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TRAVEL SICKNESS A visit to Chapel Woods & GYPO Trails

words & photos by Julian Delia

Seeing the world with my bike has been a priority of mine ever since I went on my first trip almost a decade ago. Travelling is part of BMX. We all crave to ride a new spot from time to time, or get away from our home just to see what else is going on in the world. I try to go on at least a trip a year, depending on my financial situation, which considering hasn’t been the greatest I have managed to pull off quite a few trips.

“We all crave to ride a new spot from time to time”

Once my bags are checked in, my mind cannot help but go over all the possibilities, the crazy set ups, the unpredictable weather, getting hurt on the first day. All these thoughts rush through my head amplifying my excitement. Then as soon as the fasten seatbelt sign appears I stop and think “F#$K it, what ever happens, happens, I’m going to ride my bike somewere else in the world.. how sick is that!” From the get go, The Chapel Crew have made me feel at home. Between the bargain buckets, all night bon fires and rope swing antics I feel like the woods have become my summer home. NeverLand comes to mind when I think of the woods, a BMX playground which I find hard to say goodbye to every time. This was my second visit and I loved every minute of it. Within the solitary confindment of these woods, time is forgotten about, all one thinks about is making sure that the jumps are nicely kept, the fire is roaring and your favorite tunes are blasting. The following is a series of photos of how the trip went down, through my eyes.

“The best seat in the house”


Collection of photos taken on a trip I went on in May of 2011

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