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I'm Julia Thompson, creator of the solo female travel blog,, and the online course, Girl's Guide to Solo Travel.


Welcome to the first issue of Girl's Guide to Solo Travel magazine.

I started traveling solo in 2015 when I went through a quarter-life crisis and quit my corporate job. I had no idea what I wanted to do next so I sold my things and spent the next 9 months traveling on my own. In here you'll find tips for the solo female traveler, interviews with amazing women, and fun articles on all things travel! I hope you love it! xo,



CONTENTS 3 February Festivals What's happening around the world next month

4 New Year, New You Make your travel goals for 2018!

6  Travel Apps We Love Download these apps for your next trip

7 10 Best Destinations  For the solo female traveler

9 Hotel Workout How to stay fit while traveling

12 #DoIt Why every girl should travel solo at least once

15 Travel Quiz Find your ideal destination based on your travel personality 2

FEBRUARY FESTIVALS Don't be the last to know what's happening! Each issue I'll let you know which festivals are coming up next month, just in time to buy your tickets.

1   Carnivale    Di Venezia Head to Italy from February 1128 to enjoy a festival on the canals of Venice

2 Mardi Gras The famous festival in New Orleans is happening on February 13 (but get there a week early to enjoy all the parades and festivities!

3  Sky Lantern         Festival Shed outdated ways and embrace the future at one of the best festivals in the world. Date TBA in Pingxi, Taiwan

4  Rio Carnivale One of the biggest festivals in the world is happening in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil from February 9-14. Don't miss the vibrant costumes, parades, and dancing in the street! 3

New Year,    New You Make Your 2018

TRAVEL GOALS Julia Thompson It’s that time of year again! Time to start thinking about what your New Year’s resolutions are gonna be. Mine are usually one of the following: start working out again, diet, learn something new, be more productive…the typical basic resolutions that everyone makes year after year. So for 2018, let’s be more creative and make our New Year’s Goals travel related and something that we’re actually excited to follow through with!


Do you normally take your vacations with friends, family, or a significant other? Well let’s make 2018 the year that you go solo for the first time! Traveling alone is awesome, fun, exhilarating, scary, and something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. GO SOMEWHERE NEW

Having a special place that you visit every year is great. Timeshares are nice. 4

Going somewhere familiar is fine. But maybe it’s time to try somewhere new! Pick a place that’s always intrigued you or that’s been on your bucket list forever. MAKE A BUCKET LIST

Writing down your goals increases your chances of actually completing them. So do this for your travel goals! Buy a cute travel journal and start your travel bucket list. Make these goals for your whole life so you have enough time to complete them. LEARN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE

Travel is all about experiencing new cultures, and language is a part of that. Learning a new language not only looks good on a

resume (bonus!), but it also just helps you grow as a person. Being able to communicate with someone from another country in their own language shows that you care and are interested in understanding their culture. BUDGET FOR TRAVEL

If you’re anything like me, budgeting isn’t your strong suit. Many people choose one of their New Year’s goals to be creating a budget…boring! But budgeting for vacations… sounds more fun, right? If you have big travel plans for 2018, you’ll want to start saving now so that you won’t be stuck scrambling for money at the last minute. You’ll want to figure out a plan on how to set aside money from each paycheck, cut back on unnecessary expenditures (that daily coffee), and decide how much you’ll need for your travel plans.

Happy New Year!


Travel Apps

WE LOVE Download these apps the next time you skip town to explore a new country. Whether it's finding cheap flight deals, learning a new language, or looking for accommodation, we've got you covered!

hello Whatsapp Keep in touch with your new international friends and your peeps back home.

Instagram Let your friends and family follow along with your travels by posting daily pics.

Duolingo Learn basic phrases of the native language to help you navigate foreign territory.

Skyscanner Be on top of the cheapest flight deals with price alerts so you can snag one at the right time.

Google Translate HostelWorld Translate phrases in any language so you can communicate even if you don't speak the language.

Find cheap accommodation quick and easy, even at the last minute. 6

10 Best Destinations For the Solo Traveler Solo travel has become very popular in recent years among young women and men. If you're thinking of joining in the action and taking your first solo trip, you'll want to choose a destination where you're bound to meet other solo travelers. It's much easier to make friends with people in the same boat as you, so you probably don't want to choose a country filled with couples or families. You'll also want to choose a safe country since you're probably a little nervous traveling on your own for the first time. These ten destinations are perfect for the first-time solo traveler, and even for those who've traveled alone for years. Here you'll find other solo travelers and backpackers, you'll feel safe and at ease with minimal culture shock, and be guaranteed to have an amazing solo trip! 7

1. Iceland Friendly locals, very safe, and English is widely spoken. Iceland is the perfect destination for a first solo trip.

6. Croatia Winter is coming. Geek out on Game of Thrones filming destinations in Beautiful Croatia.

2. Australia

7. Berlin

If any country was made for solo travelers, it's Oz. You'll find backpackers in pretty much any city up the East coast.

Get your history on by visiting the many Berlin museums and the amazing Berlin wall. Also check out the best night clubs in the world!

3. Ireland

8. Scotland

There's no shortage of things to do and see in Ireland. And you can walk into a pub any time of day to make new friends!

One of the most picturesque countries in the world, your Instagram will make your friends wish they joined you.

4. Bali

9. Vietnam

Channel your inner Eat, Pray, Love and make Bali your place to relax, reflect, and maybe even fall in love.

Live like a queen in Vietnam with $0.50 beers and $0.80 meals. Your dollar will go far in this beautiful country.

5. Thailand

10. France

Looking for a place that's super cheap, incredibly beautiful, and has amazing food? Thailand is the perfect getaway.

Enjoy the most charming little towns up the coast of France and make your way to lovely Paris for the perfect solo vacay. 8

Shed Those Holiday Pounds While on Holiday Julia Thompson

Whether you’re traveling long term or just taking a week long vacay, you don’t want to fall out of your workout routine. Especially if you plan on pigging out on the local cuisine. This guide will give you different workout ideas that will help you stay fit while traveling. And after you’re finished, go reward yourself with some gelato ;)

Book a Hotel with a Gym This is an easy one, but people forget that a lot of hotels actually have a gym that you can use… for FREE! Take advantage of that opportunity if you’re booking a hotel anyway. Usually you can filter for amenities like a gym or a pool on the hotel booking site. You can also do this with Airbnb so be sure to add the gym filter when deciding where to book! 9

Use Your Body Weight There are plenty of moves you can do that don’t require weights, machines, or any other exercise equipment. Push-ups, planks, and crunches are great for ab work in a small space like your hostel dorm room. Go to a nearby park and do squats and lunges to work those glutes and legs. Download a workout app like Peloton or Sweat with Kayla so you can stream workouts and follow along. Try to find outdoor stairs somewhere in town and use them like a stairmaster. Walk or run up and down them over and over for a major leg burn. Take up Running It’s such a great way to see parts of the city that you wouldn’t normally see if you weren’t aimlessly running around. You’ll love getting lost in the Venice canals or the streets of Paris. Think of it as a self-guided walking tour…

except you’re running! Bring your phone in case you find something Instagramworthy. If there’s a park or a beach, run from your accommodation to get some cardio and then stop do some stretches or exercises I mentioned above that don’t require equipment. Rent a Bike Lots of big cities offer bike rentals that you can pick up and drop off anywhere. It’s super convenient and a great way to get around town without bothering with public transportation. If you’re in a beach town, rent a beach cruiser from a rental shop and ride around on the boardwalk or right on the sand for a tougher workout.


Buy a Day Pass If it’s raining outside or you’re in the middle of Winter, buy a day pass to a local gym. Most cities will have a gym and they almost always offer day passes. You’ll probably have to pay somewhere between $15-$20 for the day pass, but if you’re lucky you’ll find a gym that offers a free trial! Book Active Tours Why not kill two birds with one stone and book a tour that requires you to be active and burn calories?! If you’re near the ocean, there will be plenty of water activities you can book that will help shed a pound or two: kayaking, snorkeling, water skiing, etc. In a city, book a walking tour. You’ll get to see the main attraction sites, learn some history, and burn major calories from the miles of walking you'll do.

Not into history? Take a walking photography tour! You’ll get your workout in and get some amazing pics for your Insta. Book a class! In Bali, yoga is huge. Thailand? Take a muay thai kickboxing class and kick some ass! Headed to Spain? Learn to dance the Flamenco. Walk Everywhere And of course the easiest way to stay fit while traveling is to skip the ubers and the buses…just walk EVERYWHERE! You can explore the whole city on foot, shedding pounds and saving money while you do it. Download a pedometer app on you phone (or use the iPhone Health app) and keep track of your daily steps. You can easily hit 2030k steps daily by just walking everywhere. You’ll probably want to stretch your legs every morning because you will be sore, trust me! 11

Why Every Girl Should Travel Solo e c n O t s a e L t A Hopefully these 7 reasons will convince you to take the leap and give solo travel a try. I truly believe that every woman should try traveling alone at least once. You might hate it, and that’s ok! At least you got out of your comfort zone and tried something that took true courage and bravery.


You'll Meet New People One of the best reasons to travel alone is to meet new people. Having friends from all around the world is such an incredible feeling and it’s great to know that if you ever go back, you’ll have someone to catch up with!

You'll Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

lonely and not enjoy your trip or get over your shyness and make some friends. It’s great practice for being social and learning how to approach strangers so when you come back home you can use these new skills you learned. Also, knowing that you accomplished something that most people are too afraid to do will give you nice confidence boost as well!

You'll Find Your Passion

Having a routine and being comfortable is great. It feels Being in a new place and good, you feel at home, no 13 around new people allows you stress, no worries. But that to open your mind to new doesn’t help you grow. ideas. Maybe you'll discover a Sometimes you need to push passion for learning languages, yourself to do something or photography, or trying new unexpected or new or scary so foods, or even blogging. If you you can get out of your comfort don't find your life passion, zone. that's ok! But you could still come out of your trip with a new hobby. You'll Be More Confident If you’re shy or get nervous meeting new people, then traveling alone might really help! Your choices are to be

You'll Travel on Your Terms Have you ever traveled with someone who wanted to wake 13

up at the crack of dawn to get started on the day or who wanted to visit a museum that sounded super boring to you? Well, the beauty of traveling alone is that you won’t EVER have this issue! You can wake up whenever you want, you can go to whatever sites you want, you can eat whatever you want without judgement, you can do nothing all day and not feel guilty...literally you have the freedom to make your trip the way you want it. Not having to compromise on anything will allow you to have your dream vacation and make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

You'll Learn Something New About Yourself Being on your own in foreign territory gives you the chance to really be an adult. You have to make your flight on time, research visas, lug

your heavy suitcase around, take yourself to the doctor if you get sick, learn the public transportation system, and so much more. Through all of this, you’re bound to learn something new about yourself. Whether it’s that you’re smarter or braver than you think, that you’re more social than you thought, that you enjoy your own company and can confidently dine alone in a restaurant...or maybe you’ll learn a new skill or find a new hobby or passion.

You'll Grow as a Person Meeting new people and learning new cultures, getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new, becoming more confident and improving your social skills, and learning new things about yourself. All of these will help to open your mind and broaden your horizons. 14

z i u Q If you're not quite sure where to take your next trip, take our quiz to find out what destination suits your travel personality.

1. How often do you travel? A - All year long B - Just for the summer C - A week twice a year D - Whenever I can afford it E - Once a year

2. What's your typical budget? A - I work while abroad to pay for my travels B - A couple grand, but it's worth it to help others C - Unlimited D - Living life to the fullest has no budget E - Whatever I've saved all year long, usually $1-2 grand

What's Your Travel Personality? 3. What do you like to do on vacation? A - Meet new people B - Volunteer C - Shop or lounge poolside D - Outdoor activities and tours E - Sip a coconut on the beach 4. Where do you stay? A - Hostels or on a new friend's couch B - In a tent or shared room C - In a classy hotel with a view D - In an Airbnb E - At a beachfront resort 5. Why do you want to travel? A - To see the world B - To make the world a better place C - To be pampered D - To go on an adventure E - To unwind 15

ANSWERS Mostly A's: The Backpacker You like to travel for long periods of time. You stretch your budget by staying in hostels or couchsurfing and cooking your own meals. You don't stick to an agenda, you go where the wind takes you. Ideal Destination: Southeast Asia

Mostly B's: The Volunteer You want to make the world a better place and you love getting to know local cultures. Your typical trip is to a less developed country and is spent building houses or teaching English. Ideal Destination: Africa or South America

Mostly C's: The Lux Traveler You like to go big. You stay in 5-star hotels, fly first class, and spend a lot of time shopping the local fashion and art. You enjoy a fancy meal and lounging at the pool, martini in hand. Ideal Destination: Europe

Mostly D's: The Thrill Seeker Your vacations are always an adventure. Skydiving, swimming with sharks, white water rafting, jumping off waterfalls...your trips are never boring. You enjoy a thrill and live life to the fullest. Ideal Destination: Australia

Mostly E's: The Vacationer You work hard all year, so when you take a vacation you want to relax. No Itinerary, sleeping in, and laying on the beach all day is your ideal getaway from the hustle of everyday life. Ideal Destination: Hawaii or The Caribbean


Girl's Guide to Solo Travel An online course to help you plan your first solo trip and overcome your fears of traveling alone

You'll be wondering why you didn't do this sooner

In Girl's Guide to Solo Travel, there will be quick and easy to follow lessons on everything from how to pick your destination, overcoming common fears, preventing theft, how to stay safe, what to pack, how to make new friends and keep your old ones, and so much more!

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Girl's Guide to Solo Travel Magazine issue 1  

Welcome to issue 1 of Girl's Guide to Solo Travel! In here you'll find tips for the solo female traveler, interviews with amazing women, and...

Girl's Guide to Solo Travel Magazine issue 1  

Welcome to issue 1 of Girl's Guide to Solo Travel! In here you'll find tips for the solo female traveler, interviews with amazing women, and...