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MATCH BOOK SERIF one by four studio


One by Four Classification: Display Categories: Retro Keywords: tall, rounded, narrow Title: Matchbook Version: 1.000 No. of Characters: 189 Designed by:

Matchbook Serif is a simple and functional typeface designed in serif. It includes all accented characters and works beautifully in larger scales.  This typeface fully executes simplicity and intricate design, as the font is nicely crafted but minimally rendered.

Š 2009, Brian Haines, One by Four

TYPEFACE 0123456789 ABCDEFGHIJ KLMNOPQRS TUVWXYZ abcdefghijk lmnopqrstuv wxyz!“#$%&‘ ()*+,-./:;< =>?@[\]^_

DESI GNER one by four One By Four is a unique design studio based in South Florida founded by four longtime friends. Brought together by their appetite for art and design, they united their diverse talents into a single identity. Specializing in small business, fine art, and personal brand design, One By Four develops intuitive, user-centered web experiences and pixelperfect graphics, iconography and collateral.

fourm i n d s e x p e r i e n c e d i n i l l u s t r a t i o n , b r a n d i n g , p h o t o g r a p h y, a n d w e b f u s e d i n t o onev i s i o n a r y c o l l e c t i v e .



type. matchbook

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