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A. Campaign

Client: Beats by Dr. Dre Audience: Young adults, 18-25 Concept: Beats by Dr. Dre are a line of high quality headphones that produce a superior sound. The idea behind these ads is that Beats headphones’ sound quality is so good that you feel like you are a member of the band that you are rocking out to. The sound is so real you could get confused and think that you too are a member of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin or The Ramones.




B. One-offs

Client: Ducati Motorbikes Audience: Adult men, 25-45 Concept: The men who are able to afford these luxury motorbikes are most likely to be successful executives. These men might spend all day at the office but by owning a Ducati motorbike they remain a rebel at heart. The small glimpse of a skull tattoo on a well dressed man emphasizes this idea.


B-2 Client: Pop Secret Audience: All popcorn and movie lovers Concept: Popcorn and movies simply go well together and Pop Secret is a star amongst popcorn brands. Pop Secret is the star of so many movie nights that it too is a movie star. It is such a star that it deserves a place of the walk of fame.

C. Guerilla Marketing Idea

Client: Pop-Secret Audience: All popcorn and movie lovers Concept: Popcorn and movies go excellent together. By placing stickers that use quotes that play off this connection at places where people are most likely to purchase a movie, people will be reminded to grab a box of Pop Secret to go with their movie selection. Stickers can be placed at Redbox kiosks, Superstore movie aisles or at any other place that sells popcorn and movies in the same place. Pop ups could also be implemented on websites where people are looking at content about movies like The Internet Movie Database (IMDb).


D. New Media Execution

Client: Pet Head grooming products Audience: Dog lovers Concept: Pet Head offers a line of grooming products that keep your furry friend looking their finest. This IPad application allows people to upload pictures of their pup and give them a make over using a variety of famous hairstyles such as the Elvis, the Marilyn, and the Mr. T. A Pet Head product is suggested that will help their pooch achieve fabulous hair like the celebrity they have chosen. Owners can then share their pet’s glamour shot on Facebook or Twitter.


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Portfolio for ADV401 class