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Beautiful Neck Designs For Different Salwar Kameez Patterns Today's young and professional women want to flaunt a style which comes with no efforts. In the times gone by, the traditional salwar kameez patterns were meant for ladies who were not much career oriented. And, even if they were, the restrictions would successfully stop them from chasing their dreams. But the time has changed today and people have evolved. With women leading towards a global domination, they have understood as to what suits them and what not.

This is exactly true when it comes to fashion choices too. However, the evolution in fashion doesn't mean that the traditional wear has been put on a backseat. It's never going to happen. Though, the transformation of traditional outfits to more contemporary appearance is definitely there and you can easily see it around you. Moving on to the salwar kameez patterns, the demand of young ladies is not a comfortable outfit that is neither casual nor traditional. Also, for a daily office wear, women hardly prefer taking a dupatta along. In this article, we will explore few different kinds of salwar kameez patterns where you don't need to wear a dupatta all the time. Here's the lowdown! Why a neck design is important?

Talking about salwar suit patterns, the dress material or elements of attire such as lace work, stonework, sequins, zardosi, and embellishments play a key role. However, if you don't want to give your outfit too traditional look, dress material like neck designs of the salwar suits are extremely important. All that is required is a play with imagination and creativity to make a noble dress.

The Role Of Face In Selection Of Salwar Neck Designs You must have noticed that every tailor master keeps a catalogue, which has so many neck designs and styles. If you go through that catalogue once and get swayed by the umpteen neck designs and dress material, then choose the one for your next salwar suit pattern. Here, you need to remember one thing, which is your face shape plays an essential part in deciding the best neck design for you. Hence, whenever you are planning to play with the neck design of your different Punjabi suits patterns, you should be keeping your body and face shape in mind. This way, you can own a great ensemble that everyone will die for. Different neck designs for different Punjabi suits Patterns 1. Square necks Let us start with one of the most common and always in demand collar neck designs. This kind of neckline suits every Salwar Kameez Pattern and is suitable for women of all ages and of different body types. If we have to be precise, square neck designs are best suited for women with less broad shoulders and small neck.

2. Round necks This neck design, which you must have seen in all kinds of Salwar Kameez Patterns, is a perfect combination of traditional as well as modern opulence.The round-shaped neckline gives your attirenew dimensions of comfort and sryle. This is up to you as to how you want to style your rounded neck design depending upon the Salwar Kameez Pattern that you want to go for.

3. V-shaped necks V-shaped neck designs are best suited for women with oval face. Not only these designs define the attributes of your neck and collarbone, but also make you look slim and sassy. These can also work for all kind of Salwar Kameez Patterns, be it a Patiala Suit, Churidar or a palazzo for that matter.

4. Boat shaped necks Boat shaped necks are also known as Bateau neck, and are just a great way to highlight 'Oh my my’ collarbone and bringing the entire attention to you. This kind of neck design is compatible with all types of Salwar Kameez Patterns and is best suited for all kinds of facial outlines.

6. Bandhgala necks If you want to spread those royal vibes in a salwar kameez, your neck design surely should be of bandhgala style.Moreover, you don't have to worry if these bandhgala will suit your Salwar Kameez

Pattern, it will. There are so many ways with which you can style a bandhgala neckline and these neck designs are also not restricted to a particular purpose or occasion.

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Neck Designs Of salwar kameez || By Mirraw  

salwar kameez is the essential dress pattern worn by many ladies in India. You can buy different designer patterns of sawar kameez online a...

Neck Designs Of salwar kameez || By Mirraw  

salwar kameez is the essential dress pattern worn by many ladies in India. You can buy different designer patterns of sawar kameez online a...