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October 15, 2014 ISSN 1937-8416

Two Talks At The Library, Animals And Politicians Please join us at the Julian Library on Saturday, October 18 at 10:00 AM for a talk by State Park Biologist and Environment scientist, Michael Puzzo. Puzzo will be speaking about Creatures of the Mountain. Puzzo is assigned to monitor the wildlife at both the Cuyamaca State Park and the Anza Borrego State Park. This includes tracking Mountain Lions, deer, raccoon, bobcats and other creatures indigenous and non-indigenous to the area. Puzzo will cover what to do when you encounter wild animals and how to allow them to live in their natural habitat without putting yourself at risk. This presentation is in collaboration with the Julian Branch Library and the Volcan Mountain Preserve. This presentation is suitable for adults and schoolaged youth. The Julian Branch Library is located at 1850 Highway 78, next to the high school. Come and learn more about your backyard on Saturday, Oct 18 at 10 AM. For more information, please call the branch at 760-765-0370.

Adrian Severin, former Minister of Foreign Affairs in Romania, will speak at the Julian Library on Tuesday, October 21, at 2:00 p.m. The topic of his talk is “Will There Be a New Cold War? The view from Romania.” There will be time following the talk for discussion. Adrian Severin was born in Romania in 1954 and was educated at the University of Bucharest where he received a Doctorate in Law. He began his political career during Communist rule as an Instructor at the Ștefan Gheorghiu Academy, the specialized educational institution for Romanian Communist cadres. After the regime change in 1989 Severin became a member of the National Salvation Front and the Democratic Party (which he left in April 1999). Severin was the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania between December 12, 1996 and December 29. He was a member of the Chamber of Deputies June–July 1990 and again from 1992 until December 2007. Severin is a member of the Social Democratic Party, part of the Group of the Party of European Socialists, and became a Member of the European Parliament on 1 January 2007 with the accession of Romania to the European Union. Previously he had served as the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Belarus from 2005 to 2006. He was a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe from 1993 till 1997 and from 2003 till 2007. Severin has now returned to Romania where he is active in politics and where there will be a national election in November. Severin is visiting San Diego to accompany his wife who is presenting a paper at a scientific conference.


Julian, CA.

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Homecoming To Remember Parade, Football And Queen, King Crowned

This was quite a Homecoming night. Under the lights. Unlike the past 7 Homecomings, it was clear and warm at the start of the game. It was going to be different this year. The West Shores High School Wildcats ventured up the hill from Salton City for the game. This was the Wildcats first football team in some years. Our Eagles had a couple of extra cards to play with eligibility issues resolved and the CIF transfer rule having run it’s course. Dennis Beresford and Daniel Streamer finally got to get into the game. And were they ever effective. The Wildcats elected to receive the opening kickoff and were running the ball from East to West. Skyler Marushige’s kick sailed deep into the Wildcats end of the field and the Wildcats got a good return to their own 32. On the Wildcats’ first play from scrimmage, RB Ty’Juan Lovett took the hand off from Wildcats QB Lopez and was promptly nailed by Daniel Streamer for a 5 yard loss. On the next play, the wolverines were at the door and stripped the Wildcats runner of the ball and Streamer recovered for the Eagles at West Shores’ 26. On the Eagles first touch, Marushige handed off to Streamer who promptly ran into of herd of Wildcats and seemed destined for a no-gain play. That wasn’t to be. Daniel somehow evaded seven of the eight Wildcats’ defenders and picked up 12 yards around the right side of the line. Darren Duffy followed that with a hard fought 4 yard pickup to the Wildcats’ 10. On the next snap, Skyler arced a perfect pass to Daniel for a walk into the endzone touchdown. Skyler’s PAT flew true and split the uprights. At 9:47 to go in the first quarter, my Eagles 7, their Wildcats 0. The Eagles attempted an onsides kick, but a rather large Wildcat freshman interior lineman recovered the ball at the West Shores 47. Good field position. Wildcats’ running back Andrew Morris took the ball and picked up 5 yards with his first touch of the night. He followed up with another 3 yards on the next snap. Lopez picked up the Wildcats first down with a 3 yard QB sneak. Morris lost a yard on the next play, but Lopez made it up with a 32 yard blast up the middle to the Eagles 15. Morris picked up two on the first down and Lopez picked up another 12 on is next two carries. The Wildcats finished off the drive with a one yard QB sneak. The Wildcats’ 2 point conversion was stopped short of the goal line. With 4:15 left in the first quarter, it’s Julian 7, West Shores 6. The Wildcats kick sailed out of bounds at the Eagles 45 and Julian elected to put the ball into play there. Skyler’s pitch to Daniel didn’t quite go as planned and was bouncing around when Daniel recovered it and charged ahead for a 6 yard gain. Dennis Beresford picked up a quick 2 on a wide receiver around. Skyler’s quick pass to Daniel picked up no yards and a concurrent penalty brought the ball back to the Eagles 48. Darren Duffy’s number was called and he blasted his way for 14 yards and an Eagles first down at the Wildcats 34. Skyler stepped back, away from the rush and lobbed a perfect pass over the Wildcats defense to the wide open Shuuluk Linton who ran it 34 yards for the touchdown. Skyler’s PAT was good. With 2:21 left in the quarter, Julian 14, West Shores 6. Marushige’s kick off sailed down to the Wildcats’ 10 and

Homecoming Queen - Alysa Smith, King - Francois Piquard. The repmainder of the court; Jazmin Cruz, Erika Abarca, Nikki Blanco, Avah Gonzalez, Chance Perez, Guillermo Lopez, Drew Bullock, Jake Cirillo and underclassmen; Juniors Victoria Montes and Vladymir Wong, Sophomores Paige Smith and Nicholas Richie, Freshmen Jessica Ramos and Nymetaay Linton. the returner was smacked down, HARD, by Eagle Ozzy Martinez. The Oz is a monster now; he has three more years as an Eagle. This kid has some football in him. Lopez lost a yard on first down because of Ozzy. Morris went up the middle for 5 and Lopez connected with Lovett for anther 6 yards and a Wildcat first down at the Eagles 45. Lopez was grounded for no gain on their second first down of their possession as the first quarter ended. At the end of the first quarter, our Eagles 14, Salton City’s Wildcats 6. The second quarter opened with West Shores at the Julian 45 and Lopez pitching a perfect strike to WR Angel Moscosa for 14 yards and another West Shores first down. There was a short 4 yard pickup by the Wildcats, but that was negated by an illegal motion call by the officials. Lopez’ pass to Morris was well covered by Eagle JJ Corrales for an incompletion. JJ did it again on the next passing attempt and on fourth and twelve, Lopez and Morris just couldn’t make the connection. Ball over to Julian on downs. Julian lined up at their 32 and unfortunately the snap went awry and a rather large Andres Barbosa pirated it away for a West Shores recovery. Arrgh! First and 10, West Shores at the Eagles 28. Skyler was a bit peeved and took it out on Lopez and dropped him for a 3 yard loss coming of the left end of the Eagles D line. Lopez was swarmed under and the ball came loose. Shuuluk scooped and scored from 70 yards out….. well not quite. A big official’s conference at midfield. An official detected arm motion, as in a forward pass prior to the strip and Shuuluk’s efforts were for naught. Incomplete pass ruling on the field. Piracy indeed! But wait! Lopez dropped back to pass and released to who knows whom? The Hulk (Shuuluk) knew,

Shuuluk Linton pulls in a TD pass

photo by Lance Arenson, LPAKphotography.com

picked it off and raced another 70 yards to paydirt. Eagles TD. Skyler nailed the PAT. 9:02 in the second, Julian 21, West Shores 6. The officials lined up the teams for the kickoff and put the teams on the wrong sides of the 50. That was interesting. After the confusion was cleared, Skyler boomed the kickoff downfield and the Wildcat was trapped at the 40 after a decent return. Eagles DL Chris Boyd met Lovett at the line of scrimmage and promptly introduced him to the grass for no gain. Mason Baay did the same to Morris after a short gain. On third and long, Streamer got through to Lopez and just got his fingertips on the ball and the pass flew like a wounded duck and flopped incomplete. Fourth and long and West Shores is punting. Dropping back, the ball is snapped, it goes off the side of the West Shore punters foot and drops at the line of scrimmage. But wait. An inadvertent whistle by the referee blew the play dead right before the ball hit the ground. The play never happened. Fourth down all over again. The Wildcats’ next fourth down went even worse for them. The snap was mishandled and skittered all the way back to the 25 where it was recovered by the Eagles defense. Skyler’s pass to Dennis was just a little high and incomplete. On the wideout around, Dennis was about to get smothered when he tossed a perfect pitch to Darren, trailing behind. 25 yards later, touchdown Eagles. The extra point snap was muffed, so no joy for Julian. With 6:18 left on the half, it’s the Julian Eagles 27 and the West Shores Wildcats 6. Skyler squibbed the ball to the Wildcats’ 38 where the up back covered it. Morris was stopped for no gain on first down. Lopez’ pass to Moscosa was incomplete and then the fog rolled in. Shades of Homecomings past. Lopez rumbled for 6 yards on third down, bringing up a fourth and four. False start on the Wildcats brings the ball back 5 yards, fourth and nine from the Wildcats’ 45. Lopez loses another 9 under heavy pressure from the Eagles defense. The ball goes over to the Eagles on downs. And the fog fades away. First down Eagles at the Wildcats 36. Shuuluk steams forward for 8 yards and Daniel squeezes out another 1. Skyler’s pass to Dennis is just out of reach as Dennis zooms over the goal line. Daniel is the next man up and he puts away 15 yards before he is tackled. The

Sunday, October 19th Town Hall Restoration $10 FUNd-raising Breakfast American Legion 7:30 to 11




Volume 30 - Issue 10



Page 7 Wildcats are wise to Daniel and he got caught in the Eagles backfield for a one yard loss. Skyler’s next pass got batted down at the line and Chris Boyd was caught offside's. Skyler zips a short pass to Shuuluk, who does his best impersonation of a one legged runner with one leg hobbled by 3 or 4 Wildcats defenders. False start on the Eagles, fourth and goal from the Wildcats 14. Skyler’s pass to Daniel is incomplete. The ball goes over to West Shores at their 14 with 20 seconds left. West Shores isn’t going to take a knee to close out the half and runs Morris for no gain. The half is done. At the half, Julian 27, West Shores 6. JJ Corrales took the opening kick for the half at Julian’s 25 and wove his way over, under and through most of the Wildcats up to the Julian 47. Skyler’s first pass to Streamer was just a little out of reach for an incompletion. Skyler’s next pass was on the mark to Darren, but on his way downfield, he was stripped of the ball. The Wildcats’ Moscosa recovered the fumble at the West Shores 49. Your Eagles were just a little upset by the turn of events and Kellen knifed through from the nose guard and sacked Lopez for a 3 yard loss. Morris stepped up and picked up 5 yards on second down, but was thrown for a 1 yard loss on third down. The Wildcats gambled on fourth and long and Lopez completed a 16 yard pass to Morris for a Wildcats first down. A re-fired up Eagles defense smacked Morris for a 2 yard loss, but Lovett and Lopez picked up a total of three yards on second and third down. The Eagles pinned their collective ears back and out squirted the pigskin, which Chris Boyd promptly brought home. Eagles ball on the Julian 33. The Eagles have the ball and Streamer picks up a long 1 yard on the first touch of the possession. Beresford again cuts across the backfield and tosses the perfect pitch to Streamer on the option for 2 yards. Looks like the Wildcats might be a bit fired up as well. It’s Skyler’s turn up and he makes a break up the middle behind Mason and scores from 65 yards out. Well, he would have if an Eagle lineman wasn’t caught with an illegal block in the back behind the forward progress of the play. TD called back and the Eagles have a second down at their own 43. Streamer got stopped at the line of scrimmage, but the Skyler/Mason wrecking crew got busy and this time, with no penalties, Skyler rips for 57 yards and an Eagles touchdown. Skyler’s PAT was good. With 3:39 left in the third quarter, it’s Julian 34, West Shores 6. Skyler kick went semi-deep and the Wildcats returner was smothered at the West Shores 35. They were caught holding on the return and with the 10 yard penalty from the spot of the foul, put the ball into play at their own 20. Lovett jammed for 6 yards on first down and Morris plugged for 6 yards and a Wildcats first down on the next play. Lopez pushed forward for 4 yards and a timeout was called. Back in play, Lopez and center Anthony Murillo, freshman center, miscommunicated and the ball went sailing through Lopez’ legs. Freshman Gage Baay pounced on the ball, recovering for the Eagles. Kellen put it into gear and drove down to the 15 yard line and an Eagles first down. Darren followed up with 14 yards, down to the Wildcats 1 yard line and another Eagles first down. continued on page 14


Friday, August 29 L 0 - 61 Borrego Springs Friday, September 5 L 15 - 34 @Public Safety Acdmy Friday, September 19 W 43 - 8 Calvary Christian Friday, September 26 L 14 - 48 @Borrego Springs Friday, October 3 L 6 - 52 @St.Joseph Academy Friday, October 10 Home Homecoming West Shores 7:00 Friday, October 17 Away @Warner 7:30 Friday, October 24 Home Staff Appreciation Day San Pasqual Academy 2:30 Friday, October 31 Home Senior Day Ocean View Christian 2:30 Friday, November 11 TBA Southern Conference Championship Game


Saturday, August 30 Monte Vista (Sun Tournament) Tuesday, September 2 Mountain Empire L3-0 Tuesday, September 9 Mountain Empire L 3- 1 Thursday, September 11 @Lutheran L3-0 Tuesday , September 16 @Ocean View Christian L 3 - 1 Thursday, September 18 @Liberty Charter W3-2 Tuesday, September 23 Ocean View Christian W 3 - 2 Tuesday, September 30 Home Liberty Charter TBA Tuesday, October 7 Away @Vincent Memorial 4:00 Thursday, October 9 Away @Warner 4:00 Tuesday, October 14 Home Calipatria 4:00 Thursday October 16 Away @Calexico Mission HS 4:00 Tuesday, October 21 Home Borrego Springs 4:00 Thursday, October 23 Home Vincent Memorial 4:00 Tuesday, October 28 Home Warner 4:00 Thursday, October 30 Away @Calipatria 4:00

Cross Country

Saturday, August 30 Vaquero Stampede Saturday, September 6 Great Cow Run Saturday, September 13 Bronco Round-up Saturday, September 20 Mt. Carmel/Movin Shoes Cross Country Invite Saturday, September 27 Bell-Jeff Invitational Friday, October 3 Saints Small School Invite Friday, October 10 Citrus League Cluster #1 Friday, October 17 Citrus League Cluster #2 Friday, October 24 Mt. Sac Cross Country Invite Friday, October 31 Citrus League Cluster #3 Friday, November 7 Citrus League Finals Saturday, November 15 Citrus League Finals Saturday, November 22 San Diego CIF Championships Saturday, November 29 CIF State Championships

Meet The Merchants Breakfast, October 15

Lake Cuyamaca Restaurant - 8am

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