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Julian Nieto Curriculum

Education: • Date: 2013 - 2014 • Name and type of organization providing education and training: CLP / ISCOT • Principal subjects / occupational skills covered by the study: Social Network Business, Comunication and Marketing. • Title of qualification awarded: Social Media Trainer.

Name: Julian Nieto Nickname: CreaVisual

• Date: 2008 - 2009 • Name and type of organization providing education and training: Politecnico Central • Principal subjects / occupational skills covered by the study: Photography, Video, Web Design, Graphic Design, Marketing. • Title of qualification awarded: Graphic Desingner.

Career Summary: Pizzeria da Massimo e Lina

Age: 25 Address: Corso Martinetti 34/5 Genova Sampierdarena. Mobile Phone: 3400928980 E-Mail: Twitter: @creavisual8 Blog;

Don Pepe Bar

Sector: Pizzeria/Ristorant

Sector: Bar

Job: Help Pizzaiolo, Baker.

Job: Owner

known in the field of advertising since 2009, I have Address: Corso Martinetti 97r Address: Ambala Street MB C10 worked with businesses and City: Genova Italy. shops of all types, designing City: Ibague Colombia campaigns Advertising, Logos, Web Sites, Apps, Tickets Visit, 2013-2014 2010-2013 Etc.


Rivista PuntoAparte


Sector: Web Desing

Sector: Rivista/Pubblicità

Job: Web Designer

Job: Seller / Graphic Designer Job: Help Chef

Address: Mall Pasaje Real 2

City: Ibague Colombia

Settore: supermarket

Address: central square of Girardot

City: Ibague Colombia City: Girardot Colombia





Language: Spanish


English intermediate

Technical: High computer knowledge, organizational programs package of office, professional in the use of graphics programs such as (photoshop, corel draw, illustrator) and internet. I am able to do consulting on Social Network to groups of people under and over 50 years. Able to handle Corporate Pages on social networks, develop Web sites and applications for businesses.

Artistic: Pasion and high knowledge of the camera, scenery, artistic shots and sports.

Link Flickr:

Organizational: All stages of running a business: from 'supply of raw materials, preparation and administration beverage, the keeping of accounts and relationships with local institutions. Tendency to problem solving.

Personal Interests: Photography Traveling Cooking and banking Sports (soccer, volleyball).

Signature: Julian Alexander Nieto Herrera

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