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August 22, 2013

Weather Sunny with some clouds!

Today’s Horoscope You may be feeling regretful today. Don’t regret anything! The experience was worth it. If you made a mistake you learn from it!


Fun Activity on pg 5! School pg1 More strict rule! Students need to watch out!

Movies pg4 Catch up with “Man of Steel 2”

Interview pg3 Interview with a student about no hoodies and the Personero!

Fun comic pg 5! Pg. 1

Food Court! The food court has changed a lot! The food court doesn’t give anymore chips or candy. They only give deditos and things like that. Also there isn’t any more cokes. The good thing is that now they are giving lemonade. All this is happening because Mr. Lash is trying to make the coke stand healthier. The coke stand also has some updates. Now instead of paying in the moment you pay before. It’s like having an account there and you put a certain amount of money. The only thing you have to do is to give your fingerprint. Also you can pre order. This means that you go to the coke stand and they give you the food right away. You don’t even have to make a line and wait so much. Most of the students don’t like the new coke stand. This is because they think that chips are healthier than the deditos. They think that selling candy in the coke stand isn’t so bad. Also some students think that it isn’t so safe to do the fingerprint stuff. One reason is because thy might take more money or something. What they most like about the coke stand is the lemonade. They should sell some cookies or rice crispies. Giving candy with low calories and sugar isn’t going to be so bad. The Personero said that they will try to find a way to have tasty treat back. Anyways the student still buy there. Will the students make something about all this? We have to wait to find out. Pg. 2 What so you think it will happen?

Interview! Interviewer: How do you feel about that we can’t wear hoodies? Susana: I don’t like this policy. Interviewer: Why did Mr Lash put this policy? Susana: He said that students look like they just woke up. Interviewer: What do you think about that? Susana: It depends on how you wear it. Interviewer: What do you mean? Susana: People only look dirty if they use big sweaters. Interviewer: What could be the solution? Susana: We should be allowed to wear hoodies that are fitted. Interviewer: That’s a good idea! Is anyone going to tell Mr. Lash about it? Susana: It depends. Interviewer: On what? Susana: On the personero since in the speech one of them said that they will try to bring hoodies back. Interviewer: Talking about the personero, who do you think ig going to win? Susana: I think that Daniel Juliao will win. Interviewer: Why? Susana: Most of my friends voted for him and I think that he would be better than Puccini. Interviewer: Did you voted for him because of your friends or because you wanted? Susana: Because I wanted.

Pg. 3

Man of Steel 2 In the next Man of Steel movie superman and Batman will be together. A lot of people don’t like that they are joining in the next movie. Christian Bale sadly isn’t Batman for this movie. He said no even though he was offered $50m dollars and it was just the starting offer. Bale in his last Batman, The Dark Night Rises, movie said that, it was his last movie as Batman. They were constantly trying to make him become Batman but all the offers didn’t work. Ben Affleck will be Batman. People say that he doesn’t have “batman material.” Ben Affleck is going to work out to have a superhero body. Something that he can’t change is his face shape. He has well defined jaw but the shape of his face is kind of long. Even though he has lots of haters, Joseph Gordon Lewitt, says that Ben is going to be a great Batman. Most of the people say that at least Ben will be a better Batman than George Clooney. George Clooney’s Batman is the worst Batman movie ever. Ben Affleck has the advantage that Clooney can give him tips. Well, in Man of Steel, Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill will join. Henry Cavill is more that excited to work with him. It sure must be exciting to work with an Oscar winning actor. The good thing about Ben is that he has been a superhero before in Daredevil. We will have to wait until the movie releases to see if he is a good Batman.




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2 1 0 Lemonade


Lemonade or Coke?





Do youlike the new food court?

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9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

2 1

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Chips or Deditos? 7

Yes Do you like the fingerprints?


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4 3 2 1 0 Price

Fingerprint What has to improve?


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