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Wasco Union High School San Gorgonio Pass Campus Huron Elementary School Valley Oaks Charter School Kingsburg High School Goldenrod Elementary School Oro Grande Elementary School Grimmway Academy School Oakhurst Elementary School Woodrow Wallace School San Jose Elementary School

From plant to site

Providence High School Barstow College School Riverside Prep School Liberty Intermediate School Temescal Canyon High School Carl Smith Middle School Einstein Bros Bagels Transbay Transit Terminal Wellness Center @ Jordan High School Jefferson Elementary School Health Clinic Gage Northeast Community Clinic CSU Bakersfield Engineering Building

JTS Modular featured in T he M o du l ar E qua liz ers JTS Modular has emerged as one of California’s top modular-construction firms by matching the results of site-built construction. By Lisa Ryan Modular buildings are hallmarks of most campuses, providing permanent, high-quality, cost-efficient solutions for schools and companies in need of additional space. And since its inception in 1998, JTS Modular, Inc. has cornered this market in Southern California. The company, based in Bakersfield, California, was formed as an affiliate of JTS Construction, a general contractor specializing in school construction. “JTS identified a significant quality gap between what it was building as a conventional-building contractor and what modular-building manufacturers were building,” company president Phillip Engler says. “We asked ourselves why school districts would demand such high quality in their conventional buildings but accept such low quality in their modular buildings. We discovered that the answer was that school districts didn’t have a choice; there was a lack of modular manufacturers in the market building to those exacting standards.” JTS aims to provide its clients with permanent modular structures that have the same 50-year life span and architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical design elements of conventionally built structures. The firm also oftentimes couples its innovative work with JTS Construction to provide a complete project solution for customers. “[The difference] between modular construction and conventional construction is only in the process of construction,” vice president of sales and marketing Adam Engler says. “For us, the product is the same in either case—both in quality and aesthetics.” Modular construction also saves the owner 30–50 percent and cuts the construction time in half, he adds. Thanks to its strong reputation, the company easily acquires both new and repeat business, working with an array of different schools across California. “The success of the company is really pretty simple,” Phillip says. “We find out what the customer really wants; customize a plan to deliver that; and keep our promises regarding quality, timeliness, and cost.” One of the firm’s recent projects called for a partnership with JTS Construction to build a new elementary campus for 850 students in the Kerman Unified School District. The project entailed 46,000 square feet of permanent modular classrooms, a 10,000-square-foot permanent modular administration building, and a 13,000-square-foot multipurpose building. “We designed the modular buildings and matched the modular administration building to the architect’s original design,” Adam

American Builders Quarterly c on t in ued top 4 advantages of modular engineering in an educational setting The school districts save 30-50% on construction costs because materials are used more economically and construction time is cut in half compared to conventional engineering. The projects are aesthetically pleasing, oftentimes passing for conventional buildings. Modular engineering incorporates and results in innovations including concrete floors, photovoltaic solar paneling, and slab-on-grade buildings, to name a few. Contemporary modular construction is so high-quality that structures built using it have a 50-year lifespan equal to those done with site-built construction

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says, noting that they were able to save the school district $5 million.

JTS has also worked extensively to provide modular solutions on multiple projects For the Oro Grande School District. “Oro Grande is a perfect example of how our projects develop into long-term relationships,” Phillip says. “We consider it the highest form of compliment to be invited to do another job for a customer.” In addition to classroom wings and other modular facilities, the company also has recently completed construction on four complete campuses. The projects included charter schools, public schools, and a community college campus, and they were completed over the span of a year, each of them ready in time for a fall 2011 opening. Reflecting on its success in the modular field, the company says it’s most proud

jts modular at a glance Bakersfield, California 1998 80-120 Innovative, high-quality, custom modular solutions

location founded employees


of the fact that many people can’t even tell its buildings are modular. “Our favorite comment — and one that we hear on nearly every job we do — is that our buildings are indistinguishable from conventional site-built structures,” Adam says. “Very often we hear, ‘I’ve been by this building so many times and would have never guessed it was a modular building.’”


Modular originally began as a division of JTS Construction over a decade ago. The catalyst for our origins was a

project involving opening a school which was lacking cooperation for the modular manufacturer and their failure to deliver their product on time. Once it got there, it was a “crappy” building. Our challenge at that time was simple for us: provide a higher quality, more attractive, custom-built modular building on-time and on budget. In other words, provide the client what they needed when they needed it, within budget. In their words, “excellent customer service!” Our focus then, as it is now, is on you, the customer. We do not manufacture cheap, standard box-like buildings by the hundreds. Our staff is dedicated to matching the quality, longevity and appearance of site-built buildings while achieving dramatic cost savings and timely delivery through the efficiencies of factory building systems. We don’t stand still in our pursuit of the new generation of permanent, modular buildings. Our designs include many innovations developed by us. It is an exciting time in our industry; the marketplace now realizes that permanent, modular structures are truly the affordable, high quality building system of the future. Come see our product line for yourself. Plant tours and student field trips are always encouraged. At JTS Modular, we will continue to lead the modular industry to newer and higher standards of excellence.

there is no better way

to build than

JTS Modular.


Projects classrooms, restrooms, concessions, administration buildings, full campuses, kindergarten buildings, multipurpose buildings, computer labs, science labs, commercial buildings, medical clinics

Wasco High School • Mount San Jacinto College-San Gorgonio Pass Campus Huron Middle School • Valley Oaks Charter School • Kingsburg High School

Whatever your needs, we are ready,

willing and able to help you fulfill your vision. We want to be more than just your contractor.

We want to be your partner.

wasco high school [WASCO, CALIFORNIA] wasco union high school district

nine [30' x 32'] classrooms


San Gorgonio Pass [BANNING, CALIFORNIA] mount san jacinto college four [30' x 32'] classrooms

huron middle school [HURON, CALIFORNIA] coalinga-huron joint unified sd

five monoslope classrooms


valley oaks charter SCHOOL [BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA] kern county superintendent of schools six [24' x 40'] classrooms one [12' x 40'] utility room one [12' x 40'] restroom

kingsburg high school [KINGSBURG, CALIFORNIA] kingsburg joint union high school district

one [24' x 40'] concession


Goldenrod Elementary • Oro Grande Elementary • Grimmway Academy Oakhurst Elementary • Woodrow Wallace Elementary • San Jose Elementary Providence High • Barstow Community College • Riverside Preparatory

We are extremely proud of our track record of customer satisfaction. In fact, most of our business comes from past customers and referrals.

goldenrod elementary [KERMAN, CALIFORNIA] kerman unified school district

four classroom wings one administration building one multipurpose building one kindergarten building two baseball fields one concession/restroom 88 KW photovoltaic solar


goldenrod elementary [KERMAN, CALIFORNIA] kerman unified school district

one concession

goldenrod elementary [KERMAN, CALIFORNIA] kerman unified school district

one 9,749 square foot administration building


goldenrod elementary [KERMAN, CALIFORNIA] kerman unified school district

one multipurpose building


oro grande elementary [ORO GRANDE, CALIFORNIA] oro grande school district


tal ft2]

otal ft2]

[oro grande, california] phase one three [48' x 40'] multi-use buildings

phase two fifteen [36' x 40'] classrooms

five [24' x 40'] classrooms

one [40' x 48'] bandroom

one [36' x 40'] triplex

two [30' x 32'] restrooms

one [30' x 32'] restroom

GRIMMWAY ACADEMY [ARVIN, CALIFORNIA] grimm family education foundation

eighteen classrooms [two 60' x 70' & one 60' x 90'] three [12' x 40'] restrooms


GRIMMWAY ACADEMY [ARVIN, CALIFORNIA] grimm family education foundation

three [12' x 40'] restrooms

GRIMMWAY ACADEMY [ARVIN, CALIFORNIA] grimm family education foundation

one [60' x 90'] administration building


oakhurst elementary [OAKHURST, CALIFORNIA] bass lake joint union elementary sd

four classrooms buildings [includes restrooms, office space] one [40' x 84'] admin/library one [24' x 30'] restroom


woodrow wallace elementary [LAKE ISABELLA, CALIFORNIA] kernville union school district

four [30' x 32'] classrooms two [30' x 32'] science rooms one [30' x 32'] office one [30' x 32'] restroom one [30' x 32'] computer lab



one [12' x 40'] restroom one [60' x 40'] science lab one [84' x 40'] science lab one [84' x 40'] locker room one [96' x 40'] library one [36' x 40'] kindergarten one [96' x 40'] building with restroom


providence high [BURBANK, CALIFORNIA]

Modular Science Complex one [24' x 120'] science lab one [24' x 72'] science lab


barstow college [BARSTOW, CALIFORNIA] california community colleges

one [24' x 40'] administration

riverside prep school [ORO GRANDE, CALIFORNIA] oro grande school district

twenty-four [30' x 32'] classrooms one [60' x 64'] music room one [32' x 30'] restroom one [32' x 45'] administration building one [32' x 45'] food service building one [32' x 90'] band room


Liberty Intermediate School • Temescal Canyon High School • Carl Smith Middle School

Whatever your needs, we are ready,

willing and able to help you fulfill your vision. we want to be more than just your contractor.

we want to be your partner.

liberty INTERMEDIATE [KERMAN, CALIFORNIA] kerman UNIFIED school district

one [12' x 40'] restroom


one [24' x 40'] restroom



Carl Smith Middle School [TERRA BELLA, CALIFORNIA] TERRA BELLA UNION school district two classroom/restroom buildings


Einstein Bros Bagels • Transbay Transit Terminal

Everything from the electrical infrastructure and

mechanical systems

to the final finish comes together perfectly

in the field, making for a professionally assembled system

better than site-built projects.

einstein bros bagel co [HAYWARD, CALIFORNIA] california state university east bay

one [30' x 30'] building



one [144' x 60'] bus station one [30' x 32'] break room building one [30' x 42'] security/custodial building


Wellness Center @ David Starr Jordan High • Northeast Community Clinic @ Gage Middle Jefferson Elementary Health Clinic • Cal State University, Bakersfield Engineering Building

JTS is committed to

customer care and satisfaction.

Your project is customized

to meet your needs

and will include

energy efficient buildings

that exceed California Title 24 requirements.

wellness center at david starr jordan high [LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA] los angeles UNIFIED school district

one [40' x 48'] building


from plant...

one [40' x 48'] building site northeast community clinic at henry t. gage middle school [L O S A N G E L E S , C A L I F O R N I A] los angeles UNIFIED school district


from plant... site jefferson elementary at health services clinic [REEDLEY, CALIFORNIA] kings canyon UNIFIED school district

one [40' x 120'] building


from plant... site

csu, bakersfield

engineering complex [BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA] california state university


They are one of the

best in the state and they have done a


in building our design. I know the community will be

blown away with the look.

It’s impressive. []

Mark Garza

Director of Construction Kings Canyon Unified sd

check out our project page here:

after going with jts modular’s permanent modular buildings, why would i ever go back to site-built?

the quality is just as good

-if not better-and it is

significantly less expensive than conventional construction. James Foley

assistant superintendent

Kerman unified sd

project portfolio