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Ten inventions

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Ten inventions

Home Ruggie alarm Roccbox oven JmGOView projector

Safety Seed bottle Blue Fox wristband Lumos Aster backpack Triton Gills breather

Entertaining Nyne Aqua speaker Piano fingers Moonwalker sneakers


Ruggie alarm: Alarm as a rug. Daily motivation quotes. Need to stand on the rug for three seconds to deactivate it.

Roccbox oven: Portable oven. Can cook food such as bread, pizza, chicken and others. Has special protection for avoiding corches.

JmGOView projector: Portable cinema. 3D. Compatible with Android. Own speakers.

Seed bottle: Registers water consumption during the day. Vibrates as a reminder for drinking water. Shows water emperature.

Blue Fox wristband: Avoid drowning. Sonorous alarm. Lumos Aster backpack: Rear lights. Brake lights. Turn directions. Front lights. Waterproof. Triton Gills: Filters water and extracts the oxygen. Nyne Aqua Speaker: Waterproof. Floats on water. Piano fingers: Simulation of piano sounds. Moonwalker sneakers: magnets make you float.

My opinion Out of the ten inventions, the one I liked the most was the Nyne Aqua Speaker. I really like to listen to music and to listen to it while taking showers so that’s why I think this invention would be ideal for me. The Nyne Aqua is a fully waterproof floating Bluetooth speaker. It can be submerged in three feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Other features include a built-in waterproof microphone for hands-free phone calls, EQ button with four preset equalizer settings, lithium-ion rechargeable battery and a 5 mm auxiliary input for no-Bluetooth devices. Nyne Aqua costs around $130 US and it is available in The invention I liked the least was the Piano fingers for different reasons. First I don’t know how to play the piano so this device is not useful for me. Second it does not consist on all of the notes present in a Piano, only has the basic ones this means that probably the only song you’ll be able to play is “Twinkle Little star” . Write & Improve

Glossary 1. Waterproof: not allowing water to go through. 2. Bluetooth: a system for connecting electronic equipment such as mobile phones and computers.

3. EQ button: Equalizer depending on the music genre you are listening to.

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Ten inventions  
Ten inventions