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Lisanne Comeau Julianne Smith Mountaineer Family Fitness 1530 Mountaineer Boulevard Charleston, WV 25303 (304)881.9218 (304)330.2456



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Executive Summary

Between handling work, kids, sports, eating right and exercising anyone would feel like there is not enough time in the day to get everything accomplished. Our goal at Mountaineer Family Fitness is to make our customers feel that they can get these done in a timely manner without selling an arm or a leg. We offer programs for both parents and children, and can have a healthy meal waiting after the workout. This business is designed for parents or single mothers who don’t have the time or the funds to put their health first. As West Virginia citizens, we realize that the obesity rates have increased to where we are third in the country, this has to come to a stop and Mountaineer Family Fitness is dedicated to making that happen. Our gym is available for anyone to join and is offered at a low cost. Registering will not be a problem where you can sign up on our website at, register over the phone, or walk in and get started! Mountaineer Family Fitness differentiates from other fitness centers by: -Offering specific sports programs for both parents and children -Focuses on health benefits -Offers tutoring for children -Has a healthy meal of your choice ready for after the workout -Offers a safe environment for families to endure physical activity Julianne Smith and Lisanne Comeau are the founders of Mountaineer Family Fitness. They have extensive experience in the health and fitness department where Ms. Comeau has a degree in business and physical science, and also has a masters in nutrition. She and has been a personal fitness trainer for the past 3 years and is excited to get this business up and going. Ms. Smith has a degree in kinesiology, and a masters in business and sports administration. She has been the facilities manager at the Ping Center at Ohio University and cannot wait to manage her own facility. She has put a lot of time and effort into this business and is headed in the right direction to success. We are currently in the process of finding investors to raise money to continue to build our company. We have already secured loans and grants from the bank but need to maintain our consistency in the development of Mountaineer Family Fitness. We are


seeking between $250,000 to 1M from investors. Depending on how much they give to our business would determine their ranking as a member. According to our income statement, we will make a total of $5,356,631 in the first year. Because this is a new business, we intend on those numbers increasing over the years. This is a market that needs to grow in the state of WV and we intends on making Mountaineer Family Fitness the best selection in health and fitness.



General Company Description

Mountaineer Family Fitness an innovative health and wellness center that promotes the well being of Charleston residents of all ages. The center was developed to alleviate the stress of busy families and single mothers who don’t have to the time to work out and provide a healthy meal for their families. Families resort to fast food or skip working out because of their hectic schedules. Yet, Mountaineer Family Fitness is designed to change this outcome and to better the lives of the surrounding area. West Virginia is the fourth most obese state in the country. There is a need for Mountaineer Family Fitness on the basis of health as well as overall lifestyle. The center will offer a workout facility equipped with a cardio room, a weight room, a gymnasium, aerobics room, and locker rooms. A nutritional center will provide nutrition education advice and classes as well as food available for order. Members can order a partially prepared dinner when they arrive at the center and it will be ready after their workout, put it in the oven when they are home and have a healthy meal ready for their family in a short amount of time. A childcare center will be available for children too young to workout. An educational room will also be available for school children to work on homework and receive assistance if needed. The room will have computers, desks and places to read. The gym will be available for free play as well as volleyball and basketball leagues for children to participate in. Vision Statement: To promote a healthy family lifestyle for all ages Mission Statement: Promote healthy living, strong minds, and family bonding in a safe, fun environment. Company Goals and Objectives: 

To have 300 family memberships within the first year of opening

Help members achieve their own personal fitness goals

Provide a balanced diet for members

Offer a place to combat West Virginia’s obesity problems

Alleviate the stressful schedules of single mothers and busy families

Have 20 programs available for adults and children with 15 participants in each



Products and Services

Mountaineer Family Fitness will have various areas in the center. There will be a fitness center, gymnasium, “Coalinary Center”, education center, as well as locker rooms and other areas. The exercise rooms include; a cardio room, a weight room, a gymnasium, aerobics room, and locker rooms. The cardio and aerobics room will have specific programs and classes set up in order to lead people to complete their personal health goals. These classes involve teaching and moving forward every week so that people will continue to feel a difference in the level of their workout. However people are free to join at any point in time. The weight room will have trainers readily available that would help any new comers to understand how to use the equipment. Lastly, the gymnasium will be open to play sports such as basketball or soccer, or to set up whichever sport people desire to play with the sporting equipment at hand. With that being said, there will be designated times in which certain activities can be played. For example, we would have basketball games from 5:00pm to 6:00pm, and then put up the volleyball nets form 6:15pm to 7:15pm and so forth so that people can enjoy and are offered a variety of sports. The different games being played and the length of the games will be based on the interest level of our members. Classes will be offered in yoga, aerobic, kickboxing, Zumba, and fitness boot camp. Additional fees will be attached to these classes. Leagues will be available as membership increases. There will be leagues for children as well as adults for basketball, volleyball, and indoor soccer. Additional fees will be required to participate in leagues as well. In order to achieve the greatest results we will have both exercise rooms targeted for children separate from the ones for adults. In addition to the physical conditioning programs we will also have a pick-up center where healthy meals will be placed so that parents don’t have to worry about preparing a meal after they work out. In addition to physical exercise, Moutaineer Family Fitness will be home to an innovative nutritional center. The “Coalinary Center” is what our nutrition center will be named. This has been named for the impact of coal in the community as a play-onwords with “culinary.” Here, members can receive nutrition counseling from certified nutritionist as well as order meals for their family. Mountaineer Family Fitness understands how hard it is to juggle the needs of a family, feed them properly, and find


time to work out. It is our goal to alleviate this by making meals available to order. The foods that are offered in meals will provide for a balanced diet (fruits, vegetables, chicken, rice, etc). These meals will be partially prepared so that one a family is home, the meals will only be needed to cooked for a short amount of time. Meal orders should be placed at least an hour before pick up to ensure they will be ready. Families will pay for the dinners in addition to the fitness center fees. This will not be included in the membership. Meals will be priced fairly. The price will consist of cost of ingredients as well as an additional preparation charge. Our locker rooms will be composed of 5 personal showers and 10 communal showers, lockers, restrooms, a sauna, and a scale. This area will be a very spatial and clean area where people and/or families will feel comfortable when changing or showering. We will also provide an educational classroom for kids that need help with their homework or want to finish their work before they go home. There will be moderators in place for the assistance of these kids. This classroom will contain desks, computers, and places available for reading. A childcare center will be available for children too young to workout. This center will be staffed with certified childcare providers. It will be in a large room with space to be active, participate in crafts, and play with toys. Our business is not just a fitness center, a daycare, or a recreational center; it is a combination of all of those in one, which is not offered anywhere else in Charleston, WV. We focus on the needs of the citizens, and because this is the fourth most obese state in the country, it is necessary that there is a place that makes “being healthy� a feasible goal. Single working mothers often do not have the time to cook a well balanced meal, workout, and get their kids to workout as well; however our business possess’ those things. It saves time, money and is focused on the needs of our customers. Primarily, we are determined to make this the easiest option with the highest satisfaction. We will attain this by location, availability, and organizational skills. We will be located in the middle of the city in order to make it easily accessible for everybody in the city. As we grow and our profits grow, we will extend our aid by picking up kids from school so that parent(s) can go straight to our fitness center to work out and get their kids in one stop. Secondly, our services will be available from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm week days, (thus we will be open before school ends till late in the evening for convenience purposes) and from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm on the weekends.


These hours make it easy for parents to plan other things throughout the day and still be able to work out. Lastly, our business will be extremely organized in the sense that our programs will run on time, supervision will always be available, and food will always be fresh and ready to order. While possessing all of these qualities we will save time for our customers. Instead of having to drive around the city taking one kid to this gym, while the other to another soccer field across the city, then going to the grocery store to pick up a good meal, we offer all of that in one location. By not having to drive around the city our customers will not have to spend as much gas and will thus save money. Also, the children won’t have to join as many club sports so they will save money from that perspective as well. (See Appendix for pricing)



Marketing Plan

Market research West Virginia is currently ranked third in the country for obesity. This consists of 31.1% of adults and 35.5% of children being obese. Although there are many reasons for this tragedy, we want to make a change in these ratings by making it easy for everyone to be healthy. Charleston, WV has a population of 53, 421 people. Of these people, 13,196 people have a child living in their household that is under the age of 18. Also the number of women with children and without a husband is 1,932. We plan on targeting 10% of both the families and single parent households to join our business. As a realistic goal, we would like to eventually attract 10% of these people in both categories, however for the first year we would like to have 300 families join our fitness center. We will also be taking into consideration the income of the different groups of people that are most likely to join in order to make it reasonable and attainable for them. For example, we are charging single mothers less then we would for families with two parents because we understand that the income level is different. For example, we understand that the average household income is $41, 707, thus we are charging $684 yearly per family, and $522 for single parents. In order to understand our target market on a more enhanced level, we have surveyed our target market and found out what it was that our potential customers would like to see from Mountaineer Family Fitness. All the parents (both single and married) stated that they needed more time in the day to workout and that if our gym could provide quality sports games and activities for their children to take part in, then joining our gym would be in their best interest. Increasing our net income, sponsors and donations is necessary in our business in order to continue the growth of our programs, new equipment, and new classes. We intend to do this by advertisement in the newspaper, television, and letters directly to peoples home. Promoting our business is extremely important as our goal is to make a difference in the health of the current and upcoming generations. Also, we expect the word of mouth to travel with the positive experiences people have which would increase the number of families.


Economics Facts about our industry: 

People are making unhealthy eating choices because it is less costly, however it is detrimental to the population where the obesity rates are increasing. To add onto this, people are working more to make more money and are not giving themselves time to exercise on a daily basis which is also largely contributing to the obesity rates in Charleston, WV.


Our business would be a good fit in a city like Charleston because it meets the needs of the citizens where it saves time, saves money, and promotes a healthy lifestyle.


Barriers that we face when entering this market with our new company: o High capital costs; this includes the purchase of land, buildings, construction, and equipment. o There are already fitness centers around so we will have to divide the market share. o Customer acceptance and recognition will be difficult to attain because we are a new business.

We will overcome these barriers with grants, donations, and membership fees. Also, we will pay off our loans with the fees that are collected. A change in the economy would bring forth a huge issue. If the economy crashed it would be difficult for us to get loans and grants and would make it difficult for us to come up with the money to run our business. To add onto this, people would not have the money to pay for a membership which would leave us with no income. Conversely, if the economy were to improve, we might see an increase in membership due to the feasibility of customers to be able to afford the membership fees.

Product Mountaineer Family Fitness will improve the well being of our members through making it easier to live a healthy lifestyle. The center will offer a workout facility equipped with a cardio room, a weight room, a gymnasium, aerobics room, and locker rooms. A nutritional center will provide nutrition education advice and classes as well


as food available for order. Members can order a partially prepared dinner when they arrive at the center and it will be ready after their workout, put it in the oven when they are home and have a healthy meal ready for their family in a short amount of time. A childcare center will be available for children too young to workout. An educational room will also be available for school children to work on homework and receive assistance if needed. The room will have computers, desks and places to read. The gym will be available for free play as well as volleyball and basketball leagues for children to participate in. After the customer makes a decision on whether they want to sign up yearly or monthly, they will sign a contract stating their decision. This contract will consist of the activities and programs that are available to them according to their contract. There will be no refunds unless there are extenuating circumstances, such as death. We will also keep our customers updated with new programs that will be offered as the growth of our business extends. We will send emails and letters, and make phone calls if necessary to show the customers that we are dedicated to the growth of our business.

Placement Mountaineer Family Fitness 1530 Mountaineer Boulevard Charleston, WV 25303 (see appendix for map) This central location provides easy access to everyone in the city. It is close to the interstate as well as downtown.

Customers Target Market: 

5-18 and 25-54

Female and Male

Charleston WV (Kanawha city, South Charleston, West side, East side, North Charleston, Downtown Charleston)

Average Salary: $41, 707


Middle Class

Typically a better fit for a parent or parents

Competition Our major competitors are other fitness centers such as the Y.M.C.A. The “Y” is known around the country and offers a wide variety of programs. Our other major competitors would be recreational centers. Such centers hold after school programs for children and are usually free. (Names and addresses) YMCA of Kanawha Valley 100 YMCA Drive Charleston, WV 25311 Valley

Quantum Soccer Center 3548 Teays Valley Road Hurricane, WV

Tyler Mountain YMCA 5113 Rocky Fork Road Cross Lanes, WV 25313

South Charleston Community Center 601 Jefferson Road Charleston, WV

Tiskelwah Center 600 Florida Street Charleston, WV

Loudendale Community Center 51 Selbe Ln Charleston, WV

Although these companies have programs similar to the ones we will be offering we are unique in many different aspects. For example, our goal is to have both the parents and children exercising at the same time while the YMCA is not set up in a way to be as time efficient. Also, the recreation center is good for children, but typically does not hold competitive programs and once again is not set up to have the adults working out simultaneously. Also, both of these centers do not offer a healthy meal at the end of the workout. Our indirect competitors would be babysitters. People may feel that it would be easier if they just had someone to watch their kid after school instead of having them sign up for a fitness center, this can be related to money, or the view of how important fitness is in their particular perspective. Also, people may want to hire a personal trainer because it could be easier for them to stay on task and develop a stronger relationship so they feel obligated to workout. Will you have important indirect competitors? (For example, video rental stores compete with theaters, although they are different types of businesses.)


Table 1: Competitive Analysis Factor


Me An easy way to workout, get your kids to workout and eat a healthy meal in a timely manner

Strength Weakness Y.M.C.A **

Adult- $542.00


Recreation center’s

Offers a wide variety of A place for children to sports programs hang out after school, and play games with their friends. Also a place for families to go workout and spend time together. **

Adult- $298.00

Single Parent- $572.00

Youth- $114.00

Family- $759.00

Couple- $409.00

Senior Adult- $440.00

Single parent family$331.00

Senior Family- $549.00

Importance to Customer This is important because customers will only join if the product being offered is something they need or are interested in becoming a part.


Important to the lower and middle level class of the city because they would be tighter with the amount they are willing to spend

Usually small and not very many options in regards to equipment

Important because members want to workout in a clean and safe environment

Family- $499.00 Senior Adult- $49.00


New facility, however because it is a new company everything is new so their may be some glitches


Large building with a lot of equipment, fitness rooms, weights, machines, etc.

Aerobic class, fitness center, weight room, tutoring, house league games, healthy meals.


Classes, variety of options Walking, swimming, People want to be in games (basketball, exercise equipment, productive with their time, volleyball, swimming, running, volleyball, arts, thus the services are etc) and non sports dance, acting, weaving, important activities such as dance.

Market Share


Company Reputation

No reputation as of now because it is a new company

150 Mountaineer Blvd


Charleston, WV 25303


Newspaper, television, and letters directly to peoples homes.




Well known in every city, Do not offer as many high Very important because they open to the community end activities but is want a safe environment for and a great place to extremely cheap. them and their children to workout for a cheap price attend. 100 YMCA Drive

5701 Church Drive

Charleston, WV 25311

Charleston, WV 25306

Television commercials, billboards, website

School flyers

Important to be easily accessible and not far from our customers homes. Peeople may base their decisions off of the advertisement they see on billboards or TV, thus it is important.


The advantages of our company are that firstly, we will have a new facility with new equipment. Secondly, we focus on a healthy lifestyle and offer a product different from our competitors in the sense that we will have activities and tutors for the children, exercise classes for parents, and meals prepared for our customers after they workout. Lastly, we are located in an area highly populated and is an easy place to reach. The disadvantages of our company is that it is more costly then the Y.M.C.A and the recreation centers (because it is a new business, thus we need money to start up), we are not known, and our funds are limited for advertisement purposes.

Strategy Promotion We will get the word out to customers by the newspaper, television, internet and direct letters to people’s homes. We are also expecting word to travel through word of mouth; this is nothing that has to be paid for but is a source of promotion. Advertising: We will use internet pages such as Facebook and twitter to further advertise our company. Also, we will have commercials during sports events and early evening shows. We are using these methods because they are the most used at this point in time. Not many people listen to the radio anymore because they have CD’s and Ipods, however people always find time to watch games on T.V, and those people that are interested in sports are most likely to becoming our customers. All of our methods are relatively cheap, excluding commercial time. If we want to get a quality time it is going to cost us a lot of money. However the other methods such as word of mouth and letters are free or extremely cheap. Another scheme that will work to our advantage is networking. As word of mouth carries on, we can get people to advertise at their office or place of work.



Operational Plan

Each day a front desk employee will open Mountaineer Family Fitness. Not all of our services will be available. Our “Coalinary Center� will be open only from 4 pm to 8 pm. Childcare will only be provided 8 am to 8 pm. Trainers will be available from 8 am to 8 pm. The education center will be open after school from 3 pm to 8 pm and mentors will be available at this time. Class instructors will be available as needed based on class schedule. League referees will also be provided based on the schedule.

Production All of our services will be provided at Mountaineer Family Fitness. Our goal is to keep costs at a minimum to offer services at a price that customers can afford. To offset prices, we would like to apply for federal grants as well as accept donations. We want to provide our services to as many Charleston citizens as possible, even if they need financial assistance. As time goes on and membership increases we hope to add more classes, leagues, and perhaps add additional space to the facility. Our main goal is to provide excellent customer service. As the needs of our customers change we want to change to offer whatever they need. It is imperative that our employees are always warm and inviting so that members have the most positive experience as possible each time they visit Mountaineer Family Fitness.

Location Mountaineer Family Fitness will be located on the east end of Charleston near Laidley Field. This is located near down town so it is accessible to people who work there. It is close to I-64 so that members can easily travel. There are warehouses in the location but after knocking them down there would be plenty of room for our facility as well as parking. The land is currently unused and the city is willing to donate it to Mountaineer Family Fitness. However construction costs and interior furnishings are estimated to cost $2025 million depending on cost of shipping in materials due to gas prices. (See Appendix for location map)


Legal Environment Mountaineer Family Fitness will need to obtain an extensive insurance plan for any incident that might happen to a member. Insurance on the facility as well as the equipment should also be purchased incase it breaks unexpectedly. Fire, tornado and other evacuation plans will be provided to ensure members’ safety. Health regulations will apply to the food preparation as well as the fitness areas. They will need to be clean at all times. Housekeeping will ensure health regulations are always met. The land is currently zoned commercial so we do not need to change the zoning. The trademarks for Mountaineer Family Fitness as well as Coalinary Center have been approved. We own all rights to those names.

Personnel There will be a total of fifty employees employed. They will rotate shifts with 16-28 working at one time based on if it is a peak workout time or not. These will include front desk, fitness center, gymnasium, childcare, education center, Coalinary Center, and class instructors. Three employees are managers. One will oversee childcare and education, one will oversee the Coalinary Center and the last will oversee the gym, fitness center, and front desk. Two employees will be executive managers that oversee the entire Mountaineer Family Fitness. Unskilled workers will be paid minimum wage. Skilled workers and professional workers will be paid competitively based on their experience and work ethic. Unskilled workers include-front desk workers, and gymnasium workers Skilled workers include-culinary workers and childcare workers Professional workers include-Personal trainers, nutritionists, educational moderators Hourly employees will trained by their supervising managers. Front desk workers will be responsible for opening and closing each day as well as answering phones, greeting and checking in members, and assist members. Trainers will answer questions in fitness center, provide guidance to members and provide one on one training sessions. Gymnasium workers will referee games and work the clock. Childcare workers will monitor children and assist them. Education workers will assist and tutor children.


Coalinary workers will prepare food and provide nutritional advice. House keeping will clean the facility.

Inventory Food inventory will be ordered, monitored and recorded by Coalinary Center workers.

Suppliers Our food will be provided by: U.S. Foods 2575 Virginia Ave. PO Box 899 Hurricane, WV 25526 Fitness Equipment will be provided: Precor 20031 142nd Avenue NE P.O. Box 7202 Woodinville, WA 98072-4002


VII. Management and Organization Owners: Lisanne Comeau Julianne Smith

Manger: Childcare and Education

Manger: Coalinary Services

Manger: Gym, Fitness Center, Front Desk

8-10 Childcare 4-6 Education employees

6-8 food preparers 2 nutritionists

3-5 Front desk 5-6 trainers 6-8 gym workers 4-6 class instructors

Professional and Advisory Support List the following: 

Attorney: Timothy L. Mayo 200 Capitol Street Charleston, WV 25301 Accountant: Carolyn Conner 2300 MacCorkle Ave. Charleston, WV 25304 Insurance agent: Christopher Kier 231 Augusta Street Morgantown, WV 26503 Banker Chase Bank 1001 Bridge Road Charleston, WV 25302


VIII. Financial Statements Mountaineer Family Fitness Statement of Cash Flows Projected Year Ended January 31, 2012 2012


OPERATING ACTIVITIES Cash receipts from customers Cash paid to suppliers and employees Interest paid Cash flow from (used by) operating activities

$ 1,517,344 (1,454,794) 62,550

$1,317,236 (1,456,076) (410) (139,250)

FINANCING and INVESTING ACTIVITY Internally restricted for capital Repayment of long term debt Cash flow used by financing and investing activity

(61,100) (61,100)

25 (4,156) (4,131)




Cash (deficiency) - beginning of year




$ (23,302)


$ 545 (23,847) $ (23,302)

$ 8,174 (42,926) $ (24,752)



Mountaineer Family Fitness Income Statement Projected Year Ended January 31, 2012 INCOME Contributions Membership Dues Program Fees Grants Coalinary United Way Investment Income Other Transfer from Reserves Total Income

$1,178,090 $90,203 $25,312 $1,300,450 $75,322 $1,122,988 $139,641 $1,223,809 $201,127 $5, 356,631

EXPENSES Health and Wellness Youth Development Education Coalinary Management & General Fundraising Total Expenses Depreciation

$89,372 $55,769 $41,015 $46,966 $1,708,582 $15,576 $1,957,280 $1.435,567


Mountaineer Family Fitness Balance Sheet Projections 2012


Assets Current Assets Cash in bank Accounts receivable

$10,000 -

$1,012,710 $14,040

Prepaid expenses Total Current Assets

1,500 $11,500

1,500 $1,028,250

Fixed Assets Training Machines Furniture

$346,000 $150,000

$660,000 $150,000

Total Fixed Assets



TOTAL Assets



Accounts Payable



Long-term Debt Bank loans payable



Total Liabilities



Liabilities and Equity Current Liabilities

Owners' Equity Retained earnings – beginning Retained earnings – current

$507,500 -

Total Owners' Equity

Total Liabilities & Equity

$507,500 $290,610 $798,110




RATES: Family (Husband and wife with children under 18) Joiner's Fee: $75 Monthly Draft: $59.50 1st Year: $759 Prepaid Early: $684

Adult (19 and over) Joiner's Fee: $50 Monthly Draft: $43 1st Year: $542 Prepaid Early: $492

Single Parent (One parent in household with children under 18-Designed for unmarried, divorced or widowed situations.) Joiner' Fee: $50 Monthly Draft: $45 1st Year: $572 Prepaid Early: $522

Senior Adult (60 and over) Joiner's Fee: $50 Monthly Draft: $34 1st Year: $440 Prepaid Early: $390

Senior Family (Husband and wife both 60 and over) Joiner's Fee: $75 Monthly Draft: $41.50 1st Year: $549 Prepaid Early: $474





Brochures and advertising materials


Industry studies

Population in July 2009: 50,267 Males: 23,435 Females: 26,832

(46.6%) (53.4%) Number 53421

Percent 100.00%

Sex and Age Male Female

24906 28515

46.62% 53.38%

Under 5 years 5 to 9 years 10 to 14 years 15 to 19 years 20 to 24 years 25 to 34 years 35 to 44 years

2961 3087 3145 3096 3265 6707 8220

5.54% 5.78% 5.89% 5.8% 6.11% 12.55% 15.39%

Charleston Population:


45 to 54 years 55 to 59 years 60 to 64 years 65 to 74 years 75 to 84 years 85 years and over

8345 2791 2381 4564 3545 1314

Median age (years)


15.62% 5.22% 4.46% 8.54% 6.64% 2.46%

18 years and over Male Female 21 years and over 62 years and over 65 years and over Male Female

42378 19303 23075 40442 10797 9423 3405 6018

79.33% 36.13% 43.19% 75.7% 20.21% 17.64% 6.37% 11.27%

Relationship Total Population In households Householder Spouse Child Own child under 18 years Other relatives Under 18 years Nonrelatives Unmarried partner In group quarters Institutionalized population Non-Institutionalized population

53421 51751 24505 9533 13196 9966 2114 830 2403 1196 1670 833 837

100.00% 96.87% 45.87% 17.85% 24.7% 18.66% 3.96% 1.55% 4.5% 2.24% 3.13% 1.56% 1.57%

Households by Type Total Households Family households (families) With own children under 18 years Married-couple family

24505 13616 5799 9533

100.0 % 55.56% 23.66% 38.9%


With own children under 18 years Female householder, no husband present With own children under 18 years Non Family households Householder living alone Householder 65 years and over

3512 3319 1932 10889 9537 3562

14.33% 13.54% 7.88% 44.44% 38.92% 14.54%

Households with individuals under 18 years Households with individuals 65 years and over

6333 6985

25.84% 28.5%

Average Household size Average family size

2.11 2.82 

Map of Location

Close access to interstates, just minutes from downtown, and near Laidley Field

Mountaineer Family Fitness  

This is the business plan Lisanne Comeau and I produced for our small business class

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