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A New  Approach  to  Life  After  Cancer  –     How  You  Can  Make  a  Difference    

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Today, there  are  an  estimated  14  million  cancer  survivors  in  the  US.  These  friends,  family  members,   and  neighbors  have  unique  health  conditions  which  are  not  addressed  by  current  medical  care.       Most  survivors  go  through  intense  treatments  using  toxic  drugs  and/or  radiation  which  can  have   lifelong  effects;  the  most  common  side  effects  include  pain,  depression,  and  fatigue.     Oncologists  and  other  medical  staff  are  not  trained  to  focus  on  patients  after  treatment,  nor  are  they   reimbursed  for  the  time.       Nation-­‐wide,  it  is  estimated  that  fewer  than  10%  of  all  cancer  centers,  community-­‐based  hospitals  and   private  oncology  practices  have  comprehensive  survivor  programs.       Scientific  and  clinical  evidence  shows  that  improving  diet,  exercise  and  overall  wellness  increases   better  quality  of  life  and  reduces  cancer  recurrence,  but  many  survivors  need  information  and   support  to  affect  these  changes.  

Having impacted  the  lives  of  cancer  survivors  and  their  supporters  since  2005,  CTC’s  vision  is  to  craft  a  new   approach  to  life  after  cancer.    Our  mission  is  to  empower  cancer  survivors  to  take  control  of  their  health  by   offering  credible  educational  materials,  comprehensive  resources,  and  a  roadmap  for  all  those  impacted  by   the  disease  to  lead  healthier,  happier  and  longer  lives.      

With your  help,  CTC  changes  the  lives  of  survivors  through  the  following  programs:    

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The Center  for  Survivorship,  a  leading  research  and  wellness  center   Education:  over  10,000  educational  brochures  distributed  to  promote  resources  for  cancer  survivors   Community  Outreach  services  including  exercise  and  support  groups  offered  in  local  communities     College  scholarships  for  cancer  survivors     CT  Challenge  Survivorship  Summit,  one  of  the  largest  conferences  in  the  US  for  medical  professionals   A  Speaker  Series:  educational,  cultural  and  awareness  raising  events  for  cancer  survivors   Innovative  website:  educating,  motivating  and  guiding  cancer  survivors  to  qualified  resources.  Viewers   in  49  states  and  40  countries  watch  videos  and  read  content  in  exercise  and  nutrition   Pilot  research  projects  in  cancer  survivorship   A  multi-­‐year  grant  supporting  the  development  of  Survivorship  curriculum  for  nursing  students     Mobile  mammography  services  in  underserved  areas   The  CT  Challenge  Survivorship  Network  of  hospitals  and  cancer  centers  in  the  New  England  region    

88 %  of  every  dollar  spent  is  directed  towards  program  services      


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