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“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” - Steve Jobs December 2014 ‘… the moment my treatment was done, everyone expected me to be “all good.” They would say things like, “You’re finally done;” “How great does it feel to make it out the other end?” I would always smile and say, “I’m feeling and doing great,” never disclosing that I was actually feeling worse than I had during treatment. …The outside appearance of a survivor is not a reflection of their internal struggles.’ - 3½-year survivor Board of Directors Jon Bass Jeffrey Keith George Richards Dan Rose John Ragland

Dear Survivors and Survivor Friends and Family, Hope. Triumph. Peace. Strength. Home. Family. To thousands of cancer survivors, this is the CT Challenge …because it is the CT Challenge that gives them a way forward from the harsh treatments needed to save their lives through the exercise, nutrition, mind-body health and community-building support programs we provide. We ask you now, as you consider your year-end gifts, to help us deliver this lifegiving support to a broader audience. Our goal is to raise $100,000 to take our online nutrition and exercise modules to the next level so that we provide a deeper resource …one that can be accessed anywhere, by anyone, including the cancer survivors from across the country who reached out to us after they saw us on Good Morning America last June. They want our help. They need it. One in 2 men & one in 3 women will get cancer in their lifetimes; There are more than 14.5 million cancer survivors in the U.S. now. In the coming years, there will be millions more.* It’s an exploding demographic facing a wide range of often debilitating, potentially life-threatening after effects from chemo and radiation: depression, heart disease, neuropathy, fatigue, chronic pain and secondary cancers, to name just a few. A growing body of research indicates a direct correlation between exercise, nutrition and better long-term outcomes for cancer survivors of all ages. Yet there is little post-treatment care for survivors. It is a hole in the healthcare system. CT Challenge is filling it by helping survivors take back their lives through the health and wellness programs it delivers in offerings including the CT Challenge Center for Survivorship in Southport, CT. It’s the first standalone cancer survivorship center in the country and an incubator for the programs and resources we aim to deliver more robustly online.

Jon Slavin Michael J. Smith Evan Vosburgh

This holiday season, please consider a gift to our online resource expansion: Please help us change the world for cancer survivors everywhere. Thank you.

Matthew Vossler

*Source: American Cancer Society

Jeffrey S. Keith Co-Founder & President

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