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The Aviator

The Aviator Snippets of the story by Julian Quaye

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The Aviator Introduction

Meet the characters

Bonus material other characters works in progress the makings of

Introduction Thank you for browsing this collection. The long term aim of this body of work will be a storybook - think steam punk meets Beatrix Potter and that will give you a flavour. Here you can read snippets about the lives of the characters who will be protagonists in this story. I’ve also included some of the source material for some of my work as people have said they liked it - so I hope you do too. If you would like to order any of the works or chat about a private commission please do get in touch. Julian

M Meet the characters

Mr Snuggles is straight outta Collumpton Mixed media on canvas 51 cm x 51 cm

Mr Snuggles' wild rants and pamphleteering from the backroom of The Woodcutters Inn in Bristow about shadow governments, secret agents, mind control experiments, corruption in high office and the black clad Kalystrii - bring him to the attention of those in power‌‌.

A Little Bird Told Me Mixed media on canvas 50 cm x 70 cm

World weary Louis with his two little eavesdroppers who gets the dope on everyone who frequents his establishment ‘Lucky Lou’s Lounge’. Where friendships are made and lost and deals are struck and blackmail is rife.

The Contender Mixed media on canvas 70 cm x 100 cm

Much blood, sweat and tears were shed during the bone crunching bout between Padraic Patrick Gamble known as ‘The Napoleon of the Ring’ and ‘Big Ginger’ Tom Cribb at the Woodcutters Inn. Many came from far and wide to witness this grueling match between two of Bristow’s greatest pugilists, after thirty-six rounds Padraic relinquished his crown to the new ‘King of the Ring’ Tom Cribb and retired from the game. Much money was won and lost and there was talk of Padraic being coerced by his manager Duggie ‘The Showman’ Burns into taking a fall. Burns now tours the counties promoting his new protege Cribb whilst Gamble headed to the bright gas lights of the capital to seek his new fortune under the tutelage of the ‘agent provocateur’ Lucky Lou. ‘Your muscle and my brains ….  we’ll make a fine team’.

Bruce Mixed media on canvas 51 cm x 76 cm

Bruce: Bruce Jerome Ratner lll. Slightly unhinged philanthropic playboy. Whose family fortune is founded on the harvesting of a rare exotic guano, the manufacturing of explosives for the mining industry and the development of a new form of long distance communication aided by wire.

Buster the Dane Mixed media on canvas 60 cm x 70 cm

Dog of war Buster in his Dress Uniform. A veteran of the skirmishes in the ‘north’ against the lawless feudal hordes of feral felines.

Renaissance Man Mixed media on canvas 50 cm x 70 cm

Leon Phonsonby Lebart. Shrewd radical free thinker, libertarian and wealthy inventor. Whose search for the near mythical compound Vermelho Q and the construction of perpetual motion devices will drive him almost insane. Until a surprise ’ tweet ’ informs him of a mysterious downed ship of the air.

The Owl and the Pussycat Mixed media on canvas 50 cm x 100 cm

The independently wealthy and handsome Ms Jennifer Tilly Swain and her constant companion, confidant and messenger ‘Missy’ the owl. Ms Swain has turned down many suitors in her time. A keen ornithologist and equal rights campaigner. A thorn in the side of the old guard.

Elephant in the room Mixed media on canvas 70 cm x 100 cm

The Golden Masonic Order of the Pachyderms. Vain custodians of all the ‘Old Knowledge’ and practitioners of the Law. The last link to the Old Gods…

Barney goes a-hunting Mixed media on canvas 40 cm x 50 cm

Barnaby Johnathon Kinnear. Upon returning from the capital after a lengthy meeting with the quill pushing bureaucrats of the Ministry for Albion’s Rural Affairs; Barnaby is informed about strange events on the edge of his estate. Arming himself he investigates and encounters the mysterious (and law unto themselves) black clad Kalystrii who say they have been commissioned to contain an outbreak of hazardous plant life after an ephemeral light display in the sky the night before. What Barnaby finds upon further investigation later that evening is no mere plant life…………

At home with Ted and Dolly Mixed media on canvas 40 cm x 50 cm

Welcome to the cultured bohemian world of… ‘At home with Ted and Dolly’ Theodore Godwin. The inventor of ‘Apparatuses’ to record and playback sound, much to the amusement of others. Dorothea Theresa Ellen. Feted leading lady of the stage, sonnets have been composed in her honour.

Owl and Pussycat II Mixed media on canvas 60 cm x 80 cm Matilda ‘Billy’ Maitland, intrepid explorer and pioneering aeronaut. Who, along with the celebrated society portraitist, landscape and ornithological artist James Tiberius Starling and the renowned cartographer Garth Phineas Fullerton, mapped the virgin frozen wastes of the far north territories in their sponsored ship of the air The Enterprise.

Boris - Westminster by gaslight Mixed media on canvas 50 cm x 70 cm

Boris - a politician with designs of becoming the Premier of Albion. He may appear fun loving and cuddly but he has serious intent.  Not everything is black and white - there are shades of grey.

Horny Beast Mixed media on canvas 50 cm x 70 cm

Alexander ‘The Beast’ Keras. Ruthless business tycoon, owner of The East Albion Company which trades in rare minerals and compounds and also The Star Haulage company. A high profile sponsor of many sporting events…

The sad demise of Mr Snuggles Mixed media on canvas 51 cm x 51 cm

'The Sad Demise of Mr Snuggles' So read the headline of the provincial Collumpton Echo. After concerns were raised about the non appearance of Bill Burrows Lubetkin for one of his new moon speaking and distribution of pamphlet engagements at the Woodcutters Inn, a search party was dispatched.  Many days passed before they came across the entrance to ‘Mr Snuggles’ secret abode.  Upon entry they found the aforementioned propped up in his bed quite dead with his pipe still in his mouth.  The room was in a state of disarray and the air was thick with a strange heady sickly fug not the usual smell of Mr Lubetkin’s exotic tobacco. 

It appears his death was due to a faulty gas appliance although local gossip points to foul play amid reports of (to quote) ‘strange folk in town’.

The Wild One - Mr Snuggles rides again Mixed media on canvas 50 cm x 70 cm

Ned ‘Quicksilver’ Armstrong Courier, wall of death and champion speedway rider. Leading light of the resistance.  Get your motor running!

Northern Lights Mixed media on canvas 50 cm x 70 cm

Over the centuries there have been reports of mysterious ‘Ships of the Air’. Many who have reported seeing these strange exotic crafts have been ridiculed and occasionally ostracised by their local communities. Some have even claimed they have met the pilots of these sky faring craft and accompanied them back to their ice clad land. Others have even said they have found the remains of downed ships, only for the wreckage and themselves to disappear in the dead of night…

Sexy Selina Mixed media on canvas 50 cm x 70 cm

Selina’s got a bit of a wayward past. Illegal transportation of catnip over county lines amongst others. Could be shady, because ‘Lucky Lou’ has something on her which she doesn’t want her ‘Beau’ Inspector Aberline to find out about.

Buster the Dane MKII Mixed media on canvas 50 cm x 70 cm

Henri ‘Buster’ Baskerville in his battle uniform. From a long line of proud military hounds.

Say hello to my little friends Mixed media on canvas 50 cm x 70 cm

There’s something rotten in the village of Cullompton. Robert Warren Lubetkin, crooked bureaucrat. “Objectionable paperwork can always be miss filed…For a small gratuity”. Bad bunny brother of Mr Snuggles.

The Aviator Mixed media on canvas 60 cm x 70 cm

The story continues.......

Bonus Material other characters works in progress the makings of

An Inspector Calls Pen and ink on watercolour paper 50 cm x 70 cm

Jack Aberline has arrived in Cullompton to investigate the death of ‘Mr Snuggles’. Some say it was a faulty gas appliance others think it was murder… The crows are gathering. Inspector Aberline was reluctant to return to the Western Counties to investigate the suspicious death of ‘Mr Snuggles’. Where, many years before as a young Sergeant, he sustained a permanent leg injury while on duty during the infamous Pit Strike Riots.

Casper looking at the big sky Mixed media on canvas

Badger Magraw Work in progress

‘An act of sabotage.’ When The East Albion Company arrive with their heavy drilling machinery and their army of privateers there is no other option but to throw a spanner in the works… Benjamin ‘Battling Badger’ Magraw, close associate of Mr Snuggles and tenacious freedom fighter for the underground.

Jonas McCay Mixed Media on Canvas

Creating the tattooed, Caledonian whaler.

‘Eventually, I would love my work to become an animated film. In the meantime, I am working towards it becoming a series of illustrated story books. The illustrations are a mixture of mixed-media paintings and pen & ink drawings. At the moment, it is a story that doesn't have a beginning or end but it is emerging as I work on the pieces and the characters develop and form the story. It always starts with the painting.‘

Julian Alexander Quaye’s current works illustrate his love of ironic juxtaposition, and his interest in Victorian and Edwardian colours, with his series of human-form animal portraits. Within three months of exhibiting for the first time he was picked up to be included in a contemporary urban auction alongside Damian Hirst and Banksy by Dreweatts in summer 2012.

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Profile for Julian Quaye

The Aviator  

The collection of Anthropomorphic characters from the last two years of work from Bristol artist Julian Quaye. Ten copies available at ww...

The Aviator  

The collection of Anthropomorphic characters from the last two years of work from Bristol artist Julian Quaye. Ten copies available at ww...