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Unknown Things About NHL

No. 1 Players don’t have day without work within the off-season like they wont to, either. the game is therefore hard-to-please that they are doing everything attainable to remain in form. Players will lose from five to eight pounds in a very single game. in fact most of the loss is water weight, however it causes the players to be terribly attentive to the quantity of their fluid intake.

No. 2 The Toronto Maple Leafs (yes Leafs, not Leaves ) is the name of a professional hockey team based in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 1917, the team is one of the original six league members. When the team was first established, it was christened the Toronto St.Patricks.

No. 3 Wayne Gretzky, nicknamed “The Great One�, is almost unanimously accepted as the greatest hockey player to every play the game. He remains the leading point-scorer in NHL history with 894 goals throughout his career. He finished with a total of 2,857 points, which is over 1000 more than Mark Messier who holds second place.

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Unknown Things About Hockey  
Unknown Things About Hockey  

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