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LTG Greetings Hey D9 Unicorns of the Sea AKA Narwhals, Even though I’m sure we’re all missing our summer days about now, the fun of Key Club is just beginning! The service leaders in our division are hard at work making a difference in their communities and showing the world what Key Club is and what we can do. This is going to be a year of unprecedented accomplishments in D9 as we get to know each other and the potential that we have as clubs, a division, and as a district. As the month of September begins, I will be making club visits and talking to you all about Fall Rally, Key Leader, and the District Projects. I am so excited to get to meet all of you this month! There is nothing better than a bunch ofcaring teenagers all grouped together, and that’s exactly what Key Club does! There isn’t a club as cool as it out there so let’s make the most of every moment we have in it! Check out the timeline of events and checklist for a quick recap of upcoming events. This newsletter will also give you Fall Rally details and a guide to registering for Key Leader. Serve on Narwhals! Don’t let anything stop you from changing the world! Yours in friendship and service, Juliana Rodriguez

In this issue! Timeline of Events Quick Links Key Leader Fall Rally Eliminate Project ICON 2012- A look back Club Checklist and Resources

Timeline of Events Sep. 22

Fall Rally! See details on next page

Oct. 1st

Dues become payable.

October 12-14

Key Leader Windy Peak Outdoor Lab Bailey, CO

Oct. 1921

Key Leader Mountain Chalet Aspen Aspen, CO

Nov. 1st

Dues due for Early Bird Award

Quick Links Key Leader

Fall Rally Flyer The Eliminate Project




Registration is now open for Key Leader! This is a three-day leadership weekend which will inspire you to achieve your personal best through service leadership. You will make lasting friendships of key clubbers and non-key clubbers alike, engage in teambuilding and discussions, and have an absolutely unforgettable experience. Three hundred Key Leader programs take place around the nation, but nothing compares to the ones held in the Rocky Mountain District! For more, visit


At registration filter by city, state, or date to find an event. Click the "Register" button at the bottom of the event listing.

Windy Peak Outdoor Lab- Bailey, CO - October 1214 2012, Mountain Chalet Aspen- Aspen, CO October 19-21, 2012 •

Cost: $175 for Key Club Members $200 for non Key Club Members, $115 for student facilitators Cost includes all meals, lodging and program materials for the weekend.

Check with your local Kiwanis clubs, school, local businesses or other community organizations to see if they can help with financial assistance.

If your Kiwanis Club is sponsoring you, you will be asked to provide their email and phone in the registration process

Click on the "Register" button under the registration category that is right for you

Create an account or login to the online registration system and enter your information

If a Kiwanis Club is sponsoring you, have their email ready to put under sponsor. They will then be given the necessary info to complete the transaction.

Rocky Mountain District Project At the July District Board Meeting, RMD voted to focus on The Eliminate Project as our district project with a district goal of $18,009! Below are some guides taken from to help you understand our mission!

A Look Back- ICON 2012 The 69th annual Key Club International Convention took place in Orlando, Florida this year where 1,700 fellow key clubbers from around the world came together for a week of fun, fellowship, and service education.

District Tour July 1st-4th The district tour brought RMD to Cocoa Beach, Kennedy Space Center, Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, and finally Epcot for 4th of July Fireworks. These few days brought the district closer than I thought we could ever become as we each tried something new, explored the magic of Disney, and immersed ourselves in the hot, humid Florida weather. I have never laughed more in my life than I did in Epcot and I have never been in more awe as to how this district is made up of so many diverse, dedicated, and passionate key clubbers.

Convention July 5th-8th We all know that there is something truly special about key clubbers, but more than anything there is something remarkable about key clubbers brought together and working cohesively. This is the idea proven over and over to me at ICON. We came from all parts of the world, but we all said the same pledge during opening session, we all wanted the best for our organization as we elected the new international board, and we all showed our common passion as we shared our service ideas at the service fair. I learned how to better serve you as an LTG at the workshops and learned more about the Eliminate Project as we held a fundraiser dance and attended a dinner/presentation. Congrats to Bear Creek which sent 7 club members and I can’t wait to see you all at ICON 2014 in Washington D.C!

Key Club Checklist        

Register for Key Leader if you are planning to attend! (See guide above for help) Go to fall rally and have the most fun you’ll have all year (with the exception of Key Leader and DCON)! Have your LTG visit your club when convenient- Contact me to set up date. (1 visit minimum required this year) Send the district pictures or info of your projects so we can brag about you. You can email them to me. If you have not done so, scan through the previous newsletters available at and stay tuned for monthly updates. As the new school year starts, recruit members! Remember to pay dues starting Oct. 1st Stay Keytastic!

Sept. 22nd- Fall Rally Key Leader- Windy Peak Outdoor Lab- Bailey, CO - October 12-14 2012, Mountain Chalet Aspen- Aspen, CO October 19-21, 2012 District Convention- April 5-7

Key Club Resources: Key Club Website

Contact me!

The greatest resource Key Club has available to its members is its website. It features regularly updated news headlines, information on all things relating to Key Club, international projects, marketing and PR tools, as well as leadership resources. Be sure to visit this amazing website at

Juliana Rodriguez

RMD Website The district website features monthly updates and events. It has everything you need to know about our district and projects and will soon hold all of my newsletters and contact info. It also includes training guides and district publications such as The Rockey! Visit: Division Facebook Group Become a member of this group (RMD Key Club Division 9), send me a shout out, and keep updated with all things division 9. Considering we are the best division in all of Key Club, I have created this page to show off our talents. Feel free to post any questions, fun info, or brag about your club! I will soon feature spotlight clubs and students in these newsletters! I intend to use this page to better our communication and give you immediate access to need to know events and information! I want a chance to talk to all of you as I know you all want more interaction between the clubs and a wider branch of lasting friendships!!/groups/228052637303448/

Phone: 720-2387236 Email: julianaltg9@gmail .com Feel free to contact me anytime! I check my email frequently and love to talk to you all!

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