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4 - 18, 2018

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o f co u r se ... t ak i n g p l ace M ay Lo n g Week en d Su n d ay, M ay 2 0 t h & M o n d ay, M ay 2 1 st Ray & Jacques Lavergne are owners of the Cornwall Motor Speedway, a family run business - SEE MORE ON PAGE 5 JasonSetnyk's interviews with:



Wh at ar e Ray & Jacq u es Laver g n e wai t i n g fo r ?

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dreaded question. "Why are you guys holding the Awards night at the RCAF?" It was more of an exclamationthan a question,but It is a legitimatequestion and one that many others may have. Therefore,I felt the need to explain how and why we came to this change of venue.

First and foremost,let me remind you that last year, we took a hiatus from the Awardsfor the very reason that in 2016, despite workingvery hard at it, our turnout was dim compared to previousyears and the awards night ran a deficit. We did manage to fundraisea decent amount of money for a local family with our silent auction,but because some of our sponsorsdid not come through,our charity of choice that year did not receive anything. The fact that many of our nomineesare small business ownersand artists makesit very hard for them to justify spending$55-$65 on a meal. Bear in mind that they buy a ticket without knowing if they are winnersor not. Being that our mandateis to help small businessownersand artists, we, ourselves,have a hard time justifyingcharging more than our cost. Let me throw this out there: The Cornwall Golf and Country Club was really good to us every year we were there. Mike is terrific to work with and accommodatedour every need. They were affordablecomparedto other venues,but still

Mission Statement


A friend of mine approachedme recently and asked me the








at www.t h eseek er .ca not enough for us to turn a decent profit on ticket sales. And as a fundraisinginitiative,we have to keep this in mind. We want it all. We want the glamour,the glitz, the perfect setting,the magnificent view, the scrumptiousfood, the wine, the fancy desserts,the hand-etchedawards,for as little money as possible. We want to offer our winner a magical night all the while giving thousandsof dollars to a local charity. I know it seems like an impossibletask. Yet here we were again this year, trying to revive the event and find a suitable place that was affordableand beautiful, when Woody,from the RCAF, contacted me for a website. He showed me how the associationwas changingand redefiningitself, wanting to cater to a greater demographic. I had seen the hall years ago and loved the view. I mean,it really does have the most beautiful water views in the area, hands down. I spoke to Mai-Liis,and she agreed to look at it. After a visit, we felt that it was worth a try for more than one reason. First off, The Wing supportsThe Seeker,and that in itself is reason enough to support them back. But there is more than just wanting to return the favour. The RCAFhas a stigma attached to it. It is considereda "watering hole", a place where old guys get together to drink beer and reminisceabout the good ol' days. While that stereotypecan ring true, the wing IS, after all, a military association,the venue is so much more. The floors have been redone,chairs reupholstered,and when the room is dressed up nicely,the decor is simply enchanting. So come and join uson June 9th. Experienceall that the RCAFcan be. Support your local businesses,artists, athletesand volunteers. Chat on the patiowhilehavingour Seeker SignatureDrink and lookingat the sunset. We promiseit will be just as "red carpet"as any other gala that we have held. Ticketsfor the awardsare $40. Our top 5 finalistsin each category will be revealed on May 15.

To shinea positivelight on our community;To bringa positivespin on news? To providetop qualityadvertisingand exposureto small businessownersso they can promotetheir productor serviceat affordablerates;To givea strongvoiceto the artsand culturecommunity;To spreadthe wordabout all the great eventstakingplacein Cornwalland Area. TheSeekeristheonlylocallyownedandoperatednewspaper?It ispublished? By LocalPeople - For LocalPeople - AboutLocalPeople - SupportingLocalPeople We trulyaim at beinga real communitynewspaper,an outletwho reallycaresand nurturesthe peopleit promotes and workswith.Over the past 7 years,The Seekerhasgivenover $40,000in monetarydonationsand in-kind servicesto variouscharitableorganizationsand we continueto supportpeopleand causeswith everypublication.

THE SEEKER Vol. 9 Issue 9 - May 4 to 18 pg. 2 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

I?m running f or Mayor! With your support I look forward to representing you as of October 22nd!"

Five Quest ions wit h 2018 Cornwal l Mayoral candidat e David Murphy 1 ? Tel l t he vot ers a bit about yoursel f . What skil l s and experience woul d make you a good candidat e f or Mayor? Al so, why are you running f or Mayor? ?Cornwall is my hometown. I was born here, raised here most of my life (except 7 years in South Stormont) and have spent the majority of my adult life living and working in Cornwall. My strengths include my ability to communicate effectively with residents (in person, by e-mail or through social media), to relay and/ or address their concerns and issues to the proper channels. I have proudly served the past two terms as a Councillor on Cornwall City Council which has allowed me to gain valuable insight into the operation of the city in every department. I have a very good, respectful working relationship with City staff (frontline, supervisors, and managers). I?ve had the opportunity to serve as Chairman of a number of events and with community groups which have honed my ability to lead a group in a responsible and respectful manner. All that experience has led me to my decision to run for Mayor.? 2 ? In what ways coul d we improve Economic Devel opment and how can we make Cornwal l a f riendl ier cit y f or smal l businesses? ?Economic Development is on the right path. We?ve been able to grow our logistics sector over the past several years which has delivered sustainable careers to the community. Our retail sector continues to diversify as well. We should continue to encourage infill (Downtown and Le Village) while at the same time encourage new property investment. I believe we?ve accomplished that with the extension of services on Brookdale North. We still have some work to do when it comes to streamlining the process for small business. Working with ED and our permits department, this next Council can assist in laying the framework to ensure a more efficient and timely permit process.? 3 ? What is your vision f or art s and cul t ure? Woul d you support t he buil ding of an Art s and Cul t ure Cent re in Cornwal l ? ?My vision includes a sustainable arts centre that caters to the needs of

The Seaway Valley Theatre Company invites you to the final production of their 2017-2018 season, ?Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike,? the 2013 Tony Award® winner for Best Play, written by Christopher Durang.

the arts community. How we fund that model is still up for discussion. Would it be better suited to be funded and operated by an arts collective (similar to the successful model used by the Cornwall Curling Centre)? Would it be better if the City had control of the operation and its programming (similar to the Benson Centre and Civic Complex)? That is a conversation that must still be had with the arts community and City Council. My goal, if elected, is to have a functioning arts centre sooner rather than later.? 4 ? Do you support keeping t ax increases t o a bare minimum? If so, where woul d t he savings come f rom, and woul d you support reducing some services? If you do not support keeping t ax increases t o a minimum, expl ain why. ?I understand taxes are necessary to deliver the services that any municipality provides. But that does not mean we can or should be all things to all residents. This next term of Council will have new sources of revenue, which I believe will mitigate the tax burden on residents. I?m speaking of the hotel accommodation tax as well development charges. Since they?re being implemented, we should be able to free up funds for other areas of infrastructure while at the same time allow us to cap the tax rate. Those extra funds should allow us to keep any tax increase to a minimum.? 5 ? What has been t he biggest accompl ishment at Cit y Hal l over t he past f our years OR what has been t he biggest issue of concern at Cit y Hal l over t he past f our years? ?We?ve started the process towards a sustainable and effective arts centre. Working with the Waterfront Land Acquisition Committee, I?ve been able to bring the acquisition of the waterfront lands to the forefront to begin to the process to potentially securing those lands to ensure the City (our residents) have a say in what it will be used for.? The play is produced by Jacques Labelle, and long time SVTC member Michael DeWolfe once again is at the helm as director.

Jobless, middle-aged siblings Vanya and Sonia (Neil Carriere and Shelley Cameron) share a home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where they live off of their movie star sister, Masha. (Lacie Petrynka.) As they bicker and complain about the circumstances of their lives, Masha suddenly swoops in with her latest boy toy, Spike. (Jordan Blodgett.) Old resentments flare up, eventually leading to threats to sell the house. Also on the scene are sassy maid Cassandra, (Chantal Raymond) who can predict the future, and a lovely young aspiring actress named Nina, (Ashley Elms) whose prettiness somewhat worries the imperious Masha.

?Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike? will be staged at École secondaire publique L?Héritage, 1111 Montréal Road, Cornwall, on May 18, & 19, 25 & 26, and June 1 & 2 at 7:30 pm. A matinée willalso be performed on Sunday, May 27 at 1:30 pm. Tickets are $20.00 and are available in advance online at . They can also be bought in person or by phone at the SD&G United Way/ Centraide office, 405 Fourth Street West, Cornwall, 613-932-2051. Office hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. They will also be available at the door for one hour before each performance. All seats are general admission and the auditorium is wheelchair accessible.

Three sibl ings. One hot mess

?Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike

For more information, visit

THE SEEKER Vol. 9 Issue 9 - May 4 to 18 pg. 3 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

Article and Photo by Jason Setnyk

Int erview wit h Cornwal l Comedy Fest ival host Derek Seguin

Cornwall, Ontario ? The 5th anniversary of the Cornwall Comedy Festival takes place from May 4th to May 6th. This includes a gala event at Aultsville Theatre in Cornwall on Friday, May 4th. Performing that evening will be the host, and SiriusXM Top Comic, Derek Seguin. ?I am super excited about the 5th anniversary. I?ve been involved since day one. I?m proud and happy that it has grown. Every year we keep putting on great shows, and the people in Cornwall appreciate it. It?s a cool thing to be a part of, and it?s near home, so it?s nice to have one week each year where I?m not traveling across the country. It?s nice they keep inviting me back,? Seguin said. ?Shawn Fowler, the founder of the Cornwall Comedy Festival, gave me the nod early on to be the artistic director. I?m the programming guy; I get to choose all the comedians that come. Every year, not only do I pick people who I find hilarious but people I also enjoy drinking with after the show,? Seguin added. Also performing is 12-time Canadian Comedy Awards nominee, Kate Davis, host of SiriusXM?s Top Comic and Comic Stripped, Ben Miner, 13-time Just for Laughs veteran, David Acer, award-winning television writer, Rob Ross and 3-time Canadian Comedy Awards nominee David Pryde. Recently, David Pryde has been nominated for ?Best Taped Live Performance? by the 2018 edition of the Canadian Comedy Awards. He joins Kate Davis who?s been nominated for ?Best Stand Up Comic? and ?Best Web Series? at this year?s Awards. ?Rob Ross, since I started in comedy, he?s always blown me away with how funny he is. Kate Davis is also hilarious, and one of the sweetest people in the comedy circuit. Ben Miner is from SiriusXM fame, he has a daily show on there and is also hilarious. David Pryde is one of the best joke writers in North America. He writes for Just for Laughs, The Debaters, and for television shows; he?s an amazing stand-up. David Acer is one of the world?s foremost magicians. He?s published books and won Canadian magician of the year a couple of years ago. He?s also fantastic at stand-up,? Seguin noted. Derek Seguin has an impressive resume himself. He won SiriusXM Top Comic in 2016. ?Yes, in 2016 I won SiriusXM Top Comic, so I have a soft spot in my heart for SiriusXM. They have always been good to me, especially when they handed me that $15,000 cheque.

Out and about With the Seeker Chicks

He also received a standing ovation at Place Des Arts for the Just for Laughs Gala aired on HBO.

Derek Seguin is also good friends with Steve Patterson of The Debaters. They both started off as contestants on the CBC show. Derek Seguin has won the most debates in the show?s history, while Steve Patterson became the host. Recently, Derek Seguin performed on America?s Got Talent. He can?t disclose how he did on the show, so audiences will have to tune-in and find out how he did. ?I did perform on America?s Got Talent. I can?t talk about it, you?ll have to tune-in in May to see if I made the cut,? Seguin stated. The current tour is going very well for Derek Seguin. ?The tour is going well. Between The Debaters and the HBO show, people know who I am, and they are buying tickets. It?s humbling and awesome. When we book a venue, there is no producer to tell me what I can?t say. It?s my show, I can talk about what I want,? Seguin explained. Derek Seguin is looking forward to the 5th anniversary of the Cornwall Comedy Festival. ?I can?t wait to come back. I love the people of Cornwall and appreciate their support. Shawn Fowler is proud of the festival. I am proud of it too. I have to come up with new material each time, because I know I?m coming back. I can?t wait,? Seguin concluded. Cornwall Comedy Festival kicks things off with the Gala Evening at Aultsville Theatre on Friday, May 4th at 8:30 PM. Call the Cornwall Civic Complex Box Office at 613 938 9400 or check out to purchase tickets. There are also shows May 5th in Alexandria, May 5th in Lancaster, and May 6th in Martintown. For more information visit the Cornwall Comedy Festival website. http:/ / home.html



?I?m doing The Nasty Show again this year at Just for Laughs. I?ll be taping a TV show as well,? Seguin added.


?Getting a standing ovation at Place Des Arts is my fondest memory performing at Just for Laughs during the Gala for HBO. It?s not just a highlight of performing at Just for Laughs, but my career,? Seguin reminisced.

Seeker Chick Julia m et w ith a ver y special som eone this w eek at the Tor onto Discover y Convention. Soph i a Th e Hu m an oi d Robot m ade her fir st Canadian guest appear ance at the convention and Julia had the pleasur e to m eet her. Watch for her upcom ing ar ticle on AI and how Sophia and other s like her can help im pr ove the lives of people ever yw her e in the w or ld.


W HAT A GREAT PERFORM ANCE by the students of St. Joe's and ther e ar e still tickets available for the M ay 4th and 5th per for m ances, both days at 8pm . Call 613-932-0349 ext 301 for info. Tickets ar e also available at the door at St. Joseph's Auditor ium . You r ea lly don't wa nt to miss this AW ESOM E SHOW !!!

Send in your COMMUNITY SNIPPETS - a story or a paragraph with a photo or photos to:

We love





THE SEEKER Vol. 9 Issue 9 - May 4 to 18 pg. 4 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

Division t it l e sponsorssecured f or 2018 at Cornwal l Mot or Speedway! By MartinBĂŠlanger W ith a little over 2 w eeks aw ay befor e kicking off the 2018 season, Cor nw all M otor Speedw ay is pr oud to announcethat all divisionsw ill have a title sponsor for the upcom ing sum m er.

Pol ar Sound DJ Services Modif ied Division Alr eady involved at the speedw ay,Jim Landr iault, ow ner of Polar Sound DJ Ser vicesdecided to step up and sponsor the M odified Division for 2018, a big jum p for him as he w as sponsor ingthe M ini-Stock and Novice Spor tsm an in the past seasons. Jim offer s a com pleteDJ ser vice for your events such as w edding,banquets,etc. He also takes car e of the m usic enter tainm entat the speedw ay on Sunday evenings.

Next Level Home Improvement Sport smanDivision The speedw ay is happy to w elcom ea new sponsor for the Spor tsm an division as Next Level Hom e Im pr ovem entw ill take the ver y com petitive division for the upcom ing sum m er. Located in Casselm an,Ontar io and ow ned by Pascal Dupuis, Next Level Hom e Im pr ovem ent,specializes in hom e im pr ovem entof all sor ts.

Pro-St ockAl exandria Home Hardware Division Stability is key for ow ner of the Alexandr iaHom e Har dw ar eas he w ill be back as title sponsor of the Pr o-Stock division. Alw aysa big contr ibutor at the speedw ay,he w ill also continuew atching his son Roch r ace as he is one of the veter an r unner of the Pr o-Stock class.

Tracy Wheel er Assist 2Sel l Mini-St ock Division Another long-tim epar tner at the Speedw ay,Tr acy W heeler ,sister of M odified cam paigner Cor ey W heeler is back again and w ill be the headlinesponsor of the M ini-Stock division. W heeler a r eal estate agent under the Assist2Sell banner ,is a gr eat fan of r acing at Cor nw all. I t is gr eat to have a title sponsor in ea ch division.


"Feel the 2


the Ex ci t em en t " Day - SEASON




1 st Ro u n do f Dr ap erDo o r sCan ad i an Nat i o n al sM o d i fi edSer i es 1 0 0 Lap even t+ a Co m p l et ePr o g r am Pit Gateopensat 3pm- Grandstand opensat 4:30pm Racingat 6:30pm GeneralAdmission: $30- Seniors:$20- Kids:$2

For m or e info.pleasevisit the w ebsite at w w w.cor n w al l speedw you can add us on Facebook cornwallspeedway or on tw itter at @cm sspeedw ay.

Sponsored by MikeSauvĂŠConstruction Inc.

Racing inf o: 613-938-3945 16981 Cornwal l



2 1 st

1 st Ro u n dRacefo r t h e Cu r e Sp o r t sm anSer i es- 1 0 0 Lap + 4 0 Lap M o d i fi ed + East er nOn t ar i oVi n t ag e Pit Gateopensat Noon - Grandstand opens1:30pm - Racingat 3:30pm GeneralAdmission: $20- Seniors:$10- Kids:$2 Sponsored by TheCo-operators

- www.cornwal l

Cent re Road (Powerdam

Drive) Long Saul t , ON

THE SEEKER Vol. 9 Issue 9 - May 4 to 18 pg. 5 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

From Shar y n's Pant r y GRANDMA' S HOMEMADE COOKIES MADE WITH LOVE This recipe is one of my 9 grandchildren's favourite cookies. We would bake them often when they came for a visit to Grandma and Grandpa's house. If you use a cookie scoop, it will take about 1/4 of the time instead of using a spoon to drop the cookie dough. More time to bake another recipe or read them stories or walk down our country road. These cookies are crisp and delicious and will travel well to any sports activity. They will give you energy to play well! They will freeze well if they make it to the freezer! Enjoy! RICE KRISPIE AND OATMEAL COOKIES

-Cream the butter and both sugars together until nice and fluffy. You can do this by hand or with an electric mixer using the paddle attachment.

The recipe makes 5- 1/2 dozen cookies. INGREDIENTS:


METHOD: -Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F. OR 325 degrees convection bake. Line cookie sheets with parchment paper. (Did you know that you can re-use parchment paper for many bakings, just wipe it with a damp cloth after using.I store my cookie sheets standing on their side with the sheets of parchment paper left on them.)

Follow the Latest Adventures of Gilbert the Seeker Beagle

Gabbing with Gilbert

-Use a cookie scoop for the easiest way to get balls of cookie dough. (We sell all sizes of scoops at Sharyn's Pantry.) or use a teaspoon to drop balls of dough on your parchment lined cookie sheets. -Take a fork, dipped in flour and flatten the balls of cookie dough until quite thin. -Bake the cookies in your pre-heated oven for about 8 minutes or until lightly browned. -Allow the baked cookies to sit on the cookie sheets for a few minutes after baking. Then place them on wire cooling racks to cool completely. -You will have 5- 1/2 dozen delicious cookies to enjoy. They freeze well if they make it to your freezer. ENJOY!

tr ainingm e. Don't tell her , but I'm tr aining her too! I'm doing GREAT! I listen m or e and m or e each day and I har dly have any m or e accidents. I think they finally r ealized that w hen I stand at the fr ont door or the side door , it m eans I w ant to go for a w alk so I can pee! I don't m ind pooping in the yar d, but I don't like my gr een to be sm elly! That's w hy I m uch pr efer going on a telephonepole. And I m ean ever y. Single. Telephone.Pole. M y hum anshave com e a long w ay! They r espect my boundar ies,and I r espect their s. It's a m utual thing, ya know !


Last Sunday,the boss lady and the boss m an left on a tr ip over night. I w as left to w atch the kids. She told m e, befor e leaving, to m ake especially sur e that the 17-year -old didn't thr ow a par ty. I w as r eady for battle if he tr ied anything. I take my r esponsibilities ver y ser iously.

Th ey Love M e! Yes they do. And I've adjusted just fine. The Boss Lady has decided she w as gonna m ake a good boy out of m e and has ser iously taken on the task of

a family-run business for 37 years


-Stir in the rolled oats, Rice Krispies and coconut. Mix to combine everything.

812 Pitt St, Unit 6, Cornwall, ON 613-936-1998


-Add the flour, baking soda and baking powder and salt. Mix well.



-Add in the eggs and vanilla and mix well.

1 cup butter at room temperature 1 cup light brown sugar, packed 1 cup white sugar 2 extra large eggs 2 tsp. pure vanilla 1- 1/2 cups unbleached all-purpose flour 1 level tsp. baking soda 1 tsp. baking powder 1/2 tsp. fine salt 2 cups quick cooking rolled opats 2 cups Rice Krispies 1 cup sweetened dessicated coconut



He w as a good boy, so I spent extr a tim e w ith him on M onday. I w as in his r oom w atchinghim play video gam es w hen I suddenly felt w eir d. I felt w eak, my legs didn't seem to w ant to car r y m e, and I couldn't contr ol my tongue w hich w as flappingar ound like

cr azy,saliva dr oolingever yw her e! The teenager quickly got m e and w as tr ying to m ake m e snap out of it. "Gilber t! Gilber t! W hat's w r ong? Ar e you ok Gilber t?" he w as saying. I w asn't ok . Next thing you know , all the m usclesin my body seized, thr ow ingm e on the floor , unable to m ove, bar ely consciousof w hat w as going on ar ound m e. Thank God it didn't last ver y long. The teenager took m e to the doctor 's. They call him "Dr. Vetr enatr ian"I think . After br iefly looking at m e, he said I w as ok . He couldn't say m uch m or e w ithout taking blood out of m e, he said. I told him "OVERM Y DEAD BODY!" and I left w alking the hum an back hom e. W hen the boss lady cam e back, she said I w old have to dog-up and have the blood tests done if I have another one of these. I sur e hope I don't! It w as r eally scar y. Good think is, after this, ever ybody sur e is r eally nice to m e now.

See you next time! Woof!





AND EASY 6 1 3 -9 3 5 -8 1 0 1 FREE CONSULTATION

w w w.ver sacor et ech design

THE SEEKER Vol. 9 Issue 9 - May 4 to 18 pg. 6 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

www.l ibrarycornwal l Facebook: l ibrarycornwal l ont ario


THELIBRARYBOOKSTORE Get your LIBRARYUMBRELLAfor only $10 in our bookstore located inside the library.Get bargain prices on gently used books,CDs, DVDs,Puzzlesand Magazines.Open Sunday to Friday,1 p.m. to 4 p.m., and all-day Saturdays,10 a.m. to 4 p.m. REVENGEOF THEFIFTH (Ages 0 t o 13) Saturday,May 5 ? 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Join us for a drop-in Star Wars-themedcrafter-noonfrom 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. then starting at 2:00 p.m. we will be showing the latest Jedi adventure:The Last Jedi. Come in costume.May the force be with you.


@ the


45 SecondStreetE. 613-932-4796

WELOVEMUMS? A MOTHER?SDAY EVENT (Ages 6 to 10) Saturday,May 12 ? 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. RegistrationRequired. We love mums and we want to celebratethem. Join us for a crafter-noon.Just a heads up, we will be painting so don?t wear your best clothes.


FAMILYSTORYTIME/ HEUREDU CONTEFAMILIALE (for children and their parents) Saturdays,10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. SATURDAYSCIENCESaturdays,until May 12 ? 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Interestedin learning how the world works and exploring new technology?Join us two Saturdaysa month to participatein our exciting new STEM programming(Science,Technology, Engineering,Math). NEW KNITTINGGROUPmeets at the library every Wednesday evening from 5:30 to 8:15.

THE SEEKER Vol. 9 Issue 9 - May 4 to 18 pg. 7 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

... e sp e cia lly fo r tho se w ho sa y ... The re 's No thing To Do in Co rnw a ll


W h a t t o d o - w h er e t o go - w h a t t o see i n Co r n w a l l a n d SD& G

MAY 4 Friday Live Music EVERY Friday f rom 8-11 pm @ Shoeless Joe's Cornwall From Long Saul t t o Bradf ord 7 pm @ Our Lady of Grace/ St. Pius X Parish · Ingleside, Ontario Bedroom decorat ing / El ect ric beds/ mat t ress sal e / Mat t ress t oppe 10 am @ Monique's Cornwall's Largest Bedding & Mattress store Mot hers Day Lit t l e Art ist Gif t 6 pm @ Cailuan Gallery Rock of Ages @ St. Joseph's Secondary School @ 2:00 pm & 8:00 pm

MAY 5 - Sat urday Sat urday ? Gl ass Art Cl asses @ Priest's Mill Arts Centre @ 10:00 am ? 5:00 pm

BBQ f or Dreamkeepers! 12 pm @ The Brick Cornwall · Cornwall, Ontario Pl ant a Seed, Wat ch it Grow Wil l iamst own Branch 10 am @ SD&G County Library

MAY 6 - Sunday Mot her's Day Tea & Paint Part y Host ed by Rapunzel 11:30 am @ Dream Birthdays Cornwall · Cornwall, Ontario McGaughey Organ Recit al 7 pm @ St John's Presbyterian Church · Cornwall, Ontario FAT Paint 101 Workshop 1 pm @ Simply Rewritten

Rock of Ages @ St. Joseph's Secondary School @ 2:00 pm & 8:00 pm

Trinit y Drop In Sunday and Town Hal l Meet ing 10 am @ Trinity Anglican Church,

Harry Manx @ Upper Canada Playhouse @ 7:00 pm

Cornwal l Comedy Fest ival @ Martintown Community Centre @ 4:00 pm

Beat l es Go Brass @ Aultsville Theatre @ 8:00 pm Cornwal l Comedy Fest ival @ Atlantic Hotel @ 8:00 pm Cornwal l Comedy Fest ival @ the South Glengarry @ 10:00 pm Mot her?s Day Fundraiser 10 am @ Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School Wal k f or Al zheimer's - Cornwal l 9 am @ Benson Centre Spring Fever- Acryl ic Paint Workshop 1 pm @ OBO studios Meet t he Producers 10:30 am @ Marrow and Spice Paper Scul pt ing May 5 - May 6 @ Cailuan Gallery · Cornwall, Ontario


FANTASY REALM / Free Comic Book Day 2018 10 am @ FANTASY REALM · Cornwall, Ontario

Cinco De Cowboyo 10 pm @ The Brass Buckle Cinqo De Mayo Cel ebrat ion 9 pm @ La Maison Tavern / The House Habitat for Humani-Tea Party 10 am @ Best Western Parkway Inn & Conference Centre

MAY 8 - Tuesday Yout h Services 7 pm @ Harvest Christian Fellowship

us help you advertise all your happenings!

Chil dren?s Group 4 pm @ Bereaved Families of Ontario-Cornwall Invest ing in Your Non-Prof it - Cornwal l 9 am @ The Agape Centre

MAY 11 - Friday Girl and kit t en on swing, Big Brot hers and Big Sist ers 7 pm @ Cornwall Knights of Columbus Live Music EVERY Friday f rom 8-11 PM 8 pm @ Shoeless Joe's Cornwall Wine and Cheese and Belly Dancing Workshop 5 PM @ NAV Fit · Twist ed Kil t at Deke and Squeaks! 8 pm @ Deke & Squeaks Sports and Grill

MAY 12 - Sat urday Cornwal l ON. Johnny Cash Night At The Port Theat re 7 pm @ The Port Theatre Mixed Media Workshop 1 pm @ OBO studios Skills Clinic 10 AM @ Cornwall U14 Girls Softball Selects

Drum Heal ing Medit at ion 6 pm @ Healing Wishes

Int roduct ion t o EFT t apping t echnique 12:30 pm @ Love Yoga: Creative Movement

Yoga & Medit at ion 6 pm @ Bee Real Healing Arts & Products

Nat ional Girl s Learning Code Day 1 pm @ Cornwall Public Library

Loss of a Spouse 6:30 pm @ Bereaved Families of Ontario-Cornwall

Sat urday ? Gl ass Art Cl asses @ Priest's Mill Arts Centre @ 10:00 am ? 5:00 pm

MAY 9 -Wed

Smal l Business Trade & Craf t Show @ South Stormont TWP, Hall @ 10:00 am ? 4:00 pm

Bingo, every Wednesday 7 pm @ Cornwall Bingo center

Papil l ion @ OBO St udios @ 1:00 pm ? 5:00 pm

Civil ian & Const abl e Recruit ment Inf o Sessions 7 pm @ St. Lawrence College

Johnny Cash Night At The Port Theat re @ The Port Theatre @ 7:00 pm ? 10:00 pm

Cornwal l ATS® Bel l ydance Cl ass 6:30 pm @ CCVS · Buried in Treasures Workshop / At el ier 1:30 pm @ CMHA Champlain East / ACSM Champlain Est Drop Ins at SASS 9:30 am @ Sexual Assault Support Services for Women of SDG&A

PLACE yo u r EVENT Tripl e P Group (0-12 years) 10 i n THIS CALENDAR, am @ Early On Child and Family It i s FAST,CONVENIENT Centre AND FREE! Support & Share Night 7 pm @ Ju st Go t o www.t h eseek er .caBereaved Families of Ontario-Cornwall t o en t er YOU Reven t ! Let

MAY 10 - Thursday

Some Enchant ed Evening f eat uring Lacie Pet rynka @ Aultsville Theatre @ 7:30 pm

Treat your mot her t o "Ful l y Compl et el y Hip" The Tragical l y Hip Tribut e at t he Bonnie Gl en. Show t ime 9pm, Ticket s $25. For t icket s and inf o cal l t he Bonnie Gl en at 613-525-3078 or Al kal ine Ent ert ainment at 613-933-5882

MAY 13 - Sunday

Spring Open House 10 am @ The Salvation Army Cornwall

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Subm i t Your Vi deo Audi t i on

on our w ebsi t e at

cor nw al l r i bf est .com / r i bf est i dol Must be bet w een 0-18 Vi deo m ust cont ai n cont act i nf o Must be av ai l abl e t o per f or m Jul y 26

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"When I met Isabel Russell for the first time, I immediately thought-she must be a teacher. She had a steadiness about her-she never got ruffled and readily accepted whatever came. I got to know a little bit more about her for this story and can't help but imagine how lucky those kids were to have Isabel in their lives and how lucky you all are, to finally greet the woman behind the desk".



Musical Gardens In the McLeod family Clan, a sprig of Juniper berries was worn at the shoulder of a lady?s tartan sash. Called a protective charm, it was oftentimes used to bless the home. Few people can attest to living up to their Clan Badge as Isabel McLeod-Russell, who?s Held Fast to her family beliefs right from the start.

Isabel?s roots began north of Lancaster in 1939 on the family farm with her parents, two siblings and one mahogany upright piano, belonging to her mother Helena. She remembers the neighbors coming over at Christmas with their fiddles and song and watching with glee the singing and dancing? filling the house with laughter. The wood stove blasting out its bellows, coloring everyone?s cheeks in merriment and celebration, setting the tone for the dreams of a child. When she was seven the family moved to Cornwall and placed that piano in the front room, where the trilling of the keys could be heard up and down the street every Sunday afternoon for years. Of the many traditions that Isabel learned from her Mother, moving all those plants and roses up from the farm has been the most everlasting for there?s rarely been a summer that the most beautiful peony or wild tea rose can?t be found for a centerpiece, at the dining room table. After grade school at Central Public, Isabel graduated on to CCVS where she was taught history by none other than Mary Stewart, whose father raised her to believe that ?Girls Can Do Anything.? In her natural way, Isabel described Mary as well balanced and funny, allowing her students to visit a while before setting their mind to books and learning. With role models like that it?s no surprise that Isabel became a teacher. A year of Teachers College brought her back full circle to Central Public where she taught grades 4-5 for two years. When the kids were a bit older, she did some supply work and private tutoring, one-on-one in her home. Isabel described her years at Central with a teacher?s satisfaction as she watched the younger ones slowly find their way. You were pretty important to them, so how you dressed-what you wore-what you said-what you thought about was of the utmost importance. You were put on a pedestal because you?d made a connection in their life and you couldn?t let them down-you wouldn?t let them down. You held Fast and Steady, like the Clan Badge of your moniker and had no use for anger or fighting people. You always wanted to do the right thing and saw the Good in everyone regardless of social status. You respect the structure of the Royal Family, following their traditions with fascination and grace. You loved 40?s actress, June Allyson for her clean cut personality and pretty soon, started dressing like her in timeless pieces that suited any occasion. And then the house is filled with neighbors who are either playing bridge or admiring the wild roses that line the yard and you remember your Mother, in all that she gave you. So one summer vacation you take the family down to the ocean in Maine, driving home through Vermont. And your eye wanders over little hills and dales towards those wooden churches propped up in pretty, picturesque towns. And maybe one Sunday-for your birthday, you?ll go down to the Village Inn for its old home feel with lots of character with real table cloths in willow patterned, wedge-wood blue and white dinner-ware that remind you of home in the country. And you pick up the phone and take a ride down to Adolphus to check out the Telephone peas that are growing out in the garden that are so sweet and delicious. Then you walk a little further and see that someone?s tied up your Mother?s peony so the heavy flowers can catch the sun. You do a little weeding and remember to stop and visit the neighbors before heading home, because that?s just who you are. And waiting in the front room like an old friend, is the Gerhard Heintzman # 35600 piano that was gifted to your Mother by her Father, on her 10th birthday. That?s followed down the many roads of your life onto its current resting place in your Granddaughter?s living room. And something that not too many people know is the connection between the teacher and the piano maker, whose aim was to produce uncompromised-high-quality instruments, regardless of what the rest of the world was doing and whose reputation carried them into the twenty-first century. Li sa Gr ay Copyr i gh t @ 2018 I would love to have feedba ck fr om my stor ies...Plea se ema il me at: ver legr a ce4062@gma Lisa is a member of the Cornwall Writer Society, a group that meets at the Cornwall Public Library, on the 3rd Monday of each month from 6:15 to 8:15pm. For more info. about this or any program at the Library please call 613-932-4796.

FOR SALE: Double bed, good clean mattress, asking $85. Rug in good condition 6' x 9' asking $45, Folding table 49" x 29", new $65, asking $30. 4 Bunnikins framed pictures, lovely for a nursery, best offer. Full cart oval bedside table, regular height, asking $150, Call 613-936-9399 FOR SALE: Electric BBQ $85. Wood flame BBQ $150. Chain saw safety helmet $30. Non insulated cammouflage coveralls, size extra large $45. Also golf balls for sale. Call 613-347-3091

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It 's t ime t o vot e! It 's t ime t o vot e! It 's t ime t o vot e! It 's t ime t o vot e! Please Choose one per category! Best Home Based Business

Musical or Perf orming Art ist

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Jimmy Malyon (Theater - Beast) Frank Burelle (Theater - Gaston) Cameron McPhee (Theater - Various) Melissa Dionne (Theater - Belle) 5 guys and a box (Music) Radio Nova (Music) Grace Willison (Music) Michael DeWolfe (Theater - Various) Ryan Lalonde (Magic) Corey Disotell (Theater - Various)

Local Seeker Media Group invites you to participate in our annual Seekers Choice Awards Fundraiser. Our charity of choice this year is The Heart & Stroke Foundation.

Sponsored by

On June 9, at the Royal Canadian AFA, we will proudly recognize artists and individuals of our community who have excelled in their respective disciplines. The funding for The Seekers Choice Awards Fundraiser comes solely from corporate and individual sponsors, such as yourself. We are extremely thankful to all our sponsors and hope that you will consider supporting this wonderful event this year. TO BECOME A SPONSOR, DONATE AN ITEM FOR THE AUCTION, OR BUY TICKETS TO THE EVENT, PLEASE VISIT HTTP:/ / THESEEKER.CA/ SEEKERSCHOICEAWARDS

___ Braxton D'Alessio (Go-Carting) ___ Zachary Renaud (Go-Carting)

Ret urn your bal l ot t o 327, 2nd St reet E.

You t oo can sponsor t his wonderf ul event ! Sponsorships as l ow as $75

Wine Sponsor

go t o ht t p:/ / t seekerschoiceawards/

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Brain & Body Empowerment

Int erview wit h Friday t he 13t h Jason Voorhees act or Ari Lehman Article and Photo by Jason Setnyk Cornwall, Ontario ? Horror fans have the opportunity to meet the first Jason Voorhees from the movie Friday the 13th at the Cornwall Area Pop Event which takes places April 21st and April 22nd at the Benson Centre. While filming Friday the 13th, Ari Lehman spent some time getting to know actress Betsy Palmer who played Jason?s mom Pamela Voorhees. ?That?s right, I was the first Jason Voorhees, the very first. What does it mean to me? First and foremost, how wonderful and dedicated the fans of Jason Voorhees are. Also, the fact that I got to meet and spend some precious time with Betsy Palmer who played my mother in Friday the 13th, but also shares my birth mother?s birthday of November 1st, and those two dates are so important to me. Horror cinema is amazing, and to just have been around that great tradition also means a lot to me,? Lehman said. Sean S. Cunningham, who was the director of the film Manny?s Orphans, asked Ari Lehman the now infamous question, can you swim? ?What happened was we did a comedy about kids who play soccer and win their orphanage back from the mob in a soccer tournament, but no one cared about soccer in 1979. Sean said we?re going to do this horror movie. We have this much budget left, and this much time left, and can you do it? Of course, I was happy, because he told me I was going to get to play a monster. When you?re 14 years old and get to play a monster, that?s a lot of fun,? Lehman reminisced. Ari Lehman is also the frontman for metal / hard rock band First Jason, that played to a packed house at La Maison Tavern on Saturday night. Before the concert I asked, can fans expect to see blood and gore during the set like at a GWAR or Alice Cooper show? ?That?s a great question! Behind me, you see the machete which is a part of my guitar itself. We do have some theatrics, but having seen so many other bands throwing blood around so much, and so well, or wearing makeup and costumes ? many bands do that. What is frightening about my band is the musicianship, the lyrics, the music. If you like music and seeing people move their fingers instead of listening to tracks spun by a DJ., that?s what we?re doing. We?re here to scare those

LORRAINE DRISCOLL Reading Comprehension Dif f icul t ies? A Weak Working Memory Coul d Be t he Cul prit In my last article, I wrote about how poor working memory affects learning disabilities. Poor working memory can have a significant impact on the ability to decode and comprehend written text. Up to 70% of students with learning disabilities in reading score 'very low' on working memory. Working memory can be compared to a video recording where both the visual and auditory aspects of the experience are recorded with little effort. Just as a good photographer decides what to capture, your child needs to be able to do the same when reading. If your child's auditory working memory is weak, they might sound out every word they see because their auditory working memory isn't allowing them to hold onto sound parcels long enough to be able to read the words fluently. Visual working memory allows your child to recall the appearance of objects and symbols in their mind's eye. Since 50% of the words in the English language are not phonetically correct, working visual memory is even more essential to remember how words look and are spelled. It is for this reason that weak visual memory can be a major source of breakdown with decoding and reading comprehension.

Weak visual memory often presents in the form of poor spelling, not recognizing letters or a word that was read earlier and poor reading comprehension. When visualization skills are weak, creating a film or picture in the mind?s eye of what was read is challenging if not impossible? and this deficit can be a major source of poor reading comprehension. When working memory is weak, phonics and high frequency words are not automatized. This means the working memory must devote its energy entirely to the task of decoding instead of reading comprehension. I see this situation regularly in my office? teenagers who can read nearly every word, but have no idea what they just read. Visual and auditory working memory can be developed with various exercises and activities which I will outline in greater detail in my next article.

To learn more schedule a free 20-minute Star Student Breakthrough session. In Health & Wholeness,

True Root s Brain & Body Sol ut ions www.l orrainedriscol l .com - Phone: 613-330-9254 The informationcontainedin thisarticleis for informationalpurposesonly and is not in any way intendedto substitutemedical care or advicefrom your doctor. LorraineDriscoll is actingin accordancewith the regulationsof her designationas a RegisteredHolistic Nutritionistand "CertifiedTeacher". She doesnot seek or claim to diagnoseor cure. musicians off the stage, well not really. It?s a lot of fun. We have songs like ?Jason Never Dies?, ?Jason is Watching?, and ?Machette is my Friend?. Come see First Jason,? Lehman stated. Ari Lehman has several movies coming out soon including Rock Paper Dead which is directed by Tom Holland and co-written by Victor Miller. Victor Miller wrote Friday the 13th and Jason X, while Tom Holland directed Child?s Play and Fright Night. The movie stars Michael Madsen, best known for his role in the Kill Bill movies. ?Victor Miller is a dear friend of mine for years. I always liked working with him because his scripts are intelligent, witty, and great. I had not worked with Tom Holland before Rock Paper Dead, and of course, he directed Child?s Play. He?s a fantastic director, spontaneous, and energetic. I played a sadistic orderly in an asylum, but I don?t want to give away too much. When they dropped me off for the role, they dropped me off at the wrong place. They were shooting at an asylum, so I thought I was on set. But I walked in on a patient and a doctor and nurse at an actual asylum. I asked, is this where you?re shooting the movie. He says no, so I just kind of backed away. Realizing I was in the asylum, I kind of walked through to get into character. Maybe it worked because when I did the scene, it was a pretty sadistic scene, and when I did it Tom said that?s perfect! Do it again, do it again! That movie also has the great Michael Madsen and Tatum O?Neal. I think it?s a great effort and a little different than most of the independent horror offerings right now. I suggest people go see Rock Paper Dead,? Lehman reflected. First Jason, Ari Lehman, is enjoying his first visit to Cornwall, Ontario, and has high praises for CAPE and Canada. ?CAPE is fantastic, and they gave me a lovely room. We?re still going to find some poutine or is it Putin? Wait, are we eating the Prime Minister of Russia, is that what Putin in is? Just kidding, that?s a joke. I?m thrilled to be in Canada and breathing some fresh air. Thank you,? Lehman concluded with a smile.

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Mortgage Tips





Secondary Home or Famil y Home


There are situations when a borrower is looking to purchase a ?second home?. Some scenarios include, needing a city property to cut down on the long commute during the week, a child heading to school, a vacation property, a parent needing to live close-by, etc. Genworth and Canada Guaranty have programs available for Canadians to purchase these types of properties with as little as a 5% down payment. The two programs available through Genworth Insurance are the ?Secondary Homes (Type A)? program and the ?Vacat ion Homes (Type B)? program. Canada Guaranty offers a second home program called ?Lif eSt yl e Advant age?. The Propert y: These properties must be single family properties and the occupant must be either the borrowers themselves or a family member. A Secondary Home or Lif eSt yl e Advant age Propert y is required to have all of the permanent property amenities such as a full foundation, permanent heat source and potable water source. If the property is a Vacat ion Home, it does not necessarily need to be winterized or have potable water source. Some vacation properties do not have year round road access and these circumstances are allowed as well.

On June 9, at the Royal Canadian AFA, we will proudly recognize artists and individuals of our community who have excelled over the last year in their respective disciplines by presenting them with an award. Awards are given to a home business, a new business, an existing business, a woman in business, a musical or performing artist, a visual artist, and a literary artist and also a volunteer, an athlete and our columnist of the year.


Upcoming Event s at t he Wing

The Borrowers: Borrowers typically must have an Equifax Beacon credit score of at least 650 for all programs. The operating costs of the property must be covered completely by the income of the borrowers. No rental income or contributory income can be used from the property to qualify for the mortgage. The Mort gage: Down payment for Vacat ion Homes must come from the borrowers?resources but a Secondary Home down payment can also come from a gift from a family member. For the Lif eSt yl e Advant age program, down payment can be borrowed or gifted from any arm?s length source. Purchase Plus mortgage products are available for all programs but cash back mortgage products are only available for the Secondary Home program. If you aren?t sure if your situation qualifies for a ?Second Home? program, please contact Jenni MacDonald anytime for a review of your mortgage needs.

Tips from the Tax Mam

Jenni M a cDona ld (w w w.jma cdona ) is a M or tga ge Br oker with Dominion Lending Centr es The M or tga ge Sour ce (Lic.#10145). She ha s over 7 yea r s of exper ience in the M or tga ge I ndustr y a nd wor ks with at lea st 40 lender s including ba nks, cr edit unions, a nd pr ivate lender s to find the best mor tga ge for ea ch client. You ca n conta ct her by phone or text at 613-551-0639 or via ema il at jma cdona


CCB benefits. If you failed to file your taxes on time, they would still provide those entitled to CCB (baby bonus) with their July payments. They no longer do this ? if you don?t file by mid-May at the latest, you will not receive your July CCB.

Sauve TAX TIP # 7 So t he t ax deadl ine has passed and you still haven?t filed your taxes. Not a big deal as long as you don?t have a balance owing. If you do have a balance owing, then you will be subject to penalties and interest on income tax returns filed late at a rate of 5% a month (with a cap of 12 months). For example, if you had a balance owing of $1000 and did not file until 6 months after the due date of April 30 th, your balance owing would automatically be assessed a $340 penalty plus interest. The Canada Child Benefit (CCB) program has also changed their rules. Prior to 2015, CCB would give a one month grace period for

REM EM BER - if t h e SEEKER

Don?t forget, if you don?t file, you will not get your July GST benefit or your Ontario Trillium benefit. There are so many positive reasons to file your tax return each year and to file them on time. If you haven?t filed your taxes in several years, remember that back filing is better than not filing so you can take advantage of all the benefits and credits that are available to you. If you haven?t filed for several years because you don?t have your slips, you can call Revenue Canada at 1-800-959-8281 and ask them for a copy of all your T-slips for the years you haven?t filed. Once you get them, you will be ready to file ! For more tax tips and tax related frequently asked questions, visit my website at www.sauvet

Rackis Em pt y,r eadu son lin e@w w w.t h eseek er .ca

THE SEEKER Vol. 9 Issue 9 - May 4 to 18 pg. 13 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

M O RRELL You r Li f e Can Ch an ge For Th e Best W h en You r Per cept i on Ch an ges Betty Anne Gr eenhalg-Bar d shar ed this pow er ful m essage. Betty Anne is an extr em ely talented ar tist of Cor nw all and Pr esident of Par ade of Nations for the Developm entally Challenged (PONDC)? a local r egister ed char ity, helping special needs people ar tistically inclined of all ages and backgr ound r ealise one dr eam . Am ong m any other things, PONDC clients par ticipate in var ious activities w hich enhance their per sonal life skills. Accor ding to its definition, per ception is the ability to see, hear , or becom e aw ar e of som ething thr ough the senses. W hen you r eally think about it your per ception is your r ea lity. Ever yone w ould agr ee ther e is absolutely no question about that.

Our thoughts change and flicker constantly; changing them fr om negative to positive costs nothing. Visua lizing ha ppiness and w her e you w ould like to be in your life takes a few m inutes, a few tim es a day. Appr eciating w hat is good in your life only m akes you feel better and opens your eyes to m or e good things. Once you star t the ball r olling it picks up speed ver y quickly. This all takes w or k and it?s up to you, if you feel it?s w or th putting in the effor t. Cha nging your per ception is a lot easier than you can im agine since it defines your ow n r eality. Som e tim es listening to som eone w ill change your per ception of things. Ther e ar e a lot of hum an beings out ther e w ith a lot of exper tise and com m on sense w or th listening to. Though its is all about the w ay you inter pr et the m essages they convey. If you ar e inter pr eting things positively, you ar e putting out positive ener gy and getting it back . It br ings m or e pleasant things into your life by focusing on it to let go of the negative. This m eans visua lizing what you wa nt instead of w hat you don?t w ant. To have a better life, fir st you m ust under stand ther e ar e m any things for w hich you have absolutely no contr ol over. Those things you should not w or r y about. Wor r y only about the things you can contr ol by com ing up w ith str ategies to r esolve your issues because you ca n. It does m ot m ean contr olling the life of anyone else; this list can be exhaustive. It m eans the w ay you spend m oney, the w ay you handle your dr inking habits and dr ugs consum ption, etc. Often one's per ception is based on var ious uninfor m ed opinions w hich is not helping you. If you w ant the r eal M cCoy, then get it for m the hor se's m outh. Doing your ow n r esear ch and evaluating your possibilities of w hat is r ight for you is not easy; how ever on the long r un it definitely pays off. So h ow do you st ar t ch an gi n g you per cept i on ? You have a choice on how to per ceive your ow n challenges. -



Realise you have the pow er to set som ething positive in m otion and establish your ow n pr ior ities. Decide to be in char ge of your life by setting goals for your self ensur ing they ar e attainable so you don't have to face failur e. Change your inner voice. Keep saying ?I can? instead of ?I can?t? . Visualize and w r ite dow n w her e you w ant to be. Your im agination is pow er ful w hen you stop focusing on ever ything that is bad in your life. Acknow ledge your good qualities instead of doubting your self. To becom e happy takes w or k . Be adaptable and go w ith the flow.



M a rie

M e la ne e

The Novel Cure


Whatever ails you, from the psychological to the physical, spiritual and beyond, sometimes the best cure can come in the form of a book. While self-help books have become popular in recent decades, people have been using literature as a cure-all for centuries. Bibliotherapy involves the reading of specific texts with the purpose of healing, a key concept of library science, and was used as far back as ancient Greece. The oldest known library motto in the world was inscribed above King Ramses II of Egypt's book chamber and read, "the house of healing for the soul." Since then, bibliotherapy has been used in psychiatric institutions, military hospitals, and many other places, all over the world. Today, you can even book an appointment with a bibliotherapist, and they will "prescribe" reading material relevant to a client's current life situation and the issues they may be facing. With their witty and informative book The Novel Cure, authors Ella Berthoud and Susan Elderkin bring bibliotherapy to the general public with an alphabetical medical handbook that offers novel cures for everything from a broken leg to a broken heart. Some of the treatments will lead to a complete cure, while others will simply offer solace, showing you that you are not alone. All will offer the temporary relief of your symptoms due to the power of literature to distract and transport. For example, for anger, Berthoud and Elderkin recommend Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea, because by immersing yourself in the simple calming prose of this story, you too will rise above your emotions like the protagonist. For Monday morning blues, they suggest Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway and her insatiable appetite and love of life. For selfishness, the cure is Ken Kesey's One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest and its reminder to pay more attention to those you care about. There are numerous other cures for everything from the serious (fear of death, being in the hospital, loss of hope) to the comical (baldness, fear of dinner parties, being locked out of your house). They also provide reading lists for every decade of life, and suggestions for common reading ailments such as being too busy to read or forgetting what you've read the second you finish a book. If you're ever unsure of what to read, The Novel Cure offers excellent suggestions for whatever mood you're in or time of life you're experiencing. With mother's day next weekend, two books Berthoud and Elderkin recommend on motherhood are Barbara Comyns' Our Spoons Came from Woolworths and Allison Pearson's I Don't Know How She Does It. Other excellent choices are A Letter to My Mom by Lisa Erspamer and Well-Read Women: Portraits of Fiction's Most Beloved Heroines by Samantha Hahn. M ela nee'spa ssionfor r ea dingbega nat a younga ge, culminatingin a M a ster 's degr eein EnglishLiter atur efr om the Univer sityof Ottawaa nd a desir eto pr omoteliter a cya nd cultur e,sta r tingher eat Cor nwa ll'sloca Seeker newspa per . TheBookNook pr ovidesbook r eviewsof both newlyr elea sednovelsa boutto hit bookstor esa nd excitingbooksca r r iedat TheCor nwa llPublicLibr a r y(including loca l author s).I nquir iesa nd commentsmay be sent to cor nwa llbookr

Bot t om l i n e, by changing the w ay you per ceive a situation, you can m ake your w hole life change for the best. ?W hatever you do, do w ith deter m ination. You have one life to live; do your w or k w ith passion and give your best.? Alia Bhatt I f you have a ny questions, plea se ca ll M a r ie M or r ell at 613-936-6873 or ema il: office@wor kea or visit: w w w.wor kea M a r ie M or r ell?s a dvice comes fr om a life exper ience per spective a nd is in no way intended to r epla ce pr ofessiona l psychologica l a dvice.

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M a rle ne

You This Week Is To Be a Hum an-Doing.. Instead of a Hum an-Being! Go find som eone w ho is in need of som e Love and som e gentle ser vice and BE That For Them ... YOU ALL Ar e A Gift, YOU ALL can Give To This Wor ld.... So PLEASE Get Out Ther e And HUM ANLY DO SOM ETHING KIND FOR SOM EONE ELSE! I t em of t h e Week : This w eek I have chosen som ethng that John and I pur chased at the ~RE-STORE~ on Vincent M assey Dr ive, r ight her e in Cor nw all, ON. The item is a beautifully, decor ated w ith flow er s, cer am ic chandelier that is now hanging in our New ly sunny yellow and w hite painted kitchen, thanks to M r. Johnny Handim an Pants. It not only is a delight to look at, it lights up the w hole r oom nicely. We changed the old bulbs for LED ones that w ill be saving on our electr icity bill. Oh, Yes the pr ice of this light fixtur e w as a "Steal of a Deal" for ONLY $25.00!!! Not only ar e w e saving by using the LEDs, w e ar e also saving the landfill sites by buying things such as this. The public can buy floor ing, fur nitur e, appliances, shelving, door s and w indow s, ar t, plus som e lovely tables and chair sets, etc. The ~Re-Stor e~ has been ver y helpful to have close by and ver y affor dable for m ost of our needs and w ants for our "Love Nest." Because the light fixtur e w as so affor dable w e bought another stained glass ceiling light for our livingr oom . Oh, M r Handim an Pants. Fam i l y New s: Due to m e having to w r ite by colum n befor e Fr iday's pr inting I had w anted to shar e the New s of my daughter , Ella Rose's & my son-in-law , Steven's Son being bor n. (Due Date w as Apr il 28th. But, Not Just yet!!!) This Gr andson Of M ine Wants To Stay In Ther e For Just A Bit Longer !!! I w ill give you the update in 2 w eeks. I n t h e m ean t i m e I w ou l d l ove t o SHARE SOM E FACTS ABOUT M OTHERS DAY. In the 1600's "M other ing Sunday" took place on the 4th Sunday dur ing Lent. (Easter ) Ther e w as a pr ayer ser vice that w as held at the beginning of the ser vice to honor the Vir gin M ar y. After the ser vice w as over the childr en w ould offer their M other s flow er s. It happens to be that 1/4 of the flow er s that ar e pur chased thr oughout the w or ld and year ar e pur chased on M OTHER'S DAY! In the United States alone ther e have been over 122 m illion phone calls that go out to all of the M other s in ever y state. AFTERALL, M OM S ARE VERY SPECIAL! I w ould like to


Hi ther e to all of you Wonder ful people picking up a REAL PAPER that is chockfilled w ith Positive New s & Up to Date Happenings in the Cor nw all and the S.D. & G. ar ea this w eek . Johnny and I have been kept r ather busy pr epar ing our "New Hom e" befor e w e actually m ove all of our belongings in by the end of the m onth. We have been going cr azy painting all of the differ ent r oom s and doing the little things that have to be done befor e the BIG M OVE! It has been such a delight to w or k w ith my new husband of only 12 w eeks. One can har dly believe that ever since the fir st of Januar y that I have been Engaged, M ar r ied and Now , I am about to m ove into my * Dr eam Hom e" r ight her e in Cor nw all w ith my loving and ever so gentle and kind husband, John. It all has been tr uly a * M agical & M ir aclous Ride* for M E so far this year ! LI FE I S TOO SHORT TO BE ANYTHI NG, BUT HAPPY! ! ! Ther e com es a tim e in our lives, w hen w e ar e to w alk aw ay fr om the DRAM A and all of the ones w ho Cr eate It. We ar e to sur r ound our selves w ith the aw esom e people w ho m ake us LAUGH, w ho HeLP us FORGET the BAD, and W HO help us to FOCUS on the Good. Go Ahead and LOVE the people w ho tr eat You Right, PRAY for those w ho don't because LIFE is too Shor t to be anything but HAPPY. Falling Dow n at tim es is a par t of Life, Getting Back Up is LIVING!!! READ THIS POST AGAIN AND REALLY LISTEN TO W HAT THE M ESSAGE IS TELLING YOU. M ay you all have a m ost delightful m ay w eekend enjoying all of the beautiful delights that the season of Spr ing br ings. Ti p of t h e Week : Her e ar e som e tips that you m ay w ant to know and follow. The m ost selfish 1 letter w or d: I. Avoid It. The m ost satisfying 2 letter w or d: W E. Use It. The m ost poisonous 3 letter w or d: EGO. Kill It. The m ost used 4 letter w or d: LOVE. Value It. The m ost pleasing 5 letter w or d: SM ILE. Keep It. The fastest spr eading 6 letter w or d: GOSSIP. Ignor e It. The har dest w or king 7 letter w or d: SUCCESS. Achieve It. The m ost enviable 8 letter w or d: JEALOUSLY. Distance It. The m ost pow er ful 9 letter w or d: KNOW LEDGE. Acquir e It. The m ost essential 10 letter w or d: CONFIDENCE. Tr ust It. M y Challenge For All Of

Fo r al l yo ur n eeds cal l campeau's dr ywal l

* W ISH* my M om , Viola How ar d, my deceased M other - in- Law , M ar y Lister , and even my ex M other - in -law , Ella M aude Sw inim er and ever y other kind of M OTHER Out Ther e A VERY HAPPY, W ELL DESERVED And RESTFILLED KIND OF * M OTHER'S DAY"!!! M ay ALL of you Gentle, W ise, Beautiful, Loving, Car ing and Str ong- w illed M OTHERS ar ound the Wor ld be W ildly SPOILED AND SHOW ERED W ITH LOTS & LOTS OF LOVE.. & GIFTS.. Tha Is IF YOUR AW ESOM E & KIND -HEARTED FAM ILY M EM BERS ARE SO INCLINED TO GIVE YOU!!! FUN Fact s: The ter m ìSpr ing Fever î r efer s to a both psychological and physiological sym ptom s associated w ith the ar r ival of Spr ing. These sym ptom s include Restlessness, Daydr eam ing, and even an incr eased "Sexual Appetite." (Watch Out You W ives & Husbands) W hile the exact cause is not so ver y clear , scientists and doctor s believe that the incr eased light, us getting m or e exer cise, and m or e of our bar e skin is exposed influences our "Hor m one levels." Dur ing the Spr ing the bir ds ar e m or e vocal as they sing to attr act potential m ates and w ar n aw ay r ivals. Befor e Spr ing w as know n as Spr ing it w as know n as the season of "Lento" or "Lent". Spr ing also br ings about "Spr ing Cleaning" for m any M other s w hen they give their hom es a thor ough cleaning fr om top to bottom . The ear liest that this ter m w as used w as w ay back in 1857. W HAT Wou l d You Ch oose? If you had the choice or chance to w or k for your selves, WOULD YOU? OR Would you w ant to continue w or king for som eone else or a com pany? REM EM BER >>> To TALK SOM E OF THE TIM E, INSTEAD OF TEXTING ALL OF THE TIM E!!! KEEP THE "ART OF CONVERSATION" GOING IN THE HOM E, AT WORK AND EVEN AT SCHOOL!!! TALK! DON'T TEXT! M or e Fam i l y New s: M y dear cousin, M ar k Julien fr om Tor onto, has w r itten and illustr ated a novel, ~Justin Case and the Closet M onster ~. His jour ney of getting his gr aphic novel out to the Wor ld has been a ver y long one, but he can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. M ar k w ould be so gr ateful if you and I could help and r each out to shar e the details of his cam paign w ith our fam ily and fr iends. The ones w ho w ould benefit fr om r eading his stor y about the str uggles of com ing out of the closet. It is only w ith our suppor t that M ar k can finally shar e his im por tant stor y w ith ever yone ar ound the w or ld. Please visit M ar k Julien's Kickstar ter page at onster in or der to back and help his cam paign to send this book to pr int. Thank you kindly in advance my dear and avid r eader s. Un t i l Nex t Week : If w e do not like som ething in our lives then w e ar e to change it. And If w e cannot change it, then w e ar e to just change the w ay that w e think about it. Please Pay It For w ar d In Som e Sm all Way.. Even If It Is W ith A Sm ile or a Kind Gestur e. A Little Som ething Like This Could & W ill Change Som ebody's Day. M a r lene Lister of w w w.lister & w w w.fa shiongr a

Rem em b er - St ay Po si t i ve! an d We wi l l see yo u al l i n 2 Week s ON FRIDAY M ay 1 8 t h In t h e m ean t im e

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Happy Mother's



by JOHN LI STER M other 's Day is not a ver y old tr adition, yet one w hich m any of us celebr ate year ly. It began officially in 1908 w hen Anna Jar vis held a m em or ial for her m other at a local chur ch in West Vir ginia. It w as her w ish to have a day set aside to honor all m other s. The US gover nm ent agr eed, and by 1914, M other 's Day w as m ade a national holiday. By the 1920's, Hallm ar k and other com panies began selling M other 's Day car ds, car nations, and other item s. The context of M other 's Day has been used for var ious pur poses. For exam ple, the Catholic Chur ch used M other 's Day as a tim e to r ever e the Vir gin M ar y. Ar ound the w or ld, each countr y has slight var iations in how and w hen they celebr ate M other 's Day, but the essence is alw ays the sam e - having a day to celebr ate the one per son in our lives w ho has done m or e for us than anyone else. The celebr ation m ay have fallen aw ay over tim e, if not for the m ar keting effor ts of ever yone fr om telephone com panies to flor ists. It is the com m er cialization of this day that has kept it going. It r esults in r ecor d num ber s of people attending chur ch ser vices, sales of flow er s and the sending of gr eeting car ds. Per haps w e could sim ply expr ess to our m other s how im por tant they ar e, r ather than letting a gr eeting car d com pany say it for us. Per haps som e level of guilt inspir es us to pur chase flow er s and get m om on the phone, as M other 's Day is the biggest day of the year for long distance telephone calls, even bigger than Chr istm as! So w hether you have a living m other , or one w ho has passed aw ay, r em em ber her on M other 's Day, and feel som e gr atitude for all the things she has done for you. Rem em ber too that nobody is per fect, and m ost people str uggle w ith som ething, so if your m em or ies w er en't of the per fect var iety, know that she w as pr obably doing the best she could. For giveness and love go a long w ay, any day of the year , but M other 's Day is a gr eat day to m end any br oken feelings and appr eciate all of the things ever y m other does for her childr en, w hether w e notice them all or not.

Happy Mother's Day from theSeeker Team!

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Br i n g yo u r M am a t o M am a Su e's o n

Mother' s Day Su n d ay, M ay 1 3 t h fo r a sp eci al BREAKFAST o r LU NCH E v er y M ot h er w ill r ec eiv e a sp ec ial f low er 850 Bou n dar yRd, Un it 1, Sou t h Glen gar r y ON 613-933-9055 Open daily: 6am Fr idays open t il 7pm f or M AM A' S FISH & CHIP Speci al

G if t

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