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The Imperial College Musical Theatre Society Presents:

THE PRODUCERS March 19th - 22nd 2014 Director: Julian Phatarfod Musical Director: Ed Zanders Choreographer: Jenny Galloway Publicity: Yuebi Yang

Imperial College MTSoc

The Imperial College Union Musical Theatre Society has been putting on marvellous pieces of musical theatre since 1956, back when it was the Imperial College Operatic Society, giving Imperial students the opportunity to sing, dance and act on stage! Previous shows include “Parade”, “The Wedding Singer”, “Return to the Forbidden Planet” and “Hair”, among dozens more. If you love to sing, have a passion for acting or can’t help but dance when you hear that beat, then we would love you to join our amazing society! Simply visit for more information, and join our mailing list! We hope you enjoy tonight’s performance of “The Producers”, and feel free to spread the word on social media and tell your friends!

A Short Synopsis The Producers is based around the character of Max Bialystock, a down and out Broadway producer whose latest work flopped on opening night. Max, plagued by his former success and scrabbling to stay afloat, experiences a change in fortune when downtrodden accountant Leo Bloom, discovers there is money to be made in Max’s theatrical failure. As a result, the two formerly defeated businessmen form an unlikely union with the goal of creating the world’s worst musical. The plot develops as the duo enlists the help of ridiculous and often farcical characters such as former Nazi and ongoing Third Reich enthusiast Franz Liebkind, Ulla the blonde bombshell secretary/receptionist and the flamboyant homosexual director Roger De Bris. As a result of the characters’ combined brainpower and ludicrous behaviour “Springtime for Hitler” is born on Broadway.

Director Julian Phatarfod Julian has been a member of MTSoc since his very first week at Imperial, and has enjoyed the vast range of productions he’s been a part of, different committees and production teams he’s worked with and great group of friends he’s made. As a final year Civil Engineering student, his time at Imperial is coming to an end, so he’s decided to take the creative reins for the first time and assume a directorial position. Being director has allowed Julian to pursue two of his favourite pasttimes:

writing copious quantities of long emails and hearing the sound of his own voice shouting at people. This show would never have come together without the amazing cast and their unparalleled talent, the efforts of the creative team, particularly Ed, Jenny and Emily, but also the committee, Yuebi for the stunning publicity, and of course the crew for all their time and effort to make this show look just so incredible, among many others who are to be thanked.

Musical Director Ed Zanders Ed started playing piano at the age of ten, developing an ear for improvisation soon after. He is currently in his second year studying classical composition at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama under Malcolm Singer. Ed has music directed, and played for, many shows before, including ‘Cabaret’ and two full length original musicals in his home town

of Cambridge. Ed aspires to write and music direct musicals for a living, but outside of this has been commissioned for concert works including his ‘Diabolo Overture’, performed by the Renatus Orchestra in Holborn in summer 2013. Ed’s music can be heard online at soundcloud. com/edzandersmusic

Choreographer Jenny Galloway Despite being ginger and having a codeye, Jenny prides herself in her ability to make other people look beautiful on stage. Through motivational and technical phrases such as: ‘next time do it like that, but better’ and ‘well, that was bollocks’ Jenny has seen this year’s cast go from strength to strength. Jenny is, however, sad that this, the 4th production she has choreographed at Imperial, will be her last, as she dons

her power suit and takes on the world of corporate law. Jenny would like to thank Miss Emily Bates for being her happy tippie tappie toes for this production as well as Führer, Mr Julian Phatarfod, and our very own music maestro, Mr Ed Zanders. So please, kick back and enjoy this year’s MTSoc’s SPRINGTIME show.

Production Manager Ali Lown

As a member of the tech crew, Ali can normally be found wearing a black t-shirt with some black jeans, so as Production Manager, he felt it only appropriate to fit with the show and wear suits whenever he was doing administration for The Producers. Having previously worked directly on some particular part of his previous shows, taking a step back to organise others has let him appreciate the full extent of the chaos that is required to come together to make a show. He would like to pass congratulations on to his team - who have done all the actual work!

Assistant Choreographer Emily Bates

Emily began tap dancing at a young age however had to give it up as she kept falling into the sink... She wants to say thank-you to all the wonderful members of the cast that she’s got to work with. Your hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed and you’re all going to be absolutely fabulous! Emily would also like to thank Jenny for giving her the opportunity in the first place. Enjoy the show!

Ulla Sophie Bolton

Fresher Sophie, the 5 foot nothing, lacrosse playing brunette is far removed from a blonde, leggy megastar. The only thing she has going for her is certain assets... the ability to belt a top D, of course. For her first spring show, her main goal is to flaunt it a modest amount without losing most of her dignity. Being a massive prude, she has worked hard on being able to crack a sex joke with a straight face. Hopefully you’ll enjoy her debut as much as she’s enjoyed her first Spring Show.

Max Bialystock Scott Butler Scott came late to musical theatre, every rehearsal in fact. However, he made up for it by being rude, flatulent and forever humping the furniture. Scott has recently taken a break from his job as a self-employed sperm donor, claiming the long hours, lack of job security and high Kleenex overheads were seriously affecting his ability to enjoy his hobby of revealing the

endings to movies. Prior to becoming self-employed Scott worked as a Canadian goose herder, a job that was handed down to him from the top shelf of the larder. Scott would like to dedicate his performance to his mother, who looks down on him every day, from the top bunk of the bed they share. Kevin Spacey is Keyser Sรถze.

Born in a small mining town in Northern England, Alex discovered the joys of Musical Theatre on his way back from his hated boxing classes. Although he tried to keep his passion for singing and dancing hidden from his working-class father and older brother, who were embroiled in the ongoing miners’ strike, he was forbidden from performing when his secret came out. His father, however, was so moved by an overheard falsetto rendition of ‘Defying Gravity’ that he overcame his prejudices and gave Alex his blessing to move to London and follow his dreams on the stage.

Leopold Bloom Alexander Wedderburn

Franz Liebkind Christopher Witham

Chris is delighted to be making a return to MTSoc’s Spring Show in The Producers playing a very shouty man. Although being angry with things comes naturally to him, Chris has found the noise levels he is required to produce a stark contrast from his regular, quietly evil, sarcastic approach. He has, however, found it wonderful stress relief for the everyday menace of life. He hopes he doesn’t lose his voice by Friday night.

Roger de Bris Al Norman When Al announced to his team mates from the Imperial College rugby first team that he was relinquishing his title as captain in order to prepare himself for the role of Roger De Bris in the musical theatre society’s Spring Show, they all laughed at him. “But you’re the Poon Hound!” they bellowed, “The Poon Hound doesn’t sing or dance. He drinks beer and smashes poon.” “I’m afraid my Poon smashing days are over,” Al replied, “I’ve got less than three months to transform this body of pure brawny perfection into something befitting of a gangley old queen. Now, I’m off to eat celery and have sex with men!” And with that he downed his pint, punched a girl in the ovaries and left.

Carmen Ghia Tom Ridley Carmen Ghia Tom Ridley

You look up from your drink and your eyes drift over to a red glimmer from across the room. As his perfectly styled quiff comes into focus, you find yourself drawn in by his stunning cheek framing volorum a half smile. Hic tet unt auta bones non porumque que Now you’re staring into his soft blue eyes dipid quaerum que sum, iliqui que doluptatur, andcomnit you can that dressed man offictell tecto mothis temwell il ilitae. Liquae has good taste. He could definitely please recabor emporro et volorum vendips aperunt any woman but is also modest. This is optatem nullace atiorer iorentiumque cusman derchil maximusciust est Tom et eseque nessedi cienit auda Ridley.

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The Chorus Beatriz Martinez Cabezuelo Bea is an early stage PhD student in Chemical Engineering, however she always wanted to be an artist; she has done her best in singing, painting, ballet, pantomime and latin-salsa-crazydancing… but she finally focussed her creativity into chemistry and perfumes. She has loved this first musical experience with MTSoc, where she combines some innocent roles with the sensuality of a showgirl.

Claire Wilkinson Making her MT debut, Claire loves to sing anytime and tap anywhere, making “The Producers” the show for her. She is a second year Biomed, leaving the normality and regulation of a science course to play a sausage for your enjoyment. Known for her high volume to volume ratio (dB:m³), she was recently described as ‘the small package good things come in’.

Coralie Clot Coralie is a Civil Engineering postgraduate student who is just months away from kissing student life goodbye and pretending to be an adult. After giving singing and dancing a first try with MTSoc’s 2013 charity revue, she is thrilled to take part in a second musical with this awesome society. Once again, she is amazed by the talent of her fellow cast members and the outstanding quality of the work going on behind the scenes.

Elise Van Lil Due to a shortage of Aryan cast members, Elle ended up in this show. She can now finally fulfil her life-long dream of portraying a pigeon and an ancient lesbian in one go. She also wishes to thank the production team for all the knitting she will be able to finish during the course of show week.

Emma Watson Emma is a first year geologist and unfortunately for her corridor mates, when she’s not looking at rocks she’s likely to be belting out showtunes in her kitchen. After being struck with tonsillitis the week of the Revue last term, her main task is to make sure she’s healthy for show week. Hopefully everything will be successful and she’ll be on top form for the night.

Fiona Mashford 20-year-old, vertically-challenged, cat videoenthusiast and average cook. WLTM anybody. At all. Like you, say. Call me... I have been put in the fewest number of scenes possible - the Director prefers my company back stage you see - but you can find me on all good dating websites. ;)

Helen Carrington Helen is the cheerleader who isn’t chirpy enough, the baker who can’t eat what she bakes and the physicist who can’t count for toffee, which, incidentally, she can’t eat either. Worried about acting too far out of her comfort zone, she was relieved with her roles of Mormon, lesbian, and tap-dancing Valkyrie... She is most at home when making a fool of herself to entertain, and is, therefore, in just the right place.

Iulia Gherman Iulia is a third year student at Imperial who’s turned to musical theatre to relieve her biochemistry woes. She has been on-stage in numerous productions, including “Charming”, “The Wedding Singer”, “All Shook Up”, and “Legally Blonde”. She thinks that her Jew-fearing factory girl role in last year’s Spring Show, Parade, was a wonderful lead up to the role of a singing, dancing Nazi in “The Producers”.

Izzy Kirk Voted “Most Forgettable Chorus Member 2012” by a magazine that she made up, Izzy was described by the cast as “a walking disaster”, “a complete liability” and “the single worst thing that has ever happened to this society”. As is so often the case in Izzy’s theatrical career, she was forced to lie through her teeth in her audition to obtain a part in this show. Needless to say, the creative team have often expressed their deepest regret that not only did they put her on stage in the first place, but also in “really fucking loud shoes”. “She’s facing the wrong way” - The Telegraph

Laura Deering People normally see Laura and think that she is 12. Maximum 13. Some even go as young as 11. So she is thrilled to be acting a wrinkly, kinky, old cripple to up her age. A KCL fresher, her friends know her as the girl who sings anywhere: on the street, the bus, the tube, in class, her room, the kitchen, the shower, the loo... she is super thrilled that Imperial MTSoc have given her the chance to migrate over to this side of London for a while!

Michele Tan Michele is a third year Biologist who spends most of her day playing with pipettes and fluorescent proteins in North London. She then spends most evenings attempting to sing and dance simultaneously. Despite vowing to never be involved in costuming while being part of a show again, she has decided that the many perks of being a costumer are absolutely worth the trouble.

Mira Ihasz Mira moved to London 1.5 years ago from Vienna and she has been a member of the lovely MTSoc ever since. This is her 5th show with the Society, and she loves the challenge of playing three different characters: street cleaner, old lady and tap dancing pretzel girl. Mira’s favorite song is ‘King of old Broadway’, because it reminds her of her childhood in Hungary.

Oscar Denihan “The Producers: Bum (bum). Mr Marks (CPA). Bryan (gay set designer). Jason Green (hopeful Hitler). Convict 3 (murderer/ rapist). Other: Physics 2nd Year. Guitar/ Vocals in a band. RAG. FIFA. Lots of FIFA... but last weekend he took Ireland to World Cup glory with unbelievable tekkerz so it’s ok. In real life Ireland won rugby 6 nations as well. Just in case any English readers had forgotten. “

Owain Jones Owain is a long time member of MTSoc, having done many shows over the years. His musical career almost came to an end at a young age when he was a dancer in Swan Lake, but he was kicked out after he fell in. He has since overcome the trials of having two left feet (which include difficulty when it comes to buying shoes) to enjoy playing multiple small roles in “The Producers”, including being cast as a blind violinist despite being neither blind nor able to play violin. When not goose stepping on stage, Owain is doing a PhD in an obscure branch of energy policy.

Philip Jackson Philip Jackson. Need he say more? Lol. No, but seriously he absolutely had a really ace time with the cast and absolutely loved dancing and singing like a prat. He would like to refusely apologise to any prats reading this whom might be offended! If you want him, you’ll no doubt find him at the bar, drowning his guts in alcoholic beverage! Pop him a grin if you see him! All the best Phil.

Rhiannon Thomas Rhiannon graduated from Imperial last year and vowed not to be one of those people who never leaves MTSoc. Two directorial credits later she’s back on stage as the horny old lady she will inevitably grow up to be. Rhiannon is also the one belting the stratospherically high notes at the end of all the chorus numbers, I’d suggest covering your dog’s ears, lest they start doing laps of the UCH. I hope you enjoy the show and Shankho’s harem pants.

Rowan Williams After graduating from the Tom Selleck Academy with a 2:1 absence-attendance ratio, Rowan fannied about for a bit before returning to London to audition for “The Producers”. This season, Rowan has won the Time Out Award for Least Punctual Actor in a Supporting Role, and has since set out on his dream to open a restaurant that serves dishes named after famous singers. Should you drop by his establishment in future, he recommends you try the Bangers and Manilow, it’s delicious.

Sarah Wilhelm Sarah Wilhelm is an exchange student at Richmond University here in London for the semester and studies Acting at Austin College in Sherman, Texas. Sarah plans on attending graduate school in New York after graduation to further her studies in acting. She is currently rehearsing for the show “The Glass Menagerie” at Richmond University. She is so happy to be a part of The Producers and hopes that someday she will be able to properly do the English accent with the help of her fellow cast members.

Shankho Chaudhuri Known for his big cheesy smile, twerking during warm-ups and even acting “too gay”, it seems Shankho has found a wonderful new home in MTSoc. Confident that a lifetime of being loud and melodramatic will hold him in good stead, he is determined to carry on within the society. Whether that’s a smart choice on his part he leaves to your judgement. Enjoy the show!

Sophie Stromback Sophie stumbled into the audition, not quite sure what she was getting herself into. Quickly she realized that this was where she should be! She had finally found a place where she could put her jazz hands to use! She is super excited to take a break from pipetting and get onto the stage!

Thomas Manford Tom is a second year Physics student at Imperial College. He usually likes to sing opera, Russian folk songs and gospel music at home. This term however, in the spirit of busying himself with anything other than his degree, he has found a new love in the world of gaudy musical theatre - though he still finds watching High School Musical to be something like receiving mild chemical burns to the sensory cortex.

Usama Asif “Cast List Lament”: a haiku by Usama Asif* In The Producers, Usama has been cast as A stereotype. *Disclaimer: haiku actually written by unpaid intern.

Yiqi Huang This is the second show Yiqi has performed in with MTSoc. Being absolutely tame ordinarily, one big thing Yiqi loves about the society is that it has given her many opportunities to experience those “impossible” events in life, such as walking stumblingly with a cane at 18, legally joining the Nazi Party, and being a happy convict!

Colin Bidae Other than looking innocent after making a mess on the cars of Knightsbridge, Colin has had limited acting experience. He is excited to be making his stage debut this week alongside his life partner, Derrick and the rest of his friends from the Synagogue.

The Production Team Production Manager Set Designer Lighting Designer Sound Designer Sound Operator Company Stage Manager Deputy Stage Manager Assistant Stage Manager Mic Elf Flyman Followspot Operator Costumes (Leads) Costume (Chorus) Props & Puppets Coordination Front of House Manager

Ali Lown John Winters Christopher McDonnell Christopher Love Peter Bridgman Benjamin Howitt Kieran Gilmour Jack Steadman Cian Leow Andy Sutton Daniel Clay Christine Simpson Michele Tan and Hatty Campbell James Chadwick Wern Yi Tan

The Band Conductor Keys Percussion Violin 1 Violin 2 Cello Bass Reed 1 Reed 2 Horn Trumpet 1 Trumpet 2 Trombone

Ed Zanders Jonathan Lee Robin Johnson Kiyam Lin Yin Shan Ho Ben Phipps Martin Ludenbach Cameron Kuronen-Stewart Beth Slater Adam Green Tom Harrison Connor Baldwin Grace Campbell

Special Thanks To The MTSoc committee for all their assistance in facilitating the production of the show The team of set builders for all their hard work and time: Justin Heister Asia Wolf James Gallagher Andy Sutton Henry Whittaker Chris McDonnell ZoĂŤ Edwards Steven Ball Lizzie Rabone James Chadwick Daniel Clay Chris Love Ali Lown The team of set painters for their outstanding artistic skills: Hamish Muir Aparna Mathur Will Valla Francesca Waldron Tamara Brooks Katie Clemence Yuebi Yang for all of the remarkable publicity work ( Shamini Bundell and Conor Kent McNeil Rabinovitz for the hilarious promo video Imperial College Dance Company for costumes The Front of House team

The Producers Programme DRAFT  
The Producers Programme DRAFT