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EXTENDED DEADLINE - A NEW OPPORTUNITY "Although wonders can be done here, this is not Wonderland" Alicia salvation and redemption of a homeless man. Appropriation of a local news in which a young woman was rescued from the torrent of standing water into the sewer system of the city center. The day was rainy and the young woman could not see that a sewer was open, the top of the culvert had been stolen, but it was covered by high level of water. Despite the attention and presence of police and �ire�ighters, the young woman was dragged into the sewer for 700 meters, many streets later, a homeless man did what any other dared to make , he threw himself into these sewers (that maybe he already knew) and pulled out the girl. After the feat, he kissed the young woman and disappeared. In line with DEADLINE, EXTENDED DEADLINE also has the idea of a “inverse trip”, but in this case use another set of analogies between the real and magical land, analogies that are intertwined to a local and social content (the “magic” as the "miracle" ). “Alicia”, deleted character in "Deadline", reappears in our landscape following the hurriedWhite Rabbit, but in this occasion a new character follow them, with white dressed, might be another white rabbit or an instance of itself. The fall of "Alice" through the magical black hole becomes real again precisely because of the presence of this character who are traveling in the inverse direction from the White Rabbit that we already know, one might say that this other “bunny” did, instead of open a vortex into the magical world, he managed to open it to the murky and dirty sewers of the popular neighborhood "San Victorino" in Bogota. As I understand, for these personages, called by the multitude as "Super Heroes" or "Super Homeless" as distinguished the news, crossing from the real to magic instances just enough some of "hashis" and intense puffs. With this idea in mind one might understand how it was possible that the "Alice" of the nineteenth century in the English and magical world of Carroll had been found with our Super Homeless, maybe in the midst of a very green forest "with magical foliage."

And after this, our White Rabbit proceed to "save" and bring her to our streets with only some minor bruises. Finally, the interdimensional circle closes when the grateful people, through a small "social investment" covers all expenses of the white rabbit costume, that obviously need to keep its erratic journey.

As a moral or some sort of social investment, people give coins to the poor (homeless), although he asks for a shirt and pants, and when I could see him with white clothes remembered the video "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson, where he offers a coin to a homeless lying in the street, and when he receives the coin in his cup, the "attire of indigent" magically transforms into a white tuxedo. I think of that white dress as a magical covering, or the symbol of some "magical ability". know what, when I took the girl out of there, you know what, I didn't even ask for money, the only thing I asked for was a pair of trousers and a shirt, and then they started giving me money.... Two Alices and two magic rabbits EXTENDED DEADLINE

Local White Rabbit ...everyone applauded and gave him coins, and he said no, better give me a shirt and trousers... Local Alice



The social investment


Julian Santana. 2011.

Condiciones del Montaje: Instalación interdimensional a tres pantallas, la del medio con el video de la caida. La izquierda un retrato (video) con la transformación entre el conejo magico al local. Y el de la derecha otro retrato con transformación entre la Alicia magica y la Alicia local (la duracion de estos dos es la misma que la del video del centro, 3minutos).

Monitor LCD 21 pulgadas

Monitor LCD 12 pulgadas

“y entonces fue cuando me rompí el brazo”,

altura al punto de horizonte o medio: 150 cms

Monitor LCD 12 pulgadas

8 taches re�lectivos para señalizacion vial marcan la ubicacion “real” del espectador.

“me golpeaba contra todo”

“me pegué duro en la mandibula”


Still del punto medio en la transformación entre conejo mágico y conejo local.