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Introduction The object of this manual is to provide you with the necessary navigational support to successfully use and utilise the Accounts module. The Accounts module allows you to set up your company(s) pay structure rules and exceptions as well as import commission files straight from the Intrinsic Officeweb System into your Practice Management System. Logging into Accounts To log into accounts you will need to have the accounts module installed onto your computer. If you do not have accounts installed please contact the Support team to obtain installation details. With accounts installed onto your computer double click on the ‘360 Lifecycle - Accounts’ icon on your desktop.

Once you have double clicked on the icon the accounts login screen will appear. Enter your username and password and click on the ‘Login’ button. Your username and password is the same that you log into your Practice Management System with.

Once you have selected ‘Login’ you will be taken to the accounts landing screen. If you have access to more than one company(s) accounts you will be asked to select the company you wish to log into from a drop down menu.


You can only login to one company(s) accounts per login. To login to more than one company(s) account you will need double click back to your ‘360 Lifecycle - Accounts’ icon and log in again, selecting the other company in the drop down. If logged into more than one company(s) accounts you can track the company you are working on from the Accounts Header at the top of the accounts screen.

Once logged into the accounts system you are taken to the landing screen.


Setting up your company Pay Scheme The first thing you may do when logging into the accounts system for the first time is set up your company pay scheme(s). You can set up pay schemes in the accounts system for advisors, introducers and business partners as well as setting up standalone account schemes. To set up your pay scheme navigate to the ‘Pay Scheme Configuration’ under the Accounts menu.

This will open the Pay Scheme Configuration page:

Setting up an advisor pay scheme: To set up a pay scheme for an advisor ensure that the ‘Advisors’ tab is selected from the Pay Scheme Configuration page. Advisor names seen here are pulled from staff member maintenance in your Practice Management System. If you are logged into a particular company’s account only staff members who are assigned to this company will be shown in the list. 5

1) Select the advisor who you want to set up the pay scheme for and click on the green ‘+’ button.

2) This will bring up Pay Scheme Configuration page:

Give the pay scheme a name that identifies it to you. Describe the pay scheme in the description field. Select the statement frequency. Period stands for a monthly frequency and date range is where you can specify a date of either a banking date or a statement date. If the advisor is employed you can choose whether to include their salary and the amount within their pay scheme. Select an effective ‘from’ date for your scheme. This is usually the beginning/end of the next month. Select your pay scheme type. For a detailed description of each type please see the next page.


Stepped Rate Pay Scheme: General:

To set up a stepped pay scheme select ‘Stepped Rate’ from the ‘Pay Scheme Configuration’ page and click ‘Next’, ensuring all information in the rest of the configuration page is entered before. A stepped rate pay scheme is based on how much commission in total is received by an advisor. If you wish to specify certain commission exceptions you can do this at a later stage of the stepped rate pay scheme set up. Please note that commission splits get taken into account before the stepped rate pay scheme is applied. Example: Once you have clicked ‘Next’ on the Pay Scheme Configuration page you will be taken to the ‘Stepped Bands’ page. The following Stepped Rate Scheme example is based on the following criteria: -

For an advisor you want to pay them 50% for all commission up to £4000. For all commission from £4000 to £8000 you will pay them 55%. For all commission thereafter you will pay them 60%. 7

Stepped Bands:

1) To begin your stepped band set up leave the ‘From’ field at £0.00 2) In the ‘To’ field add £4,000.00 3) As you want to pay your advisor 50% for commission between these values add 50.00% to the ‘Percentage Rate’ field. 4) Once you are happy with this criteria click on the ‘Add’ button to drop the first stepped band into your scheme builder below.

1) For the next stepped band rate we have specified that for all commission between £4000 and £8000 the advisor will get 55% 2) Because the ‘From’ value cannot match the ‘To’ value we have added in the stepped rate shown above add ‘£4000.01’ in the ‘From’ field. This will ensure that the second stepped band does not overlap the previous stepped band. 3) In the ‘To’ field add the value ‘£8000’ 4) In the ‘Percentage Rate’ field add ’55.00%’ as this how much the advisor will receive for any commission between this value. 5) Click ‘Add’ to drop the second stepped band into the scheme. 8

1) For the last stepped band rate we have specified that for anything over £8000 the advisor will receive 60%. 2) Add £8000.01 to the ‘From’ field, again added the .01 value to prevent any overlapping of band values. 3) For the scheme to identify that any commission over £8000 is set at 60% add a value in the ‘To’ field that will not likely be reached by the advisor. In this example £100,000.00 has been added. 4) Add 60% to the ‘Percentage Rate’ field and select ‘Add’ to complete your stepped band set up.

Pay At Highest Band Rate Now that you have set up your stepped band rates you can select if you want to pay the advisor at the highest band rate or not. By selecting to ‘Pay at Highest Band Rate’, and based on the above example, you are telling the system that if the advisor receives £6000 commission, all of this is to be paid at 55%. If you do not select the ‘Pay at Highest Band Rate’ and the advisor receives £6000 commission (again based on the above example), the first £4000 will be paid at 50% and the remaining £2000 will be paid at 55% Once you have set up your stepped bands and ticked whether or not to pay the advisor at the highest band rate, click on the ‘Next’ button to proceed with the stepped rate pay scheme.


Stepped Payment Types: Here is where you select and choose which payment types to include or not include in the stepped rate pay scheme. Please note that if a payment type is not selected then the advisor will not be paid for that payment type. You will not need to always include all payment types, just the ones that an advisor can receive. 1) Select the Payment Type that you are going to include in the advisors stepped rate pay scheme and select if this payment type is to be included in the Stepped Scheme or not. 2) Choose whether you are to include this payment type in the stepped scheme or not. (Please refer to ‘To include in stepped scheme or not? for an explanation on what this means 3) Once happy with your payment type selection select ‘Add’ to drop it into your stepped payment types builder. 4) Once all payment types an advisor is likely to receive have been added to the stepped payment type builder, select ‘Next’ to proceed with the rest of the pay scheme set up.

To include in stepped scheme or not? By choosing to include a payment in the stepped scheme (the details you have just set up in the previous screen) you are telling the system that this selected payment type is to be treated within the stepped band rates you have specified previously. In this instance you will not select a ‘Percentage Rate’ as you have already detailed percentage rates in the stepped band settings. To select that you are going to treat a particular payment type outside of the scheme (it may be that as an incentive for that month you are going to give a higher percentage rate for all admin fees received) you are telling the system that if the advisor receives a commission relating to that particular payment type that it needs to be treated outside of the stepped band rates you have created on the previous screen. In this instance you will select a ‘Percentage Rate’ that the advisor will receive for receiving this particular payment type. 10

For example, if you select to exclude Admin Fees outside of the stepped scheme at a percentage rate of 20% and the advisor receives an admin fee, the system will calculate a 20% return for that advisor based only on the amount of that admin fee. Bonus (Stepped Rate Pay Scheme) To add a bonus scheme to your Advisor’s stepped rate pay scheme select to ‘Include Bonus’ and then select ‘Add Bonus Scheme’.

To demonstrate setting up a bonus scheme the following example is going to be used: -

The bonus scheme is going to be a GI Bonus Scheme. Where an advisor receives over £10,000 of GI commission and/or GI renewals for the year to date, the advisor will be awarded a percentage rate of 3%. 1) Give the bonus a name that distinguishes it to you. 2) Select the payment types that you wish to include in the bonus scheme. 3) Select the time period for the bonus scheme to cover. Year to Date works from the first month of the year to the current date, only included months where bankings were completed. Current Financial Year is based on the criteria you set in the period maintenance. Please click here to see more on this. Previous Months – here you can specify an exact number of months for the bonus scheme to cover. Please note that previous months will only include months that were banked. Please also note that the bonus percentage rate will only ever be applied if the advisor hits the target within the period you have saved.


Lastly you need to fill in the commission amounts the advisor needs to meet to receive the bonus. Using the example on the previous page the advisor has to receive £10,000 of GI Commission/GI Renewal to be awarded a 3% bonus. 1) Add £10,000 to the ‘From’ value. 2) If the advisor only has to reach £10,000 then in the ‘To’ field add a value that the advisor is unlikely to achieve. 3) Add the ‘Percentage Rate’ and select ‘Add Band’.

Once you are happy with your bonus set up, click on the ‘Next’ button to proceed to the final stages of the stepped rate pay scheme configuration. Please note that when adding a bonus scheme the scheme will be applied each time you do a banking. If you only want to add a one off adjustment to your advisors pay scheme please refer to…

Regular Adjustments (Stepped Rate Pay Scheme) If there are particular fees that you need to take off each month for an advisor, eg, Network Fees, Pension or Healthcare Fees, Laptop hire, etc, you can set this up in the Regular Adjustment section of the stepped rate pay scheme configuration. 1) Give the regular adjustment a description 2) Select a category for the regular adjustment. Categories are populated here from the Category maintenance. Please click here to be taken to Category maintenance. 3) Select whether you are going to take a fixed value each month or if you are going to take a percentage a particular payment type received by the advisor. 4) Select ‘Add’ to drop the adjustment to the adjustment builder. 5) Once you have added all of your regular adjustments click ‘Finish’ to complete your Stepped Rate Pay Scheme Configuration. 12


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