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Summer Issue 1 Focus on Foundation

Division 9 Chronicles Rocky Mountain District Key Club International Arvada Standley Lake Bear Creek Jefferson Columbine Jefferson Academy Lakewood Wheat Ridge Alameda

Hey Division 9! I hope everyone’s summer is going super great! Before you read much further, if you don’t know who I am or what my job is for the next year, please refer to the first of my newsletters on the division facebook page “RMD Key Club Division 9” or at this link This newsletter also covered a recap of DCON, my goals, and summer service! Speaking of, my summer has been incredible because I got to spend time with the board at our first meeting! I love every single member and they each have such a passion for Key Club! We are going to all work together to make this year great for all of you! We have begun discussing district project ideas, district convention, communication, and ways to better serve you! In less than 10 days I, along with other members of our district, board a plane to Orlando, Florida to meet key clubbers from around the world at the 2012 Key Club International Convention! I am so incredibly thrilled for this trip! I have been prepping by doing as much research possible into other districts, stalking the international board on facebook, and reading through the 20 proposed amendments that we will debate in the House of Delegates! I will also get a chance to participate in the oratory contest, so let’s hope that goes well. I will bring back plenty of Key Club paraphernalia as incentives throughout the year for all of you who won’t get a chance to go until next year when it is in DC! You might be noticing that this newsletter is really long, but I wanted to get a lot of info out to you all during the summer months. You will probably get recaps of all of this info at different events and in various publications, so read what you can and skim for what will most help you. On the business side of things, I still need officer contact information from Alameda, Jefferson Academy, Jefferson, Arvada, and Wheat Ridge. If you are an advisor from one of those schools, please make sure this gets to your officers as soon as possible. Thank you Lakewood, Bear Creek, Standley, and Columbine! Getting this information to me is a requirement by international and super important for good communication! Thank you to those of you who have joined the facebook page and keep doing what you’re doing! Stay tuned for more updates and emails from me! Yours in friendship, love, and service, 1 Juliana Rodriguez

The KEY basics

What every Key Clubber should know

I pledge, on my honor, to uphold the Objects of Key Club International; to build my home, school and community; to serve my nation and God; and combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions.

The Objects of Key Club International 

To develop initiative and leadership.

To provide experience in living and working together.

To serve the school and community.

To cooperate with the school principal.

To prepare for useful citizenship.

To accept and promote the following ideals:


To give primacy to the human and spiritual, rather than to the material values of life.

To encourage the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships.

To promote the adoption and application of higher standards in scholarship, sportsmanship and social contacts.

To develop, by precept and example, a more intelligent, aggressive, and serviceable citizenship.

To provide a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render unselfish service and to build better communities.

To cooperate in creating and maintaining that sound public opinion and high idealism which makes possible the increase of righteousness, justice, patriotism and good will.

Just some Facts Key Club has 260,000 members There are more than 5,000 clubs Key Club is represented in 30 countries  Antigua and Barbuda  Aruba  Australia  Bahamas  Barbados  Bermuda  Canada  Cayman Islands  Colombia  Costa Rica  Dominica  Germany  Guadeloupe

                

Italy Jamaica Malaysia Martinique Netherlands-Antilles New Caledonia New Zealand Panama Philippines Singapore South Korea St. Lucia Taiwan Thailand Trinidad and Tobago Turks and Caicos Islands United States of America

A brief history The first Key Club formed in 1925 in Sacramento, California with 11 charter members. Key Club was the idea of two Sacramento Kiwanis club members, Albert C. Olney and Frank C. Vincent, who also were high school administrators. They approached their Kiwanis club with the idea of starting a junior service club in the high school. It would resemble Kiwanis, have its own classifications based on school interests and hold luncheon meetings. The club was comprised of the key boys in the school, willing to serve the school in any way possible and to create better school spirit. Thus, the club was dubbed Key Club. Get a more in depth history at

Key Club Jargon Crazy Acronyms for Awesome Key Club Terms

KC………………………………... Key Club KCI……………………………….. Key Club International KI………………………………… Kiwanis International CKI……………………………….. Circle K International LTG………………………………. Lieutenant Governor MRF……………………………… Monthly Report Form DA………………………………... District Administrator ICON …………………………… International Convention DCON …………………………… District Convention DCM……………………………... Divisional Council Meeting RMD……………………………….Rocky Mountain District 3

OTC……………………………… Officer Training Conference RTC………………………………. Regional Training Conference DP………………………………... District Project KR………………………………... Kiwanis Family Relations PR………………………………… Public Relations PTP……………………………….. Pediatric Trauma Prevention MEP……………………………… Major Emphasis Program CMN……………………………... Children’s Miracle Network YOF……………………………… Youth Opportunities Fund KOH……………………………… Key of Honor KCIBOT………………………….. Key Club International Board of Trustees DKC……………………………… Distinguished Key Clubber KCTV…………………………….. Key Club Television

Key Club Governance Structure and District Map


Key Clubbers, you are not alone! The Kiwanis International family is composed of 600,000 adult and youth members and some 15,000 clubs in more than 90 countries and geographic areas. Founded in 1915, Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time. Kiwanis International and its service leadership programs for young people, including Circle K, Key Club, Key Leader, Builders Club, Kiwanis Kids, and Aktion Club, dedicate more than 19 million volunteer hours and invest US$100 million to strengthen communities and serve children annually. Kiwanis members make their mark by responding to the needs of their communities and pooling their resources to address worldwide issues. I will segment one of these programs even further each newsletter as the year goes on!

Kiwanians around the globe have one common goal: To serve the children of the world. Kiwanis advocates this vision every day by providing opportunities to serve for every member of a community through Service Leadership Programs. Through these opportunities, youth and young adults What Do You Call a Boomerang That Doesn't work? A Stick! around the world become competent, capable and compassionate leaders. 5

“What is one highly underused resource for service that you can easily find funding from? The Youth Opportunity Fund! This Key Club fund can supply a grant that range from $200 to $2000 in order to assist with an already ongoing service project. Unfortunately, few clubs apply for funding either because they are daunted by paperwork or simply aren‘t aware of the wonderful possibilities. Do not fear! The application is simply filling things in. The deadline is October 15th and the funding cycle is annual. If you would like to see previous projects that have received money from the YOF, simply enter ―Key Club YOF into a search engine. The application is also online at The more effort you‘ve put into your project to already begin with, the better. Here are some tips: 1. Have a game plan. Create an accurate timeline with marked off progress and future goals. A budget is also necessary in order to show how much you‘ve earned by yourself as well as how much you still need. 2. Stay committed. You and your club have to be dedicated if you want others to invest in the goals you have in mind. The Youth Opportunity Fund wants to help responsible clubs that are devoted to their . 3. Apply with care. The more specific details you put into your application, the better. Remember, the YOF receives applications from all over; make your project personal and unique to their eyes. Describe how the service project your club has in mind will play a huge role in serving your community.” If you have any questions, you may contact any member of the district board. All of us are eager to help clubs willing and hopeful. Best of luck! 5

Key Club to Kiwanis Initiative By RMD Kiwanian Alan Arbuckle


This is a blog post that Barb also posted on the Division FB page. I wanted to include it here in case you didn’t see it. This year, let’s work to grow the connection between Key Clubbers and Kiwanians by attending their meetings, showing our gratitude, and participating in their activities and getting them involved in ours! “Today, Key Club International released their membership totals for the year. 262,553 Key Clubbers. That compares to about 222,000 Kiwanians. Key Club is approximately 18% bigger than Kiwanis. And Key Club is growing. The Rocky Mountain District chartered 2 more Key Clubs in the last month, but has not added a single Kiwanis club in 2 years. We need to grow Kiwanis to support all the Service Leadership clubs especially Key Club. We need to grow CKI as an important link between Key Club and Kiwanis and to keep these terrific leaders in the Kiwanis family. The Rocky Mountain District is trying all kinds of initiatives to keep Key Clubbers connected. A couple clubs are sponsoring young adults by paying their Kiwanis dues. We have one Kiwanis 20-30 satellite club and are working to develop more. We have a district level Key Club alumni group. We are even experimenting with tracking Key Club graduates (with their permission) so we can link them up with clubs. And, of course, CKI is a big part of this initiative. There are between 6 and 8 brand-spanking-new CKIs that are in development at colleges in the district.

Key Clubbers, you are important to the future of Kiwanis and to the future of Key Club.

This is a call out to Key Clubbers everywhere and other Districts of Kiwanis to work together as a team to encourage and support a Key Club-to-Kiwanis Initiative. We need to find what works and what doesn’t.” -Alan Arbuckle


Send Me Your Stories!

Hey Division 9

Did you know that um‌

Your service projects

Belong on this page!

Do you like being inspired by the work of other teens? I do! Even though we, as Key Clubbers, understand that the true reward lies within the work we are doing itself, it’s still great to be recognized and share your genius! If you have a project you are proud of, share it! I will also recognize Key Clubbers/Officers as well! Miranda will feature stories like these in the district newspaper the Rockey or the Rhetoric, too! Interested in other 7 at the district and international level? Check out recognition and but more information on these to come. Send me your stories! A great job for your club secretary!

An ICON Update ICON is quickly approaching and many members of our division are getting crazy excited with all of the suspense that has been built up! I can hardly sleep or sit still anymore! I wanted to give you all a little update on what these Key Clubbers will be doing! The Rocky Mountain District Tour will start with a splash as we head to Cocoa beach followed by a visit to the Kennedy Space Center! After two days in Disney World and fireworks in Epcot, the convention begins with a meet and greet. Thursday, we will be awed by an Opening Session, participate in caucusing as we learn more about the International candidates, and finally Dance to Eliminate as we raise money for The Eliminate Project. Friday, we will each go to three workshops which will greatly broaden our knowledge of this organization and our ability to lead in it. We will later be entertained by Justin “Kredible” William with a hugely popular one-man comedy and magic show! On the last day, we will participate in 3 more rounds of workshops and House of Delegates where we debate amendments and vote for the new international board. That night, we have our second dance- an ‘80s dance which completes our adventure! I If you would like to follow what we are doing, there is an App available for androids and iphones in the app store. Search Key Club 12. You can also get convention updates at, become a fan at or follow Key Club on Twitter at !


Service Story

Being inventive to save the environment is a plight shared by many around the world. From women in Haiti and India making beautiful and functional purses and tote bags from the discarded plastic they find in landfills to the Key Club of Minot Central Campus in North Dakota collecting blue jeans to create insulation, great ideas abound. The club’s denim drive was held in conjunction with the “Cotton. From Blue to Green” program of the Vanity store and Cotton Incorporated, which was launched to help rebuild communities affected by natural disasters along the gulf coast. The jeans are taken to be processed into environmentally friendly insulation that will go into homes for people in need, according to Key Club members Kenedee Kristjanson and Alexsea Davis. To do their part, Key Club members posted fliers around school explaining the importance to the program and asking for students’ old jeans. In return, those who donated received 25 percent off a new pair of jeans from Vanity. The local news was on hand to capture the club’s official count. “Once all the jeans were collected, we received a final total of 119 pairs of ripped, stained and unwanted jeans,” says Davis. While it takes 500 pairs to create the insulation needed for an entire house, the club was just happy to help and be a part of something bigger: their donation helped the create 332,000 lbs of insulation that will go into 210 houses through the collection of 105,192 pairs of jeans. This exceeded the original Blue to Green goal of 100,000 pairs “During this project, the Central Key Club discovered that helping others and volunteering is more than extra work,” says Kristjanson. “We learned that volunteering teaches you hard work, team work, cooperation, and it builds your character by teaching you to become strong and caring. In the process of helping someone else, you meet new people who, like yourself, want to be a helping hand to their community and nation.” 9

Fun Key Club Quiz Test your Key Club knowledge! Learn something new! 1) How many established Districts of Key Club International are there? a. 38 b. 25 c. 29 d. 33

8) Where will the 2014 International Convention be held? a. Anaheim, CA b. Ontario, Canada c. Pittsburg, PA d. Aspen, CO

2) What District is currently in formation? a. Western Canada b. Texas-Oklahoma c. Guam d. Jamaica

9) According to International, each key club member is expected to do how at least how many service hours a year? a. 70 b. 30 c. 50 d. 40

3) What country is Key Club not present in? a. The Bahamas b. Australia c. Serbia d. The Dominican Republic 4) Which Key Club is Governor Manzanares from? a. Bear Creek b. Cherry Creek c. Riverton d. University 5) Females were not allowed in Key Club until what year? a. 1976 b. 1953 c. 1998 d. 1934 6) In which city is the Kiwanis International Headquarters located? a. Boston b. Salt Lake City c. New York City d. Indianapolis 7)Which member of Division 9 serves as the District Bulletin Editor? a. Ryan Mellott b. Sarah Seiwald c. Miranda Samon d. Kevin Van

3) Who is the Key Club International Director? a. Brad Pitt b. Daniel Radcliffe c. Amanda Bynes d. Michael Downs 4) What is the biggest (population) district in Key Club? a. California- Nevada- Hawaii b. Capital c. Rocky Mountain d. New Jersey 5)What is the Rocky Mountain District Mascot ? a. A jackalope named Rocky b. A cougar named KeyKey c. A bear named Cow d. A trout named Chaniqua 6) What is Juliana’s favorite candy? a. Crunch b. Gummy Bears c. Reese’s d. Sour worms 7) At which event do you elect your new Lieutenant Governor? a. DCON b. Spring Rally c. Fall Rally d. ICON


Answers: d, a, c, c, a, d, c,

a, c, d, a, a, b, b,

Key Club Checklist 

 

    

Email me or mail me a list of your new club officers as well as contact information if you have not done so! This should include their names, phone, email as well as the contact information of your faculty advisor if you can. If you don’t have all of the information, email me what you can now and you can collect more later. Become a member of the Division 9 Facebook group so we can begin talking about a division officers training meeting, PCMs, and club visits! Another newsletter will be coming out very soon. If you are planning a summer event or project, invite your LTG! Try contacting your Kiwanis club, calling or emailing, and asking if you can visit one of their meetings while you have free time. The information for the clubs can be found at Familiarize yourself with Key Club International using the links in the resource box. If you have not done so, scan through the previous newsletter. (: Search for service opportunities in your community to bring your ideas to the new year! Start thinking about the youth opportunity fund Stay Keytastic! :D

Key Club Resources:

Contact me!

Key Club Website The greatest resource Key Club has available to its members is its website. It features regularly updated news headlines, information on all things relating to Key Club, international projects, marketing and PR tools, as well as leadership resources. Be sure to visit this amazing website at RMD Website The district website features monthly updates and events. It has everything you need to know about our district and projects and will soon hold all of my newsletters and contact info. It also includes training guides and district publications such as The Rockey! Visit: Division Facebook Group Become a member of this group (RMD Key Club Division 9), send me a shout out, and keep updated with all things division 9. Considering we are the best division in all of Key Club, I have created this page to show off our talents. Feel free to post any questions, fun info, or brag about your club! I will soon feature spotlight clubs and students in these newsletters! I intend to use this page to better our communication and give you immediate access to need to know events and information! I want a chance to talk to all of you as I know you all want more interaction between the clubs and a wider branch of lasting friendships!!/groups/228052637303448/ 11 Q. Why does a seagull fly over the sea? A. Because if it flew over the bay it would be called a bagel!

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