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Places to Visit:


Gaitero park: It`s on San Antonio street,acroos from San Antonio school, and next to church.

-Casa de la Cultura: It`s on second street acroos from Simon Bolivar park. -Castle Rumihuaca: It`s on Patio Bonito street. -Juanchos Pub: It`s on second street acroos from General Santander park. -El Quincho restaurant: It`s on the first street.

Activities: -You can ride a horse in El Relincho. -You can see animals, play volleyball in thr Gaitero park. -You can swim in some pool. -You can see typical dance every weekend. -You can walk in the Camino Real. -You can visit the drinking wรกter in Santa Ana.

Things to take:

-You should take a lot of sunscreen. -You need sunglases. -You should take a sandals. -You should take a lot of clothrs. -It`s a good idea take insect repellent. -You need sneakers for practice sports.

Hotel: I recomment the Anapoima hotel. It`s on the fourth street. There are some romos very confortables. The service is excellent. There`s one bar, there are some kind of drinks. There`s one clay court. There`s one gym. It`s a good place for relaxing.

Conclusion: Anapoima is a good place for visit with your family, friends, etc. There are some activities for a lot of ages.


It`s near Bogota, and it`s a beatiful place.