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THE LA SERNA GAZETTE LA GACETA DE LA SERNA News and Culture through our voices Noticias y Cultura a travĂŠs de nuestras voces

JUNE 2014 JUNIO 2014

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Editors and Contributors/Editores y Colaboradores Anika Michel (English Teaching Assistant) Class of 3ºB (3ºB de la ESO) Miguel Cendrero Alberto Rivas Mónica Flores Roncero Andrea Álvarez Lucas Marta Trigo Murillo Roberta Daiana Raducanu Iván Gómez Rodríguez Miriam Alonso Villares Diego García Gutiérrez Carlos Méndez Abellán Victor Boese Marina Fernández Plaza Claudia Marin Azuaga Carla Mena Pacheco (Cover Artist/ Diseñadora de la Portada) Lydia Rubio Elisabeth Sanchez Irene Vigil Sandra Montero Perez Miriam Miguel Ruano Cristina Rodríguez Álvarez James Henkel (English Teaching Assistant) Emma Holloway (English Teaching Assistant)


2013-2014 SCHOOL YEAR

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CURSO 2013-2014

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Themes …… News / Actualidad

7-10 …… Opinion / Opinión 11-18 ……Our teachers / Nuestros profesores 19-27

… Creative writing / Escritura

28-29 ……Trips / Viajes 30-34 …… Arts and cultura / Bellas artes y cultura 35-36 …….Sports / Deportes 37-43 ……Life after Bachillerato / Vida después del Bachillerato

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CASBEGA CLOSING FOR GOOD? María Martínez and Marta López, 3ºB The Coca Cola Company has become a well-known brand across the world.This soft-drink was the most consumed during the 20th century, and also the most popular. Nowadays this product is sold in more than 200 countries. The Coca Cola´s factory in Fuenlabrada has more than 400 workers. The boss of this factory is José María Sánchez López. It´s located in the industrial zone of Fuenlabrada and it´s known by the name of “Casbega.” It´s considered a reference factory because of its innovative techniques. The factory is 250.000 square meters wide, making it the biggest Coca Cola factory in Europe. This factory is used for manufacturing the soft-drink and distribution across central Spain. Casbega is closing due to labor cost, as they will get more benefits if they change the location. In the past, the factory only produced its products for the center of Spain. But now, it´s allowing other factories to produce the same products in the same zone, taking away from the exclusivity of the Coca Cola´s factory of Fuenlabrada. The workers say that they don´t understand the reason for the closing because, this factory has always had benefits. “We weren´t given any compensation for dismissal. Lots of us have been working for the factory for many years of our lives and we should face living expenses,” said one worker who chose to remain anonymous. “The media and labor union don´t support us because of the huge inversion of money that Coca Cola has wasted in commercials.” another worker said.


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SAVING HEALTHCARE IN FUENLABRADA Lidia Vigil Noguerol, 3ºB Healthcare in Fuenlabrada, nowadays, is a complicated topic for the town. A lot of bad stuff has happened to the public service. First, a few years ago, a disease called Leishmaniasis invaded the city. Those who were infected came to the hospital looking for help, which was imposible to give because this disease was not typical in Europe and the hospitals do not have the cure. What does this illness consist of? Well, first, a protozoan called Leishmania starts growing inside animals, such as opossums. Then a female mosquito called Flebotomo bites this animal and gets infected and the disease continues to grow inside this particular bug, and then it bites other animals (dogs, mostly) or people. There are three types of the disease, but all of them have different symptoms. But all of them can lead to ulcers on your skin. It was strange to see this illness in Europe, so a lot of people got infected because of the absence of cures. Here it was such a crisis for doctors and healthcare, and it was provoked by the hares that lived in Bosque Sur. So two years ago they were all killed to stop the spread of the disease. Moreover, the goverment of Madrid wanted to privatize healthcare, to earn more money from the citizens. All the workers in this sector and most of the doctor and nurses, all of whom were Fuenlabrada locals, fought with civil disobedience. Many protests and strikes took place in the city and around Madrid such as “La Marea Blanca” two Sundays a month in Madrid. A lot of people do not really know much about this topic, or about all the work that has been done. This year a doctor has obtained an award for her work on the healthcare. It took place on Human Rights´ Day. And I am proud to say that the doctor is my mother, Mar Noguerol. “Healthcare is not a service, it is a right. It is something that we need, it is something that we deserve and it is something that we cannot live without. Fighting for it is what we should do; it’s fair and it’s the right way,” she said.

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THE “DIGNITY” WALKOUT Nicole Rabi Serrano, 3ºB On the 22nd of April, thousands of people went to Madrid to join in the strike of the dignity. The dignity walkout was composed of 35 strikes, all asking for a change in the society and government. “The street is the place where we can be heard,” were the words which strikers used to describe the motivation of the dignity walkout. And the truth is that nowadays there are a lot of things that citizens do not agree with, such as the new laws related to education and healthcare. There is also the controversial topic, the abortion law. ´They forbid you to make your own decision,” said one woman who is against the new law. The dignity walkout took place on Saturday afternoon around the entire city. As in most strikes, a lot of policemen were trying to prevent any trouble. They did not succeed and there were about 101 people injured in the fight between strikers and policeman, which is something that is becoming very common. This type of situation demonstrates how the internet has helped to group more than a million people together, sending a message on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook, and how all of them got together in a city. A lot of people came from Galicia , Asturias, Castilla…all of them have travelled hours by car to join the strike. They don´t know if it was worth it, and they will see if things change over time.


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Domestic Violence Iván Fernández and Jorge Bernal, 3ºB Domestic violence is an issue that is widely debated. Currently around 4,000 women are at risk of being assaulted by their partners and around 1,500 men are at this risk too. However, we think that more importance is given to male violence compared to the one that women can exercise on their partners. It is true that there are more cases of violence against women, but the both of them have the same severity. From our point of view, psychological abuse towards men is not very different from that experienced by women. It is less likely that a man will bring this issue to light or even ask for help due to the fact that society has few taboos, one in which the image of a man should be strong and “superior” to women (although most people do not want to recognize many prejudices that still exist). Moreover, it would probably hurt their pride to confess their situations. We want to make people aware that whoever is being mistreated, the domestic violence by itself is already a very serious act and if anyone knows a case of abuse, you must advise the person who is being abused to report it. And if you can´t persuade him or her, you must report it yourself. Those affected are able to rely on family and friends as they pass those moments when they feel inferior, or they can even go to a reintegration center where they can be helped. We also want to advise both women and men that if they detect any minimum signs of violence toward themselves, they can always turns to some psychological treatment with a specialist to help to solve the behavior of their partners or directly go to the police station to report it.

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Rap Music Natalia Martinez, 3ºB Rap is a form of hip hop music that first appeared in the 1960s in New York. The first rap singer was Sugarhill Gang with his song Rapper's Delight. Nowadays there are a lot of white rap singers, but years ago only black people could be rappers. Eminem is a good example of the changes in rap music because even though he is white, he has had a lot of success in the music industry. He first became interested in rap music because his uncle Ronnie made him listen to a rap song that changed his life. As rap music grew and expanded, a new term was invented to refer to rap artists. The word is MC, which means “master of ceremonies.” Rap music is very important to me because when I have problems, I listen to rap songs and I feel better. I also like it because it is a different type of music; it hasn't got any rules. A rap artist can say whatever he or she wants, and some of them say things that other people don't say because they are scared. A lot of people say that rap songs are only made up of bad words, but for me it is more than that. They also link people who listen to rap music with violence and prisons but that isn't true. In rap I love two things: -The ''Battles of the cocks,'' a concert in which the singers are divided into groups of two and they freestyle (their lyrics are improvised), and the winner is chosen by a judge. The public also has an opinion. They participate by moving their hands and cheering if one of the rappers humiliates the other. -The ''Freestyle.'' There are two differences between this and the ''Battles of the cocks''. The battle of the cocks takes place inside a building, whereas the freestyle takes place in the streets. Another difference is the judging; in the freestyle there isn't a judge, because there isn't a winner.


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The Global Classrooms Experience Miguel Cendrero and Alberto Rivas, 3ºA One day, when we returned from our summer holidays in September, we went to English class and the teacher presented us with a new project called “Global Classrooms.” This is an activity that consists of preparing 10 students from bilingual schools, assigning them countries, having them take on the role of delegates, and introducing them to issues and topics affecting the world in order to have a debate. The person who taught us about this activity, apart from our English teacher Jesús, was a Fulbrighter coming from the United States named Anika. After an intense trimester of hard work and preparation, in which we practiced writing position papers, opening speeches, and learning the rules and formalities of this project, the teachers had to choose 10 students to represent countries, and defend their opinions and ideas to solve some issues affecting those countries. We think that it was difficult for them because all of us did very well and were very prepared. When they said our names, we were shocked but really happy to have the opportunity. We were put in pairs and each was assigned a country. During Christmas, all of us did very intensive research on these countries. Apart from researching, we had to write a lot of essays based on this information called ‘position papers.’ We remember that the first drafts were a disaster and we started to hate them because they were exhausting, difficult and it seemed we didn’t improve, but that changed with the time. When Christmas finished, we returned to our Global Classrooms’ classes that consisted of a review of our papers and what to do at the conference. We became very nervous, but at the same time happy and excited. The day of the conference arrived, and we were all at the train station laughing at each other because of our suits and dresses. After a long trip,

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This was the best day of our lives! we arrived at a really big and beautiful building called CRIF Las Acacias. Anika tried to calm us, but we were still very nervous. When it was finished, Anika and our teacher told us that they were very proud of us. One week later, Anika came to our Social Science class and told us good news; we were selected to move on to the next conference! We got up in the middle of the class and hugged each other; we were very excited. We were given the topics but, it was not until a few days later when we received our countries. This time we had only 3 weeks to prepare the information and ideas needed to defend our country so we did a very intense research. Our English teacher gave us an option: he would give us extra classes in the afternoons to help us with researching. Anika brought us sweets and chocolate in one of our Global Classrooms’ classes to motivate us because we were feeling overwhelmed by the project. The research was hard and we were stressed from pressure. A few days later, us, Global Classrooms’ students had a surprise for Anika to return the favor, we brought her sweets and cookies in the middle of the lunch break. We were motivated and excited for the next conference. First, we had to go to the opening ceremony, which took place at the Asamblea de Madrid. Listening to people that we had never heard of give speeches was a little boring, but we felt professional there. The next day was the day of the final conference, which was harder than the first because the most prepared students from all over Madrid were there. In the second conference we felt more comfortable and less nervous than the first one because we went through this before and it was easier .When it ended, we went to the Asamblea de Madrid again for the closing ceremony. They gave out the awards in the different committees. When they reached the second committee of our topic (Access to Medication), they said: “And the award for the best delegation goes to… Pakistan!” We all stood up and hugged each other because our partners, Mónica and Laura, won this award. This was the best day of our lives! When it finished, we went to a restaurant called “100 Montaditos” to eat something to celebrate the day. We are all happy because this experience is perfect. We are much closer now, we have been in the Asamblea de Madrid, and we all know how to write a position paper. Not everyone can say that they have had this experience.


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Isabel Guillén, English Jose Tejero and Jorge Lopez , 3ºB Isabel Guillén was born in Germany, and she arrived to Spain when she was a year and a half old. She studied English philology in the Complutense University. “I only want to be a teacher,” she said. She later lived in France for six years, and she was a secretary for eight months in the Union International de Chemins de Fer. Nobody influence her to be a teacher; she only wanted to be a teacher of secondary school. She loved mathematics but she didn`t major in it because she was afraid of failing. She also studied German for two years. She has travelled to France, Germany, Italy, the United States, Romania, Bulgaria, Belgium, Holland, and Brazil. The travel to Bulgaria was for pleasure, the travel to the United States and Ireland was to learn English. His husband works in Romania and she has two sons. “I didn`t decide to have children, but when I had one I thought that one was insufficient.” One son is eighteen years old, he is in secondary school and he loves to play sports. Also he is playing for a football team. The other is fifteen years old and he is also in secondary school. He is studying at the secondary school of Leganes. He is also playing for a football team. She doesn´t have any plans for the future, but she would like to travel through all of America.

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Luis Díez, Language Celia Martos and Irene Gomez, 3ºB Most people at IES La Serna know Luis Díez as an interesting teacher, but not many know how he became the person that he is today. Luis Díez was born in Zamora at the end of a snowy month of March. He was born two months before expected. His mother had difficulties with childbirth; the doctor wasn’t in the village so his mother had to go to the city to give birth. But “here I am”, he said. Luis has two siblings, a sister who is the oldest and a brother younger than him. He spent his childhood in the village where he was born, located in the north part of the province of Zamora. When he was 18-years-old, he left his village to go to Madrid to study Spanish philology at university. It is interesting to know how he became a Language teacher in a high school. “A degree in Spanish studies doesn’t provide many job opportunities so I decided to be a teacher,” Luis said. He also thinks that as his behavior is a bit theatrical, which is linked to a teacher’s life. Luis believes that the pupils are actors and the teachers are too. “Life is a play. We are just actors who have a role in this world,” he emphasized. In his fourth year of college he had to join the military service, which made him move to Barcelona. When he finished serving, he completed his university studies. “I had a year off and then I started working in a high school preparing students for their college entrance exams. After that I worked in five or six high schools,” he said. He was asked which people had influenced him along his life. “Women had influenced me a lot and some of my friends too,” he said. He also admires Agustín García Calvo, “this person was like my teacher, but he’s not with us anymore.” Luis Díez likes travelling. He has visited the center of Europe, New York, South America and the north of Africa. “New York surprised me a lot. I think the city has a lot of secrets.” He is a Spanish language teacher, but he is also a writer. He has published eight books of poetry. Some of them have been entered in some poetry contests. “If I win I’ll be famous,” he joked.


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Jesús Espejel, Technology Lara Hernández and Eva Álvarez, 3ºB Jesús Espejel is from Madrid, Carabanchel, exactly. But now he lives in Boadilla del Monte. He has two brothers and five sisters. Espejel started studying at the university at 19-years-old, and he got his degree in Physics at the Complutense University of Madrid. But he decided not to further pursue the career and started working in industrial engineering, because he liked machines and cars. To become a teacher, he had to study a CPA (Course of Pedagogical Adaption), and is now teaching at the I.E.S. La Serna as a technology teacher. He also speaks English and French fluently, and he could teach in French, but he hasn´t had the opportunity yet. Espejel’s decision to become a teacher was really that of his wife, because they needed time to take care of their daughters and they would arrive home late. “In my childhood, I liked to teach people, this was also a reason of why I am now a teacher. “ Espejel said. He said that his mentors were his father, his wife and his older brother. When asked about his plans of the future, and he said “My plans are to enjoy the living.” Espejel thinks that teaching technology in English is a good way to teach and to learn. ‘’Bilingualism is a good thing. Spanish people are ashamed of talking in English, and it could help them,’’ he said. He gets on well with his partners, and he thinks that this school is very good because parents are aware of their children´s education, and it is important.

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Charo, French Paula Lanza and Sandra González, 3ºB IES La Serna’s French teacher, Charo, is not only really amusing but also sympathetic. When she was child, she went school but wasn´t keen on studying. So her mom always helped her and her siblings study while she was preparing the dinner in the kitchen. Her favorite subjects were all related to writing or telling a story, like History, Language, and French. When she was younger she used to think that some teachers were against her, as most students do. But nowadays, being “on the other side” as she said, she understands the actions of her teachers in those moments. “Now, I agree with them. It is really difficult to have a class of 30 students without shouting,” she said. In fact, Charo never thought that she would end up being a teacher. “I would have liked to be paratrooper or something like that. But I couldn´t since I´m not able to do those kinds of exercises, but I have to say that I used to like it since I enjoy getting my adrenaline going. I also would have liked to have a job related to theatre or about performing.” When she told her parents that she had taken a job as a teacher, they weren´t disappointed. They were even bright and cheerful because they thought that their child was already “safe from the economic crisis.” She wouldn´t have problem keeping a good and comfortable life, with a rent or a house, and she wouldn´t have problems purchasing vital things like food and clothes. She hasn´t made a great deal of her travels, but she considers them to be really interesting. One of them was of course to France, which she cites as the one that enabled her to speak really good French, with a perfect pronunciation. Another trip made her see that although she knew a lot of French in Spain, when compared with the French that she used while travelling, was nothing. “That trip made me see, that if you want to have a good control of a language, it is not enough to stay in your own country. In order to learn the rules of that language, you need to travel a lot, hear it a lot, and practice a lot.”


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Charo, Francais Charo, professeur de Français à l'"IES La Serna". Elle est vraiment amusante et elle est aussi compréhensive. Quand elle était petite elle est allée à l'école mais elle n'aimait pas vraiment étudier. Alors, sa mère l'aidait toujours à étudier ainsi que ses frères en même temps qu'elle préparait le dîner dans la cuisine. Ses matières préférées étaient celles qui étaient en rapport avec l'écriture ou le fait de raconter quelque chose, c'est à dire, l'Histoire, l'Espagnol ou le Français. Les Mathématiques étaient aussi très importantes mais elle n'y faisait pas très attention. Quand elle était jeune, d'habitude elle pensait que les professeurs étaient contre elle, de même que beaucoup d'étudiants le pensent aujourd'hui. Mais à présent, étant donné qu'elle se trouve "de l'autre côté", comme elle dit, elle comprend la manière d'agir de ses professeurs. "Maintenant, je suis d'accord avec eux, car c'est vraiment difficile de se trouver dans une classe avec 30 étudients en face, et qu'il n'y ait pas de cris", dit-elle. En fait, Charo n'a jamais imaginé qu'elle deviendrait professeur. "J'aurais aimé être parachutiste ou quelque chose de similaire, mais je n'ai pas pu parce que je n'étais pas capable de faire cette sorte d'activités. Et je dois dire que si j'aurais aimé faire ça ce n'était que pour avoir la sensation de l'adrénaline qui monte. Aussi j'aurais aimé avoir un travail lié avec le théâtre." Au moment qu'elle a communiqué à ses parents qu'elle allait travailler comme professeur, eux, ils n'ont pas du tout été déçus, plutôt au contraire. Ils ont été très contents et satisfaits parce qu'eux, ils ont pensé que leur fille avait déjà réussi son avenir". Qu'elle n'aurait pas de problèmes, elle se trouverait à l'aise avec un salaire ou une maison. Et qu'elle pourrait acheter de la nourriture ou des vêtements. Elle n'a pas beaucoup voyagé, mais elle croit que c'est très intéressant de le faire. Évidemment elle a voyagé en France, ce que lui a donné la possibilité de pratiquer et de parler bien en Français, avec une bonne prononciation. Mais dans ses premiers voyages elle a constaté que, malgré ses études de Français en Espagne, elle connaissait beaucoup moins de la langue française qu'elle n'aurait imaginé. "Ces voyages m'ont permis vérifier que, si vous voulez bien parler une autre langue, ce n'est pas assez d'étudier et de rester dans le propre pays. Pour bien connaître les normes d'une nouvelle langue, vous devez visiter le pays, écouter beaucoup la nouvelle langue et la pratiquer et la parler aussi beaucoup."

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Julio, Music Eryk Zukowski and Jose Antonio Macheño, 3ºB Julio is a teacher at IES La Serna. He teaches music in English. He lives in Madrid, Chamartin to be exact. He has got five siblings, he´s married and has a son. His childhood was very happy and active. Julio didn´t want to be teacher, but he became one because it is a safe job. “You always earn money,” he said. Before becoming a teacher, he worked in a lot of places and jobs. At university, he studied geography but later he discovered that his real passion was music. He has travelled to a lot of countries, such us France, USA, Mexico, Russia, Italy, England, Argentina, and Senegal. He wants to live in Brazil, because according him, “they are always playing music and there are very pretty girls in all of the places.” But Bolivia and Gambia were his favourite countries because there are very friendly people there. He considers Johann Sebastian Bach to be his idol, but he likes Sostakovich too. He loves cars. Now he has an Opel Astra, but he said that if with he won the lottery, he would buy a Koenigsegg. He also said that the 66´ Ford Mustang is the most beautiful car ever. He has got four phobias: Acousticphobia (phobia of noise), Anatidaephobia (fear that you’re being watched by a duck), Luposlipaphobia (fear of being chased by a wolves and running around a kitchen table with socks in a wax-finished floor) and Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (phobia of large words). In the future he wants to form a Jazz quintette with some good musicians. He plays a lot of instruments, but his favourite is the flute and he is learning to play the saxophone.


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Manuel Villalba, Language Mónica Flores Roncero and Andrea Álvarez Lucas , 3ºA Manuel Villalba, the Castilian language and literature teacher at La Serna, reflected on his experience as a teacher and as a lover of languages. Villalba was born in Fuenlabrada and studied at La Serna. “I had the privilege to study here at La Serna to do my baccalaureate, and the Universitary Orientation Course,” he said. Villaba studied Hispanic Philology in Complutense University of Madrid, one of the universities with the highest quality of education in Spain. “I have been a very hard working student, a language student since the very beginning. And I really enjoyed almost everything that I learnt. I had high qualified doctors in high school and university,” he said. Villalba never had a clear idea in his mind what he wanted to be in the future. “I did not think about what I wanted to become in the future, but what I liked to study,” he said. He always liked the camp of Classic Philology and History, deciding in 2003, his last year at university, that teaching would be his vocational profession. He adores his job and he does not want to change it. “It is wonderful, the best part is the relationship with the students, you learn a lot, really. Also as time passes, you see the changes in society through them. It is something marvellous, I enjoy this very much and especially in my subject, Castilian Language and Literature, is to see that there are pupils motivated by something that you are excited about,” Villalba said. He loves his job and he would recommend it to people that have the vocation to “teach something.” "I am a serious and passionate teacher when it comes to focusing on what must be taught and I think it makes you a better teacher, although I try every day. As a person I am normal and ordinary, another person from Fuenlabrada." He also thinks that in school, teachers teach us to be free. "There is no worst chain than ignorance and there is no worse slavery than that of the ignorance."

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Manuel Villalba, Lengua Mónica Flores Roncero y Andrea Álvarez Lucas, 3ºA Manuel Villalba, profesor de Lengua Castellana y Literatura de nuestro instituto, nos habló de su experiencia como profesor y como amante del mundo de las letras. Natural de Fuenlabrada, estudió en La Serna “ Tuve el privilegio de estudiar aquí en La Serna el bachillerato y el Curso de Orientación Universitaria” y luego estudió Filología Hispánica en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, una de las universidades con más calidad educativa de toda España. “He sido un estudiante bastante aplicado, un estudiante de letras desde el principio, y que disfrutaba mucho con casi todo lo que me enseñaban; he tenido muy buenos profesores tanto en el instituto como en la universidad”. Nuestro profesor nunca ha sabido a ciencia cierta la profesión que quería ejercer en su futuro, “Nunca he tenido claro lo que he querido hacer, pero sí lo que me gustaba,” él ha dicho. Siempre le ha gustado el ámbito de las humanidades y la Filología Clásica, decidiendo en el 2003, su último año de carrera, como vocación profesional, la docencia. Su puesto de trabajo le es tan satisfactorio que ni lo cambiaría. “Es maravilloso, lo mejor es el trato con los alumnos, aprendes muchísimo, muchísimo ; también a lo largo del tiempo ves en ellos los cambios en la sociedad, es algo maravilloso a mí me gusta mucho y en mi materia: Lengua Castellana y Literatura ver como hay alumnos que se entusiasman con algo que a ti te entusiasma”. Le encanta su trabajo y lo recomendaría a personas que tuvieran algo de vocación por “enseñar algo.” “Soy un profesor serio y al que me apasiona lo que enseña y al que me gustaría ser mucho mejor profesor, aunque lo intento cada día. Como persona soy normal y corriente, un fuenlabreño más.” Además considera que en el instituto se nos enseña a ser libres “No hay peor cadena que la ignorancia y no hay peor esclavitud que la de la ignorancia.”


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Bellum Marta Trigo Murillo, 3ºC “Veinte de febrero de dos mil sesenta y ocho. Hoy hace frío, pero parece un buen día para ponerse en marcha. No van a pararnos”.“Veinticinco de febrero de dos mil sesenta y ocho. Es triste que no se den cuenta de que nos están destrozando. Deberíamos ser una sociedad avanzada, inteligente, consciente, pero, aunque pasen los años, ellos no cambian. No gobiernan por el pueblo ni por sus necesidades, ni si quiera por las suyas propias. Usan el poder para sentirse superiores, para esclavizarnos. ¿Y nadie piensa hacer nada? Bueno, yo sí. Y haré todo lo que sea preciso y posible para acabar con ellos”.“Tres de marzo de dos mil sesenta y ocho. Ya está hecho. Hoy he sido cómplice de la muerte. Pero es una sensación demasiado gratificante como para dejarme llevar por remordimientos. Sí, les he quitado algo preciado, igual que ellos nos lo quitan todo. Y lo mejor de todo es que no me arrepiento”. –leyó en voz alta el jefe de los agentes Lafaard, paseándose de un lado a otro de la habitación. –“Firmado: Held Besparen”. ¿No te parece que todo esto es suficiente para demostrar tu culpabilidad? Desde la calle se oían gritos de protesta, silbatos, y, en general, un gran alboroto. Hubo un ruido sordo, un par de disparos, y más gritos. Ella se removió inquieta en la silla. Un escalofrío recorrió su cuerpo y erizó el vello de su piel tras oír los disparos, y su mirada permanecía fría, distante, ausente, y, sobre todo, perdida.

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Sin embargo, su rostro reflejaba una gran tranquilidad, aunque, sus ojos, abiertos como platos, aportaban algo de locura a su expresión. Bajó la cabeza, intentando no cruzar la mirada con ninguno de los agentes Lafaard allí presentes. Sostenían en sus manos grandes armas, algo más grandes que simples metralletas, con incontables botones y luces que parpadeaban, y pantallas con pequeños mapas interactivos tras la culata. Se podría decir que parecían de juguete de no ser porque estaban fabricadas de un material similar al cristal, lo que les daba un aspecto sofisticado y frío. La sala tenía un aspecto sombrío y casi siniestro, y el gran ventanal situado a la izquierda de la joven no ayudaba, pues el día era gris. -¿Held?-dijo el agente Lafaard, tratando de llamar su atención. -¿Qué?-preguntó ella, despistada, y sin interés. -¿Has escuchado lo que acabo de leer? ¿Sabes lo que es? -No-contestó, cortante, observándolo con curiosidad. Todos los agentes Lafaard presentes en la habitación permanecían alerta, pero él parecía tranquilo. Vestían uniformes de color negro y azul, y alrededor de sus cinturas colgaba un cinturón ancho donde guardaban armas más pequeñas, dispositivos de comunicación con más luces intermitentes y utensilios de una tecnología avanzada que ella jamás había visto. Todos ellos llevaban un casco que les cubría la cara por completo, salvo la zona de los ojos, que estaba cubierta con un cristal opaco y resistente. Todos, menos él, que, de hecho, no se veía cómodo con su uniforme, lo que daba la seguridad de que estaba frente a hombres y no robots preparados para matar. Él suspiró.

Este fragmento es de una narración escrita por Marta, quien ha ganado un premio en un concurso de literatura! Enhorabuena, Marta!


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Mi álter ego Roberta Daiana Raducanu, 4°C Perdida en la inmensidad Derrota de una sola piedra Lucha incontrolable Contra el fracaso y la pérdida Buscando un futuro Desaprovechando el presente Recuerdo de un pasado Que trastorna mi mente Tranquilidad inmersa En un abrir y cerrar Sale a la luz La triste verdad Es el sueño en pesadilla Es la cruda realidad Es la triste fortuna Con intenso final

Lucha por seguir Por no abandonar Por huír derecho Y no mirar atrás Trabajo impaciente Sin recompensa firme Batalla de pocos Venganza de miles Ver para creer Pero creer sin vista Cuando el porvenir es duro Aceptar la conquista Llorar de tristeza Recordar el dolor Sonreír por lo bueno Luchar por amor

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La Alegoría del Amor Iván Gómez Rodríguez, 1°C Érase una vez una isla, donde habitaban todos los sentimientos: la alegría, la tristeza y muchos más, incluyendo el amor. Un día, se les fue avisando a los moradores, que la isla se iba a hundir. Todos los sentimientos se apresuraron a salir de la isla, se metieron en sus barcos y se preparaban a partir, pero el Amor se quedó, porque se quería quedar un rato más con la isla que tanto amaba antes de que se hundiese. Cuando, por fin, estaba ya casi ahogado, el Amor comenzó a llorar, ahí fue cuando una voz le llamó: - Ven, Amor, yo te llevo. Era un viejito y el Amor estaba tan feliz que se olvidó preguntarle su nombre. Al llegar a tierra firme, le preguntó a la Sabiduría: -¿Quién era el viejito que me trajo aquí? La Sabiduría respondió: - Era el tiempo. -¿El tiempo? Pero, ¿por qué solo el tiempo me quiso traer? La Sabiduría respondió: - Porque solo el tiempo es capaz de ayudar y entender el amor.


Page 23/Página 23 Creative Writing Escritura

La Alegoría de la Esperanza Miriam Alonso Villares, 1°C En casa de los García se vivían momentos de felicidad y alegría. Un nuevo miembro había llegado a la familia. Ana, la mayor de los hermanos, se había convertido en mamá. Había tenido una niña preciosa, morena y regordeta. Tras una noche de espera en el hospital, por fin vino al mundo. Toda la familia estaba alegre y llena de emoción por el nuevo ser que acaba de llegar a sus vidas. Pero la alegría se vio manchada por el dolor y la pena. Ana, la madre de la preciosa bebé, había sufrido mucho en el parto y había perdido muchísima sangre. Los médicos lucharon por la vida de la querida Ana, pero no pudo superarlo y murió en el parto. La familia García vio como su alegría se apagó por la tristeza de perder a Ana y solo pudieron superar esa enorme pena porque les quedaba una parte de ella, su bebé. Por eso lo mejor que pudieron hacer es querer a esa hermosa niña, a quien le pusieron el nombre de Ana, el nombre de su madre.

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La Llegada del Mal Diego García Gutiérrez, 1°C Tras lo ocurrido hace 3 años en el Castillo del Olvido todo fue más fácil en todos los mundos Ciudad de Paso, Bastión Hueco, Tarzán, isla del Destino y todos los demás -Kairi, Sora venir aquí- dijo Riku preocupado¨. - ¡Eh tu quien eres! – dijo Sora con fuerza. -Soy Roxas tu incorpóreo Sora-dijo Roxas. -¿Y qué haces aquí? –dijo Sora poniéndole su llave espada en el cuello. -Vengo a pediros que me ayudéis-dijo Roxas. -¿Por qué, que te ocurre?- dijo Kairi con tono de preocupación. -Mira ¿recordáis a la organización 13?- dijo Roxas. -¡Cómo no! La que destruimos hace 3 años- dijo Sora recordativo y rabioso. -No destruisteis ni un cuarto de ella, pero bueno no he venido por eso yo soy uno de ellos, pero ahora están combatiendo entre ellos y están destruyendo nuestro mundo podéis ayudarme a pararlo-dijo Roxas. -¿Para qué vamos a ayudarte? Si la organización lo único que ha conseguido ha sido matar y matar- dijo Sora. -Ya por eso salvarlo, porque la organización tenía a muchos mundos como rehenes y si ganan los malos destruirán todos los mundos que puedan-dijo Roxas. -Vale. Llévanos para allá-dijo Sora -Prepararos partimos mañana. Quedamos aquí-dijo

Adaptación de Kingdom Hearts: Obiblion de Diego García


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La Ardilla Carlos Méndez Abellán, 1°C Erase una vez en el conocido parque Central Park una bonita ardilla que paseaba alegremente entre las maravillosas hojas caídas, por la presencia del otoño, en la Gran Manzana. Pero un buen día, la ardilla, que ya se sentía sola, decidió ir a buscar a más amigos animales y encontró a muchos animales, pero solo quisieron ser sus amigos un león, una jirafa, un hipopótamo y un tigre. A partir de ese día todo cambió. Al ver tantos animales sueltos, los del zoo del Central Park decidieron llevarlos a este. Los animales no querían pero los dardos tranquilizantes los llevaron. Pero los animales parlantes, hicieron un plan para salir de allí. Por la noche, fueron todos al sitio del león y por allí se escaparon, salieron del Central Park y decidieron ir a Times Square. Allí entre tanta gente se sintieron raros, pero les daba igual. Después se dirigieron hasta el Empire State, pero no se les ocurriría otra idea que intentarlo escalar. Les costó mucho pero eran tan valientes y fuertes que llegaron a la cima. Después bajaron y cuando estaban casi abajo el hipopótamo se cayó. Después miraron hacia adelante, y vieron esa bonita Estatua de la Libertad y nadaron hasta ella. Ahí acabó la aventura. Esa misma noche volvieron al zoo, ese sitio tan horrible para ellos, pero se prometieron que otro día irían a cualquier otro lugar y a lo mejor para no volver.

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Eres tú. Filosofía Victor Boese, 2°A Bachillerato Eres tú la filosofía, según dicen, amor a la sabiduría. Más es para mí; mi alma encendida, una razón, una forma de vida De la Naturaleza engendraste por los clásicos aquellos sabios, llamados presocráticos como el de la lucha de contrarios y del que todo fluye, ese al que llaman Heráclito Estos griegos llegaron a creer que sólo había una substancia aunque no hubo concordancia ellos la denominaron : Arché. Agua sería para Tales; Anaxímenes confiaba en el aire; lo indefinido y siempre cambiando es el ápeiron de Anaximandro Llega Sócrates con su verdad que es inmutable y universal, siempre en lucha con los sofistas: para ellos verdad relativa Si quiero mentar la razón, del maestro nace Platón. Quien arraiga sus pies en la tierra y su alma a un mundo de Ideas. Desde el controlador de ambos mundos (ese semidios, ese Demiurgo)

critica el nuevo discípulo: Aristóteles, con su monismo Destaca también su actitud para hallar la felicidad mediante los hábitos y la buena virtud en el término medio la encontrarás. Tanto el amor como la felicidad como la belleza natural lo atribuyen a ser más divino San Agustín y Sto. Tomás de Aquino Es en la edad moderna, y no antes cuando tomo conciencia de mi mismo es el francés, Renée Descartes quien me dice que pienso, y si lo hago, existo muy a pesar del genio maligno ¿Cómo entender, si no hay esencia? pues con las ideas y sus relaciones junto con cuestiones de hecho que me forjan mis impresiones Hasta llegar a la hora de Kant y su pensamiento lleno de críticas a la razón , a las ideas y sobre todo a la metafísica. Tanto tu acción, como tu modo de ser están influenciados por el amor al deber


Según avanza la historia cambian las prioridades. Nunca hay igualdad ilusoria nos dividimos en clases sociales, cada uno con su ideología seas dueño o proletario en función de tu economía te quedarás o no alienado.

Y al final se repite todo o eso dice el eterno retorno. Deshazte de la tradición aferrándote al vitalismo pasa por el camello y el león y desemboca en la inocencia del niño.

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Al fin y al cabo puedes escoger: entre resignación y voluntad de poder. Eres tú mi filosofía definitivamente: AMOR A LA SABIDURÍA

MI PASO POR EL INSTITUTO Andrea Álvarez Lucas, 3°A ¿Mi paso por el instituto? Bueno mi madre lo resume en “Es feliz allí.” Mi primer año fue diferente, un año que nunca olvidaré. Pese a mis ganas de entrar en sección bilingüe debido a cuestiones burocráticas no pude entrar, mas ese año en programa estuve muy a gusto y aprendí casi más inglés que en toda mi vida. Los profesores que tuvimos querían que fuésemos trabajadores y persistieron en su propósito todo el curso. En aquella clase el compañerismo era el denominador común. Además en lo extraescolar me fue bastante bien, quedé finalista en el Primer Certamen de Cortos Movilisaction “Si yo fuera presidente” con mi vídeo sarcasmo, una experiencia gratificante. Cuando acabó el curso recibí una noticia maravillosa, debido a mi gran esfuerzo y apoyo de profesores y familia pude entrar a la sección bilingüe. Ese curso los profesores intentaron enseñarnos que todo lo que aprendíamos no era sólo para aprobar sino para nuestra vida cotidiana. En un principio me costó entenderme con mis compañeros pero evidentemente cuando la gente tiene buen talante acabamos por entendernos, hoy por hoy me siento una más de ellos; como si siempre hubiera estado allí, claro también hay que entender que para convivir conmigo se necesita mucha paciencia. Ese año en cuanto a lo académico me fue todavía mejor, sobretodo en el inglés. Ese año volví a quedar finalista en Movilisaction con “Héroes anónimos” y gané un premio accésit en el concurso literario del instituto. Ahora curso tercero, y es una maravillosa continuación de segundo. Ha sido un curso difícil y en el que más me he esforzado pero ha dado sus frutos. En cuanto a lo académico eso es todo, lo que no se suele decir es que dentro del instituto, me he sentido querida y apoyada; y nunca tendré modo de agradecerlo lo suficiente, también he tenido que aprender a sobreponerme a pérdidas importantes. Espero que los años venideros nunca tenga que volver ese dolor y pueda seguir disfrutando de estas magníficas experiencias que me han hecho crecer como persona.

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The Trip to Ireland Marina Fernández Plaza, 3°A Hello everyone, my classmates and I back from Ireland! You probably are wondering how we enjoyed the trip. We stayed there for a whole week with different families that hosted us in their houses. The first day we got the flight at Barajas airport and we arrived at Dublin Airport around midday. Then we took a bus that left us near the school where all families were waiting for us. This day was completely for free time because we were so tired from such a long day. We have had a good experience in Glendalough during the second day. Glendalough comes from "glen of two lakes". There we visited the two lakes, the Round Tower, the Poulanass Waterfall and other monuments in ruins. Although the weather wasn’t favourable, we enjoyed it a lot! The third day we went to Dalkey Castle and we had our first day of class. At Dalkey Castle we saw a performance about people from a historic era and learned a lot about history in Ireland! Dublin was a good place to stay and we had fun there on the fourth day. Our guide Marc guided us along the city; we visited monuments, shops and the Garden of Remembrance. It was especially built to pay homage all the Irish people who died while fighting against the English for independence. The fifth day we went to Dublinia, where we learned more history but this time we focused on the Vikings during their stay in Dublinia. Afterwards, we visited the Christchurch Cathedral, its chapels, and its crypt. On Thursday we went to Howth, a harbour where we tried Fish & Chips. As the weather was terrible we had to come back home sooner than we planned. On Friday we had our last day of school and a free afternoon to go shopping. We all received a certificate indicating we have completed a course in Ireland. That night we went to a local spot where we danced to Irish music! In my own experience I can say that I had a really good life lesson in Ireland. I recommend that all of you travel abroad as much as possible because you can learn a lot about different cultures. Every student that participated on the trip is really happy because everything went smoothly!


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Exploring Dublin Claudia Marin Azuaga, 3°A I´m an aspiring world traveller, and last week I had the opportunity to visit a new country- Ireland. We took off on Saturday, May 17th from Barajas, en route to Dublin airport, where we landed after a two-hour flight. After collecting our things, a bus took us ti Dun Laoghaire, (the village where the school and the majority of the students were) where our host families were waiting for us. My classmate and I went with our host mother, Carole, to the place that was going to be our home during the week. After eating, we went with Carole for a walk around Dun Laoghaire. She explained to us interesting things, such as the meaning of Dun Laoghaire (Dun: fort, Dun Laoghaire: fort of Laoghaire). Later we returned home, had dinner and went to sleep after a very long day. On Sunday, we went to Glandalough, or "Glen of two lakes," which is a monastic settlement. There, we watched a video about the history of the settlement, and we had a visit around the place. We saw the churches and the graveyard, the Round Tower, and the two lakes. They also told us the story of why the shamrock is the symbol of Ireland. It is because St Patrick wanted to teach Christianity, so he took a shamrock and said that each leaf was a part of the Trinity (the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit), and the three together were only one thing (God). So as the shamrock has three leaves but it´s only one plant, was easy for him to explain Christianity with a shamrock. Monday came and we had our first day of school. We had class from 9 o´clock to 1. After class, we had an hour for lunch and at 2, we went on our excursions. The first destination was Dalkey Castle. We saw skits and performances, with actors dressed as people from the historic era, explaining things to us. We also made some coins with old tools. On Tuesday morning, we had class and another excursion. This time, our excursion was a walking tour of Dublin city. In the city, we saw the Monument of Light, (a large, stainless steel, pin-like monument) which was built in the place where Nelson´s Pillar was located before its destruction in 1966 because of a bombing by former IRA members. We also saw Trinity College but very fast because it was raining and we were very wet so we returned home to change clothes. Finally, the day to return home arrives. In the morning, we did all our packing, and afterwards some of us went out for our last walk in Dun Laoghaire. We ate at home, and at 3 o´clock, we said goodbye to our host families and we caught a bus to the airport. When we landed in Barajas, we were exhausted, but it was a very interesting experience for everyone and we had a lot of fun.

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“Every revolution begins with a spark” Manuel Polo, 3°B “Catching Fire,” the second film of the famous 'The Hunger Games' trilogy , premiered on November 22nd 2013. Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence, has won the 74th hunger games along with Peeta Mellark played by Josh Hutcherson, and they return to their homes. But now they have to do the 'Victor's tour' around all the districts. During the tour, Katniss senses that a revolution against the Capitol is beginning. So President Snow prepares the 75th hunger games (Quarter Quell), a special version of the games, in which both the females and males winners of all the districts must fight again. Katniss and Peeta must fight against winners stronger than those from the 74th hunger games, like Finnick Odair played by Sam Claflin and Johanna Manson played by Jena Malone. New characters, a new battlefield with a jungle, new amazing surprises like the announcement of the wedding of Katniss and Peeta, and an awesome soundtrack with groups like Coldplay and Imagine Dragons will shock you! The film was well received by critics, with a score of 89%. Catching Fire earned $424,557,150 in North America in the first days of release. It has been nominated for many awards and has won the People's Choice Award for ''Favorite Year End Movie,'' and the song ''Atlas'' by Coldplay (a song from the soundtrack) won the Hollywood Film Awards for ''The Best Song.'' It is a spectacular film, even better than the first film (“The Hunger Games”), with an amazing cast and awesome special effects. Moreover, we can see romantic scenes of Peeta and Katniss and dramatic scenes. It is a film that everyone should see because it can teach us that you can get what you want if you work hard.


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300:THE RISE OF AN EMPIRE Javier García and Santiago Roldán, 3°B Fans of the film “300” finally got the sequel they wanted on March 7th. The Queen Gorgo tells his men about the Battle of Marathon, in which King Darius I of Persia was assassinated by General Themistocles of Athens. The son of Darius, Xerxes, witnesses the death of his father, and was advised not to continue with the war, and that “only gods could defeat Greeks.” The naval commander of Darius, Artemisia, says Darius’s last words were indeed a challenge and Xerxes sends you on a journey through the desert. Xerxes finally comes to a cave and bathes in a liquid form another world, emerging as the “King God”. He returns to Persia and declares war on Greece. This movie is the sequel of “300,” but it was not made by the director who made the first movie. It was directed by Noam Murro, and the script was written by Zack Snyder, Kurt Johnstad and Michael B. Gordon. Most of the actors that starred in this movie, are the same ones who acted in the prequel, like Gerard Butler (starring as Leonidas), and Lena Headey (starring as queen Gorgo). In June of 2008, Mark Canton, Gianni Nunnari and Bernie Goldman, revealed that they were working on a sequel for “300” called “300: Battle of Artemisia” and the movie had the provisional title “Xerxes”. It is expected that there will be a third movie released in 2016, which will tell the story of the Battle of Platea. Like its prequel, the film takes many historical licenses that distort significantly the performance of Athens, Sparta and other Greek cities during Medical wars, beginning with the battle of Artemisium and ending with the Battle of Salamina. In our opinion it’s bound to hit some viewers as an empty exercise in stylish gore, as “Rise of an Empire” is a step down from its predecessor.

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The Wolf of Wall Street Alfonso Rodrigo and Jesús Perez, 3°B The Wolf of Wall Street is a mixture between a slapstick comedy and a costume drama. If you want to know why this film is good continue reading the following review. The film takes place in the 1990s, and it is set in New York. The characters are Jordan Beltfort, Donnie Azoff, and Naomi in the lead role. Jordan is a New York stockbroker who runs a firm that engages in securities fraud and corruption on Wall Street. He is married to Teresa Petrillo, but when he sets up an office, and he earn many millions of dollars, he becomes a drug addict and he meets with prostitutes. A few months after he divorced Teresa, he marries Naomi, a pretty girl who met him at a party. He purchases a mansion and a big luxurious ship. Then the FBI starts to look for him because of fraud; he sold stocks for a cent. He began claiming that they were the best enterprises, and he went to Switzerland looking for his money. Jordan then tries to retire in Italy, but soon he has to go to London because his Aunt Emma has died. But during in the middle of his journey, his ship breaks and he, Naomi, Donnie and his wife all have to be rescued. Finally all the people from the office go to prison because of fraud. But they are rich so they live still live a good life even though they are imprisoned. After going to prison Jordan decided to deliver speeches on his sales techniques with a slogan ¨sell me this pen.¨ The best character is Jordan, who is played by Leonardo DiCaprio. With this film you learn that you can do great things with only a few things. To sum up I highly recommend that you watch The Wolf of Wall Street, as you will be on the edge of your seat throughout the entire film.


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MUSIC MAKES THE YEAR IN MADRID Begoña Saéz and Esther Sánchez, 3°B CONCERTS This year, there will be many concerts taking place in Madrid. The lineup includes many international music groups. The indie rock band, The Lumineers, will playing in la Rivera the 9th of July. The legendary British band The Rolling Stones will pass through Spain on their new tour, “14 On Fire.” The tickets were sold out the same day that they were put on sale. The band will be playing in Santiago Bernabéu Stadium on 25th of June. The Rolling Stones had sold more than 200 million albums worldwide and, after 50 years of recording and touring, still giving “Satisfaction.” Pop star Miley Cyrus has included Madrid on the European leg of her “Bangerz” tour after her album’s success. She will sing in Palacio de los Deportes on 17th of June. The British boyband One Direction will be here in Madrid and they will have two concerts as part of their “Where We Are” tour on the 10thand 11th of June in the Vicente Calderón Stadium. On the 20th of June, the “Neox Rock” will take place in Parque de la Marina. The main band of the festival will be the famous punk-rock group The Offspring, which will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of their album “Smash.” It is still unknown which other bands will be playing at the festival. Upcoming concerts:

Jessie J Ed Sheeran Nach Extremoduro

May 31st November 25th May 30th June 21st (Leganés)

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COCA COLA MUSIC EXPERIENCE Sonia Pulido Bonilla and Miriam Daimiel Acedo, 3°B Last October, we attended an even that went down in history as the best concert ever in the world of Spanish music. The Coca Cola Music Experience’s annual concert came with one of the most complete lineup of Spanish pop and it brought fans together from all over Spain. The Palacio de los Deportes in Madrid was an ideal place for the legendary concert. There were singers and bands who were confirmed and others who were a total surprise to the public. All accompanied by Tony Aguilar, the Top 40 (Los 40 Principales) radio announcer, who was the master of ceremonies. The first to perfom was Mario Jefferson, one of the surprise artists. He is a Spanish singer who made his first appearances on the well-known TV program called ‘Operacion Triunfo.’ After him, the Spanish girl group Sweet California filled the place with their wonderful voices. Later, it was the turn of DJ Danny Romero who knew what public wanted. He made us dance with his ‘Agachate’ and ‘Motivate.’ Rasel, the Sevillian who became famous thanks to Carlos Baute, sang his famous song with another surprise of the night, Jadel, the winner of the TV competition program called ‘El numero uno.’ Both got on perfectly on stage. The last opening act was one of the headliners. The Spanish boy band, Auryn, appeared ascending to heaven. They got the absolute success. This one-hour concert was magical and unforgettable for many of us. After their performance came another surprise, Pablo Alborán was there. He didn’t leave anybody unmoved with only 20 minutes, taking into account that he was one of the headliners of Coca Cola Music Experience 2012 and he could complete a concert. The bar could not be higher for those who were going to close this music festival. The British boy band, The Wanted, made us dance and get excited with their famous songs and even let five lucky girls up on stage with them as they performed ‘Heart Vacancy.’ This music festival was great. The CocaCola Music Experience showed once again to be designed for fans, which give life to these artists.


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EL CLÁSICO Laura Villanueva and Rocío García , 3°B The soccer match between Real Madrid C.F. And F.C. Barcelona took place in the Santiago Bernabéu stadium on March 23rd. This annual match in Spain is called ``El Clásico´´ It was an important match because both teams, Real Madrid and Barcelona were competing for first place in the Spanish League. The match finished with a result of 3-4 in favor of Barcelona, which caused a lot of controversy. The first part of the match was very balanced because the marker was equal and both teams reached the goal easily. Although Andrés Iniesta scored a goal a few minutes after the match started, Real Madrid knew to react and Karim Benzema scored two goals very fast. But it didn´t help much because before the break Leo Messi scored the second goal for Barcelona, leaving the game more tied. A few minutes after the second half started, Cristiano Ronaldo scored the third goal for Real Madrid because of a penalty after a tackle from Dani Alves. When the match was in a good moment, Sergio Ramos was benched and the referee called a penalty in favour of Barcelona. Leo Messi kicked the ball and he scored, obtaining the tie of the game. Real Madrid noted the absence of Sergio Ramos and ten minutes before the end of the match, the referee tooted another penalty in favour of Barcelona because of a tackle by Xabi Alonso on Andrés Iniesta. Leo Messi shooted the penalty and took the win for his team. It was a match with a lot of controversy because the penalty in favour of Real Madrid was out of the area and the dismissal of Sergio Ramos was unfair.

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FORMULA ONE Abraham Muñoz and Aitor Fernández , 3°B Formula 1 On Friday, March 15th, a new Formula One championship began in Australia, on the race track of Albert Park. This year, there are new rules in Formula One for drivers and teams. The cars have a new V6 engine substituting the V8 engines of the last years. In this first race, the teams had to demostrate the work that they had done during the preseason. The group that demonstrated the work the engineers had done was Mercedes F1 Team, developing excellent cars. In the classification, the Spanish driver Fernando Alonso scored the 5 th position; in front of him were Lewis Hamilton (1st), Daniel Ricciardo (2nd), Nico Rosberg (3rd), and a new driver Kevin Magnussen (4th). In the race Kevin Magnussen finished in 3rd position, Daniel Ricciardo in the 2nd position, and the winner of the race was Nico Rosberg. But Daniel Ricciardo had to get out of the race, because he consumed a lot of fuel, so the rest of the drivers won a position. Fernando Alonso finished 4th getting 12 points, and becoming the 4th in the ranking of the championship. The following race took place on March 30th in Malaysia.

MALASYA F1 GRAND PRIX Last weekend the Malaysia grand prix was celebrated at the Kuala Lumpur circuit. It was the second race in this season and, as usual, there was very strange weather. On Saturday, the qualification challenge was held, in which the fastest one was the Hamilton with the Mercedes team. Alonso, one of the favorites to win the championship this season, was the fourth one.


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Lydia Rubio I am Lydia and I am 17 years old. I was born in Leganés but I live in Fuenlabrada. I am studying baccalaureate at La Serna High school and I have also completed my secondary school studies at La Serna. With regard to my interests, I love music and I like swimming. In the future I want to study medicine in order to help people with illnesses. One of the most important things I have learned during my time in high school is that when something doesn’t go your way and you fall, you have to go on and pick yourself up. As Steve Jobs said, “failure is the key to success for so many great people.” Another thing I have learned is that you can help other mates, but with limit yourself and do so carefully, because people can take advantage of your work. After my graduation, I ´m going to have the best summer of my life. I want to travel a lot, rest, and visit friends who live in other places. However, I would like to have a part-time job in order to earn money. I want to study medicine at Compultense University of Madrid , where it is said that there are many good professors and where people gain a lot of knowledge. If my marks are not good enough, I would like to study something related to health or research, such as studies about cancer. When I finish university, I will give my all in order to be awarded a scholarship and then I will do a master’s in a foreign country. For example, I would to go to USA. In my humble opinion, La Serna has prepared me in a good way. I have learned a lot of things and I have met amazing people too. Finally, I think that I am prepared to do many things on my own, so I believe that some of my teachers are proud of me.


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Elisabeth Sanchez Hi, I’m Elisabeth, and I’m in my second year of baccalaureate in the health science branch at I.E.S. La Serna. I’m very interested in nature. I love animals and music. I have been at this high school for six years and I have learned so many things that will help me in the future, like being polite to my teachers and classmates, and studying hard if I want to get the best marks. In June, I will be finished with high school. After this deserved vacation, I will go to the Complutense University of Madrid to study zoo keeping and aquarium management. I’m so excited to start it because I love animals and I’m sure that this degree will change my life. When I finish my studies I would like to work in the Zoo Aquarium of Madrid or in Faunia because wildlife facilities have some of my favourite animals, such as elephants and monkeys. Also, I would like to go to Africa as a volunteer, helping people who don’t have any resources and live in bad conditions. Over the past few years, I have learned a lot of things that are related to what I want to do in the future. For example, in music with my teacher Cristina, I practiced music theory and, in biology with Marta, Encarna and Elena, I learned very interesting facts about living things. I have also learned a lot in mathematics, chemistry, and physics. My teachers have given me some good tools that will allow me to have new knowledge in my next studies. For these reasons, I think that the years I spent in high school have been beneficial in preparing me for my academic future. I’m very happy with my time at IES La Serna.

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IreneVigil My name is Irene Vigil and I am a student in my second year of baccalaureate [bachillerato], with a concentration in science. When I was in my fourth year of secondary school, I chose to study science because I thought I could find a job easier. Also, the most important and prestigious degrees are in science. But now, two years later, I can say that it does not matter which degree you choose, because all of them are interesting and beautiful. You have to choose what you really want and not think about the economy. Your choice will stay with you for the rest of your life, so you have to think about it a lot and take your time. In my case, I can say that I've learned many things about very interesting subjects in my time as a baccalaureate student. I recommend my specialization in baccalaureate because I think it is the most complete and stimulating of all of them. Now, I am finishing my studies and I will be in university in just five months. I have not got many plans, as I still have not decided which academic discipline I will study. But I cannot wait to start university. September is arriving soon. I want to meet new people, live with another group of people, and continue to grow as a person. On the other hand, I will miss high school a lot, especially my friends, classmates, teachers, classes. When I leave high school, I will leave behind a part of myself. At university, I can no longer be a child or a teen. I will have to be an adult, and sometimes that can be hard. Another goal of mine is to go to another country to improve my English, to learn about other cultures, and to learn other languages. My favourite destination would be Italy, but I also love Ireland. I prefer European countries, although it is true that USA is the most attractive country in the world. When I finish university, I will have two goals: to find a job that I like and to be happy. I think that will be easy.


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Sandra Montero Perez Hi, I am Sandra and I am a baccalaureate student in my last year at IES La Serna High School. I came to La Serna six years ago. My time here has been so great, but I want to finish. This year, 2ยบ of baccalaureate, is has been the most difficult. I have learned that if you study and work hard you can obtain good marks. Baccalaureate is difficult but not impossible, and if you work you will pass. When I finish this year I will do PAU (exams to enter university). After PAU's exams I want to work for three months in my village. In September I hope to start university. I want to study nursing and afterwards I want study to be a midwife because I love babies. When I came to this high school I didn't know what I wanted to study, but in my fourth year, my biology teacher helped me figure out my goals. Thanks to Marta, discovered that I liked biology and now my dream is be midwife in Salamanca. My best high school memories are the trip to London, the student exchange that gave me the opportunity to go to Prague, and my ESO graduation. If I had to choose the best aspect of these years, I would choose the people I have met and some teachers who have taught me a lot. I will definitely return some day to visit the High School and the teachers. I think that high school is a very important stage in our lives and we will always remember it. But the most important part of our life is about to start and I am ready for it.

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Miriam Miguel Ruano Hi, my name is Miriam and I'm a student in my second year of baccalaureate. I've been at La Serna since I started the first year of ESO. I like to go shopping, hang out with my friends, and play sports. The sport that I like and practice most is rhythmic gymnastics. I also like reading and watching television. I have learned to work with other people that I did not know before. When I started high school, I only knew my friends from primary school. In high school we change classes, meet new people, and make new friends each year. I have also learned to respect the ideas of other people. After my graduation, I want to enjoy the summer and, in September, I would like to start University. This summer I would like go to the beach and relax. I think that the students of second of baccalaureate need holidays because this year was very hard. I would like go to attend the University of Alcala, the Autonoma University of Madrid, or Complutense University. I want to study biology and, when I finish my undergraduate degree, I will do my Master’s. When I finish my degree, I would like to find a job as a scientist or I would like go to the US or Germany to find a job. But I would prefer find a job here in Spain. When we are in high school, our teachers help us to be better in every way. We spend some time with them and they help us discover our strengths and weaknesses. They know how we can improve our qualities. A student at La Serna is very responsible and very respectful, as well as polite, and is persistent with his or her studies. These qualities are what have helped me to achieve my goals.


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Cristina Rodríguez Álvarez My name is Cristina Rodríguez Álvarez and I am 17 years old. I was born in Leganés, Madrid, and I have lived in Fuenlabrada since 1996. I think I am a curious girl, so I like reading books, watching films, and going swimming with my friends and family. At IES La Serna, I have learned much important things for my future. I think these two years have taught me that I have to fight for what I want and strive to do my best. Another thing I have learned is that change is not bad because you can meet many new and wonderful people. So maybe these years taught me to be a better person with the others. After my graduation I want to continue studying, because I think that it is the best thing that I can do. Also, I want to study to be an educated and bright person, and perhaps a better dentist to make my parents proud. I think that I love the world of teeth because when I was eight years old I had a great experience with my dentist. So since that moment it has been my dream job. Ever since I was a child my thoughts have always been to go to the university and study to be a dentist. So if I could choose, I would go to the University of Alcalá because I have spent time there with my mother´s family. I will finish university in 2020, so afterwards I want to continue studying to get the best training in dentistry. Also I want to travel around the world, visiting new countries and meeting new people. I think that my experience as a student at La Serna has prepared me for the next few years. Also, this stage helped me to have much more confidence in myself. My family has always supported me. So I think that this stage helped me to be a more focused person.

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