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industrial design B.A.

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Academic studies

Work experience

10/2009 - 09/2013 University of Applied Sciences, Munich Faculty: Industrial Design

03/2013 - 06/2013 Uedelhoven Studios GmbH und Co KG, Gaimersheim Bachelorthesis (1,0) „Lightweight concept for an automotive seat“

09/2013 Bachelor of Arts (1,5)

09/2012 - 03/2013 Lunar Europe GmbH, Munich Internship Industrial Design 09/2011 - 03/2012 Audi AG, Ingolstadt Internship Interior Design/ Accessories Design 09/2008 - 11/2008 Uedelhoven Studios GmbH und Co KG, Gaimersheim Internship Product Design

CV Education


06/2008 A-Levels (Art, French)

German English French Italien

09/1999 - 06/2008 Dominikus-Zimmermann-Gymnasium, Landsberg am Lech 10/2007 - 01/2008 Skilled work „The history of automotive design“

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| Bachelorthesis: Clime „Lightweight concept for an automotive seat“


Automotive Lightweight Seat

Bachelorthesis 2013 Concept of an automotive lightweight seat In cooperation with UEDELHOVEN STUDIOS GmbH und Co KG „Clime“ describes a car seat concept realizing the lightweight construction theme by means of using only the minimum of material and reducing the construction to its bare necessity. The seat is geared to suit an electric sports vehicle. The specific and efficient use of lightweight material in its suitable form leads to a seat with a very low weight, which has a positive effect on the gross vehicle weight. Despite reducing the use of the material to a minimum, ‘Clime’ is a comfortable seat. The lightweight construction guarantees both comfort and safety for the seated person. The concept of Clime combines lightweight with demands on comfort resulting in a holistic unity and demonstrates this by its design. Open and filigree, organically like structures add to the lightweight appearance reminding of insect wings. Clime invites you to sit for a long period of time, due to the netting material used which supports the seating position and offers safe stability even when traveling curvy roads. This fact is of utmost importance, since the passengers have only limited chances of varying their seating position. The devices to adapt the seat individually guarantees an optimal seating position. The Clime concept aims to encourage vehicle designers to regard lightweight construction as a holistic vehicle concept which is not merely restricted to the bodywork. Lightweight can be seen as a chance to improve future mobility, because it achieves advantages for industry, economy and society at the same time.

Carbon lightweight mesh

two-part carbon frame


felt for upholstery

seatbelt mesh polyester



Automotive Lightweight Seat

| Fiore „ A discreet contraceptive method“

Symbol „fertile“

Project 1. term 2009/2010 Interaction Design Design of a discreet contraceptive method for women This little key tag is a contraception device. The measuring of the body temperature at the temple starts as soon as three fingers touch the device. The thickening at the front is the approach place for measuring. Depending on the temperature a bud or a flower appears after some minutes. Infertile or fertile. The symbol is internationally understandable and neutral. So it is merely a harmless key tag for outsiders. By the fact that the measuring is only active at a right handling, using Fiore gets relieved.

Symbol „infertile“

point of contact to measure the temperature on the temple

viewing area for the icons

| WOON „ An ergonomic faucet“

sensor recognizes the hand and activate the water

WOON. Project 3. term 2010/2011 Ergonomics Task of the short project was the design of an ergonomic faucet. The operation shall be adapted to the site of target and the use shall flatter the ergonomics of the hand. Result is the faucet WOON which stands out due to ergonomic haptics which flatter the hand. Final destination is the hotel bathroom, a place in which hygiene is extremely important. A sensor recognizes its approaching hand and lets the water pour out. Through the sideward situated controls, the temperature can be regulated quite simply and intuitively. Maximum hygiene by minimal touches with the faucet. The design follows the form of a shell.

simple haptic regulation of the temperature

| Ciondolo „ A sustainable upholstered furniture“


A sustainable upholstered furniture Project 6. term 2012 Sustainability Under the slogan „So much cushion like necessary-as little material as possible“ the project, which was carried out in teamwork, consisted in the following two main emphases.

The cushions hang freely over the sofa rack to be adaptable flexibly and individually. So the cushions can be moved arbitrarily. e f

• The upholstery The present market offers primarily Upholster from mineral oil based hard foam. We aimed at finding a sustainable upholstery by exact enquiry work and experimenting • The sofa rack Where is cushion needed really? How soft does the cushion have to be in the different places? Can material be reduced? Building on these main emphases, there arises a aesthetics, which emits lightweight and authenticity, on which you wanna take place. It is the unusual feature that all of the used materials are recyclable and a to 100% sustainable sofa was created.


g i b


j c

Upholstering d Cotton-neetle


e Recycled cotton wool

Sofa construction

f Horsehair g Cord

a Oak

h Latex coconut fibre

b Felt

i Sackcloth

c Sewing cotton

j 3D-interlaced yarns

| Internship „ Audi Design Interiordesign/ Accessory design“

Internship 5. term 2011/2012 Interior Design A steering wheel It was the aim to form a steering wheel which is ergonomic and communicates safety which goes into the topicality of social networks and the presence of assistance systems by offering the possibility of an integration of for example contacts and Facebookaccounts. Furthermore the occupancy of the touch ribbon with the assistance systems is possible and makes it easier to regulate the systems, since all of them are traceable in the same place, the steering wheel. Communication fields as well as assistance systems can arbitrarily be placed by the driver. Steering wheel rim is adapted ergonomically with opening above, to guarantee an absolute look at the display ribbon. Through the ergonomic feel of the surface of the steering wheel, the conduct of the car was made easier.

Internship 5. term 2011/2012 Interior Design A steering wheel Further concepts had been worked out, to get some new and innovative methods of steering a vehicle. So I also here paid attention on a faultless and safe handling which arises by an ergonomic design. On the one hand, a steering ribbon was designed, which can be guided by putting and moving the hands along the ribbon. The vehicle can very simply, intuitively and easily be steered. Also here the operating panel can arbitrarily be covered with icons.

Internship 5. term 2011/2012 Interior Design A steering wheel CORE Steering in another dimension. Another variant is Core, a steering ball. By this design the driver gets a completely new sense of steering.

| Fotorama „ Redesign of a photo booth“

Project 6. term 2012 Interaction Design Redesign of a photo booth To breathe new life into the well-known classic photo booth, a concept was developed in teamwork, which lets become strolling through the town, both for tourists and for natives, an experience which they can finally capture now. You, your city, your friends, your moment: Fotorama Fotorama is a new manner of a photo booth. It is intended especially for tourists and stands worldwide in front of sights. With Fotorama exclusively panorama photos can be taken, which are intended either for single persons or also for groups. Everybody is in the picture with the complete surroundings, and if one would like even repeatedly. put on the ground, push on start only on the surrounding rings. Just place yourself on the surrounding rings on the ground, press start and the visual countdown is running in the form of a digital ring which falls down.

360째 screen, which shows the panorama picture in the online status and the surroundings in the offline status Cut-out for the operation of Fotorama via touchinterface Camera case with 6 cameras, to guarantee the panorama picture Foundations, which has to be arbitrarily designed depending on the location Rings, which are lying on the ground and signal to the user where it is the best to be placed to be optimal in the format and integrated into the surroundings

| Public Seating „ Designing for the public life“

PUBLIC SEATING_ Project 2. term 2010 Designing for the public life having a conversation, having a picnic, relaxing, reading, lerning, enjoying the sun... All this takes place on public places. The design of Public Seating supports the cooperation by its harmless, round and cut-out forms, which exclude no-one and are adaptable to every situation since some elements are rotatable. Tables offer additional place. Moreover, the coloration is freely eligible depending on the location.

| come and go „ A storage possibility“

comeandgo Project 3. term 2010/2011 Design of a storage possibility Design of a storage possibility for companions of the weekday, like a key, a mobile telephone, some money, ... The modular system collects the utensils if they aren‘t used and clears them fast to take pick them up. The system is fastened to the wall of the corridor to fast pack the most necessary things before leaving the house. The system can arbitrarily be enlarged and designed by the modularity. Comeandgo adapts to every available wall side by side or one below the other. The brackets fix the individual system blocks.

Brackets which make the module possible and fix it

System blocks with a different equipment


| Lucoon „ Office 2041“

LUCOON Project 4. term 2011 Office 2041, how does the office of the future look like? The office has to behave flexibly related to the private life of the people, it has to adapt to the needs of the people, it should make the work easier and react spontaneous to changes. Meetings called at short notice or unannounced customer visit can be handled without problems. Diminution is, however, important so that the objects don‘t make the people insecure by their complexity or distract from work. Concentration at the workplace is promoted by light. The interplay of natural and artificial light is very important since light makes processes run, lets energy flow and bends forward tiredness.

Lucoon is a lightroom, which creates an agreeable atmosphere in the office and represents a room in the room like a sculpture. It`s like the „ fireplace“ in the office, where people can meet or move back for inspiration and for thinking, as well as for meetings with clients.


Luce + Cocooning

Lucoon consists of 5 single walls, which are connected movable. The gentle light is shining in all directions and the individual wall parts are settable The gentle light shines in all directions and the individual wall parts are settable flexible. The room can be changed at will and then forms a more closed or opened separate room. From the outside it is obviously whether Lucoon is occupied, without disturbing the people sitting inside . By the light shining in all directions different light situations arise. On the one hand Lucoon offers a seperated area on the other hand a beneficial working environment, which can be used flexibly for meetings, communicative teamwork or individual work.

| Hit me „ An alarm clock“

HIT ME Free Project 2008/2009 Design of an alarm clock This alarm clock turns off by knocking over. The form is designed to let the alarm clock turn into the origin position itself. The idea behind this concept was to simplify the turning off of the alarm. In addition the representation of the time, which is made by 3D volumes, confers a new sense of time.

representation of the time by 3D volumes

| Slackline Bag „ Everything in “

Slackline- Bag Project 4. term 2011 Design of a bag Slacklining is a trend sport. It is a practice in balance that typically uses nylon or polyester webbing tensioned between two anchor points (trees). It is therefore necessary to glance at this kind of sport how far improvements are required in the equipment. The problems with the transportation of the individual elements, which are needed for Slacklining, stood out. To offer these elements a sure and fixed transportation possibility, a suitcase was designed in teamwork, which collects all important and necessary elements and makes them transportable. Even if the Slackline is in use, the suitcase serves as a seat.

shoulder strap

hard cover soft padding

Slack Bag

| Bend „ Design of a flash drive“

BEND Project 2. term 2010 Design of an USB flash drive in rhino 3D Inspiration was a folded paper band. The design crosses over the inside and the outside into each other. The USB flash drive is winding around itself. This symbolises the data transfer from the flash data to the pc.

| Flap „ A birdhouse“



Free project 2013 Design of a birdhouse The shape and elegance of a bird wing was inspiration for the design of this birdhouse. The overlapping structure of the coat of a bird and the position of feathers to each other. For the idea development different origami models were built, to test and optimize the effect of the surfaces. Result is a birdhouse, which stands out by its edged form and its nested and overlapping surfaces. Concentration of the materials on wood and acrylic glass, to produce a connection to nature as well as reaching a transparency for the observation of the birds. The nested and overlapping surfaces create a birdhouse, which guarantees the birds a safe contact point for food in winter. The grains are optimally protected by the geometry of the house from the weather and the generous design of the bottom area, with terrace and entrance, offers sufficient place to a lot of birds.

design development



bottom area


lateral roof

At first sight not exactly identified as a birdhouse, the design affected its effect perfectly. Airiness through the open design as well as nesting of the surfaces in the style of the form of a wing. A modern and elegant design meets traditional material and forms a birdhouse, which looks lightly and promises security.


| MoonLight „ Network-independent light“

MoonLight Project 2. term 2010 Fiat Lux | Network-independent Light The pillow moonlight ensures security and procures safety in the nursery, as it gently illuminates the space through an integrated , network-independent light and so reduces fears of the dark. The light intensity subsides after a certain duration and facilitates the child to fall asleep. The form is chosen so that the child‘s body may cling to the outside of the pillow and the child has something to hold and cuddle at night. It is reminiscent of the attitude of an embryo in the womb. Light provides a LED chain on the inside of the cushion, which is operated with battery and loses luminosity after a certain time. The LEDs are sewn onto a fleece, which can be solved by the inside of the pillow to change the batteries or to wash the cushion. The cushion cover is made of silk and the inside of cotton, which is underlaid with foam. These materials ensure maximum air circulation , as they are breathable.

| Sketches

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Portfolio Julia Matzig