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Get ready for a prolong spray tanning effects

All the women want a perfect special occasion looks that commands all eyes on them and make it an unforgettable event. Recently, many women opt for spray tanning to add more zing for their looks. Spray tanning help achieve notable fashion statement for women. Moreover, to avoid damages caused by sun tan, going for a spray tan that lasts for 7 to 14 days is a better option. Before spray tan: It is important to look perfect for your special event. Taking risk by doing things for the first time that goes wrong should be avoided. So, people who have never spray tanned before, should give it a try more than once before your big day. By doing so, you can find the exact tan level that suits your skin the best. This is not a concern for women who are already aware of their optimal tan level that suits their skin. Fixing your spray tanning appointment two days before your special event might prevent you from rushing things. Shaving or waxing a day before your spray tan is important. Shaving is a better option. As waxing keeps you pores open, the result of spray tanning might be uneven. Moreover, to remove any of your dead skin cells, it is important that you exfoliate your entire body before you go for a spray tan. On the day of your spray tan: On the day of spray tanning appointment, don’t apply any moisturizer after your first shower before tan application. Also, shower shortly before your appointment. Make sure you wear dark clothes to avoid tanning stains. It is also important to have your outfit loose to avoid marks, as this might result in uneven tan. At the time of your spray tan, your salon professional will provide you a proper guidance on the position for betterment of your results. After spray tan: Most of them are ignorant about the knowledge of maintaining their great look of spray tanning for a long time. After your tan, try washing your palms alone. However, your salon professional will provide you instructions for wait time based on the tanning product used by them. The wait time is usually at least 5 to 8 hours. Give a gentle wash with warm water after

the wait time and pat yourself dry with a soft towel. After the first shower, avoid all those activities that cause you excess sweat. For a long spray tanned skin, moisturizing your skin is more important. You can also ask few suggestions about the best hydrating moisturizer. Avoid exfoliating at least 48 hours after being spray tanned. Soaking and taking baths frequently in saltwater and chlorinated water will shorten your tan. Ecotan is one of the leading tanning salons in Australia, who are certified organic by Australian Organic Food Chain. It is the one and only tanning center that has an OFC certificate from Australian Government. They also specialize in selling exclusive organic tanning products. You can visit to know more about their products they sell.

For long and good spray tanninf effect  

All the women want a perfect special occasion looks that commands all eyes on them and make it an unforgettable event. Recently, many women...

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