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MY NAME IS‌ My name is Julian Caro Bedoya I have fifteen years old

I have been studying in I.E.Colombia since I was five years.


My name is Julian, I was born on May 27, 2001 in Medellin, the name of my parents is Diego and Olga, my father from Manrique and my mother is from Juan Cojo, I have been living in Girardota all my life, I am Catholic, I am fan of AtlĂŠtico Nacional, my sport favorite is the Football

Soccer, I have a

sister I love her very much, always

she has given

me advice, she has been

supporting all

my life, I consider myself

a person very

competitive, smiling, I

would like to study

psychology or

something like that, I

want to have a want give a good persons that mother, father, sister, aunt, my family.

wife and children, I reward to all the supported me like my

When I was ten years I did my firts Comunnion, December 8th, 2012, a great spiritual step, and the 22 November, 2015 my the sacrament of confirmation, also very important

Since I was a child I have characterized myself for my skin color, I have been living in the same neighborhood all my life, in my infancy I had much friends, but many left I have been practicing various sports for all my life, but more football soccer, I played in the street all my infancy, near of a near, but rarely I went, there was many dangers, my friends and I played near of our houses. The TV programs I like are Ed, Edd n Eddy, Dragon Ball, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Codename: Kids Next Door, and many more these programs marked my infancy

When I was ten years old given

me a pet, Juanita a cute dog, I love

she 

I have been visiting to my grandparents for all my life, they live in Juan Cojo, they have been living there for all their life

I played peg-top, yoyo and marbles with my friends of the stable. When I was seven years old I hit my hand. I have been playing video game since I was five years old, my games favorite is the PES, Fifa Street and Fifa, and it is better when is with friends and betting, hahahahaha.

I had been training football soccer for two years when I decided stop training, but I keep playing

I had been studying photography for one month when I decided leave because I was bored

When I was thirteen years old I went to the cost, I went to the sea. I have never traveled by plane, but I would like

I consider myself a person very competitive, smiling, I would like to study psychology or something like that, I want to have a wife and children, I want give a good reward to all the persons that supported me like my mother, father, sister, aunt, my family

I like the nature, the fresh air, the animals, I like the Paisa tray I like the fruits and its juices, the home cooking and more if it's of my grandmother's, I like the junk food, the Colombia food, I would to learn gastronomy, cook everything

, I like very much laugh, I like the history of world, the life in others seasons, as it was the daily life, I do not like when they people believe less than others.

I have fear of the injections, but I like the adrenaline

I never liked the injustices with persons, but more in poor animals, I do not like the animal abuse and I am against. I have three pets, two birds and one

dog, I would like someday make an impact positive toward the animals. I would like visit different ecosystems 

My favorite season is December, holidays, food, family, party, December twenty for (24), Baby Jesus, toys, December thirty one (31) laughter and crying is confused in people January one (1) the sancocho anyway the best season of the year

I like all kind of music, obviously with exceptions. My music favorite is the of December, hahahaha, Pastor Lopez, Rodolfo Aicardi, etc, Hahahaha. I like music too of Lukhas Graham and of that type

I like the football soccer, I like the football of England, Italy, Spain, Netherland, France, the most, I am fan of Atlético Nacional, y admire to Ronaldinho, Antoine Griezmann, Mario

Marco Reus, David Luis, Götze,

Zlatan Ibraimovich,

Carles Puyol,



Xavi Hernandez, among many


I have been studying in the


institution Colombia

since I was

five years

old. I made

a lot of friends in my first year of the school 

My matters favorites are physical education, mathematics and social sciences

I want graduate from school, after estudy in the university, yet I dont know I want study specifically, I would like study psychology, I like study the comportment of the people, I want continue study and learning above all, general culture, history,

mathematics, languages, sports and much more, I want practice sports, football, among other but always for fun with friends and alone too hahahaha.

I would like someday I can play the tennis field, I have never left of Colombia, I love Colombia, its people, its gastronomy, its landscapes and its culture, but I would like travel for a lot parts of the world, Canada, and others countries with beautiful landscapes

I want know the stadiums more importants of Europe, also I want know the players that I admire

I want reward to all the persons who support me, I want have a family, a wife, and children, have a stable work, I want help the animals, I want to create a foundation to benefit animals, and if possible create another to help the neediest and the nature, make do something for stop the abuse animal, the global warming, the caring for the environment and caring for the planet

I want to be somebody responsible, I want to be more puntual, sage and teach what I know to the people younger, I want to live many years, I want to be able to die satisfied, I want when I get old to live in the countryside, in peace and tranquility, and die in peace with God.

And I want never stop being happy

My name is Julian  

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