes. Juliati has turned those simple waves of photons into artistic brush strokes of color and light. To own a Juliati Wedding Album is not only to have the finest recording of one of the most important events of your life but to own a masterpiece of art. Over the years I have seen thousands of wedding albums. I see no reason why I should endure anyone else’s wedding photos... unless of course it is a Juliati. They can’t guarantee everlasting happiness except with the satisfaction of your Wedding Album and it’s endurance to stand the test of time as a work of art.

Welcome to the world of Juliati. We are an art movement of two, supremely confident in our mission to bring the finest artistic qualities to the finest aspirations two people can bring to us: their love and commitment to each other. Your are in love. Let us show you what we will do for love.

Aleksandr & Julia Juliati

Engagement T h e S to r y o f Yo u r L o ve A great way to record your love story. During an interview with the two of your we plan a thematic time piece of photographs expressing your unique romance and affection for each other. Not only you will be able to enjoy some beautiful images of yourselves before the big day, but it’s also an opportunity to get to know your photographer and get comfortable before the camera. Your engagement portraits may be used in many different ways, such as creating a memorable album, included in invitations, or presented as a grand portrait at your reception.

We d d i n g D a y Ca p t u r i n g m o m e n t s - a r t i s t i c a l l y For the wedding day we offer a variety of shooting styles: whether it is photojournalistically capturing a tearful moment between a bride and her father, prompting a fun and crazy celebration with a wedding party, or classically posing a timeless family portrait. Our goal is to create photographs with lasting impressions that in 10, 20, or 50 years will remind you that excitement and joy that you experienced on your wedding day. To cover all important aspects of your wedding we will get to know about the theme and colors of your wedding, the people and things that mean most to you, including special relatives and friends, or special places (for example a room in a house where you spend memorable time with your grandmother). To provide you with the most beautiful imagery, we will do a pre-location planning that will allow us to pre-visualize favorable lighting and compositional possibilities of your chosen wedding location. After the big day, your wedding story will be recreated from your favorite photographs and recorded in the finest Italian Wedding Book.

B R I DA L B O U D O I R S e x y g i f t f o r yo u r h u s b a n d - to - b e This session is an excellent time for a woman to enjoy and celebrate her beauty and sensuality. If you are looking for something special to give to your soon to be husband, consider giving a gift that will last a lifetime!

Tr a s h T h e D r e s s Wild & Sexy Would you like to do something different, thinking “out of the box,” capturing something of the physicality of your passion and sensuality towards each other in as Artistic Dream? Trash the Dress Photosession is for those who are adventurous. Expect to have fun, laugh, play, and simpy enjoy yourself during the shoot! Earth - Into the woods. On the rocks. Epic landscapes. Wind - Sky and clouds. Mountains vistas. The windy sky is not the limit. Fire - Urban fashion, lights, and mystery. Water - Web and sexy. Drenched in the sea of love. Spirit - Horses and spirit animals. The sacred and the sexy. Romantic and carnal.

And remember: you dont have to “trash” your wedding dress; you dont have to even wear your wedding dress!


uliati Photography Studio is located in downtown White Plains, the heart of Westchester County NY. Just minutes from Ritz Carlton and City Center, the studio is a rep-

resentation of a modern style with an artistic flavor. With a beautiful view of the city, Juliati studio houses some of the best and recent wall portraits and albums, including one of a kind Art in Oil and Wax. By coming to the studio you will feel the sense of luxury and relaxation from the first sip of hot chocolate to the last minute of your photosession.


edding Collections start at $5,400. Our clients enjoy custom full day engagement session experience that is carefully planned ahead based on each client’s per-

sonal love story. For your wedding day we provide a variety of shooting styles: photojournalistic, fashion, formal, creative, and fun. We offer much more than just a wedding day coverage: from Trash the Dress, to Bridal Boudoir, to a Pre-Wedding documentary films. To schedule a complimentary consultation... call (914) 484• 8444 email

Studio location (by appointment only) 151 East Post Rd, Suite 108 White Plains, NY 10601

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