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Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Tr i b u t e t o O s c a r N i e m e y e r

01. Corporate Profile. The Swedish brand was launched in 2007 under H&M Group. Fashion Conceit was started with a catwalk show at the Royal Academy, and operating out of a coolly designed flagship store which occupies the ground floor of the old Dickins and Jones building on Regent Street in London. Collection Of Style is a wardrobe saviour; a go-to for simple and anonymous clothing, stylish basics, geometric and minimal pieces that owe their success as much to their casual complexity as they do to their reasonable, mid-market prices. In 6 years, brand opened stores around Europe and successfully expanded into Asia and Middle East markets.

02. Market Position. From the very beginning, the brand intends to design a clothes that will last more than one season. It positions itself between fast-fashion and luxury segment. The design combines traditional methods with innovation. A big attention is paid to fabric quality, color palette and prints. The most product advantage in relation to competitors is a good quality for a good price. The brand keeps a customer at the heart of communication, service and product. Refreshing and custome-focused concept moved customers from fast-fashion to timeless classic that will actual every season. The brand realised that buying habits have changed. Today, a consumer is looking for key styles that last instead of fast-fashion.

03. Current Situation. COS is actively expanding into East market. Last destination was Hong Kong where the brand opened a flagship store. COS maintains a design-savvy brand image while supports ‘Frame’ showcase of emerging artist Olga Goloshchapova at Frieze London and launchs a pop-up store during Salone del Mobile in Milan. The idea of the project is to launch a Spring - Summer Collection to support design-oriented spirit of the brand and eye for simplicity and structure. The collection is inspired by buildings of legendary Brasilian archuitector Oscar Niemeyer who died in December 2012.

04. Communication Background. COS success attributes to intelligent visual communication, from in-store to in-house magazine where they share inspirations and simply things they like. In stores, a customer can notice attentive messages on the walls that talk to a customer, like “Do you like these clothes?There are more upstairs” or “Be quick before our shelves are empty”. Each store has a clean interior with modern furniture that is supported with jazz/lounge music. Pleasant atmosphere, staff good attitude and quality of clothes put a customer in the heart of communication strategy. Showwindows contain messages about what the brand loves or supports at the moment, or it can even exhibit works of art. The brand pays a great attention to clean graphic design and to each detail. The brand sometimes invites well-known model, like Natasha Poly, for advertising campaigns in order to rise awareness.

05. Communication Message. Urban environment tends to inspire people for certain styles and ways to wear a wardrobe. Every city has personal and unique spirit, character and landscape. COS is a Swedish brand that creates a clothes for urban comfort living and somehow reflects the lifestyle in its fashion design. The Spring/Summer Collection 2013 demonstrates a brand love for minimalistic design, minimalistic forms and urban touch. The communication task is to explore a new city environment created by Oscar Niemeyer – Brasilia. And to reflect mind-breaking buildings in its design. The brand gives a tribute to the heritage of famous archuitector through a new collection. It is full of white colors, soft and feminine lines and simple cuts. “I am not attached to straight angles or to the straight line, hard and inflexible, created by man. I am attached to free-flowing, sensual curves. The curves that i find in the mountains of my country, in the sinuousness of its rivers, in the waves of the ocean, and on the body of the beloved woman. Curves make up the entire Universe, the curved Universe of Einstein” O.N.

06. Target Audience. Women and men who are looking for modern design and nice quality at an affordable price. Their age is between 24 to 35 years old. They are ones who work in creative professions or just enjoy creative ideas! The Niemeyer-inspired collection will be launched for customer swho leave in urban environment and enjoy products with story or concept behind. The collection is believed to rise awareness and attract people who will share our admiration for the architector.

Main Objective.


COS is objected to maintain brand ‘designish’ image and to widen bounderies through unique concept based on reproduction of influential works of great personality by adding own touch or vision to new collection.

08. Where To Go For Inspirations? The urban landscape of Brasilia and white forms of local architecture is the best inspiration for collection. It is important to pay attention to soft lines and clean buildings’ design.

White & Fresh Minimal Geometric Urban Nature Beauty Of Form & Line Detail Focus

09. What Not To Do? There are some editorials that were shooted in front of Neimeyer’s buildings in Brasilia. One of such editorials was photographed by Zee Nuns for Vogue Brasilia in 2013. Photoshoot was made in front of Contemporary Museum created by Oscar Niemeyer. The editorial itself was called “50 shades of gray” and showed strong poses, sexual look and close-up of buildings.

production ideas Location The perfect and inspirational structure of Volcan Cultural Center is a perfect building and a piece of art by Oscar Niemeyer. It is located in Normandy, in the city called Harve in France. The structure and line will create a strong image of the shoot. Also a production team don’t have to fly to Brasilia. The form of a building should replay with a model’s outfit as a metaphorical image that reflects a heritage of Brasilian archuitector.


Iselin Steiro

Harry Goodwins

Scandinavian look for editorial and lookbook parts is required

Photographers Emma Summerton - Australian born fashion photographer. She is a perfect choice for editorial part in fashion magazine. Her ability to balance between urban spaces and fashion looks. She is able to highlight fashion look shooted in front of huge buildings and enhance the effect in general. Next page: illustration of her works. For lookbook part, it is better to search for local production team or photographer agency in France as Artlist or Art Partner. These agencies offer different services from make-up to photoshoot.


COSCAR what about COS + Oscar Niemeyer?


Printed neoprene miniskirt David Koma; Blouse, underwear, socks all COS; Structural heels Balenciaga Photo: Emma Summerton Stylist: Johnny Khoo Makeup: Elaine Lim Hair: Junie Tan

Blond naturaly-dried hair Pale make-up Wine or coral lips Minimalistic outfit Structural ornament Colorful infusions Straight poses Calm glance


COS Spring - Summer Collection 2013



The role of website is to give 24/7 access to new collection for its customers and to give a quick view on it. It gives information about the brand and personality that has inspired the collection. Widgets like Facebook and Links are used to connect with original pages of both COS and Oscar Niemeyer. Customers can simply catch the mood and style of the Spring-Summer collection 2013. Which is clean and structural. The general function of mini-site is to support the collection with short information and demonstrate its presence on digital level. Visual style and functionality of mini-site fits with COS minimalistic image. It affects a functionality of the site. The customer can find just necessary parts: lookbook, concept behind and article about Oscar Niemeyer along with inspirational video. In general, the style was inspired by COS official web-site.

* Collection site

* COS official site


Spring - Summer Collection 2013 inspired by archuitecture of Oscar Niemeyer

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