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Julian News

The Only Weekly Newspaper Serving the Backcountry Communities of Julian, Cuyamaca, Santa Ysabel, Shelter Valley, Mt. Laguna, Ranchita, Sunshine Summit, Warner Springs and Wynola.

4, 2015

ISSN 1937-8416

Julian, CA.

The Story - It’s All In The Telling

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Rabobank To Close Julian Branch May 1st

by Michael Hart

On Saturday, February 7, at 1:00 PM the Julian Library is hosting a storytelling program featuring Michael and Sharai (Mattias) Smith, presenting a program called “A Voyage Around the Earth in a Story.” This program is the first in a series of the art of storytelling and passing along information through generations by telling tales. Sharai and Michael have been weaving tales for 36 years after meeting at a Sweat Lodge Ceremony and being taught the traditional ways of the native people. The Smiths have collaborated on many things in that time including raising two sons, Oak and Flint, and the art of storytelling was a major addition to their repertoire. The Smiths exercise their creative and performance urges to educate and entertain others. “Voyage around the Earth in Story” will offer tales from Asia, Africa, Europe and America and is geared toward teens and adults. The themes are all about relationships, good and bad. A focus is the wisdom of elders. The Smiths plan to provide you with bundles of fun. Their Julian connection began 30 plus years ago when Sharai’s folks, John and Jan Mattias moved to Pine Hills. The Smiths are visiting this area from their home in Georgetown, CA in the foothills above Sacramento in a town not unlike Julian where Sharai works at their local library and plans and presents many programs and story times. The Smiths have longed to present at the Julian Library and consider it a feather in their cap to succeed in being booked. Michael Smith described their storytelling as the oral tradition is basic to humankind and was essential in preserving moral and cultural lessons that came from our most ancient ancestors. Of course, that was before the time of e-mailing, smart phones and twitter. Smith imagines that he is in a village before a warm fire and seeing eager faces of young and old appreciating a core entertainment. In an intimate setting, story along with song, music, acting and dance allows us to sense that creative spark that lifts the spirit. We try to reclaim this in our telling. The art of telling is to expose the audience to the excitement of the living voice, offering a tale that stirs the imagination of the listener and to sit in that grand circle of people that sat in the same circle for all the millennia before. Michael and Sharai guarantee that anyone who shows up and is not 100% satisfied with their storytelling, they will personally refund triple the price of admission. Please join us in the community room on February 7, at 1 pm at the Julian Library, 1850 Hwy 78, Julian. Refreshments will be available thanks to the Friends of the Julian Library and as always, admission is free. Please call the branch at 760-765-0370 for more information.

Cider Wars Fermenting Initially Brian Kenner received a Cease and Desist letter from Tim Dennison, an Intellectual Property Rights Attorney representing Julian Hard Cider, after an article had appeared in the San Diego Reader promoting Kenner’s latest venture “Julian Cider Works”. Kenner’s concept was to produce a hard cider using locally grown fruit and produced at his ranch in Harrison Park. He knew that this was going to be a small operation and require the cooperation of many of the local growers to produce enough cider to make it economically viable. “The Reader article was putting the cart before the horse, we had yet to have a production plan in place, and we really were only producing enough to share with friends.” Brian explained when he presented the letter from Dennison to me. At this point I looked at the letter and told Brian I’d see what I could, but it really did not seem as though the claim that he was infringing on the trademark was accurate. Julian Hard Cider vs Julian Cider Works? The only similarity was Julian, and we have Julian Cider Mill in town(who produces regular cider), three separate entities as far as I could tell. To be honest I thought this was another story that was going nowhere. Maybe some letters back and forth and then everyone would go on their way doing their thing. A couple of days later Brian brings a letter he has sent to Julian Hard Cider in response. Brian Kenner is very diligent


by Michael Hart

and thorough when it comes to research and had quoted precedent and case law to back his claims that he was not infringing on the Julian Hard Cider trademark. He also took it a step farther and pointed out areas he felt that Julian Hard Cider might wish to research to avoid problems with their trademark as it represented the community. Once again I felt this was going to fade away with a hand shake at best and silence at most. In late October again I was confronted with Mr. Kenner’s presence. This time he had made a move. He had filed a civil suit on Federal Court [case #14CV2490-MMA-WVG]. His suit was taking it a step further, claiming that “Julian Hard Cider” had filed a challenge to their trademark, claiming among other issues that because they use Julian in their name that they need to produce their product here. At the time they obtained their trademark they were not licensed to produce and other claims. The case was heard in San Diego’s Federal Court and now we wait to see what the court will decide. Considering the numerous issues involved and jurisdictions that the court will need to research, California and Federal plus a local ordinance. It may take the court several weeks to sort this all out and come up with an initial decision. Then there will no doubt be an appeal, then on we go. One way or another Julian makes news, good or ?

Senior Class Auction This Saturday Night Second semester is here, which means annual Senior class activities are just around the corner. Grad Night at Disneyland, the Senior class trip, the Junior/ Senior luncheon, and the Senior class gift are just a few traditional events that all 26 Seniors are excited for. But to fund this fun time, the notorious Senior Class Auction must be a success. The entire Julian community, as well as all the family and friends it can round up, are invited and encouraged to attend this year’s auction on Saturday, February 7th. The Silent Auction will be held from 6 to 7 and the Live Auction will be from 7 until about 9. This is a wonderful opportunity to get great deals at great prices for a worthy cause. Julian High School’s Seniors would like to give all Julian businesses and individuals a huge thanks in advance. Without their donations this fundraiser would not be possible. Come out Saturday night and bid, bid, bid ... on trips, housewares, meals, and all that other stuff you know you want. It’s a great evening of community fun and a great cause too boot!

Simple Propane Safety Tips Patrons of Rabobank found a letter in the mail boxes last Thursday ...surprise! Julian’s only bank is closing it’s doors! This appears to be a decision by the corporate office in Roseville, who when reached for comment, only provided - “We will get back to you.” Rabobank, N.A. 915 Highland Pointe Dr., Ste 350 Roseville, California 95678 January 26, 2015 Dear Rabobank Customer, We are writing to let you know that on May 1, 2015, our Julian branch located at 2033 Main Street will close. Your account(s) currently maintained at this branch will automatically be transferred to our La Quinta branch. No account changes will be made, and you need to do nothing. We will be happy to serve all of your in-person banking needs at: La Quinta Branch 51-290 Avenida Bermudas La Quinta, CA 92253 This branch is open Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.; Fridays until 6 p.m. For your convenience, it also offers around-the-clock ATM service. With the following services you can bank with us from anywhere 24/7. You can always access your Rabobank accounts by calling InfoLine, our automated account information system, at (800) 942-6222. You can also check your account balances and perform transactions 24/7 online at www.rabobankamerica. com or with our Rabobank Mobile Banking app. In addition to our full-service ATMs, use your Rabobank debit card or ATM card to get cash, transfer funds and check account balances at more than 500 Walgreens ATMs throughout California— with no ATM fees*. If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 942-6222. We value your business and look forward to serving you for many years to come. Sincerely, Deanna Blaise Retail Division Manager From the letter above, sent to




Volume 30 - Issue 26

Wednesday February


all customers, they seem to think that La Quinta is “freeway close” and will make it convenient for the local merchants to continue their usual banking? Google maps gets me there in one hour and fifty seven minutes, for the 102 mile drive. Walgreens store locator shows the closest location(for an ATM) in Lakeside on Wintergardens Blvd, a mere 28 miles (I guess as a the crow flies). Julian has a history of banks servicing the area only to pull up steaks a few years later. Home Federal had a mobile banking service here, that went away with the Savings and Loan crisis. Bank of America, who invested in the current building and then left town ten years later with corporate restructuring. Valley Independent Bank, who was absorbed into Rabobank was the savior in the 80’s. It would seem we have fallen into the corporate black hole once again. The Chamber of Commerce and private citizens have already begun to reach out to other institutions, trying to find a good fit for the bank and the community. The good news is we have until May 1st to find a suitable fit. We also have the advantage of a building that is ready to accept a financial institution without a major capitol investment. The current owners would only have to negotiate a new lease with the bank or Credit Union for that matter, that comes to town. Like everything else that the town has dealt with over the years; fires; snow storms; being over run by tourists, we’ll have to adjust and we have to hope for the best. In this case the best would be another institution moving into town and just taking over. If it doesn’t happen immediately then Ramona’s banks will surely be the benefactors for the majority of residents. One bank that will loose will be Rabobank, there doesn’t seem to be a organized effort to car pool or courier to La Quinta or do all the necessary banking at an ATM. Julian at the crossroads, again.

Millions of Americans enjoy the unmatched comfort of propanepowered appliances for space heating, water heating, cooking and clothes drying. To help them stay safe and comfortable in cold weather, the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) offers some advice. "Safety is extremely important to the propane industry," PERC President and CEO Roy Willis says. "We've compiled a checklist that homeowners can follow to put them at ease." • Make sure you have an adequate propane supply. Call for a delivery when your propane tank is 30 percent full. Doing so gives your propane provider time to reach you when roads are bad or demand for propane is high. • Mark your propane tank. Use a flag, pole or stake higher than the average snow cover depth. The marker will help you avoid plowing into or shoveling snow on top of your tank in case of a heavy snowfall. • Consider installing UL-listed propane gas detectors and carbon monoxide detectors for additional security. Always follow the manufacturer instructions for installation, location and maintenance. • Create an emergency preparedness plan. Frequently review the plan with all household members and make sure to post the phone numbers for your propane provider and local emergency services in an accessible place. • Prepare a disaster supply kit. It's important to be prepared in the case of an emergency by creating a kit with several days' worth of water and canned foods, a can opener, extra clothes and blankets, flashlights and batteries. Include a batterypowered NOAA weather radio to stay informed as conditions change. • Consider having a propanepowered generator installed. When other power sources fail, a propane-powered generator can keep your home operating without interruption. According to Willis, another step that propane customers continued on page 3

Winter Sports Schedule

Boys Basketball Wednesday, January 14 L 72-44 San Pasqual Academy Friday, January 16 L 62-54 Calvary Christian Tuesday, January 20 W 71-70 Borrego Springs Thursday, January 22 W 66-37 @Calexico Mission Tuesday, January 27 L 77-31 Vincent Memorial Thursday, January 29 W 56-18 @Warner Thursday, February 5 6:00 @Borrego Springs Tuesday, February 10 4:00 Calexico Mission Thursday, February 12 7:00 @Vincent Memorial Girls Basketball Thursday, December 4 Wednesday, January 14 L 49 - 9 San Pasqual Academy Friday, January 16 L 65-27 Calvary Christian Tuesday, January 20 L 29-28 Borrego Springs Thursday, January 22 5:30 @Foothills Christian Tuesday, January 27 L 52-33 Vincent Memorial Thursday, January 29 4:00 @Warner Thursday, February 5 4:30 @ Borrego Springs Tuesday, February 10 4:00 Foothills Christian Thursday, February 12 4:00 @Vincent Memorial Boys Soccer Tuesday, January 13 San Diego Academy Tuesday, January 20 Vincent Memorial Thursday, January 22 @Mountain Empire Saturday, January 24 Maranatha Christian Tuesday, January 27 Calvary Christian Thursday, January 29 Calipatria Tuesday, February 3 @Calexico Mission Thursday, February 5 @San Diego Academy Tuesday, February 10 Borrego Springs Thursday, February 12 @Vincent Memorial Tuesday, February 17 Mountain Empire Thursday, February 19 @Calvary Christian Girls Soccer Friday, January 9 @Borrego Springs Monday, January 12 Mission Vista Thursday, January 15 @Classical Academy Tuesday, January 20 @Maranatha Christian Thursday, January 22 Mountain Empire Friday, January 23 River Valley Thursday, January 26 @River Valley Tuesday, February 3 @Borrego Springs Thursday, February 5 Vincent Memorial Tuesday, February 10 @Mountain Empire Thursday, February 12 Borrego Springs Tuesday, February 17 @Vincent Memorial Friday, February 20

MIXER - February 5th at Town Hall, downstairs 5:30 - 7:30 hosted by Kat’s Yarn and Craft Cottage

L 3-2 L 6-1 L 6-2 L 7-0 W 2-0 W 4-0 3:15 3:15 3:15 3:15 3:15 3:15

W 7-1 W 3-1 L 0-1 L 2-0 W 2-0 W 5-3 T 3-3 5:00 3:15 5:00 3:15 3:15 5:30

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