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The Only Weekly Newspaper Serving the Backcountry Communities of Julian, Cuyamaca, Santa Ysabel, Shelter Valley, Mt. Laguna, Ranchita, Sunshine Summit, Warner Springs and Wynola.

September 3, 2014 ISSN 1937-8416

Julian Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Nominations The Julian Chamber of Commerce is now accepting nominations for those interested in being on the Board of Directors. In order to be eligible, nominees must be current Chamber members in good standing as of October 16, 2014. Please call the Chamber office at (760) 7651857, extension #0, for more information.

Annual Woman’s Club Apple Pie Baking Competition

by Diana Garrett

The aroma of freshly baked apple pie will fill the air during the Julian Apple Days Pie Contest, to be held on Friday, October 3, 2014 at the Julian Woman’s Club at 2607 C. Street, Julian. Entries will be accepted between 10:30 am and 12:00 pm and the contest is free and open to all, with a limit of one entry per family. All entries must be homemade apple pies, baked from scratch, and may contain additional fruit such as Apple Berry, Apple Peach, etc. The recipe and all ingredients must be listed with the entry application. All pies should be brought in disposable containers since plates, pans or dishes cannot be returned. Leftover slices of pies from the contest will be sold by the Julian Woman’s Club members at a booth during the Apple Days Festival on Saturday, October 4th & Sunday, October 5th at the Menghini Winery grounds. The proceeds will fund charities that the Woman’s Club support in the community. Judging will begin promptly at 1:00 pm with the judges selected from local bakeries and restaurants, including: Chef Jeremy Manley from Jeremy’s on the Hill Restaurant, Chef Charles Scott from the Candied Apple Pastry Company, Christy Connell, owner of the Julian Cafe, and Barry Brunye, owner of Dudley’s Bakery in Santa Ysabel. The pies will be judged on taste, originality, presentation and creativity. First prize is $300, second prize is $200, and third prize is $100. Honorable Mention and Participation ribbons will also be awarded. Winners will be notified by phone and the prize presentation to be held at the Apple Festival on Sunday, October 5th at the Menghini Winery grounds in Julian. Winners are requested to be present at the festival to receive their monetary award. Entry forms, rules and additional information are available online on the Julian Woman’s Club website: www. julianwomansclub.org, on the Julian Chamber of Commerce Website: www.julianca.com, at the Julian Chamber of Commerce office, at the Candied Apple Pastry shop, at the Julian Cafe in Julian, and at Jeremy’s on the Hill in Wynola. For more information call Diana Garrett, 760-765-3647.

Julian, CA.


Julian Branch Library Scores #1

from Colleen Baker, Julian Branch Librarian

It is always good to receive good news. Sometimes you have to sift through all of the statistics to figure out the good news. During the 2013-2014 Fiscal Year that ended on June 30, the Julian Branch placed first in both the number of programs offered and the number of people in attendance for branches in its designated service level. These branches include Alpine, Cardiff, Del Mar, and Rancho Santa Fe. I checked the population of these other branches and they have anywhere from twice the population of Julian to four times the population of Julian. What do we win? The Julian Branch was given “bonus” funding from the County Library to provide programming. This is great, because the Friends of the Julian Library pay for the majority of the costs associated with programming at this branch. This will allow us to have more paid performers for children and teens, where the staff normally provides the programming. In the last fiscal year, the Julian Branch offered 727 programs with a total attendance of 17,516. The branch has some very faithful attendees. If you have not ever been to one of the library’s programs, I invite you to do so. While you are here, please check out some library materials. We had more total attendance than La Mesa and San Marcos, branches that competed with Vista to reach 1 million items circulated. I am proud of my staff and volunteers who make this happen. Patty heads to Lego program, Tonya leads the Teen programming, Sandi leads the Baby storytime and Miss Linda faithfully leads the preschool storytime every week. I plan the adult programming and we share in the school duties. I am enthusiastic about the programming for the year to come and the collaborations we have with the schools. I know we have a captive audience, but we also have the best audience! Thank you for supporting the Julian library. We would not be number one in our category without you.

Tattered Tidbits No. 40

by Albert Simonson

Of Mules and Men It has been said by those who contemplate such issues, that the West was conquered by mules. Men were carried along and were useful for finding forage and water. Up north, Bishop pays tribute to this noble blend of ass and horse during Mule Days when many hundreds pass in review before admiring crowds. Let’s say you were a muleskinner on the well traveled freight road between Warner’s Ranch and Santa Ysabel. A good place to wash down the road dust from your parched throat was the “grog shop” in Carrizzo Meadow, 4 miles north of Santa Ysabel’s old mission buildings. The grass is still a mule’s Garden of Eden. You would not want to create an impression of a greenhorn or bullwacker as you pull up in front of that worthy gringo successor to a rancho “cantina” or “pulquerîa.” Pulque is undistilled tequila, the fuel of early California vaqueros, those leathery prototypes of hardfisted Hollywood he-men. For Indian vaqueros, the grog shop was conveniently near the village of Ajata, midway between Mucucuiz (near Santa Ysabel) and Tawee (Monkey Hill by Lake Henshaw), on the wagon road a half mile north of Ludwig Jaeger’s houses, down toward the present junction of highways 76 and 79. Bullwackers drove ox-teams. These guys could never achieve the professional panache of a skilled muleskinner. In early times their job was done by a single Indian plodding along in front of the pair of oxen, hopeful of promotion to bullwacker status. The castrated oxen were slow but steady, easy to handle, beloved of women, and did well on poor forage. Horses were fast but finicky like cantina fillies. Mules were just right, the muleskinners felt, and smarter too. I remember fondly a festively attired Greek mule, Homer, who carried me high up above the sea one morning. Later that evening, in the setting sun, he saw (or perhaps smelled) me among countless others walking down to the sea like all the days of his life. His personal greeting to me was startling, something between a bray and a neigh. I think it was both discerning and heartfelt, a fitting salute to the millennial bond between man and mule. We are both Darwinian improbabilities, freaks, you might say. What we creatures all have in common is greater than our differences. The opening of the American West was a giant leap for mankind and mulekind alike. Teams of eight mules or more oxen were not unusual in the West. To make a dramatic approach to the grog shop, you had to manage your mules with a single jerk line to your lead animal on the near (left) side. You sat astride the near side wheel mule. You could increase your charisma with a sonorous yet melodic voice and a command of mule vocabulary, in concert with sparing but emphatic snapping of your blacksnake whip, all accompanied by a basso continuo of animal snorts and gaseous reverberations. The aft lard bucket swayed to and fro, marking like a metronome fleeting moments of life between dead yesterdays and unborn tomorrows. Properly executed, your arrival at the grog shop could be like Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9, rising to a dramatic crescendo. Instead of a conductor’s baton, you conduct with the jerk line running forward through “hame rings.” The lead pair has hame bells tinkling your approach while Indian boys run alongside all excited. Any mistake, though, and it could sound like a post-Wagnerian “Entry of the Cops into Mulvaney’s.” Vocabulary is important. “Gee” means go right. “Haw” means go left. The correct tug on the jerk line to the lead animal stops or steers the whole procession [steady left, jerk right]. Then you can stride manfully into the cool of the grog shop with its assembled vaqueros and greasers (axle lubrication technicians). Jaeger was respected, too. He had established the ferry and emigrant emporium at Yuma Crossing. This storied celebrity now lived uphill from the grog shop, and used Santa Ysabel Rancho to continued on page 9




Volume 30 - Issue 4



(46¢ + tax included)

Rams Sheer Eagles

Football Team Stumbles Out Of The Gate by H. “Buddy” Seifert


Borrego QB, Gunner VanSickle(14) passes to receiver Michael Manzano(26) for a big gain early in the seasons opening game. A perfect day for the first Eagles game of the season; Eagles Field was nice and green, a clear, blue, breezy sky and Volcan looming in the background. Our Eagles opened their 2014 8-man football season with a game against longtime rivals, the Borrego Springs High School Rams. As with every other game during the past 8 years, the game promised to be hard hitting and high scoring. The Eagles are starting the season with 2 returning seniors, 3 returning juniors and a sophomore QB. The rest of the squad is young and inexperienced. Julian won the opening coin toss and elected to receive the opening kickoff. Freshman Ozzy Martinez took Borrego’s kick at his own 15 and scrambled to the Eagles 26 in his first ever organized football game. Soph QB Skyler Marushige was under center for the first snap of the season and handed off the ball to Sr. RB Darren Duffy who gained a hard fought yard. Skyler attempted a short pass to Sr. RB Kellen Regalado that was tipped away for an incompletion. Darren got the ball next, but could only gain 6 of the 9 yards needed for a first down. Time to punt. Skyler stepped back to the 12 yard line and boomed a high punt to the Rams at their own 40. The return got to the Rams 45 before the Eagles stopped them. The Rams first play from scrimmage was an incomplete pass from QB Van Sickle to RB Manzano. Borrego took advantage of the Eagles inexperience and TB Thompson swung around the right side of the Rams line and raced for a 55 yard touchdown. The Rams PAT sailed wide right. 10:04 First Quarter, Rams 6, Eagles 0. Jr. JJ Corrales took the Rams kick deep Eagles territory and returned the rock to Julian’s 26. Unfortunately, the field sprouted those pesky little yellow flags of shame. Holding, Julian. The ball goes back 10 yards. Kellen gets his first hand off of the season and trucks for a solid 5 yards. The yellow flowers bloom again for a facemask call on Borrego. Julian gets a break and picks up another 15 yards and a first down on the penalty. Darren fights for a yard and Skyler throws an incompletion to JJ. Skyler took the next snap and handed off to Darren who scooted to the right, turned and tossed the ball back to Skyler. Again, the yellow flags, holding on Julian. Borrego took the

photo by Michael Hart

down and Skyler barely got the punt off, down to the Rams 44. Borrego took over at their own 44 and picked up a quick first down on an 11 yard pass. Two more rushes picked up 9 yards and Thompson picked up 35 yards, getting stopped at the 5. A quick 5 yard plunge over the line by Busic gave the Rams another 6 points. Again, the PAT sailed wide right. 6:22 first quarter, Rams 12, Eagles 0. JJ got the Rams’ kick deep in Julian territory and snaked his way to a 30 yard return to the Eagles 35. He was one block away from a TD. First down for the Eagles and they get flagged for an illegal procedure call on the O line. First and 15. Darren jams for a quick 7 yards and follows up with 9 yards and a Julian 1st down. Kellen bangs through for 7 and a Borrego penalty for encroachment on the next play gives your Eagles a first down at the Rams 43. Skyler keeps the ball and picks up 7 yards and Darren follows up with another 4 yards and another Eagles first down. Kellen busts up the gut for another 5, but another illegal procedure call on the young Eagles line brings it back. Skyler’s next pass falls incomplete, but he completes a short one to Darren. The Rams D busts through the Eagles O line and Skyler lost 2 on the sack. The Eagles take a little too long getting back to the ball and Skyler’s surprise 4th down pass to JJ falls incomplete. The Rams take over on their own 38. Borrego picks up a quick 8 yards and follows up with a Van Sickle to Thompson 52 yard pass and run for another Borrego score. No PAT. 0:36 first quarter, Borrego 18, Julian 0. Borrego’s kick sails through the endzone and my Eagles get the ball on their own 20. The first quarter comes to an end with Darren and Kellen picking up 6 yards on the two final plays of the quarter. Skyler’s first pass of the second quarter is incomplete to Kellen, but they turn around and Kellen picks up a 1st down a bull rushing 10 yard run. The O line goes offsides for -5 yards for the offense. Shuuluk is a very good center and an outstanding offensive lineman; unfortunately he can’t block all 8 defenders by himself. Kellen loses a yard and on the next play, Skyler’s hurried pass got picked off at the Julian 40. A penalty on the Rams prevented a scoop and score on continued on page 7

Friday, August 29 Home L 0 - 61 Borrego Springs Friday, September 5 Away @Public Safety Academy (San Bernadino Community Park) 6:00 Friday, September 19 Home Calvary Christian 3:00 Friday, September 26 Away @Borrego Springs 7:00 Friday, October 3 Away @St.Joseph Academy (San Marcos-Bradley Park) 3:30 Friday, October 10 Home Homecoming West Shores 7:00 Friday, October 17 Away @Warner 7:30 Friday, October 24 Home Staff Appreciation Day San Pasqual Academy 2:30 Friday, October 31 Home Senior Day Ocean View Christian 2:30 Friday, November 11 TBA Southern Conference Championship Game


Saturday, August 30 Monte Vista (Sun Tournament) Tuesday, September 2 Away Mountain Empire 4:00 Tuesday, September 9 Home Mountain Empire 4:00 Tuesday , September 16 Away @Ocean View Christian 5:00 Thursday, September 18 Away @Liberty Charter 5:30 Tuesday, September 23 Home Ocean View Christian 5:00 Tuesday, September 30 Home Liberty Charter TBA Tuesday, October 7 Away @Vincent Memorial 4:00 Thursday, October 9 Away @Warner 4:00 Tuesday, October 14 Home Calipatria 4:00 Thursday October 16 Away @Calexico Mission HS 4:00 Tuesday, October 21 Home Borrego Springs 4:00 Thursday, October 23 Home Vincent Memorial 4:00 Tuesday, October 28 Home Warner 4:00 Thursday, October 30 Away @Calipatria 4:00 Tuesday, November 4 Home Calexico Mission HS 4:00

Cross Country

Saturday, August 30 Vaquero Stampede Saturday, September 6 Great Cow Run Saturday, September 13 Bronco Round-up Saturday, September 20 Mt. Carmel/Movin Shoes Cross Country Invite Saturday, September 27 Bell-Jeff Invitational Friday, October 3 Saints Small School Invite Friday, October 10 Citrus League Cluster #1 Friday, October 17 Citrus League Cluster #2 Friday, October 24 Mt. Sac Cross Country Invite Friday, October 31 Citrus League Cluster #3 Friday, November 7 Citrus League Finals

Business Mixer - Thursday, September 11 18th Annual Grape Stomp Festa

at Orchard Realty - bring a door prize

September 6, Menghini Winery - 11 to 7, Tickets $15/adults


Wild west pork fest - Saturday, September 13 - 5pm Farm-to-table celebration prepared by chef Jeremy manley & hosted by cook pigs ranch


Libations courtesy of Julian hard cider & orchard hill country inn - dessert by candied apple pastry co.

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