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Dete ecting Corporate Drug Problems before e it Cost You™ ™   

“Substance use is s a national problem m and it’s yo our workplace is ssue. Detect D it quick k before e it costt you” DRUG ADDICTION A N at the Wo orkplace The factt that som me people use substa ances such h as alcoho ol or illicit drugs, or that some pe eople misuse prescrip ption drugs s is not new w. The awa areness tha at the abus se of substances may affect a the workplace w just as th he workplace may afffect substance abuse is s, howeverr, increasin ng in accep ptance. Ma any aspects s of the workplace to oday require alertness, and accurate and quick q reflex xes. Impaiirment to these qualities can cause serious accidents,, and interffere with the accurac cy and effic ciency of work. w Other ways w that substance abuse a can cause c prob blems at wo ork include e:

a include gen neral The occupations with the heaviest number of drug addicts uction worrkers and sales pers sonnel. laborerrs, services, constru People involved with drug gs are: • • • • •

33% less produc ctive than other o emplloyees es more lik kely to file a worker’s compensation claim 5 time 3.6 tim mes more likely l to be e injured orr injure a co-worker c 2.5 tim mes more likely l to ha ave excessive absenc ces 3 time es more lik kely to be la ate for worrk

27, Jalan Prima Impian n 2,  Taman P Prima Impian, 52100 Kualaa Lumpur, Maalaysia | Tel:603‐3273643 35 | 

Dete ecting Corporate Drug Problems before e it Cost You™ ™ 

Impact of Addictio on in the Workplace W s done fo or a Drug-Free Wo orkplace report tha at employees who test Studies positive e for drugs were 60 percen nt more liikely to be respons sible for plant p acciden nts, use a third more sick leave, an nd have many m morre unexcu used absences. Up to 40 percen nt of industrial fatallities and 47 percen nt of indus strial injuries can be lin nked to alccohol consu umption and alcoholissm. 64 perccent reportt that drugs have advers sely affecte ed their job b performan nce, 44 percent say they t have sold drugs to o fellow em mployees and 18 perrcent say th hey have stolen s from m coworkers to support their drug habit. h Sympto oms of Drug Abuse at a the Work kplace   

nconsisten nt Work Quality. Q In P Poor conce entration. L Lowered Prroductivity y.

          

In ncreased Absenteeiism. M Mistakes. E Errors in Ju udgment. N Needless Risk R Taking g. E Extended Lunch L Breaks or Early Departtures from m work. p personal financial prroblems. A Avoidance of colleag gues. B Blaming Otthers for Problems. P C Complaints s about prroblems att home. D Deteriorati on of appearance. C Constant illnesses.

OBJECT TIVE of a Drug D Free Workplace W e ome more productive, p s show up on n time, makke good deccisions, and d “Workerr’s will beco employe ee turnover should deccrease”. Why Drug Testing g in Your Company? C  Testing T help ps screen new employyees  Iff other companies are drug testing, who will drug userss seek for employment e t?  Helps H with post-accide p nt analysis  Can C assist in n defending g a claim- must m prove drug use as a the proxim mate cause e  Suspicion S sting will only o be reliable when n it is done e properly. Three asp pects to Drug tes reliable drug testing: 27, Jalan Prima Impian n 2,  Taman P Prima Impian, 52100 Kualaa Lumpur, Maalaysia | Tel:603‐3273643 35 | 

Dete ecting Corporate Drug Problems before e it Cost You™ ™ 

1. Strict S collecttion procedures 2. Proper P Testing Procedures 3. Random R nottification Occasio on for Drug g testing  Pre-employm P ment / New w Hire  Reasonable R suspicion verified by trained sup pervisor  Post-accide P nt with acciident includ ding fatality, off-site me edical atten ntion require ed, property and d/or vehicullar damage e beyond a specified amount. a BENEFIITS of a Drrug Free Workplace W Cost Sa avings/Ben nefits of Ou ur DFWP Program P  In ncreased safety  Im mproved productiviity  Reduced R Theft   

m / Tardiness Reduced Absenteeis R A R Reduced Healthcare Cost Im mproved Morale

Our DFW WP Progra am Compo onent     

Drug-Free Workplace D W P Policy S Supervisor Training T E Employee Education E E Employee Assistance A D Drug Testing g

MASH OSH O SERV VICES – Ab bout Us We at MASH OS SH Services believe e that em mployers need n to trreat the drug d menace e at work k quick an nd in acco ordance to o local by ylaws and d policies. We partnerr with em mployers and a emplo oyees and d collaborrate to de esign policies which outline o wh hat is an acceptable e code of behavior b a and what is i not. We ass sist to esta ablish a prrocedure or o policy so s that he elp can be provided in a profess sional and consisten nt manner in drug of abuse at the wo orkplace. It is importa ant for su upervisors s and managers to o have a resource or proced dure that they can re ely on if the t need arises. We W train em mployers to know that everyon ne will be e treated the same way. Pre-plannin ng, as forr many other o

27, Jalan Prima Impian n 2,  Taman P Prima Impian, 52100 Kualaa Lumpur, Maalaysia | Tel:603‐3273643 35 | 

Dete ecting Corporate Drug Problems before e it Cost You™ ™ 

occupational hea alth and sa afety issue es, is the best way to avoid confusion c and frustrattion in tim mes that arre already y difficult. We edu ucate managers an nd superv visors in how h to re ecognize and a deal with substan nce abuse issues and em mployees should be offered d educational program ms. We have a wide ran nge of drug testing kits, training and consulttancy serv vices.


27, Jalan Prima Impian n 2,  Taman P Prima Impian, 52100 Kualaa Lumpur, Maalaysia | Tel:603‐3273643 35 | 

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