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Yearbooks don’t just happen by themselves. In fact, we can safely say that this particular yearbook took the combined efforts of the entire student body: the writers, the photographers, the voters, the bakers, the candle-stick makers... Seriously though, the 2011 yearbook team consists of a few dedicated students who had a great time making this project up from scratch. Together, they created colourful cardboard voting systems, designed layout concepts, held staff meetings via Skype, negotiated for quality (international!) printing, maintained epic Google Document spreadsheets, and pestered classmates for photos, information, stories, and bios. This book represents the best memories of the graduating class, and we sincerely thank the team that worked so hard to bring everything together: Jennifer Babaian Sheila Babayan Ryan Gunasekera James Orr Julia Sevilla Ukari Warmann


Messages ...

David Austin To the extraordinary people I have met this year teaching entrepreneurship.

Catherine de Fontaney

Congratulations Class of 2011! We are extremely proud of you, and wish you all the very best. Research says that after 5 years, the words “supply and demand” is all you’ll remember about your Economics courses; but we’d be very grateful if you could remember “Added Value” as well! Best wishes, Catherine

I would like to share with you a little of what you have taught and shown me: When you commit to a path people will give more help than you could ever have imagined. You can achieve more than your current vision allows you to see, it is a choice. Success envisaged in gentle terms has a way of growing. Be open to the joy of learning from the many interruptions on the path to success, each is a gift if you unwrap it carefully. Don’t forget that the entrepreneurship course is like the Hotel California and I hope to see you again soon. Kind regards, David

Geoffrey Lewis

First the tasting notes: 2010 is an excellent vintage. By selective and judicious blending of diverse varieties we achieved a complex cohort with some with interesting highnotes. Showing some early roughness on the edges of the palate, this softened as the year progressed to result in a crisp, seductively textured class that displayed a full, open, and accessible approach to learning. Undoubtedly has excellent career potential. Winemaker’s comments: Think about it! I could be spending my time with mature gentlemen of my own advancing years (read boring old farts) sitting around a board table making out to be doing something useful – or I could spend my time with energetic, thoughtful, challenging and committed young people who are shaping the future. What a privilege to be able to do the latter.

Ian Alsopp

“ I have appreciated the opportunity to enable students to become entrepreneurial and to create new ventures. Thinking and acting entrrepreneurially becomes a “way of thinking and living”, it becomes a lifestyle where the new opportunity excites and “calls” us to achieve and make things happen. Become agenda setters and enjoy discovering opportunities and developing new ventures that create both personal and social wealth.” Cheers, Ian

Jack Goodwin

An American philosopher, Eric Hoffer, had a wonderful quote about learning. He said, “In times of change, learners inherit the Earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” I hope you have had an enjoyable and enriching learning experience at MBS and have learned a lot. However, we live in times of profound change, so you will soon be perfectly equipped for a world that no longer exists. Your learning “journey” should just be starting. As you leave MBS, I hope that you have learned to learn, and that you will remember the “course” isn’t ending, it’s just starting. I’ll close with a quote from another famous American philosopher, Jack Welch: “Wake up every morning knowing it’s the dumbest you’ll ever be.” It’s been a pleasure to teach some of you. Best wishes to all of you. Jack Goodwin

Kannan Sethuraman

I would like to thank you for having given me this opportunity to say a few words in the annual yearbook. At the outset, let me first congratulate each one of you for your commitment and devotion towards excellence and for graduating from MBS with flying colours. As you rejoice this proud moment, please take the time to recognize the various individuals who have made a difference in your life and who have helped achieve your dreams. I am confident that each and every one of you has the ability to make a difference to this world. I hope and wish you will continue to aim high and will have the courage to follow your heart and ambitions. I wish you all the very best in your future endeavours.

Kwang Lim

Mark Crosby

Peter Danaher

Dear ex-students and everyone in the class of 2011, I wish you all the best as you graduate and move into the next exciting adventure of your life. If there is one piece of advice that I’d like to share with you, it is that you should nurture your mental agility. These days the world is filled with uncertainty and many changes are taking place in our economic and social ecosystems. However, the fundamental lessons that you learned during your MBA will serve you well into the future. Stay cool, apply what you’ve learnt in your MBA, but remember to continually build new skills and experiences in your life. Nurture the friendships and networks that you began at MBS. Most of all, be mentally agile. If you are adaptable in your mindset, everything else will follow, including new career opportunities, better ways for you to interact with clients and colleagues, new approaches as you tackle the challenges ahead. I wish you every success; your future is bright.

Dear Class of 2011, I very much enjoyed teaching many of you during your time at MBS, and I wish you all the best as you return to the workforce. I know that you have all learned a huge amount during your studies, but do not forget the maxim of Descartes – “question everything.” Keep on learning, keep on questioning, and use your knowledge, networks and compassion to build a better business and society.

Dear Class of 2011, Sometimes the flow of information and the pace of change in the workplace can seem overwhelming. One of the best talents you can develop and refine in your working lives is the ability to pick out key pieces of information. Measure and observe the things that really matter. Also, new trends and “hot topics” can be seductive. However, often they are only a flash in the pan or just a repackaging of what is already known. Watch out for these false leads and vapour trails. Don’t always follow the herd and keep an eye out for information they isn’t right in front of you, but may be in your peripheral vision. Lastly, the most important talent in your working and personal life is the ability to communicate, be it by voice, email, letter, report or power point presentation. Always work at improving your communication skills.


Good luck, Mark

I wish you luck in your future careers and you unfolding lives. Peter Danaher

David Pollard

Sven Feldman

I just love being asked to share my thoughts and give advice. So here’re some quite gratuitous pointers. Although the notion of emotional intelligence is a bit ten-years-ago, it does contain an important grain of truth - that in any career getting on with people and being liked is important for doing a good job and being perceived as having leadership potential. A related point is that people skills gradually become as important as technical skills in any job that is predominantly service focussed, and this includes includes people management. Thirdly, friends come and go in any work environment but enemies just accumulate - so we all need to avoid making them in any working environment where we intend to stay. Competition with others needs to be tempered with with what the Romans called humanitas common decency.

With the MBA in your pocket you are now ready to embark on a successful career — be it in banking, marketing, consulting, or actually producing something useful for the world. ;-) Here are my “bullet points” of advice: • Live your life to the fullest and don’t rest on what you have achieved, ever • Always try something new, something that challenges you and takes you out of your comfort zone • Do the right thing, not what is convenient or expedient. Do what you believe in and what you can proudly talk about with your grandchildren one day • As hard as you worked for your success — now and in the future, — never forget that it is you who owes society, not the other way ‘round. Stay humble, contribute your share, encourage others to do theirs, and try to give back

David Pollard

Best of luck in all your future endeavours!

Congratulations on a wonderful achievement. I know that each of you have learned a lot during your degree and have made many new friends if I had any advice it would be to stay in touch. Stay in touch with your learning by staying intellectually curious and taking the opportunity that every workplace will provide you to keep learning and changing. Stay in touch with your classmates by regularly meeting up with them or interacting on email or the web. Stay in touch with the School by coming back to alumni events (we hold these internationally as well as domestically) and reunions. We are always keen to hear what our alumni are doing and very proud of the many and different ways in which you serve your companies and communities. You carry our best wishes with you. Jenny


Libby Akhounov Degree: MBA Fave moment: All the lovely friends I made Future Career: General Counsel Hometown: Melbourne

Andalib Alam Degree: MBA Fave moment: In Managerial Economics class, Professor Andrew John tried to teach auction theory using a game. A 20 dollar note ended up being fought over by Kislay and Rohit, and was finally bought for 55 dollars! Future Career: Development Finance Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Mark Amott Degree: Masters in Marketing Fave moment: All the times Student Services pushed things through despite my complete disorganisation (thanks guys) Future Career: Currently healthcare, but to be honest, who knows! Hometown: Warragul, Victoria

Yoganya Arunothayaraj Degree: MBA Fave moment: Catching up with all the guys and gals at Corkman’s after final exams... oh the relief! Future Career: Management Consulting Hometown: Melbourne

Jennifer Babaian Degree: MBA Fave moment: AGSM/MBS cup! Future Career: Entrepreneur Hometown: NY, USA

Sheila Babayan Degree: MBA Fave moment: Crashing a wedding, Cookie Day at the apartment, Tasty Tuesdays; The time we squeezed 25 people into our tiny city flat; The epic charades party Future Career: I hope so! Hometown: Orange County, California

Rohit Bahl Degree: MBA Fave moment: Making a fool out of myself in marketing class once. The whole class for a second thought that I was crazy, and people had a good laugh at my idiosyncrasy’s expense for the following week. Future Career: Finance Hometown: New Delhi, India

Danielle Baird Degree: MBA Fave moment: Probably the sandwiches, also making great friends, having late night syndicate meetings, and end of term drinks Future Career: Destination unknown Hometown: Melbourne

Vishal Bali Degree: Masters in Marketing Fave moment: Sleepless nights spent at syndicate rooms fighting to meet deadlines Future Career: Marketing & Sales Hometown: New Delhi, India

Abhinav Bana Degree: MBA Fave moment: The inter-intake cricket tournament, where our intake defeated every other intake and became the champion Future Career: Consulting/General Management Hometown: Hardwar, India

Rahul Bajaj

Rajeev Batra

Degree: MBA Fave moment: End of Term (December 2009) Party Future Career: Consulting Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal

Degree: MBA Fave moment: The breaks in between the terms...every moment of those short breaks was worth it! Future Career: Only time will tell Hometown: Chandigarh, India (called as ‘City Beautiful’)

Vinod Bhat Degree: MBA Fave moment: My fellow MBS mates and the fun we had together. Future Career: Financial Services Hometown: Bombay India

Andrew Bishop Degree: MBA (Professional) Fave moment: Drinks at the end of each term! Future Career: Consulting – Defence Industry / Public Sector Hometown: Canberra

James Blake Degree: MBA (Professional) Fave moment: The friends I have made and the memories they have given me! Future Career: Consultant Hometown: Perth

Saschelle Blake Degree: Masters of Marketing Fave moment: Mark Ritson’s end of Brand Management party Future Career: A balance between motherhood and an executive role in marketing management Hometown: Perth, Western Australia

Adam Blakney Degree: MBA (Marketing stream) Fave moment: Running down on the hardwood with my Squash Club mates. Future Career: Marketing consulting Hometown: Seattle, Washington, USA

Angie Born Degree: 36.5 Celsius Fave moment: Secretly eating food in the library. I felt free! Future Career: Internet Fixer Hometown: Joggeli

Emily Brown Degree: MBA Fave moment: Meeting some classic characters and relishing in battling through syndicate work together. Future Career: I would like to stay within the pharmaceutical industry, although I am not sure in what capacity. Hometown: Horsham, Victoria

Richard Brown Degree: MBA Fave moment: Interactive sessions with key decision makers during Leading Policy Reform Future Career: Head of State Hometown: Melbourne

Sarah Bruat Degree: MBA Fave moment: I’m sure it’s on its way... still 6 months to go! Future Career: Be free :) Hometown: mmmm...hard to say...I travel too much, Melbourne these days

Damien Burger Degree: MBA Fave moment: walking around town with my first syndicate group Future Career: Manufacturing Hometown: Upwey

Dennis Butler Degree: Masters of Marketing Fave moment: Working on a variety of assignments with my classmates and seeing things from a new perspective Future Career: Group Account Director in Market Research or starting up my own research company Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Chad Bystedt Degree: MBA Fave moment: Kebab Mondays in Summer Future Career: Marketing in Consumer Goods Hometown: Orange, CA, USA

Dong Cai Degree: MBA Fave moment: First term when we finished “Accounting”~~Celebrate!!! Future Career: Healthcare Industry (pharmaceutical company/hospital) or Insurance Industry Hometown: Shanghai, China

Michael Carpenter Degree: MBA Fave moment: Ravi telling our Leadership & Change class to ‘man up’. Genius Future Career: I won’t be working as I’ll be retiring on the millions that our entrepreneurship project is going to make. Probably Hometown: Cardiff, Wales (officially the greatest country on the world. Fact)

Will Carroll Degree: MBA Fave moment: Sam Wylie “it’s plain vanilla, no pistachio” Future Career: Financial Services, London Hometown: Melbourne

Daniel Carter Degree: MBA Fave moment: Joe Montuoro’s dirty Movember moustache Future Career: International Development Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Nelson Chan Degree: MBA Fave moment: MBS goes to Bali Future Career: Corporate Melbournian... doing stuff Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Jeff Cheek Degree: MBA Fave moment: growing a thick 1980’s mustachio Future Career: renewable energy Hometown: The Tarheel State

Bonze Bong Sin Cheng Degree: MBA Fave moment: Syndicate meetings - I heart my syndicates (yeah, all of them!!) Future Career: Possible future careers include FBI, or somewhere I can deliver happiness (perhaps a chocolate factory), and hopefully not Wal*Mart, Nike, Billabong or Coles (unless they pay AUD140,000)... Hometown: Hong Kong SAR

Casey Chew Degree: MBA Fave moment: WNDC at the Randy Dragon. The MBS crowd is not a good place to get drunk. Oh, you guys can be MEAN! And yes, I had 7 glasses. Future Career: N/A Hometown: Singapore, Sunny Island set in the sea.

Ashish Chopra Degree: MBA Fave moment: The pressure test the school puts you through, and the feeling of relief with a beer in hand at end of term drinks. Future Career: Not sure for how long can I be employable, so would want to start up a Business soon. Hometown: I have 2 – Delhi and Melbourne

Dipali Contractor Degree: MBA Fave moment: Making life long friends Future Career: Corporate Finance Hometown: Ahmedabad-India

Carlos Correa Degree: MBA Fave moment: Hanging out with friends over summer for a BBQ by the Yarra. Future Career: mmmm.... fireman Hometown: Santiago, Chile

Paul Coupe Degree: MBA Fave moment: The ‘conk’ of a coke bottle hitting Jacob’s head in ManPro and sharing a few fine single malts with my friends Future Career: Buying companies Hometown: Edinburgh

Jeff Darlington Degree: MBA/Graduate Certificate in Social Impact Fave moment: All the blurry ones Future Career: Social Entrepreneur Hometown: Houston, Texas

Murray de Jong Degree: MBA (Professional) Fave moment: Being told there were classes on AFL Grand Final day Future Career: ‌. I don’t know, current career perhaps.. Hometown: Melbourne

Joel Delmaire Degree: MBA Fave moment: First end of term party... more like a blank in my memory, though Future Career: Something in strategy... maybe Hometown: Lille, France

Angie Dickinson Degree: MBA Fave moment: Coffee in line chat Future Career: Astronaut Hometown: Brisbane

Chris Dodd Degree: MBA (Professional) Fave moment: Learning the real use for Yahoo, and the bonding experience of 18 hours per day in weekend mode Future Career: Singer/Songwriter Hometown: Melbourne

Annie Dong Degree: Cook to order (raw, medium, well done) Fave moment: More MBA, more dumb! Future Career: Taking care of my first money tree and grow some more! Hometown: Forbidden City (NO Facebook, twitter, or google!)

Nicole Dumond Degree: MBA Fave moment: Partying at the end of first term Future Career: CFO...Chief Fun Officer Hometown: Richmond, Virginia, USA

Ivonne Edenton Degree: 37 Celsius (not too hot to handle) Fave moment: Being picked up by random classmates in a day thx to Sam! Future Career: Globe-trotting connoisseur Hometown: Makassar, in the beautiful n chaotic Indonesia!

Brendan Egan Degree: MBA (Professional) Fave moment: Nothing specific. I enjoyed it all (or at least most of it). Future Career: Still thinking Hometown: Melbourne

Joshua Elliot Degree: MBA (Professional) Fave moment: Learning that it is pronounced Moet, not Moet from Ritson Future Career: Automotive General Manager Hometown: St Kilda

Brett Fairbank Degree: MBA (Professional) Fave moment: Sandwiches! Future Career: Entrepreneur/Founder of a successful start-up Hometown: St Kilda

Elissa Fell Degree: MBA (Professional) Fave moment: Half time drinks at the pub Future Career: GM People & Culture Hometown: Melbourne

Tevor Florey Degree: MBA Fave moment: Not one single memory (other than Diego’s moustache), but a lot of good times collectively. Future Career: Dictator Hometown: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Richard Fox Degree: MBA Fave moment: The Corkman, and all the good friends who joined me there Future Career: tbc (call and ask me) Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Nicholas Fraser Degree: MBA Fave moment: THONK goes Jacob’s head as Paul throws his coke bottle at him in Man Pro Future Career: I don’t want to be a consultant, I don’t want to be a consultant, I don’t want to be a consultant………… Maybe I’ll be a consultant Hometown: Swan Hill, Victoria

Anna Freeman Degree: MBA (Professional) Fave moment: Catherine de Fontenay leading the class on running laps of an empty campus on Sunday afternoons, before another three hours of Man Ec Future Career: Switching the world to renewable energy Hometown: Melbourne

Oscar Gagó Degree: MBA Fave moment: The excellent friends of different cultures! Future Career: General Management Hometown: Lima, Peru

Abhinav Garg Degree: MBA Fave moment: The time people got dressed up in costume for a final exam! Future Career: Consultant, Businessman or Cult Leader Hometown: Kuala Lumpur (but really, from everywhere...)

Amelia Ghofrany Degree: MBA Fave moment: WOM because it got me excited to start my learning journey. Future Career: Consulting Hometown: Melbourne

Ryan Gunasekera Degree: MBA Fave moment: Making lifelong friendships. :) Future Career: Strategy Consulting Hometown: Melbourne

Dipanjan Gupta Degree: MBA (Unprofessional) Fave moment: The very first careers’ session.. when I learned to shake hands! :P Future Career: Dream job: Judge in the next Masterchef Challenge. Hometown: Kolkata, India!

Mamta Gupta Degree: Masters in Marketing Fave moment: Everything at MBS has been a memorable experience. Hence all of them form favorite memories because each of them are unique and without them I would not have had my own student and complete experience. Future Career: Brand Management Career / Retail or FMCG Industry Hometown: Singapore

Sam Hardikar Degree: MBA Fave moment: Doing MBS rounds and eating Crispy Creme donuts during Sunday arvo’s Man Ec with Catherine Future Career: Entrepreneur, Pvt Equity, Consulting  (in that order) Hometown: Melbourne

James Harrington Degree: MBA Fave moment: Tony Trombone and Team RJ Future Career: Dad Hometown: Melbourne

Nadira Hashim Degree: MBA Fave moment: Judging of Movember 2009 at the Corkman, where the Mos ranged from Navraj’s full-fledged weapon of mass destruction to valiant attempts proving that yes, people of Chinese and Vietnamese origin CAN grow (something resembling to) a MO... As the guys catwalk and tell the girls why theirs is the best, Jarrett Pinto shows us how it’s done. He swaggers up, poses and with twinkling eyes and a cheeky grin points to his auburn-coloured mo while proclaiming, “One word. Spicy”. The girls (myself included) went wild... Future Career: Healthcare marketing Hometown: Singapore

Samuel “didn’t-feel-the-love” Hayton Degree: MBA Fave moment: Winning Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch Competition, Copenhagen Exchange semester!, MBS Bali trip, Attending the Managing Processes exam in swimming costumes, Mr Monkey (R.I.P.), ACCC football nights Future Career: Marketing/Advertising Strategy Consultant Hometown: Melbourne local

Jonathan Heasman Degree: MBA Fave moment: Professor Ian Harper speak Future Career: Management Consulting Hometown: Melbourne - New York City

Paul Henderson Degree: MBA Fave moment: First beer in the Corkman Future Career: Assistant to Murray Hewitt - Manager of Flight of the Conchords Hometown: Christchurch, New Zealand

Tim Hickman Degree: MBA Fave moment: Everyone’s nervousness during WOM and the way by about the end of mid terms Semester 1, everyone was just so comfortable with everyone else - quite a collegiate (cohort) environment compared to niche groups during undergrad. (Also loved the role plays in MPHP Sheila Babayan would make a great lawyer and Ravi Chilli an excellent Lee Iacocca!) Future Career: Resources Sector again - hopefully a strategy role; Hometown: Wellington, NZ, well essentially Melbourne now.

Alvin Ho Degree: MBA Fave moment: wednesday lygon nights with the silly Asians! Future Career: Financial services Hometown: Singapore

Nimai Horton Degree: Masters of Marketing Fave moment: The sandwhiches Future Career: Director/Executive Management/CEO Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Chin-Ching Hsu Degree: MBA Fave moment: Going on exchange program to NYU Future Career: Entrepreneur Hometown: Melbourne

Timothy Huang Degree: MBA (Mental Below Average) Fave moment: Play all day long and study all night long! Future Career: Lecturer at MBS Hometown: Shanghai, China

Jacob Hulsbaek Degree: MBA Fave moment: All the great MBS people! Future Career: Serial Entrepreneur Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark

John Hunt Degree: MBA Fave moment: The international food festival; especially the Indian table! Future Career: Social Entrepreneur Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Edward (Ned) Jeffery Degree: MBA Fave moment: Syndicate room discussions Future Career: Sales Management/ Owning my own business Hometown: Seymour, VIC, Australia

Sandesh Kale Degree: MBA Fave moment: Founding the Music Club at MBS. Future Career: Financial Services Hometown: Melbourne

Hafeez Kamaruzzaman Degree: MBA Fave moment: Sam Wylie’s ‘information asymmetry’ Future Career: We’ll see.... Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Smrithi Kamtikar (nee Swaminathan) Degree: MBA Fave moment: My best memories of MBS are a collection of people, ideas, dreams and opportunities I encountered that made the program transformative on so many levels… Future Career: Banking Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand

Evangelia Kapparis Degree: Masters of Marketing Fave moment: The case studies, the people Future Career: Consumer Science Hometown: Melbourne

Scott Kerrison Degree: MBA Fave moment: International Exchange Program at Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University Future Career: Financial Management / General Management Hometown: Glen Waverley (Melbourne), Australia

Alexandre Kesy Degree: MBA Fave moment: Lunch at Corkman on Friday Future Career: Unknown Hometown: Marseille, France

Terry Kildea Degree: MBA Fave moment: Going on the mental journey ... Future Career: Spatial Sciences or IT Hometown: Stoneyford, Victoria.

John Kim Degree: MBA (Professional) Fave moment: Ian Harper’s session during WOM Future Career: Still considering various options. Hometown: Melbourne

Richard Kloeden Degree: MBA Fave moment: Meeting so many high achievers, and finally answering one of Sam Wylie’s questions correctly in class Future Career: To be determined... something that makes a difference. Hometown: Brisbane

Ankit Lahoti Degree: MBA Fave moment: Hard to single out any but will try: end of term & house parties, cricket, various cultural celebrations and of course jokes of David Trende and Mark Ritson. Future Career: Financial Services/Consulting Hometown: Mumbai, India

Vanessa Landry Degree: MBA Fave moment: The time Angie proposed and I had to dump Sheila in Leadership in Change Future Career: not-profit Hometown: Californadia

Ivy Lee Degree: MBA Fave moment: Late nights trying to finish assignments, meeting fantastic people from all walks of life, MBS ball, syndicate meetings where we had endless snacks and discussed everything except the assignment itself! Future Career: Who knows what will happen after the MBA mental journey? The wide world awaits! Hometown: Perth and Melbourne

Judy Lee Degree: MBA Fave moment: Working with my awesome syndicate :) Future Career: Marketing Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Tony Lee Degree: MBA Fave moment: The comedic repartee of various lecturers. “That’s like an ant crawling up an elephants ass with rape on his mind!” - Lecturer name withheld Future Career: Corporate/Business Advisory Hometown: Melbourne

Bryan Leong Degree: MBA Fave moment: Getting to know the my classmates in a collaborative environment. Future Career: I want to have a career in Consulting, Marketing and/or Corporate strategy Hometown: Melbourne

Mindy Leow Degree: MBA Fave moment: Richard Speed’s introduction speech during WOM Future Career: Professional tree hugger Hometown: Kuala Lumpur & Madison, Wisconsin

Mark Leslie Degree: MBA Fave moment: The vigorous discussion that Alex Levashov and Doug Dow had in bus strat, neither prepared to back down. Future Career: Consulting or Financial Services Hometown: Wantabadgery, NSW

Kate Leuchars Degree: MBA (Professional) Fave moment: An indulgent flower drum dinner after the last ever day of classes Future Career: Power dresser and all round expert Hometown: Auckland. New Zealand

John Leung Degree: MBA/Masters of Marketing Fave moment: Seeing all the crazy things that people built during the “make-anegg-parachute” teamwork exercise back in first term Managing people class. Future Career: Design Hometown: Hong Kong, Melbourne

Allen Lin Degree: MBA Fave moment: Hanging out with Olga, Omar, Nadira, Robin @ Mark’s place for a BBQ dinner after finishing lots of syndicate assignments together! Future Career: Consulting, or strategic roles Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan & Melbourne, Australia

Woody Lo Degree: MBA Fave moment: Meeting the wonderful people from our cohort, and my Madrid experience to IE Business School that opened my eyes to Europe and Latin America. Future Career: Management Consulting ot International Trade with Asia. Long-term: business owner and entrepreneur. Hometown: Melbourne, Australia, though I come from New Zealand.

David Loh Degree: MBA Fave moment: When I finish my last MBA class on 24th Nov 2010, after 3 years of hardwork! Future Career:My own boss Hometown: Malacca, Malaysia

Robin Luo Degree: MBA Fave moment: All the syndicate members I worked with that broadened my horizons and made me a stronger person. Future Career: Consulting, probably specified in supply chain or procurement Hometown: Shanghai, China

Hitesh Luthra Degree: MBA Fave moment: You Future Career: :) NFI Hometown: Pune, India

Lynette Lye Degree: MBA Fave moment: Fantastic friends, WNDC, the 2009 Roaring ‘20s Ball and “the mental journey” Future Career: Helping people achieve their dreams Hometown: Born in Selangor, Malaysia and now an Australian citizen living in Melbourne

Lydia Marpaung Degree: MBA Fave moment: Managing people class! Future Career: Not Architecture (hopefully) Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia

Yoshi Matsumoto Degree: MBA Fave moment: Doing D&D assignment with Jacob. Why did we get into this in the first place?! Future Career: Professional Happiness Seeker Hometown: I am from Yokohama, baby!

Stephen McDonald Degree: MBA Fave moment: Sarah’s Managing Processes Hot Cookie Superhero oufit Future Career: Is something I hope to have Hometown: Was Durban, South Africa... now somewhere in Oz where we can afford to buy a house

Deborah McInnes Degree: MBA Fave moment: Meeting a wide variety of interesting people from all walks of life and Dave Trende intoning to ‘come on the mental journey’ which will probably stay in my head forever! Future Career: Communications Hometown: Melbourne

Weng Mina Degree: MBA Fave moment: perceptual maps at 3am, survival via coffee cups, my life passing me by in syndicate room #11 Future Career: consulting, marketing, and day dreaming Hometown: Manila

Danijela Mirosa Degree: MBA Fave moment: The balls, the parties, and the syndicate meetings with close friends Future Career: Brand Manager! Hometown: Melbourne

Yoshi Mitsui Degree: MBA Fave moment: Coffee breaks at Seven Seeds; Exchange study in Milan Future Career: Higher education Hometown: Zushi, Japan

Joe Montuoro Degree: MBA Fave moment: Carlos taking over the lecture for ten minutes of Macro Economics, and then refusing to answer questions from the professor in the audience. Future Career: Management Consulting Hometown: Melbourne

James Mugodo Degree: MBA Fave moment: Discovering individuals with team spirit; Not coming from a finance background I was totally lost in the first two weekends of Corporate Finance. My classmate’s help meant a very comfortable exam. It would have been very different otherwise. Future Career: Rich and Famous Hometown: Rusape

Freddy Navas Degree: MBA Fave moment: Ian Harper’s lecture at WOM. Trully inspirational! Future Career: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hometown: Live in Australia, born in El Salvador

Michael Ngo Degree: MBA Fave moment: 1. developing deep friendships 2. being inspired by leaders 3. receiving the Tourism Victoria Bursary Award Future Career: Leading organisations to success Hometown: Melbourne

Dylan Nguyen Degree: MBA Fave moment: Mid afternoon drinks with certain staff members… you know who you are! Future Career: Consulting Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Lam Hai Nguyen Degree: MBA Fave moment: The syndicate rooms Future Career: IT & Telecommunications Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam

David Nicolas Degree: MBA Fave moment: Weekend syndicate group meetings at MBS on a sunny day in one of the rooms with a view. Future Career: Telecoms, Engineering, Consulting Hometown: Melbourne

Andrew Nowicki Degree: MBA (Professional) Fave moment: The great people. Future Career: General Management Hometown: Melbourne

Jenny O’Brien Degree: MBA Fave moment: Making some amazing friends. Future Career: Corporate Social Responsibility Hometown: Melbourne

Nick O’Brien Degree: MBA (Professional) Fave moment: The Sharks syndicate and the wonderful work we did in between dinners and lunches Future Career: Consulting Hometown: Melbourne

Rosemary O’Brien Degree: MBA Fave moment: Catching up with friends in the courtyard before the start of classes Future Career: Whatever I choose Hometown: Melbourne

Josef Oduwo Degree: MBA Fave moment: Seeing which group would get body-slammed in Business Strategy Future Career: IT and Innovation Management Hometown: Nairobi & Melbourne

Ajay Oommen Degree: MBA Fave moment: Wearing the brightest jacket (with retroreflective stripes) to Mr. Hakan’s lecture on Benetton Future Career: Operations Management within Financial Services Hometown: Melbourne

James Orr Degree: MBA (Professional) Fave moment: The people, the sandwiches, the donuts... although I think Dale demolishing Nick in a Managing people role play deservers a special mention… Future Career: Imparting words of wisdom for x, where x is.... Hometown: Melbourne

Ahmet Ozman Degree: MBA (Professional) Fave moment: So many to choose from. The “special” lunch arranged by Crosby and Lewis ended up being sandwiches yet again, while EMBAs enjoyed a 3 course meal :) Future Career: To achieve success, respect and influence along whichever path I choose Hometown: Melbourne

Perrine Parrod Degree: MBA Fave moment: WOM week, the beginning of a long adventure Future Career: Restaurant critic :) Hometown: Living in Melbourne/Born in Paris

Alan Peckham Degree: MBA (Professional) Fave moment: the great group of people that were the First Weekenders Future Career: still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up... Hometown: Melbourne

Arpana Philip Degree: MBA Fave moment: The everyday ordinary chats by the coffee machine with classmates, friends and random strangers. Future Career: To have a house full of kids Hometown: South Africa!! The land of the amazing Bobotie.

Marco Piermarini Degree: MBA Fave moment: Team building party, it was amazing seeing the excitement and the determination of all of us starting this journey. Future Career: Marketing, Consulting Hometown: Rome

Urmimala Rajkhowa Degree: MBA Fave moment: During WOM, having to line up by geographic location of origin and how sure/unsure we were of what to after the MBA, when in my term 1 syndicate, we knew which would be Angie D’s syndicate room, Getting ready and preparing the glasses of beer to serve as part of our syndicate presentation on Marketing challenges in the micro-brewery industry. Future Career: Market researcher by day, events/parties photographer by night Hometown: Mumbai (Bombay), India

Ravishankar Raman Degree: MBA Fave moment: The courtyard on a warm and sunny day! Future Career: Financial Services Hometown: Hyderabad, India

Michael Rieusset Degree: MBA Fave moment: Finishing end of term exams!! Future Career: Consulting / General Management Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Javier Riquelme Degree: MBA Fave moment: Music Club Future Career: Consulting, Operations, Strategy. Hometown: Santiago, Chile

Kristian Rizki Degree: MBA Fave moment: BBQ Party at the riverside of Yarra Future Career: Natural Resources Industries Hometown: Tangerang, Indonesia

Kenneth Rodrigues Degree: MBA Fave moment: When my man Joe Montouro wanted to go out mid-lecture in CUB but instead of walking out of the door, he walked into the closet!! Future Career: some fluffy marketing thing‌ Hometown: KL, Malaysia

Stefan Roeske Degree: MBA Fave moment: I know it is a little cheesy, but my fav moment was with Carlos and Jarrett on our fishing trip. Great fun, great conversations and great nature... Future Career: Consulting Hometown: Berlin, Germany

Martin Ronaes Degree: MBA Fave moment: Beating Ukari at basketball Future Career: Consulting Hometown: Sand, Norway

Olga Rudenko Degree: MBA Fave moment: Embarrassing myself dancing on a marble bar top with Alex’s wife at midterm drinks party and being kicked out of there. J/k Future Career: Consulting, private equity if I am lucky Hometown: Vladivostok, Russia

Gaurav Sadarangani Degree: MBA Fave moment: End of term karaoke drinks Future Career: Technology Start-ups Hometown: Mumbai, India

Omar Saleem Degree: Masters in Innovation Fave moment: Great lifelong (international) friends, frantic weekend syndicate meetings, Student Services and faculty who never answered emails!! Future Career: Running my own business (aspiring to be a serial entrepreneur) Hometown: Melbourne

Anoop Sanghi Degree: MBA Fave moment: I was not confident in public speaking, but I finished my first syndicate presentation with shaky hands and blabbering words. I was feeling low but was touched by my friend “Ariel’s” encouraging words that I will never forget, “Life is not about being the best but keep trying to be the best”. Future Career: Supply Chain IT system management Hometown: Bhilai, India

Leo Santana Degree: MBA Fave moment: Having great classmates & exam week! Future Career: Entrepreneurship Hometown: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Ananya Sanyal Degree: MBA Fave moment: Its more on the hillarious lines.. the Man Pro exam when a susbstantial number of our cohort was dressed to kill...;) ...Sarah ran across the room in her superwoman that was funny!..of course Hakan was”better dressed” and the exam was “out of the world”... Future Career: Marketing in a telecom firm Hometown: Mumbai, India

Matt Schwantes Degree: MBA Fave moment: All the lovely ladies Future Career: Whatever seems interesting Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Velsha Seabourne Degree: PDM Fave moment: Pete Haasz in lycra Future Career: GM Marketing Hometown: Melbourne

Ravisha Sellawetha Degree: Master of Management Innovation Fave moment: The ridiculous lunch time conversations in the sun during the summer. Future Career: Product Development Hometown: Colombo

Julia Sevilla Degree: MBA Fave moment: EPP video presentation with Paul Coupe, concerts with Nicole & Angie, exchange program at Rotman with Joel and Jacob and NY with Nader, Jacob, Ash and Rahul! :) Future Career: Business Design. Or anything innovation and my work will be featured in Fast Company or Wired magazine. Hometown: Philippines and Melbourne

Omar Shah Degree: MBA/Masters of Marketing Fave moment: International Food Festival Future Career: Industrial Marketing Management Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan

S.M. Shahed Degree: MBA Fave moment: There are a number of favorites, but the best one is yet to come. Future Career: Depends on the market if Milton Friedman was right! Hometown: Chittagong (Bangladesh)

Asif Shahzad Degree: MBA Fave moment: Class of Brand management by Mark Ritson was good. Cases preparation of Debi was excellent. Cultural debate of Jody was outstanding. Richard customer value creation is awesome. John Acting was really funny on bargaining. Syndicate rooms discussion at MBS was really interactive. Working with entire intake sep. 2009 really cool. Enjoy the MBS festivals and last but not least Melbourne weather very much unpredictable. Develop lots of friendships and establish long lasting relationship with friends. Got a good friend like Omer Shah as well. Future Career: Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Product Manager, Regional Manager. General Manager. Hometown: Lahore, Pakistan

Nader Sianaki Degree: MBA Fave moment: Sitting in a class full of Hakans in Managing Processes Class Future Career: Finance & Investments (fingers crossed) Hometown: Tehran, Auckland & Melbourne (it’s complicated)

Amit Singh Degree: MBA Fave moment: Syndicate Group Meetings in Term 1 Future Career: Financial Services, Consulting Hometown: Delhi, India

Nitin Singh Degree: MBA (Professional) Fave moment: Designing for Egg Prachute for Managing for People & fighting for the design. Future Career: Risk Advisory & Consulting Hometown: Jalandhar, India

Vineet Singh Degree: MBA Fave moment: Winning against AGSM at MBS-AGSM cup 2010 (soccer) with 6-0 differential. Future Career: IT architecture and design consulting Hometown: Gorakhpur U.P., INDIA

Namrata Sonawane Degree: MBA Fave moment: My very first memory which is of the treasure hunt at the end of WOM. It gave me my first glimpse of Melbourne City and at the same time it was my first out of school interaction with all my MBS friends from all over the world. Future Career: I am interested in pursuing a career in retail marketing and branding Hometown: Mumbai, India

Gary Su Degree: MBA Fave moment: The basketball time Future Career: Financial Industry Hometown: Shenyang, China

Diego Suescun Degree: MBA Fave moment: The final trip to the Whitsundays. The last memory of student life. Future Career: Marketing Hometown: Colombia

Mia Tang Degree: MBA Fave moment: the moment when I knew I was not the only Chinese; - In Oct 09 we had a BBQ on the beach of Williamstown with MBA seniors Future Career: Transportation/Shipping, Banking Hometown: Shanghai, China

Thomas Tassone Degree: MBA Fave moment: “Are you sure this is a core competence or is this a distinctive competence?� GL Future Career: Coles Supermarkets Australia - Merchandise Hometown: Melbourne

Nick Teoh Degree: MBA (Professional) Fave moment: Being part of a great syndicate and working until 3am with my colleagues in a Southbank apartment with a great view! Future Career: Strategy & Finance Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mark Thomas Degree: MBA Fave moment: In the first semester our syndicate group would meet over wine and risotto spending many hours in discussion. It soon became clear that we would never get through the necessary workload this way as part time students but it did help cement some great friendships. Future Career: Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Hometown: Melbourne

Rahul Tyagi Degree: MBA Fave moment: A class full of Hakans Future Career: God only knows Hometown: Dehra Dun, India

Priyesh Upreti Degree: MBA Fave moment: Lifelong friends that I have made here Future Career: General Manager position within a multinational hopefully in the next few years and take it from there Hometown: Moved so many times, it is hard to point out my actual hometown. Melbourne at the moment

Jef Van Acoleyen Degree: MBA Fave moment: About all the end-of-term parties, Mark’s birthday party, first-weekof-juners birthday party, the Graveyard of Shit, Movembers and career services Future Career: Marketing Hometown: Leuven, Belgium

Luke van Oudtshoorn Degree: MBA Fave moment: finding the question for which “naked ladies” was the correct answer Future Career: Brand strategy consulting Hometown:

Andre Visser Degree: MBA Fave moment: I truly enjoyed all the Clubs and Social activities at MBS and it was always a welcome break away from the studies, but most importantly I will always remember the great people I met at MBS Future Career: When you read this, I will be able to tell you, as for now, I don’t know.... Hometown: Pretoria, South Africa

Li Wang Degree: MBA Fave moment: Mid-autumn festival event organized by China Master Club (October 2009), BBQ event with 09 Sept Intakers on Yarra River Bank (December 2009) Future Career: Financial Services Hometown: Shanghai, China (moved on to Australia on skilled migration)

Yu-Ann Wang Degree: MBA Fave moment: Its people Future Career: I dream of becoming a colonist on Mars... Hometown: Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Ukari Warmann Degree: MBA Fave moment: All the times we just took the piss out of each the camaraderie! Future Career: Chairman of Liverpool Football Club Hometown: Liverpool

Cheridan Weaver Degree: MBA/Masters of Marketing Fave moment: The bottle being bounced off Jacob’s head in the last day of Managing Processes Future Career: For me to know and you to find out! (I’m thinking something that involves minions.....I like minions) Hometown: Hermosa Beach, California

Damien White Degree: MBA/Masters of Marketing Fave moment: Working on a marketing assignment with Chopa and Dipa from 6pm until 7am the following day. Future Career: Anything but Consulting Hometown: Melbourne

Muli Wibowo Degree: What do you think?! Fave moment: Food festival....awesome! Future Career: Successful entrepreneur Hometown: Bandung

May Wong Degree: MBA (Professional) Fave moment: everyone from the first MBS weekend cohort Future Career: Business/Finance consulting Hometown: Melbourne

Vera Wong Degree: PDM Fave moment: Receiving Tim Tam prizes for Hakan’s quizzes during Managing process lectures Future Career: Moving into management position that leverage on current technical and skills learnt from MBS. Hometown: Malaysia

John Wu Degree: MBA Fave moment: “Interesting� dinner offering Future Career: I wish I knew now! Hometown: Taiwan!

Ravi Yalamanchili Degree: MBA Fave moment: Trip to Alpine with friends Future Career: Financial Services Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand

Darren Tsai Wai Yau Degree: MBA Fave moment: Lygon nights Future Career: Hospitality Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Alex Yee Degree: MBA Fave moment: Post exam deliberations at the Corkman Future Career: General Management, Infrastructure Industry Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand

Bill Yu Degree: MBA Fave moment: Singing in International Food Festival 2010, Nov 11th Future Career: Professional Manager Hometown: Zheng Zhou City, Henan Province, China

Jo Zhou Degree: Masters of Marketing Fave moment: Case study (like reading a story), simulation role play (interesting), library service (considerate) and student lounge (Coffee!) Future Career: Marketing in the tertiary education sector, or head hunting Hometown: China

Juliana Zuluaga Degree: MBA Fave moment: The final trip to the Whitsundays. The last memory of student life. Future Career: Financial Services Hometown: Bogota, Colombia

Name Degree: MBA Fave moment: Future Career: Hometown:

Name Degree: MBA Fave moment: Future Career: Hometown:

Name Degree: MBA Fave moment: Future Career: Hometown:

Name Degree: MBA Fave moment: Future Career: Hometown:

Interlude . . .

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Another drink to get through another year of MBA for the May 08 ladies

Tokio, souva and sangria warms up a cold wintry night for Maria, Will, and

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Interlude . . .

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The blurrier, the merrier

ASEAN is a syndicate made up of a bunch of students who have no idea what is written in their mission and vision statement, nevertheless united by their passion for good food (such as hot pot and moon cake), good fun (playing mah-jong or congklak) and good company (members of the committee ). We aim to utilise our South East Asian charm and hospitality to provide alternative social settings for MBS-ers outside the fancy lecture rooms. We hope these would help to ease some of the pressure of Segmenting-TargetingPositioning, BATNA, or even normal distribution that the students often face, no matter whether they come from South East Asian countries or not, whether they in Part-Time, Full-Time or Weekend mode, as long as they are the proud members of Melbourne Business School family. Ivonne

When the sun shines, we’ll shine together

Basketball As we all know an MBA certainly stretches the brain - but what about stretching the body? Well basketball is certainly a sport that stretches both! With this in mind, in mid-2010 a group of like-minded enthusiasts decided to form a basketball team, playing games every Sunday at Melbourne Sports and Recreation Centre. These elite athletes first bonded as part of the official MBS basketball team that comprehensively dispatched of AGSM during the 2010 annual inter-varsity sports day. As they basked in the glory of victory they new this was a feeling that they could get used to! However, this feeling didn’t last long - we lost our first game of the season! But we went on to win our next game (current record is 2 wins and 5 losses) and we formed a great bond along the way. Thanks to Ryan Gunasekera for bringing the team together and also to Ukari Warmann, Darren Yau, Matthew Schwantes, James Blake and Bill Yu for showcasing their talents - both on and off the court! James David Blake

MBS Ballers....enjoying our first victory!

Playing together has been a great opportunity for the MBS guys to show teamwork....truly been a pleasure

Athletes of the highest order defending our basket!

China Master China Master Club runs a set of special events which are full of typical Chinese style, useful knowledge and interesting stories.

What about Chinese? Do you still remember any Pinyin that you learnt? You’d better to, cause you definitely need them one day you go to China. Check this out with Richard.

I too can speak Chinese and there is another certificate from MBS. We are all China Masters now!

We organized Language Buddy Program, serial sessions that help MBS students know about China, Chinese language, culture, life style, people and the market. The events use the interact model by which we invite MBS students who have relative background and understanding about China as guest speakers. The fabulous presentations are highly welcomed by their special and great topics. Besides the serious things, the club also provides some interesting events that serve a lot of fun. Mid-Autumn Day Festival is a traditional celebration in China and many Asian countries and we make it a tradition of MBS as well. Together with the ASEAN club, we hold the Asian Game event and the Karaoke Night. Bill

Moon cakes and Chinese Study, do these recall your memorable time at MBS? If not, dig it out. Have you been brave enough to try the durian moon cake on the day?

And who is the cutest at the event?

Consulting The consulting club finished up this year in good spirits, hoping to follow a year of record placements (2010) with the hope that we can do even better in the future. The club aims to help students become aware of the consulting industry, and assist those with consulting aspirations to successfully land roles. We’ve been extremely busy for the past few years. In particular, the annual EY case competition, ethics roundtable, weekly case practices, and company case workshops / presentations have become highlights of the MBS experience. Additionally we’ve sponsored movie nights and miscellaneous events like ‘the art of dressing,’ which have been both fun and informative (and led to MBS students getting a 20% discount at Joe Black!) Most importantly, we’ve found giving back to the MBS community to be incredibly rewarding -- our role leading the club has been a highlight of our time here at MBS. Thank you for giving us the opportunity, and we look forward to seeing you out there after graduation.

Jeff and Sarah taking the matter a little further...

Ethics Professor and Gourlay Chair, Ed Freeman, facilitated a brilliant roundtable debating Milton Friedman’s claim that ‘the social responsibility of business is to make profit

Students enjoyed the discussion and opportunity to debate the ethical responsibility in the business world


A distinguished panel joined Ed to present a wide range of views

Incult During my time at MBS, I got an opportunity to learn a lot about various cultures of the world. My desire to showcase the culture of my country on a global platform led to me taking active interest in the activities of InCult (Indian Cultural Club) at MBS. It has been a fun experience with InCult due to the great interest and enthusiasm that people at MBS have shown to learn and enjoy different cultures. Our Holi event at the start of the year saw MBSites having a gala time painting each other’s faces with colors; some were seen getting rid of their inhibitions and rolling on the colorful floor. The color-painted faces brought the colors of India to the MBS courtyard. Diwali, India’s festival of lights brought a glimpse of Indian culture to MBS. Once again, MBSites were seen enjoying themselves lighting ‘diyas’ and sparklers. Everyone gorged on the delicious Indian food and enjoyed betting their candies in ‘Teen Patti’, the Indian version of poker.

Festival of Holi, introduces color in MBS students’ life

Summing up last year, InCult had a lot of fun bringing the Indian culture: colors, food & music to MBS. A colorful break from studies

Students enjoying the festival of lightsDiwali


Marketing Association The MBS Marketing Association was once introduced during a student event as the Advertising Club. Clearly, this person missed the lecture during the Marketing core class about what marketing is about, and I’m sure Patrick Butler would like to have a few words with this person. In any case, as you will see from the events, the Marketing Association is hardly about advertising. We inherited a 1 or 2 event-a-term association, and grew to have more events and members. This term (T3 ’10) was our most successful with 7 events organized during the term (one of the most active in school). Naturally, all you MBA smarty-pants will say that volume does not equal quality, but considering an average turnout per event of around 35 people, I would say that this is a pretty darn good job!

Andrew Scott, Managing Director of Whybin/TBWA/Tequila Melbourn, sharing with us his works on “Disrupting Common Thoughts”

Professor Les Johnson on “The impact of Low Price Brands on the Order of Entry Advantage”

The association will be leaving behind a bit of legacy with the branded events (naturally, being a marketing-based association). We’ve started the Marketing Faculty Speaker Series as well as the highly popular BrandManager@Work speaker series, which we hope will continue long after we are gone. In short, to the new committee, don’t mess this up!! In all, its been a great experience. We’ve had the chance to meet some amazing leaders, gain some insightful knowledge and build some useful networks. The collage below is a collection of some of the events and brands we’ve brought into the school.

Good work, guys

The team: Mamta Gupta, Nadira Hashim, Bryan Leong, Bonze Cheng, Jef Van Acoleyen and Kenn Rodrigues

Robert Cromb talks about how his business Kookai has performed since incorporation in Australia

The audience with their Kookai goodie bags listening attentively to Robert Cromb speak.

Net Impact

Melbourne sustainability professionals pack Gadsden Dining Hall during Net Impact’s networking . . . . .

MBS’ class of 2011 has taken leaps and bounds towards Net Impact’s long term goals. Under the masterful guidance of bourbon-swilling, smokey Jeff Cheeky, the indefatigable and inherently catching enthusiasm of Mindy Leow, and with occasional support from Luke ‘pass me the microphone’ van O, we’ve seen: a huge surge in new memberships (big up the Sept. 2010 intake); the first ever Australia-wide Net Impact conference; and what promises, at time of going to press, to be the most high profile APAC Net Impact event on record in early 2011; the inauguration of a Melbourne professional chapter; and a plethora of events geared towards raising the profile of social impact activity. It’s been truly exciting to watch an ever-increasing numbers of future business leaders join the cause and actively engage with making our world sustainable. It’s never too late. Luke

. . . drinks on December 1 to hear Dan Atkins, CEO of the Shaper Group share his review of 2010 and outlook for 2011.

Photography We accomplished quite a bit actually. Ask the reception, and they will tell you that we harassed them for pots, pans, furniture & lighting. We have run behind the kitchen staff begging them to make us napkin swans. We have had confidential planning meetings at The Corkman! We got a little high on red wine. We threw an afternoon party under cherry blossoms. We gave away tons of cash for pictures you guys sent in. We basically had a ball... and we LOVED your enthusiasm... we LOVED doing it. Arpana Shooting cupcakes at the Indoor Photography Workshop!

Beginners Workshop with Peter Casamento

Winning entry of the Photocompetition by Manuel De La Rosa


Andre Visser and Rajeev Batra playing fair on the $10 table.

Chris Gay dealing and teaching on the beginners table.

The MBS Poker Club was formed and approved in September 2010 after a bunch of part time students decided their once-a-term poker nights were so much fun that they would be a good idea for a new club. The club now has over 50 members of both part time and full time students, and held it’s first event on November 12th 2010, with a great mix of 52 beginners and experienced players playing in a members-only lounge in a city bar. It was a very fun night of music, movies, friendly poker playing, and some real competitive playing as well. The first MBS Poker Club champion was Will Herron, who scooped the pool at the twenty dollar table twice. Well done Will. The Poker Club Team is already planning next event, so keep your eyes peeled. James

Tino Giriat and Tim Nielsen wheeling and dealing on another beginners table.

Soccer Rain or shine, 8o or 38o weather, week 1 or week 9 or finals week; we were there, on the pitch, kicking around and kicking each other. Definitely a club for the hard core, not for the faint-hearted! The main question is: Where were you? The soccer club has experienced its best moments, with a glorious 4-0 win against a lackluster AGSM team. The fact that it was a 7-a-side game and they only had 5 people with no subs while we had 14 people doesn’t matter! It’s all about the spirit and the will to win. We’ve also seen the best of Latin skills, European precision, Asian determination, African power and Aussie brawn. Oh yeah, and there were also the Americans to make up the numbers ;). We’ve also experienced some of our worse moments. More than once, there were a few crunching tackles that saw a couple of players show up the next day in crutches (some people say they were faking to get sympathy from the girls, but who am I to say…). We’ve also had a few pulled hamstrings, mostly from bending down to tie a shoelace. World cup winners, we are not. But for this Beautiful Game, we have passion. Kenn

“outta the way!! Me first!!”

Sports Since the inception of Sports club in term 3 of 2009, it has been a fascinating journey. Covering every sport in demand, Club has hosted range of sporting events from Soccer, Basketball, Cricket, Squash and Tennis to marathon and biking. Functioning alongside the other related clubs we ignited the fighting sports spirit among students which got reflected in our 6-0 soccer game win against AGSM in 2009.

Bikes in the city

Smile after 21K

Inter intake Cricket & Basketball tournaments has seen the healthy rivalry and competitive sprits of students while providing wonderful experience to newbies. Games created an easy and informal environment for students to interact and network with different batches. Going by the Melbourne sprit, we ran with the city in Runmelbourne marathon and biked along the yarra river. MBS Sports Club continues to provide avenues to engage in sports and maintain a healthy, sporty and stress free lifestyle. Vineet

Inter Intake Basketball Battle

It wasn’t Pedro!

Squash It’s been a fun year on the hard-wood with over twenty squash club meetings, and hundreds of great points. It was great seeing all of the regulars out there on Friday’s and Saturday’s sweating and subsequently limping during class the next week! I hope all of the newcomers had fun and got an introduction to the game if only one time. Don’t forget to mention Squash in your job interviews, you never know who’ll take you up for a game! Hope to see you on the court soon, and remember Squash is the sport of business! Cheers, Adam Blakney “Captains of the Hard Court”!!!

Women in Management (WAM) 2010 was an exciting year for WAM, we continued to assist students to make the most of their time at the school as a resource and support platform, where they can better acquaint with fellow female students, faculty, alumni and business professionals in the community. We had some great events through out the year including: Women in Finance – Challenges and Opportunities, with guest speakers Jan Begg (ex-Head of PMO, ANZ Bank), and Vicki Allen (COO, Trust Company Ltd.).

Women and Mentoring Event

Mentorship an Women in Business Roundtable with special guests Melanie Sanders, Bain & Co; Marianne Matin, WHK; Jenny Barbour, Jenny Barbour & Associates. 2010 Annual Women and Management dinner which was held at the Grand Hyatt with around 600 professional females in attendance. The guest speaker was Elizabeth Proust, AO. Why Women Make Better Marketers than Men, presented by professor Mark Ritson, pulled a crowd of both males and females! Thanks to everyone who supported WAM and attended our events in 2010! Samantha

Women and Management Club Committee 2010 –Danielle Baird, Jill Tan, Libby Arkhounov, Victoria Huang, Miranda Hill, Samantha Wright, Danijela Mirosa

Mentorship and Women in Business, AT Kearney Boardroom

Wine and Philosophy Thinking and drinking. Not two activities that normally go together, but they worked out quite well for us this year. We kicked off the revitalised Wine & Philosophy club on the 221st anniversary of the storming of the Bastille with a look at the French Revolution, its causes and the lessons it holds for us today. And we drank a bit of wine. We then turned our attention to the subject of ambition, and the differences and tensions between public and private ambitions. And we drank some more wine. We discussed the role of business school in modern society, focusing particularly on what has made MBS a purposeful and meaningful experience for current and former students. We started to drink wine, stopped for bread and cheese, and then finished the wine in the mes. And then there was the winery tour, which was just good fun. In vino veritas.

The vine from which the fruit of wisdom grows

Mike was feeling quite philosophical by the time we got to the third winery

Jeff Grabbing a bite to eat at Mandala Wines in the Yarra Valley

MBS Entrepreneurship Club The MBS Entrepreneurship Club was in serious danger of extinction when Matt Schwantes and Dylan Nguyen bravely took the reigns in Term 3, 2009. Somehow, with no previous experience and loads of obstacles to overcome, Matt, Dylan, and their team of crackerjack secret agents -- er, that is, ‘MBS students’ -- quietly infiltrated the entrepreneurship scene in Melbourne and pulled off a dynamo business plan competition that would become known as the Melbourne University Entrepreneurs Challenge (MUEC), 2010! Now, organising a $20,000-plus competition would have exhausted most syndicate groups... but the MBSEC team isn’t your average bunch of classmates. After the success of MUEC 2010, the braves comrades-in-sponsorship fueled up with some delectable Student Lounge Coffee and jumped right back into the thick of things, putting on flashy events such as the Beer Mat Challenge, IP Power Hour, and of course, the memorable Business Lingo Bingo. To deflect the burgeoning government interest in the club’s activities, Sheila Babayan joined the leadership team Term 1, 2010, steering MBSEC toward the controversial waters of Speed Networking, an intentionally irregular newsletter, and business planning for a fresher, shinier MUEC 2011. As it stands now, the once-endangered Entrepreneurship Club is well on its way into sustained success, with a new batch of suckers -- er, that is, ‘recruits’ -- ready to step into leadership roles and rule the school. This, my friends, is the stuff legends are made of. Sheila

AGSM CUP The annual AGSM/MBS weekend was quite a success with MBS winning both the basketball and soccer games and narrowly losing out on the debate. It was a marathon of fun and hilarity ensued all three days (and nights)! Special thanks to everyone involved especially: Vineet Singh, Matt Schwantes, Ryan Gunasekera, Divi Jain, Ravi Yamachilli, Stefan Roeske, Ursula Winters, and Kunal Badiani! Debate The debate got under way after a few MBS debaters (especially the ones of Eastern European descent) attempted to corrupt the AGSM crowd with drinks that were served to welcome the contestants before the debate. The format of the debate, with the topic revealed just one hour beforehand, allowed the teams to escape the evils of the beer esky to discuss the topic: “Should Emotional Intelligence (EQ) be given an equal weighting together with GMAT for MBA admission?” Being an affirmative team, MBS started the debate with Kenny opening his deepest secret to the audience that despite his popularity and successful academic performance, he is quite ashamed of his GMAT score. Being a negative on this topic was not easy, especially when the affirmative team does not leave you with something to debate against by saying that GMAT and EQ are equally important. But AGSM did a good job. Both teams were quite aggressive in the debate, which did not stop them from getting smashed together at the Copacabana club afterwards. The adjudicators made it abundantly clear that this was the WORST structured debate they had ever seen. Despite this, they were impressed by some of the key points raised by the teams and the humour they brought into the contest. There were quite a number of comments on things that did not seem significant: the attire (everyone there was professionally dressed), swearing (Kenny and the use of flash cards vs. paper notes). There was a bit of a struggle between the two juries: one gave a preference to MBS while the other heavily favoured AGSM. After the count back, AGSM came out on top, but it must be recognised that the MBS team of Olga, Ajith, and Kenny did their MBS colleagues proud. Congratulations to the team on a strong showing. Basketball Following the unfortunate result of the debate on Friday night, the MBS crew rejoined the battle on Saturday feeling a little worse for wear after the Pina Coladas and Barry Manilow on Smith Street. MBS dominated AGSM in the basketball, running out comfortable 20-point winners. With former college (Paul Wolfert – LSU) and pro (Ukari Warmann – Europe) leading the charge, MBS grabbed an early double-digit lead and never looked back. With over a dozen players lining up for MBS, our team endurance was telling by the end. A great day for all involved. Special Message to Source from AGSM “MBS Rocks!!” Thanks everyone for an incredible weekend. Seriously, don’t hesitate to look us up if any of you come to far as we’re concerned, you have 25 new friends from the North. Keep in touch!

On Aug 23, 2010, MBS welcomed 48 full time MBA students. . .


e came from 27 different countries. MBS was going to be our home for the next two years. We were eager to know more about MBS and about each other. We hope that MBA from MBS will help us achieve our ambitions. We want to build long lasting friendship with our classmates and everyone at MBS. And yes, we are always eager and ready to have fun under the sun !










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